First, we will begin by providing context for our ongoing disagreement with Mr. Bolthouse by providing all e-mail exchanges between Mr. Bolthouse and HEAL.  You can read the entire exchange from 2009-2012 by clicking here.  It is important that readers understand that Bolthouse claims to have placed his own child in an unregulated, "faith-based" facility for behavior modification and that he and his marketing firm represent multiple residential youth programs including the notoriously fraudulent and abusive Abundant Life Academy.  In addition, if you read through the entire e-mail exchange you will see that Bolthouse made general complaints about so-called inaccuracies on the HEAL site, but, repeatedly failed to provide specific examples of inaccurate data and the sources of any inaccuracies which he made general claims about in his messages to HEAL.  He failed to provide the information requested on programs he promoted as well.  And, this in addition to the following reveals the truth about Mr. Bolthouse which is simply that he is a liar.

Mr. Bolthouse claimed our standards were reasonable in the e-mail exchange, but, now claims on his site at healonlinerevealed.com/heals-standards that the following minimum standards are "impossible" for residential facilities for youth to meet.  His biggest issues appear to be with keeping children in their home and communities (#8 below) and affording teens old enough to be tried as adults more liberty than their younger class members by requiring residential programs allow them to be turned over to social services and/or their family if they find the institutional environment unsatisfactory or in any way failing to meet their basic physical, social, emotional, and educational needs. (#10 below)  Bolthouse claims on his website that if all states were regulated as effectively as California that their industry wouldn't survive.

That led us to ask whether or not California had effective regulations against institutional fraud and abuse.  We found that Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a bill that would hold institutions accountable for abuse occurring, particularly sexual abuse occurring, in those private institutions.  (Source: http://verdict.justia.com/2013/10/17/gov-jerry-browns-recent-veto-child-abuse-legislation-tells-us-civil-rights-movement-children)  In addition, we find multiple behavior modification industry lobbyists in the California Registered Lobbyist Directory including (but not limited to) Applied Behavior Consultants, Universal Health Services, Inc. (owns Boulder Creek Academy and many more), and BAIN Capital Partners, LLC (BAIN owns CRC Health/Aspen Education Group).  Aspen Education Group is headquartered in Cerritos, CA.  (Source: http://www.sos.ca.gov/prd/cal-access/lobbying/lobbying-directory.pdf)   And, we found that there are a few abusive facilities operating or that have operated in recent years.  If you look at the abuse in elder care long-term health facilities, you see that 225,000 cases of elder abuse occur annually in California alone.  (Source:  http://oag.ca.gov/sites/all/files/agweb/pdfs/bmfea/yld_text.pdf)  If you think that the regulations are more strict on residential facilities for minors than they are for the elderly in California, you are mistaken.  And, take a look at the rampant fraud in the treatment industry in California: http://cironline.org/rehabracket.  The Center for Investigative Reporting (linked directly before this sentence) and CNN uncovered an expansive list of fraudulent treatment centers and the failures of regulatory agencies in California to address the crisis.  This was not 50 years ago as Bolthouse would have you believe, but with updates on the unfolding story as recently as August, 2014.  So, with the industry-friendly vetoes, regulatory failures, and industry lobbyists influencing policy in California, HEAL can only imagine that Bolthouse's knowledge of the extent of the fraud and abuse at facilities he represents and with whom he associates is so great that even the lax regulation found in California would sign a death warrant for the industry.  This seems an absurd statement on its face.  As far as abusive youth facilities in CA, HEAL has received multiple complaints regarding Julian Youth Academy, Independence Center, Optimum Performance Institute, Aspen Education Group, etc. and scamming educational consultants such as Paula Feldman, Buckley Educational Group, and Diane Gellar of the IECA.

Mr. Bolthouse also fails to understand that experts and legitimate studies show repeatedly that children fare worse academically and developmentally in institutional settings.  See http://liftingtheveil.org/foster09.htm and http://changingminds.org/disciplines/sociology/articles/institutionalization.htm for detailed reports on why institutionalization is harmful and ineffective.  This is why we believe at HEAL that it is imperative that parents keep their children in their local communities and work with family therapists to address family problems that may be surfacing in part as "acting out" behaviors on the part of neglected children in the home.  We don't buy the intentional marketing by alienation strategies of Bolthouse and those who act as marketing firms for fraudulent and abusive facilities.  And, we have researched thoroughly what is in the best interest for children developmentally and academically and the programs represented by Bolthouse and his ilk simply are not in the best interest of children nor their families.

