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HEAL has received many requests from within the behavior modification industry to reveal the sources of the information we provide to the public.  We do our best to cite our sources on our website.  If you are unable to locate the source of information provided and it is neither linked nor explained on the website, please contact us.  We will immediately work to re-verify the information and make any needed corrections. 


In January of 2010, we received information bringing into question a former volunteer with HEAL.  We took immediate action to investigate the allegations and upon review, found that this "volunteer" was actively working against HEAL's mission.  This person has been removed from all HEAL pages and websites.  And, is no longer welcome at HEAL.


HEAL has taken on a very difficult and painful task in providing 100% volunteer (uncompensated) support to survivors, victims, and families dealing with the fraud and abuse that is prevalent in the behavior modification industry.  But, that task is not our primary function.  Our primary function is to take positive political and social action to stop modern slavery and human trafficking (particularly child trafficking).  And, while we care about all victims, our primary goal is to free those not currently free enough to take responsibility for their own lives due to being currently enslaved, trafficked, exploited and abused.  We provide ample resources for those liberated enough to speak out and file official complaints to help put an end to the abuse.  But, we cannot provide constant support to everyone who has ever been a victim as our priorities remain rescuing those in greatest peril.  We appreciate your understanding.


We require all submitted statements be in the form of a Federal Declaration. (examples on hyperlinked page)  When we began as a student organization at the University of Washington, we accepted statements e-mailed to us if the submitting party included their name, address, and phone number as well as the following, "Everything in my statement is true.  I give HEAL permission to use my statement."  We then telephoned the submitting party to verify that it was a valid number for the person making the submission.  We still feel that this is a valid way to have verified those statements and have kept them posted as a result.  We are able to contact any person who submitted personal statements to HEAL in the event it is necessary to do so.


Again, if you are unable to find a source for information posted anywhere on our website, please notify us.  It is our goal to provide accurate information to protect children and families from institutionalized fraud and abuse.  


Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Page for Additional Information.











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