HEAL Mission has been active for over 20 years (since March, 2002) in working to make the world a better place for all life.  Our primary campaign is Teen Liberty (exposing and closing abusive youth facilities and stopping institutionalized child abuse) AKA COPE Conversion Program/HEAL Mission Watch-List, but, we participate in and support all legitimate actions for human rights, environmental sustainability, and animal welfare.  We've learned what actions create change and which ones are nothing more than spectacle and lip service.

We want to help you, no matter what your primary cause, campaign, and issue, become a better activist and advocate.  We are providing this page and links provided here, to help all legitimate activists improve their success rate in creating positive change.


1.  Are you suggesting something new and/or that would violate the US Constitution and thereby the law if enacted?

2.  Are you witness to or victim of a crime or regulatory violation where there is already a procedure in place to take the report/complaint, investigate, prosecute, and/or discipline the alleged offending person or entity?  If so, legislation has already addressed the issue and you need to report it properly with sufficient evidence for warrants and any disciplinary actions.

3.  Children who have not reached age of majority nor been legally emancipated are represented legally by their legal guardians except where the guardians are no longer their legal guardians as a matter of law, then it is the current legal guardian.  Legal guardians can be sued for negligent and intentional torts against their minors as well as prosecuted for crimes they commit. 

Example of Suggested Amendment to Existing Child Abuse Legal Definitions in Each State (except New Jersey which provides the example):

"New Jersey Code: Title 9 - CHILDREN--JUVENILE AND DOMESTIC RELATIONS COURTS Section 9:6-1 Abuse of a child shall consist in any of the following acts: (a) disposing of the custody of a child contrary to law; (b) employing or permitting a child to be employed in any vocation or employment injurious to its health or dangerous to its life or limb, or contrary to the laws of this State; (c) employing or permitting a child to be employed in any occupation, employment or vocation dangerous to the morals of such child; (d) the habitual use by the parent or by a person having the custody and control of a child, in the hearing of such child, of profane, indecent or obscene language; (e) the performing of any indecent, immoral or unlawful act or deed, in the presence of a child, that may tend to debauch or endanger or degrade the morals of the child; (f) permitting or allowing any other person to perform any indecent, immoral or unlawful act in the presence of the child that may tend to debauch or endanger the morals of such child; (g) using excessive physical restraint on the child under circumstances which do not indicate that the child's behavior is harmful to himself, others or property; or (h) in an institution as defined in section 1 of P.L.1974, c. 119 (C. 9:6-8.21), willfully isolating the child from ordinary social contact under circumstances which indicate emotional or social deprivation." (emphasis added)

Say you get that made law in your home state and every state beyond New Jersey since it is already law in New Jersey.  Are youth going to report the abuse to law enforcement?  If so, see number 2 above and know that's the answer.  And, then the youth are going to become wards of the state if the current legal guardians are found guilty.  The state is going to look for a volunteer foster home or adoptive home for the youth, but be willing to accept temporary placement in places such as psychiatric hospitals and group homes for criminally convicted peers that have openings where family homes aren't available.  The solution to this problem is more people volunteering to be foster parents and/or to adopt.  If that's not something you can help with, more legislation is just lip service and not a solution.

4.  Good News!  Youth can focus on emancipation and work on meeting the requirements for early emancipation.  See for more information.  And, criminals regardless of relationship to or with their victims can be reported and prosecuted.  Legal guardians and business owners or staff, whether faith-based or secular, who commit crimes can be prosecuted and penalized regardless of their relationship to the victim.  Even corrections' officers can be prosecuted and penalized for abusing convicted criminals when it is reported properly: 

5.  Sometimes people get away with crime because no one reports it.  Sometimes people get away with crime because there was insufficient evidence to prosecute beyond a reasonable doubt, even where the judge and prosecutor believe the victim is telling the truth.  Rev. Smith says "You can believe I bake cookies even if you've never seen the evidence, but you can't prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.  I'm telling the truth when I say I bake cookies and don't know why anyone would doubt the veracity, but would accept that it is possible a jury wouldn't find my statement alone without further evidence convincing."  If you've ever violated the law in any way such as jaywalking (crossing the street without using a crosswalk) and got away with it or even broke a rule where your response to potentially your legal guardian or caregiver or playmate was "prove it", then you must understand the rules of life enough to know that evidence matters whether we all believe or not when it comes to convicting beyond a reasonable doubt.

