This is a  staff list for Sacred Breath Academy in California, North Carolina, USA and International "Retreats"

(aka Sacred Breath Institute (A Neo-Nazi Cult originating in Brazil)

(we are working to acquire the complete records for ALL years)






We advise current and/or former staff to report any abuses you may have witnessed while working at the Sacred Breath Academy.  For information on your rights and how to take action, visit  If you were fired or forced to resign because you opposed any illegal and/or unethical practices at Sacred Breath Academy, you have the right to take action. 


If you were harmed (family or survivor) by Sacred Breath Academy, please contact if you remember the long-term employees and from which years.  This will help!   Also, if you recognize any of these staff as having worked at another program, please send in any information about their past or present employment at other facilities and/or cults.



HEAL advises that you do not enroll yourself or a loved one and do your best to legally rescue any victims of this cult.




Additional Information
Kaya Danielle Leigh aka Kaya Azure Co-Founder These names appear to be fake and pseudonyms.  There is no record of anyone with either of the names used here having any professional licenses in mental health, yoga instructing, or medical care of any sort.  There is also no record of either of these names legally belonging to anyone in the United States according to  Kaya Danielle Leigh aka Kaya Azure aka Kaya Leigh also on some documents has gone by Danielle "Kaya" Leigh.  Danielle Leigh aka Kaya Leigh lied about going by Kaya Azure in the e-mail here.  Danielle aka Kaya claims in this e-mail that they don't use Rebirthing Breathwork and in a subsequent e-mail claims to be similar or the same as Rebirthing Breathwork, so contradicts herself repeatedly and is either stupid or a pathological liar or both since she can't keep her lies straight.  Additional evidence that Sacred Breath Academy is associated with the Leonard Orr cult is below.  So, in this little paragraph alone Kaya Azure aka Kaya Danielle Leigh etc has been proven to be a liar twice using solely her own words no less.  That's why Angela Smith doesn't trust her.  Does that make sense? 
Aeleo Malakai Azure Co-Founder This name appears to be fake and a pseudonym.  There is no record of anyone with this name used here having any professional licenses in mental health, yoga instructing, or medical care of any sort.  There is also no record of either of these names legally belonging to anyone in the United States according to  Aeleo Malakai Azure also goes by Malakai Aeleo Azure and reportedly is also known as Joffrey Loyd Gilver.  In a recent (9/17/19) e-mail HEAL received, a party reported the following about Aeleo/Malakai "He believes he’s being guided by spirit to find angels with incorruptible souls to create a kingdom in honor of “Christ-Sophia”. He won’t listen to any opposing beliefs, he will reject you and shun you if you challenge his perspective and try to convince you that you “just don’t get it.” He’s going around the world enrolling people through this rhetoric."  This is one of many reasons HEAL believes SBA is more than a fraud and is an actual cult. 
Elizabeth Brumfield Retreat Facilitator-Bali Retreat 2019 Quoting Brumfield: "...Embracing the Bullsh*t...Am I saying believe everything everyone tells you and fall for all the bullshit? No. I’m saying be open to being weird and, just maybe, discovering something out of this world that you might like.  Stay tuned for future columns in similar taste; Yoga Bullshit: The Weirdness Explained."  Source:   Brumfield also operates own website at which doesn't appear to be registered through ICANN nor "WhoIs".  HEAL would like to think this is funny, but, we don't find fraud that poses a risk to personal health and financial wellness amusing.  Arguably, if everyone exercised due diligence this wouldn't be an issue.  HEAL hopes we are helpful.  [Special Note: HEAL received a message from a third-party suggesting Brumfield was one of two women who ran the Bali retreat.  Brumfield e-mailed HEAL stating she did not run the retreat.  She refused to clarify her role at the retreat and runs her own "breathwork" offshoot called "Breath of Sun".  HEAL is still deciding whether or not to add Breath of Sun to the watch-list or whether to keep Brumfield listed here since she appears to be a graduate/recruit/volunteer/promoter with her own offshoot.  But, we see Brumfield as arguably more honest than Danielle/Kaya of SBA and appreciate Brumfield warning others not to fall for all the bullshit.  HEAL thinks you shouldn't fall for any of it.  Opinions vary.]
Special Note: Two Important Tweet Threads So You Understand Why Rev. Angela Smith, remains concerned for Sean Stone and all victims of Sacred Breath Academy including their health, safety and freedom: and .
by Angela Smith, HEAL National Coordinator/Co-Founder