HEAL believes teenagers who are 14 or older have greater personal responsibility and personal liberty afforded to them in multiple areas of US law.  You must be 14 or older in most states to file for emancipation (essentially divorcing one's parents and living independently).  This information is available from multiple sources and can be found here: http://www.justanswer.com/family-law/5ys8r-state-youngest-age-minor-emancipation-what.html.  In addition, "A minor age 14 or older may consent to inpatient mental health treatment as long as the consent is knowing and voluntary. If minors ages 14 through 17 are admitted for inpatient care, their parents or guardians must be promptly notified. Once a minor gives consent to inpatient care, a parent or guardian cannot override that consent and remove the minor from care." (Source:  http://www.aclupa.org/our-work/duvall-reproductive-freedom-project/minorsaccesstoconfidential/referencecardminorsaccesst/)  An 11-year old appears to be the youngest person to be tried as an adult in criminal court.  (Source: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2011/01/youngest-american-life-without-parole/).  And, there are thousands of examples in the law where 14 year olds are afforded more responsibility and personal liberty.  This is why we believe that teens 14 or older should have the right and likely do have the right according to our understanding of US laws to refuse or check themselves out of treatment settings they find harmful and unproductive.



1.  All children enrolled must be enrolled voluntarily.  No child should be placed in a program against their will.  The only exception to this would be if there were a court-order (i.e. an adjudicated youth). 


2.  All children have access to and permission to use a telephone from day one of enrollment.  And, by any and all telephones should be listed the numbers for Child Protective Services, Child Abuse Hotlines, and Law Enforcement.  Phone calls home and to authorities are not to be monitored by staff. 


3.  Incoming and outgoing mail is not to be read, censored, nor monitored by anyone other than the sender and/or intended recipient. 


4.  All programs must be properly licensed and accredited to perform the services they claim to provide. 


5.  All staff at programs must pass an extensive background check, including sex offender background checks.  This means no staff can have a history of physical or sexual assaults.  And, this should be applied even to those staff who do not have regular contact with the children (i.e. maintenance, groundskeepers, etc.).


6.  Children's constitutional rights of freedom of speech, free assembly, freedom of religion, and privacy shall not be violated.  No program shall use a child's photo for self-promotion unless and until the child has reached the age of majority and has willingly, without coercion or duress, chosen to permit his/her photo to be used by the program.


7.  All contracts must adhere to fair-dealing standards and not include blanket liability waivers absolving the program for any crimes/torts the program may commit.  This includes that all contracts must not be on-their-face unconscionable or illegal.  Contracts are not to include disclaimers regarding promotional materials (i.e. websites, brochures, etc.) used by the program.


8.  No program can accept a child from another State.


9.  No program can use transport/escort services to bring children to the facility or return them home.


10.  Children 14 years and older must have the right to sign themselves out of any facility and/or be released upon request to Social Services or their families, depending on circumstances.


11.  There can be no level system of "privileges" and "consequences".  Programs must be respectful of children as individuals and put the children's needs above those of the program.


12.  No child shall provide labor or act as staff for the benefit of the program or local businesses.  No child shall be placed in a position of authority over any other child in the program.


13.  Children shall not be strip-searched.


14.  Children shall not be sedated, physically abused, nor verbally assaulted by staff nor at the direction of staff.  If a child is in need of psychiatric intervention or medical intervention, they must be immediately taken to a licensed psychiatric or medical hospital.


15.  Physical restraint must only be used when actual, imminent severe physical harm to self or others is apparent.  This is not something that should be twisted or relaxed to allow for the misuse of restraint by programs for their convenience and/or to intimidate, harass, or otherwise control children who are not a legitimate physical threat to self or others.  By "severe physical harm" we mean the child to be restrained must have already punched, kicked, pushed or physically attempted to harm self or others and that the violence is so escalated that no verbal de-escalation techniques would or could work.  This means someone who is literally out of control with rage.  And, the program should not be operating in a manner that is likely to induce such a rage. 


16.  Therapeutic environments must follow the respectful guidelines for treating adolescents as is outlined in "Reclaiming Our Children" by Dr. Peter Breggin.


17.  Children shall not be denied contact with their families, with the outside world, or basic necessities as "punishment" or "consequences".


18.  Children shall be listened to and have their needs and concerns addressed respectfully.  Family disfunctions that the child reveals in therapy shall be considered valid and family members who have been neglectful, abusive, or otherwise remisce in duty shall be made aware of their own issues and the program shall require parents and other family members to get counseling to address their own short-comings and needs for improvement. 


