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HEAL Mission (HEAL) advises all activists, regardless of primary cause, to view our advisory on how best to be effective in creating change.  If you are a victim or survivor, your activism involves your self-advocacy to be effective.  If you are ready to help shut down fraud, abuse, other crimes and violations, see http://www.heal-online.org/shutdown.htm for important information.


HEAL's primary campaign is our Teen Liberty Campaign.  We support and promote human rights, animal welfare, and environmental organizations, events, and action alerts.  HEAL's efforts and actions include, but, are not limited to:


     * Research and Public Information Campaigns

     * Creating and Participating in Action Alerts

     * Creating and Participating in Events (i.e. Protests, Public Outreach/Tabling, etc.)

     * Creating and Participating in Legislative Reform

     * Assisting families in rescuing children from abusive facilities

     * Working with survivors of institutionalized abuse & assisting our community with exposing and closing abusive


     * Providing support for victims of fraudulent and abusive programs

     * And, much more...  (Please visit our main campaign pages (i.e. www.heal-online.org/teen.htm) to learn more.)


HEAL has always welcomed, worked with, and supported those individuals, websites, and organizations that share our goals.  Some of the individuals, websites, and organizations we have and/or continue to support and work with include, but, are not limited to:


     * Free Marty G

     * Teen Advocates USA

     * International Survivors Action Committee (ISAC--disbanded in 2009)

     * Michelle Sutton Memorial Fund (MSMF)

     * I Am an Educator

     * Survivors of Abuse, Fraud, and Exploitation (SAFE--disbanded in 2013)

     * Survivors and Friends for the Ethical Treatment of Youth (SAFETY--disbanded in 2005)

     * Fornits

     * The Straights (A Clockwork Straight)

     * Surviving Straight, Inc.

     * United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

     * Thousand Kites

     * American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

     * Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)

     * GreenPeace (www.greenpeace.org)

     * Whistleblower's Handbook

    * NRA 

    * HEAL works with thousands of individuals worldwide to further the causes of human rights, animal welfare, 

       and environmental sustainability.


HEAL has contributed to and collaborated with other individuals and organizations to further our campaigns.  Some examples of our community involvement are the Medical Whistleblower Report: Abuse and Neglect in U.S.A. Residential Treatment Centers--A Systemic Problem (August, 2011) and the 2008 Position Statement on HR 6358 Developed by HEAL, Teen Advocates USA, ISAC, and the Michelle Sutton Memorial Fund.


HEAL extends our offer of solidarity and unity to those who share our goals of human rights, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability.  We ask that any individual, website, or organization that seeks our assistance or participation follow the guidelines below:





If you have created a petition regarding teen liberty, prison reform, human rights, animal welfare, or environmental protection/sustainability and you would like HEAL to sign the petition and post the petition, e-mail us a link to the petition.  If your petition promotes a HEAL objective, we will sign it and post it on our website or to our Twitter feed.



If you are organizing an event related to teen liberty, prison reform, human rights, animal welfare, or environmental protection/sustainability and you would like HEAL or HEAL representatives to attend the event and/or promote the event on our events page, e-mail us at least one week in advance of the event.  If your event promotes a HEAL objective, we will do our best to attend and will post it on our events page.





HEAL is working on a number of very large projects and we are consumed with our own activities.  However, we do wish to support others in their efforts that promote HEAL's objectives.  First, if you want to get active in your local community, we recommend you checkout the Activist Handbook.  Many of the questions you may have regarding organizing in your community are answered in the handbook.  Now, here are our guidelines for big projects:



If you are interested in starting a local HEAL Mission, please review our Policies at www.heal-online.org/policies.pdf.  If you meet the criteria, found in our Policies, required for becoming a HEAL missionary volunteer and would like to proselytize and/or volunteer for the mission and/church locally, e-mail us.  We will send you additional information regarding becoming a missionary with HEAL Mission and will begin the voting process.  If the majority of HEAL Missionary Volunteers and Coordinators approve of your nomination, we will welcome you as a HEAL Missionary Volunteer.



If you are interested in creating your own citizen's initiative to change the laws in your State and would like our input, please e-mail us.  More information about citizen's initiatives can be found in our free e-book.  You may also find the information at www.heal-online.org/stateaction.htm and www.heal-online.org/actionone.htm useful.  In addition, we encourage you to learn more about tracking legislation and legislators at http://www.heal-online.org/getsmart.htm.  That page includes examples of State legislation we've successfully gotten introduced and/or passed throughout the country to stop institutionalized child abuse.  If you find an existing bill at the State or Federal level you wish to support or oppose and believe your position would align with the HEAL agenda, please e-mail the bill info to us or create a petition in support or opposition to the bill and let us know.  If it is something we would support, we will sign on and share your petition.



If you are planning a large project that you believe HEAL can assist with, please follow these guidelines:


     * Create a proposal or plan of action detailing what your project is and what help you need from HEAL

     * E-mail your proposal or plan of action to HEAL for our consideration


Example of a Proposal/Plan of Action:


     * Who?--State your name, your website's url, and/or any other biographical information that is appropriate.

    * What?--Describe your project in detail and provide a brief account of any research/work you've done so far.

     * Where?--Describe the location where the project will be developed and for what purpose.

     * When?--Provide a deadline for when your project will be complete and/or by which HEAL must act to assist.

     * How?--Provide a detailed request for the type of assistance you need from HEAL.

     * Why?--Provide detailed information regarding your project goals and be prepared to answer questions.


We look forward to working with you and assisting you in promoting our shared objectives.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.



We ask that you respect the above guidelines and contact us by e-mail to submit requests for our support and assistance.  Good luck in all your efforts that promote teen liberty, prison reform, human rights, animal welfare, and/or environmental protection and sustainability.



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