[SPECIAL NOTE: Please see the Twitter Poll and comment thread here for more information.  Feel free to participate if poll is still open:  In addition, to see how Sacred Breath Academy appears to be a fascist cult, see:  Please also see this tweet and thread comments:  And, ]

What is breathwork?  Screenshots from this source (long url so click hypertext for source):


"But she [Dr. Holly Richmond] wouldn’t recommend intense breathwork for those prone to panic attacks or who’ve experienced recent trauma."  Source:  (That link is the same source for the following screenshot:


This particular investigation got more personal than most and as a result some of the information posted here previously was reactionary and did not properly focus on brevity or just facts that would be useful objectively to those exercising due diligence looking for more information.  Arguments could be made that showing the emotional abuse by SBA leadership against HEAL leadership would provide additional useful information.  But, cults operate on emotional manipulation and to assist with deprogramming and reducing any trauma triggers, I've decided focusing on the facts is what is best without muddying things with emotional language.

I did e-mail Sacred Breath Academy and ask 7 questions.  There was a heated e-mail exchange and at first they refused to respond to the questions at all.  But, throughout, we managed to get most of the questions effectively answered.  Here are those questions with answers provided by SBA:

Q: 1.  What are the legal names of Kaya Danielle Leigh aka Kaya Azure and Aeleo Azure?

A: 1.  [Sacred Breath Academy has not yet effectively identified their true legal names to HEAL.]

Q: 2.  Through what, if any, mental health, medical, or athletic training licensing boards are you licensed to provide medical, mental health, or athletic/yoga training?

A: 2.  In an e-mail dated July 11th, 2019, SBA stated, "Perhaps you don’t know much about breathwork, but like yoga, reiki, tai chi, meditation and other healing practices, there is no requisite license to practice." [HEAL did check many licensing boards in many states where SBA claims to operate to see if they held any professional licenses.  For our records, click here with sources cited.  They do not.]

Q: 3.  Through what entity or school are your founders certified or through which entity or school did you earn any degrees qualifying you to provide any services you offer through Sacred Breath Academy?

A: 3.  In an e-mail dated July 11th, 2019, SBA stated, "I have a business degree from a highly ranked university, there is no business license needed for an online academy."

Q: 4.  In what state do you hold any business licenses as Sacred Breath Academy?  If you are licensed under any other business name, what is it?

A: 4.  In an e-mail dated July 11th, 2019, SBA stated, "[T]here is no business license needed for an online academy."

Q: 5.  In what state is Sacred Breath Academy accredited to provide any certifications of any sort?

A: 5. [Sacred Breath Academy, which claims to offer post-secondary certifications in "breathwork" is not accredited and therefore is a diploma mill or scam.  They never answered this question directly.  But, we checked with (Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education of the CA Department of Consumer Affairs) and (Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs of the US Department of Education and they are not accredited to provide any degrees or certifications.  And, you could take some free courses or even earn degrees from accredited and actual prestigious postsecondary universities (including Harvard and MIT) and more here:  EdX, Inc is a licensed non-profit (license  ID Number: 001085677, source: )  in Massachusetts offering free legitimate online classes and that includes courses in Philosophy and Ethics.  It is licensed and credits appear to be transferrable for most coursework, if not all.  So, SBA's claim in the answer to #4 that online academies don't need to be licensed appears to be false.  "Just like traditional, brick and mortar schools, online schools need licensing and accreditation to make them “legitimate.” Licensing is usually through a state or national body, which has certain requirements that must be met for businesses — and schools — to earn those licenses."  source:  So, as stated, Sacred Breath Academy is not licensed nor accredited to provide any academic services, healthcare services, spiritual training/philosophical/religion education, nor certifications or degrees of any kind.  That means those people like Brumfield referring to it as a great school have been misled or don't yet understand they've been defrauded or unduly influenced by a fraudulent cult/scam.  Because of SBA's ignorant and/or malicious responses to HEAL's inquiries, we do not trust them to be honest and suggest you don't either.]

Q: 6.  Through what independent third-party lab are your sensual creams, lotions, and bath/body products tested for quality assurance before being marketed?


Q: 7.  Have you ever studied comparative religion or philosophy in-depth?  If so, did you major or minor in it?  If so, where? (This question is because you claim on your site that air or breath is feminine which is patently false.  It either has no gender (science) or is masculine (religion/philosophy)."

