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open letter & invitation for Behavior modification Industry


HEAL is taking this opportunity to make, explicitly known and understood, our invitation to behavior modification programs to submit requests to HEAL for dialogue regarding our concerns and their wishes to see our website changed or edited.  We stand by the content on our website.  However, we are very reasonable people and have written an open letter (click here) to the behavior modification industry (including individual programs) detailing the guidelines for interaction and discussion between our network and themselves.  These guidelines are detailed on pages throughout our website as well.  But, because of recent attacks by Craig Rogers of Abundant Life Academy and others, we felt it was time to make our policies and position on these issues boldly explicit.  If you are a program that wishes to engage in legitimate discussion with HEAL and/or the HEAL network, please read our letter at www.heal-online.org/invite.pdf for important details.  (Also see, HEAL: Special Report--Communicating with Programs and our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Page for additional information.)


Programs who wish to submit requests to HEAL to edit/modify the HEAL website(s), must be in the following format and sent to info@heal-online.org or HEAL, 126 SW 148th St, Ste C100-422, Seattle, WA 98166-1984:

Location/Link http://www.heal-online.org/requests.htm  (Example:  Should you wish for the page you are currently on to be edited/modified, you would use the link shown.  You can find the location/link by looking in the "Address" field of your internet browser.  You can copy/paste the link into a message by "right-clicking the "Address" field", then "right-clicking "copy", and then move to the body of a word document or e-mail and "right click "paste".  This will place the location of the text you wish to see modified on the document/e-mail form.)

Text/Quote:  You will need to copy and paste, using the directions above, the text of a HEAL webpage, article, or commentary into this section.  This text should include what you wish to see edited or modified. 

Request/Suggestion:  This section you will use to make a polite suggestion regarding changes you believe would assist HEAL in providing the most accurate information available. 

HEAL will respond to serious inquiries only and will not respond to unreasonable requests. 

Example--Unreasonable Request

Location: www.heal-online.org (entire website)

Text/Quote:  Entire website.  Everything.  ALL OF IT!!!

Request/Suggestion:  You are a bunch of crazy wacko idiots.  Shut up and take your stupid site down.

Unreasonable and/or harassing requests will not receive a response, but, may be posted as examples of "what not to do" on the HEAL site should they be forthcoming.

HEAL has received numerous requests from programs and their staff over the years to change/edit our website.  Some programs have willingly worked with HEAL to clear up misunderstandings.  But, most have been secretive, antagonistic, and even hateful.  Due to recent events, we have decided to make our invitation to programs clear and to create a space for our concerns (HEAL's and the Industry's) to be discussed in an open manner that will assist in providing accurate information to mental health consumers.

Due to the dishonesty and bold cowardice of Provo Canyon School/UHS of Provo Canyon, we take this opportunity to share with you one of the quotes Provo Canyon claims is false in their harassment suit against HEAL, followed by the proof that said quote is true.

UHS of Provo Canyon claims the following is false: "In addition, Provo Canyon School's "new owners", Universal Health Services, has many skeletons in their closet regarding abuse... and wrongful death at facilities they operate.  Click here to learn more about UHS. "  The link is to an external website unrelated to HEAL that records abuses and violations at UHS facilities.  Also see: www.heal-online.org/chad.htm (and all articles associated with it).  Also see: http://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/2010/March/10-civ-219.html.   The links provided evidence that everything in that sentence is true.  So, you can see why we have difficulty believing anything the industry says about itself or our web content.  In fact, Provo Canyon School at one point thanked Angela Smith for sharing her experiences online through the HEAL website(s).   The truth is consistent.  Provo Canyon is not.   

At this point, it should be quite clear that HEAL has made and continues to make an honest effort to provide the most accurate information available to the public.  We believe programs that are honest and reasonable will contact us respectfully and that those who engage in fraud and abuse will continue to lie and deny.

We have responded to every remotely and/or arguably legitimate request submitted by programs and their staff.  And, we will continue to do so.  Since this is new, we will not be adding old requests to the list below.  But, we will add all legitimate requests to the chart below and assist in keeping a record of any and all legitimate efforts made by programs to clarify or resolve areas of concern.

Program Name Basis for Request/Suggestion Location/Link and HEAL's Response
The ChalleNGe Academy (sample) The ChalleNGe Academy programs are 100% voluntary and no child is accepted who does not enter voluntarily.  This program is run by the National Guard and is not a private, for-profit, involuntary program. (sample) www.heal-online.org/investigate.htm

HEAL removed the majority of ChalleNGe Academy programs from our watchlists.  There were a few incidents in ChalleNGe Academy programs on our watchlist, but, given the details provided by the programs and our investigation results, we found that there was not a substantial basis for including the majority of the ChalleNGe Academy locations on our watchlist. (sample)

Straight Arrow Apex (WA)

HEAL believes Straight Arrow Apex is closed.  We have asked for clarification on this due to the e-mail message.  But, the phone number was disconnected for this program and there is little to no new information regarding this program online.