19.  Therapy should consist of developing appropriate communication skills for all family members.  And, all family members should be counseled to respect and validate each other's concerns and needs without defensiveness or judgment.  Children should not be scapegoated by their families and the programs must adhere to a strict policy of respecting the children as individuals and requiring families to work on better communication and addressing the needs of all family members with the greater responsibility being that of the parents.  Parents are adults and have legal duties to provide for their children. 


20.  Large Group Awareness Training or other "cult-tactics" shall not be employed.  Group therapy must be optional and not forced upon any individual.  And, programs should not attempt to indoctrinate children into any particular faith or belief-system, but, be set up to provide a safe environment to learn healthy communication skills, heal from trauma, and learn critical thinking skills that encourage questioning authority, self-reliance, and independence.

We believe that any youth program who cannot adhere to the above standards does not deserve freedom to operate and that such should be closed immediately for failing at every turn to meet the legal, social, emotional, educational, and physical needs of children in their care.  It shows a severe lack of integrity to claim to provide treatment and educational services that fail to meet minimum standards required by common sense and the law.  If you think the above standards are unreasonable, you are likely a fascist cult member who doesn't understand American and Family Values.


The above information is in response to claims Bolthouse made regarding the reasonableness of our standards for any institution providing care to children and minors.  HEAL's priority is to keep children with their families and in their communities.  The standards are provided solely for the purposes of informing interested parties what our standards would be for a residential service provider that provides service to minors.  We do not endorse nor approve of any residential service provider because that is not our responsibility.  Our responsibility is to children and families and the best advice for them in most, if not all, cases is to keep the family together and work on family problems together in their own home and community.

Now, we move on to addressing some of the little things that are just plain stupid and apparently intended to mystify and confuse readers rather than inform and enlighten on Bolthouse's website.

Problems with Bolthouse's homepage, include but are likely not limited to: (We've simply provided the facts that show Bolthouse's deception and insincerity)

* Bolthouse has used the name and likeness of HEAL volunteers without consent and for purposes of marketing abusive facilities.  We are in the process of filing complaints with the proper authorities. [Bolthouse was forced to remove our photos and individual names from his website because he violated his provider's terms of service by doing so.]

* HEAL stands for Human, Earth, Animal, Liberation NOT Human, Earth, Animal, Liberty.  (Bolthouse falsely claims otherwise.)

* HEAL is no longer a University of Washington registered student organization.  (Bolthouse falsely claims otherwise.)  More info is available on homepage.

* Angela Smith is one of five original founders of HEAL, two of which remain in HEAL leadership today.  (Bolthouse falsely claims otherwise.)  More info is available on our home page at www.heal-online.org and HEAL HQ's page at www.heal-online.org/hqseattle.htm.

* Angela Smith was not put in a program by her parents.  (Bolthouse falsely claims otherwise.)  For more information on Angela's experience, click here.  Smith was given a choice to return to an abusive home environment or go to a therapeutic program by hospital staff.  She was not given the opportunity, nor was her mother, to provide informed consent because the marketing materials for the facility were false and intentionally deceptive to prospective clients/consumers.  The hospital failed to inquire as to other possible solutions such as Smith living with extended family while the abuser was in the process of being removed from the home.  If the hospital had taken any responsibility to assist with finding appropriate temporary housing, Smith would have immediately (instead of months later) moved in with her maternal grandmother while her family addressed removing the abuser.  This is one of many reasons HEAL exists today.

* "Our primary campaign is Teen Liberty.  Teen Liberty is the title we have applied to our agenda to expose and close abusive and fraudulent behavior modification programs.  Behavior modification programs include, but are not limited to: therapeutic boarding schools, boot camps, residential treatment centers, wilderness programs, wilderness camps, and faith-based group homes.  Most of our chapter coordinators are survivors of abusive behavior modification programs.  And, as a network, we focus 99% of our efforts and resources on the Teen Liberty Campaign."  This is from our homepage.  Bolthouse falsely claims that our primary aim is to close faith-based programs.  That is clearly not the context of the full paragraph.  Bolthouse is intentionally misleading readers.

* Dwayne Walker has worked for and with multiple individuals and organizations as part of his efforts to expose abuse is religious settings.  Walker is a survivor of the Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) cult and their youth programs/"schools".  While Bolthouse uses one of our volunteers to claim HEAL has an "atheist agenda", he fails to acknowledge that many of our volunteers are people of faith and that two of our parent support volunteers were joined by their pastor (Pastor Jerry Hamilton, Skyline Baptist Church in Oregon)when discussing their experience with fraudulent and abusive programs.  And, Bolthouse fails to mention we are ecumenical and non-partisan, in other words, inclusive of all people of all faiths (including atheists).  Bolthouse is breeding fear with deception to lead people away from the truth.  We believe Jesus referred to such people as "false prophets".