6.  Pre-crime units are not happening because the US Constitution protects everyone equally from violation of individual and property rights without a warrant and due process.  You can try to undermine due process and push for the government to have the right to seize people and property without warrants based on testimony alone with no other admissible evidence, but I think that's really shortsighted and would hope you cared enough about your own rights to recognize the remedies at law that already exist regardless of legislation you are considering or lobbying for at any time.

HEAL Mission is no longer working on any legislative efforts and has removed many of the pages about our previous efforts from the site.  We've added tailored reporting guides to report crimes and regulatory violations to the proper authorities for every entity on the watch-list/enrolled in the COPE Conversion Program.  Simply click on "History" links to the right of the program names on the list respectively for where to report it.  Minors are dependents and all dependents regardless of age are vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.  Independence reduces vulnerability and the government isn't to blame for there not being enough foster homes for vulnerable populations as addressing that is up to all of us including you.  Below you will find historic legislative efforts by Rev. Smith, HEAL Missionaries, and allies:



Below are examples of initiatives and state legislation HEAL and our associates have worked on with our state legislators throughout the country.  Some have passed and been made law, others require more work.  You can use any of the existing bills below to help pressure your state to make the changes needed.  Below is not a complete list of all of our legislative efforts.  However, it should give you a good basis for calling for reforms in your state and provide you with additional resources and supporting documents to help with your efforts.  
Washington State 2008 Initiative 999: Purpose to provide for additional rights for youth regarding education and healthcare decisions.  We did not get the signatures needed to get it on the ballot.
Alabama 2017 HB 440: To regulate residential youth programs, including secular and faith-based programs, in Alabama.  This legislation was made law and was the result of efforts by Charles Kennedy, HEAL AL Coordinator.
Washington State 2015-2016 HB 5408: To require regulation and remove exemptions for faith-based segregated congregate care providers in Washington State.  This has not yet become law (as of March, 2018).  The most recent version of this legislation is HB 1290 (2017-2018). HB 5408:

HB 1290:
Washington State
HB 2746: Sentencing reform preventing segregated congregate care and institutionalization for most juvenile offenses with some violent crime exceptions.  This was made law. HB 2746:
Washington State
ESSB 5946 PL: Education reforms that included prohibiting school personnel from receiving compensation for enrollments or referrals to private schools/programs and prohibiting the removal of any student from public school for more than 10 days without a due process hearing open to the public.  This was made law. ESSB 5946 PL:
S. 80 and H. 89:  An act to ban use of aversive therapies on minors and the disabled.  A bill requiring humane treatment of vulnerable populations.  It has not yet been made law. S 80:

H 89:
Washington State
SB 5870: Banning use of aversive therapies on minors.  This was not made law.  It was reintroduced and revised to ban conversion therapy of LGBT youth only, removing the overall ban on aversive therapies we are seeking.  The revised bill, SB 5722 has passed both branches of the legislature in 2017-2018 and is awaiting to be signed into law by Gov. Inslee (March, 2018). SB 5870:

SB 5722:
New Mexico
SB 140: Requiring regulation of wilderness and alternative youth programs operating in New Mexico.  This legislation "died" in committee and does not appear to have been reintroduced yet. SB 140:
Federal/Washington DC 2017 Met with and presented multiple recommendations or suggestions to help stop fraud and human trafficking in segregated congregate care to Kentucky and Washington State legislators including Senator Rand Paul and Senator Patty Murray's offices. 2017: HEAL Mission Legislative Request Delivered and Discussed In Person In DC.