A seasonal employee with Straight Arrow Apex contacted HEAL on February 12th, 2011.  The issues raised are as follows:

* Straight Arrow Apex is a working organic farm.

* All meals served are healthy.

* The young men/"students" work the farm and it is hard, uncompensated work.  Employee assures the work is not punitive.

* The program has only 3-5 "students" at a time.

* The average stay is 3-9 months.

* Employee claims, "They choose to be there unlike many of the other programs out there that serve youth under 18.  Thus, a student is free to leave when they want to and often are provided a ride to the airport/bus station if it is there choice to leave."

* Communications with the outside world are monitored.  The employee claims the monitoring is "minimal". 

* Employee comment, "I totally support you in bringing clarity and transparency to a field that for too long has been clandestine and it is also important to support those that are doing good work."

HEAL replied to the seasonal employee of Straight Arrow Apex.  We asked for a copy of the student/parent handbooks and a copy of the contract.  We request these items so we have evidence that the claims made by the program regarding it's practices are supported by documentation. 

HEAL has no reason to believe Straight Arrow Apex is not a working organic farm. 

HEAL has not received any reports suggesting Straight Arrow Apex serves imbalanced or unhealthy meals.

HEAL is concerned that this program uses the "students" as field hands and labor without compensating them for their work and while charging the families/individuals.  This seems highly unethical and raises serious concerns.

HEAL included the average number of students and length of stay for informational purposes only.

HEAL would be appeased if Straight Arrow Apex is truly voluntary.  However, the monitoring of communications and the remoteness of the location raise concerns regarding the ability of young men to leave once they have arrived.  Also, the use of the phrase "often are provided a ride" suggests that there are times when young men who wish to leave are not provided a ride or assistance in leaving and given the isolated nature of the farm location, this is a serious concern as well.

Status: Unresolved


Employee replied to HEAL's request on February 12th, 2011 stating he hadn't worked for the program for a couple of years and could not verify whether or not it was still open.  He further stated that he was unable to provide any handbooks or other documentation on the program.  HEAL remains open to discussing the concerns presented. 

Living Well Transitions (CO) Link/Location: www.heal-online.org/investigate.htm

A director of Living Well Transitions e-mailed HEAL on February 16th, 2011.  The director stated, "Id be happy to discuss with you our program. I respect the work you are doing to protect kids, and would love the opportunity to speak with you about our work which is also very much about liberation."

Question/Concern: Living Well Transitions does not believe it belongs on the HEAL Investigate list.  Director has offered to discuss the program with HEAL.

A different director of Living Well Transitions e-mailed HEAL on March 5th, 2013 with similar sentiment and request as initial contact in 2011.  HEAL responded with the same offer as provided at right.

HEAL replied to the e-mail message from Living Well Transitions.  We have asked for copies of contracts, waivers, handbooks, and any privilege/consequence system and how it is applied.

We have also asked a few ice-breaker questions and we have promised and will keep the promise to review the requested materials upon receipt and contact Living Well Transitions with any questions/concerns prior to publishing any review online.  We have also stated and promise that if the documentation requested satisfies our questions/concerns and/or Living Well Transitions effectively addresses those questions/concerns, that we will remove Living Well Transitions from our preliminary investigation page and from our website.  This is with the exception of keeping a record here of the discussion and resolution of issues raised.

Status: Unresolved

As of March 8th, 2013 HEAL has received no response to our request for documentation. 

Optimum Performance Institute (CA)




Link/Location: http://www.heal-online.org/opti.htm


HEAL received an e-mail from attorney Monty Amyx

on behalf of Optimum Performance Institute claiming that

our website is defamatory and that they will pursue legal

action unless we remove them from our site.

HEAL replied to Monty Amyx directly regarding OPI.  And, we explained our concerns and the method by which OPI can request review and/or removal from the HEAL website.  We also explained that choosing to contact us in the manner chosen only reinforces our concerns regarding the use of intimidation and coercion by OPI and/or their representatives.  If OPI is willing to harass the general public in this manner, what protections can possibly be in place for those under the locked 24/7 supervision of OPI? 

HEAL also submitted a complaint to the California State Bar regarding the unprofessional and harassing message we received from Monty Amyx.  Readers may find it of interest that a Minnesota attorney attempted a similar action on behalf of a Montana program last year.  We responded similarly.  And, the attorney disclaimed any association with their previously claimed client and that program is now closed.  Please be reasonable and respectful when communicating with our network.  Thank you.

Status: Unresolved

HEAL has received no response from

OPI nor Monty Amyx as of March

8th, 2011.