* Bolthouse quotes pfctruth.com and rickross.com and claims they are representing HEAL, but, HEAL does not control either of those websites. 

* HEAL does not believe that religious programs are conspiring with the government to brainwash children and parents.  HEAL knows and evidences in multiple places throughout our site that behavior modification is a euphemism for brainwashing.  This is confirmed by the US government (that behavior modification is a euphemism for brainwashing) here: http://www.intelligence.senate.gov/pdfs/95mkultra.pdf.  Now, there are multiple other sources that can be used and cited and we do so throughout our site.  HEAL has never claimed that the government was conspiring with religious groups to brainwash children.  Bolthouse is being intentionally misleading to try to convince people of faith, ignorant in regards to institutional abuse, that they shouldn't believe the truth found on the HEAL site and instead should believe his lies because otherwise he stands to lose money from the criminal clients for which he markets.  Bolthouse claims the information he based his nonsense on in this regard came from two non-HEAL run sites as well as HEAL run www.beyondbusiness.net/openletter.htm, www.heal-online.org/faqs.htm, and www.heal-online.org/investigate.htm.

* HEAL does not twist positive reviews of abusive programs.  We do believe that when we have firsthand experience of institutional abuse (or testimony from multiple individuals and families regarding such abuse) that these positive reports (as those written by Bolthouse who originally claimed to be a father who placed his child in treatment, not a marketing agent for the industry) are often written by what are known as "trolls", industry insiders pretending to be graduates, graduates who have been conditioned to obey the program and continue to work on site at the program(s), delusional parents who never experienced life under the total control of the program, and/or individuals suffering some form of Stockholm Syndrome.  Often, when we receive "pro-program" propaganda, the author turns out to be staff or someone that no one enrolled during the reported timeframe remembers.  When no one recalls an individual and we have no means of verifying whether or not the individual is legitimate, we do not take their report seriously.  In addition, even with survivors who report positive experiences, most acknowledge witnessing abuse of others and living in fear of being abused.  Regardless, Bolthouse markets for Abundant Life Academy, need we say more, really?  Okay...

* Helen Taylor, with HEAL Parent Support, is a Registered Nurse (medical professional) and runs a school training other medical professionals.  Bolthouse's statement that no HEAL volunteers are mental health or medical professionals is false.  In addition, most of our volunteers are survivors or parents of survivors of institutional abuse.  We have thousands of members and complaints regarding facilities on our watch-lists.  In addition, HEAL volunteers offer to make on-site visits to programs after the programs send us their enrollment materials, including all waivers, and parent and "student/client" handbooks.  We ask for this so that we can ask questions regarding the written materials and have a better understanding of what questions we want answered prior to a walk-thru.  No program has ever properly complied with our request for written materials and therefore we have done no on-site program walk-thrus/visits.

* We suggest you review our suggested standards above and our warning signs list at www.heal-online.org/warn.htm for more information on how to question providers and what red flags to watch for as well as what standards to demand.  Bolthouse has misled his readers and fails to acknowledge that the industry he represents is by and large fraudulent and abusive.  Our website and documented evidence regarding abuses at the facilities on our watch-list should suffice for any individual who needs more information.  For instance, just see www.heal-online.org/canyon.htm.  You will see that just on one of our information pages we have listed the staff, checked staff for professional licenses and complaint histories, obtained 10 years of police complaint logs regarding the facility, and much more.  The information we provide and the basis of that information is sound and well-researched.  This is clearly not the impression Bolthouse is attempting to make with his ridiculous website.

* Bolthouse claims to know that programs we report on are not as reported and claims to have professionals backing his statements regarding what is in the best interest of children.  However, Bolthouse fails to identify those programs and professionals so readers can check them out to see if they agree with Bolthouse's assertions.  HEAL at least provides the names of our professionals, volunteers, and the programs we report on.  And, we believe that those who avoid transparency are hiding something.  We also provide resources and links to show that our statements regarding what is in the best interest of families and children are supported by professionals in the field of adolescent mental health.

* HEAL does not focus specifically on "destroying faith-based programs".  This is a total fabrication by Bolthouse to fearmonger and spook uninformed people of faith away from getting the facts they need to protect their families from fraud and abuse.

* Bolthouse falsely claims that HEAL's definition of abuse is any act of authority that prevents an individual (minor) from doing whatever they want.  This is simply not true.  If you view our parenting guide or visit our "Blow the Whistle" page, you will learn how HEAL defines abuse.  Bolthouse is again misleading readers by making false claims about how HEAL defines abuse and what our agenda is in regards to protecting children and families from fraud and abuse.  In addition, the "Blow the Whistle" page hyperlinked above provides support to program staff who want to blow the whistle on their fraudulent employers.

* Yes, all parents should avoid sending their child out of state and certainly to any state (i.e. Utah) that has two Attorney Generals under indictment for corruption, sheriffs who won't work with the FBI to apprehend child rapist cult leaders (i.e. Warren Jeffs), and all the other garbage that goes on in Utah and continues to go on in Utah.  Keep your children in your homes and communities where you are a phone call away in case of any emergency.  Or, forfeit your right to call yourself a parent.  Bolthouse appears to support separating family members and breaking family bonds while profiting off of human suffering.  So, we hope you will listen to us and ignore him.  Bolthouse was commenting on our page at www.heal-online.org/utah.htm.

* HEAL does not wish to take rights away from parents.  We wish to enforce the civil rights of minors.  And, it has been confirmed by President Barack Obama, Washington State legislators, and many more that children have civil rights and due process rights which private institutionalization violates.  It is a mischaracterization to say that because we believe that children have basic human and civil rights as US citizens and citizens of the world that we believe their parents do not have any rights in regards to their children.  Any half-wit could determine by reading our Parenting Guide at www.heal-online.org/parent.htm that we provided the poem by Kahlil Gibran (quoted by Bolthouse without proper reference to the poet, btw) as thoughtful inspiration and not a directive or literal statement that "Your children are not your children".  In fact, this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bolthouse is not a man of God as he claims.  Because Jesus said: (Matthew 12:46-50)

"Matthew 12:46-50King James Version (KJV) 46 While he yet talked to the people, behold, his mother and his brethren stood without, desiring to speak with him. 47 Then one said unto him, Behold, thy mother and thy brethren stand without, desiring to speak with thee. 48 But he answered and said unto him that told him, Who is my mother? and who are my brethren? 49 And he stretched forth his hand toward his disciples, and said, Behold my mother and my brethren! 50 For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother."  (Source:  https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew+12%3A46-50&version=KJV)

* So, if Kahlil Gibran's poem is out of context used to claim that HEAL wants to take away parental authority, then Bolthouse must believe Jesus intended the same by in essence denouncing his blood relatives for his spiritual family which may or may not include blood relatives.  If Bolthouse so believes, he does not understand the teachings of Christ and therefore is a "false prophet" when claiming to represent Christian values.  In addition, if you research Kahlil Gibran you will learn he was raised Christian and in Christian schools.  He is a Christian.  Source: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/290.Jesus_the_Son_of_Man  So, basically Bolthouse third-party plagiarized Gibran claiming HEAL the source of Gibran's quote on Bolthouse's site while claiming that quote out of context "proves" HEAL wants to take away parental authority.  That is simply not the case.  And, Bolthouse is twisting a Christian man's poetry to suit his own purpose in making false statements about HEAL.

* We believe we detail and continue to detail specific allegations of horrific conditions, fraud, and abuses at residential facilities for youth.  We always cite our sources and are willing to assist families with checking on facilities that we do not currently have information on at this time.  A thorough review of our site will evidence the vast research and resources we have compiled as part of our public information campaign to expose fraudulent and abusive facilities such as those marketed by Bolthouse and his ilk.  So, his claims that we are making unfounded statements and allegations is itself poorly researched and unfounded.



Bolthouse is a marketing executive paid to advertise and improve the image of fraudulent and abusive programs.  We find no legitimate reason to take anything he has written seriously.  This is certainly true given our review of other pages of his website.  He provides no list of programs so families or readers can do their own research and make up their own minds.  He makes blanket general claims about most residential programs without having any firsthand experience at the vast majority and without properly researching the industry while receiving payment for his efforts to market fraudulent and abusive facilities such as Abundant Life Academy.

Bolthouse has no ethical standards and no commitment to the truth or the facts as is clearly evidenced by our response to his site above.  Therefore, his commentary and opinion is not something on which an intelligent person would base important life decisions.