SDAlliance for Drug Free Youth Link/Location: http://www.heal-online.org/teen.htm#action

Issue/Suggestion:  Please remove action alert regarding Aspen Education Group and the Tune in to Your Teen Forum.   

HEAL posted an action alert on March 10th, 2011 to contact SDAlliance for Drug Free Youth to request they un-invite Aspen Education Group to their parent forum. 
Resolved:  SDAlliance for Drug Free Youth uninvited Mike Robertson (Aspen Education Group) after reviewing the facts.

We thank SDAlliance for quickly and respectfully addressing our concerns and resolving this issue.

Douglas Siggs Siggs sent us a vulgar message.  We are posting the edited version below.  To read the unedited version, click here.

His Message (edited due to vulgarity):

"----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2011 3:45 PM

Why dont you do the community and the country in general a huge service and close down this ridiculous website you worthless bunch of c--ts. So every f---ing center in the country is a torture facility is it?  People have real problems with their children and need help and to stumble onto this vomit doesnt help anyone

Doug's Photo:

Doug's Facebook Account: http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=1420952635

Doug's address: 17062 Rand Drive Fountain Hills, AZ 85268

Doug's Business Info: Earle Douglas, LLC

Doug's Phone #: 480-837-3803

Earle Douglas, LLC is the registered owner of The Fountain Hills Times.

HEAL's Response:


As stated above, it is our policy not to respond to messages that are sent in the format in which Doug chose to send his "request".  This addition to our requests page should be a warning to others who think this type of insulting and vulgar message is appropriate to send to victims of torture and abuse. 

Unresolved:  HEAL does not expect this issue will be resolved since Mr. Siggs is a vulgar, hateful person who probably should be in jail.  
Rites of Passage, Inc.  in CaliforniaResolved:  Upon further review of available information, HEAL has agreed to remove Rites of Passage, Inc. from the website.  Should we receive any requests or complaints in the future, this may change.

Links/Locations: www.heal-online.org/rites.htm and www.heal-online.org/investigate.htm

First Link Issues:

Staff list does not designate which staff work with youth and which staff work with adults only.

Rites of Passage/VisionQuest claims to provide all enrollment materials/handbooks/etc. upon receipt of request.

Second Link Issues:

Rites of Passage, Inc. believes HEAL has mistaken Rites of Passage/VisionQuest in CA with Rite of Passage in Minden, NV and/or VisionQuest headquartered in Pennsylvania. 

Rites of Passage, Inc. states they are 100% voluntary and do not use behavior modification nor coercion as part of their programs/services.

Rites of Passage, Inc. takes issue with HEAL stating that their program is "reportedly abusive".

Request:  Rites of Passage would like to be removed from the HEAL website completely and believes it has been placed on our website due to error or confusion regarding its program and a program of a similar name operating in another state.









HEAL has updated the staff list to note information submitted by Rites of Passage/VisionQuest.

HEAL has requested Rites of Passage/VisionQuest submit all enrollment materials/waivers/contracts/handbooks/etc. to HEAL for review and we have agreed not to post any concerns or questions about said materials publicly prior to giving Rites of Passage/VisionQuest ample opportunity to respond to any such questions or concerns.

Upon further review, we believe HEAL was in error in regards to Rites of Passage Inc, in Santa Rosa, CA.  It appears that the VisionQuest program referenced in the Article on VisionQuest was in regards to a wholly other program headquartered in another state and operating in multiple states, but, never in CA.  And, we believe the confusion regarding Rites of Passage in Santa Rosa may have been due to the name similarity with a confirmedly abusive program operating in NV.

HEAL will need to review the enrollment materials, handbooks, and other information provided to make sure there are no disclaimers or waivers regarding involuntary placement of youth in the program and to resolve any additional concerns that may exist.

Due to the mistake(s) made regarding the confusion between VisionQuest, Rite of Passage, and Rites of Passage/Vision Quest in Santa Rosa, CA, HEAL has decided to remove Rites of Passage, Inc.

We apologize for any misunderstanding our confusion may have caused.


The Envoy Group/David P. Bolthouse/Abundant Life Academy Link to Bolthouse's site violating intellectual property and privacy laws: http://www.healonlinerevealed.com

Our response to Bolthouse's website is available at www.heal-online.org/bolthouse.htm.
Our response to Bolthouse's website is available at www.heal-online.org/bolthouse.htm.  There are multiple anti-HEAL websites violating intellectual property and privacy laws and posting misleading, false, and defamatory statements about HEAL.  We believe our attention is best focused on stopping institutional abuse and changing laws to better protect children and families from fraud and abuse.  Therefore, while we have taken a moment out of our day to respond to Bolthouse, do not expect the same attention for every distracting website or blog created by frauds and child abusers.  They lie and we are all too aware of that.  There is no need to continually address their nonsense.
Last Updated: October 25th, 2018

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