Bolthouse claims more regulation won't help.  But, what he means is that the industry he represents can't survive effective and proper regulation.  He also claims that HEAL wants to shut all residential programs for teens down and that we consider all to be abusive.  We have provided a list of standards we believe all reasonable people would agree are or should be basic standards of care for children regardless of the setting.  And, we have regularly told parents that if a child is an immediate life or death physical threat to self or others and they require inpatient treatment to seek properly licensed inpatient psychiatric care locally.  We have never suggested they ignore life-threatening situations.  For more on what we actually advise parents, see www.heal-online.org/parent.htm.   Bolthouse is a liar and a fraud, in our opinion and likely yours if you've read this entire page so far.


Bolthouse does not identify the authors of the so-called "four" parent comments regarding treatment on his site.  Those parents don't identify what programs they used.  And, the statements do not look like they were written by legitimate parents of program graduates but more so marketing agents pretending to have a relatable problem to draw in unsuspecting families who may lose their homes and their children to fraud and abuse.  Many families have reported to us that they are facing foreclosure as a result of having been defrauded by so-called "in-house financing" at some of these programs.  So, we see these predators for what they are and choose to warn our fellow Americans regarding their snake oil and snake pits.  Families have reported that they did not file suit because they could not afford to hire an attorney after being defrauded by these facilities.  HEAL gets e-mails all the time from families being harassed by these frauds trying to collect tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars for services never rendered.  We believe it is in the best interest of children and families to avoid fraudulent and abusive facilities.  We understand why their marketing agents may post otherwise online.


Bolthouse does not identify the authors of the so-called "graduate" statements nor provide full context of the statements used on his site supposedly penned by "successful program graduates".  He does name a few, but, fails to name the programs they were in claiming fear of "reprisals".  He names Andrew Nyakana, a supposed University of Las Vegas, Nevada graduate who now works for a Christian missionary school in Uganda.  But, we do know that Bolthouse claims that Nyakana spoke at a "Coalition for Residential Education" event and that CORE (the coalition) lists its members here: residentialeducation.org/Member-Programs.html and we have received requests to review facilities listed as members of CORE including Arkansas Baptist Children's Home (ABC).  In addition, CORE also includes Vero Beach Boys Ranch and School (formerly or also known as Teen Challenge).  You can read an article regarding abuse at this facility here: http://www.tampabay.com/faccca/group-homes/teen-challenge-vero-beach.  All of the named/identified authors of pro-program statements were speakers at the CORE event and CORE's members include a few notoriously abusive facilities.  So, we find that Bolthouse is marketing or promoting abusive facilities.  And, we knew that all along.


David Bolthouse is a deceptive marketing agent attempting to discredit HEAL and distract families from the facts.  The same is true of all the anti-HEAL sites out there (including those run by Craig Rogers (Abundant Life Academy) and David Arslanian (Eagle Ranch Academy).  We can't identify the owners of all the anti-HEAL websites and blogs and it would be a huge waste of time to put any additional effort into exposing the anti-HEAL sites for what they are, complete bullshit.  So, we hope you are satisfied with this extensive response to one of the anti-HEAL sites out there and that you understand that this industry lies and has billion$ of reasons to do it.



Prosecutor: Christian boarding school employees caught on camera brutally beating teen boy in their care Posted 6:39 AM, October 10, 2014, by Q13 FOX News Staff RICHMOND, Virginia — They are adults charged with the important task of guiding the emotional and spiritual lives of troubled teens, but prosecutors say they abused their power in an horrific way and the entire thing was caught on camera. Authorities say it happened back in April at Abundant Life Academy in Caroline County Virginia. A 14-year-old boy was trying to escape when he was grabbed and mercilessly beaten by three life coaches and a program director, reported WTVR-TV.   Source: http://q13fox.com/2014/10/10/prosecutor-christian-boarding-school-employees-caught-on-camera-brutally-beating-teen-boy-in-their-care/

UPDATE ON BOLTHOUSE: JANUARY, 2020: http://www.churchofphilosophicalexploration.org/bolthouse.pdf

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 This page was created on September 19th, 2014.  We have chosen to respond to this anti-HEAL site by Mr. Bolthouse in this manner.  Since Bolthouse has used and referenced (out of context) messages between himself and HEAL, we believe it is necessary to include that entire e-mail exchange linked above to provide much needed context.  It was completed/updated on January 12th, 2020.  We learned of this defamatory website in September, 2014.  If you are an attorney willing to take our case on a contingency basis against David Bolthouse, please e-mail Angela Smith at angela@heal-online.org.  Thank you.  We understand the statute of limitations has expired.