A: 7.  In an e-mail dated July 11th, 2019, SBA stated, "I have a business degree from a highly ranked university."  [HEAL commentary: It seems someone with a business degree would know the first thing you need to do is get a business license and EIN.  SBA hasn't done either.  So, it brings into question the veracity of the claimed business degree.  And, SBA claims to be located in Santa Monica, CA.  So, we checked the California Consumer Affairs Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education to see if Sacred Breath Academy is approved as an academic service.  Now, we found various approved academies for healing arts, Chinese medicine, massage, and even intuition/spiritual arts that are approved by the bureau.  However, Sacred Breath Academy is not on the approved list.  So, while SBA may believe there is no external reality and that only what they say makes up the entirety of reality, the reality is that's simply not true.  Also, in California running an unlicensed apothecary and selling even bath salts or other supposed bath and body "wellness" products without a license and/or permit for wholesale/retail while not collecting sales tax is a big "no no".]

Below is a segment of an e-mail we received from Sacred Breath Academy regarding their disclaimer and you'll notice the claim that our concerns that they were claiming health benefits to those with or who may develop cancer were identified as "nonsense" by Danielle/Kaya Leigh.  But, their site said it and you can view it on page 13-14 at (copy of their "health benefits" page so you don't have to risk visiting their site).

And, beyond that, we took a poll on Twitter and the majority found Sacred Breath Academy to be more incompetent than criminal.  However, we believe both are likely to be the case.  That poll with full thread is available at: 

A third-party e-mailed HEAL in September, 2019 and said about Aeleo/Malakai Azure, "He believes he’s being guided by spirit to find angels with incorruptible souls to create a kingdom in honor of “Christ-Sophia”. He won’t listen to any opposing beliefs, he will reject you and shun you if you challenge his perspective and try to convince you that you “just don’t get it.” He’s going around the world enrolling people through this rhetoric."  The "Christ-Sophia" concept is widely promoted by feminism cults that claim it as part of "Akashic Insight", "Akashic Wisdom", or access to the "Akashic Records".  Source:

In addition, Sacred Breath Academy reports being a member of International Breathwork Foundation (IBF).  IBF operates as a non-profit.  Sacred Breath Academy does not.  And, IBF has a tribute to Leonard Orr, so, it is the same shit...  In addition, IBF includes holotropic breathwork among the Leonard Orr inspired practices...  Holotropic breathwork results in increased paranoid ideation, uses a level system, and the results further support the position that those doing it are a cult.  "For the All-HB group, the temperament changes were followed by an increase in paranoid ideation."  (By "All-HB group" is meant those who completed all levels of the training.  After doing so, their paranoid ideation increased.  Source:   Paranoia is a delusional disorder.  "Paranoia involves intense anxious or fearful feelings and thoughts often related to persecution, threat, or conspiracy. Paranoia occurs in many mental disorders, but is most often present in psychotic disorders. Paranoia can become delusions, when irrational thoughts and beliefs become so fixed that nothing (including contrary evidence) can convince a person that what they think or feel is not true."  Source:  So, it's a cult and a dangerous one that may end up getting anyone involved in it 5150'd or arrested/sued for fraud at some point.

Kaya Leigh/Kaya Azure stated that she has access to the "Akashic Records/Akashic Wisdom".  "The akashic record is an imagined spiritual realm, supposedly holding a record of all events, actions, thoughts and feelings that have ever occurred or will ever occur.  Theosophists believe that the akasha is an "astral light" containing occult records which spiritual beings can perceive by their special "astral senses" and "astral bodies". Clairvoyance, spiritual insight, prophecy and many other untestable metaphysical and religious notions are made possible by tapping into the akasha." Source:   Please also see: and  

In addition to the above information and links, I'd advise people consider the following when considering consulting a psychic/intuitive/medium or the like, particularly one claiming enough skill to teach it to others like SBA claims.  Some people use a pendulum for a psychic guide.  One of the rules for pendulums is, "Verify the signals. To test out the trustworthiness of your programmed signals, ask a couple of test questions, such as “Is my name Billy?” Or, "Is today Tuesday?" Basically, you want to verify that yes is yes and no is no. If the signals are not coming out right, go back to step 3 and reprogram the pendulum. Once your signals are verified, you skip this step."  Source:  So, the same should apply and you should ask questions where you already know the answer to test the trustworthiness of any psychic/intuitive teacher or form of assistance such as the pendulum.  If you feel such a test would be rude and amount to questioning the trustworthiness of someone claiming psychic ability and you fear they may curse you if you offend them by asking questions where you already know the answers, you are too superstitious and need to study more science, math, and logic.  If you believe they are truly magical with special powers they can use to harm you and fear reprisal, you shouldn't entrust yourself or your future to them and just steer clear of it altogether.  If you think they might have some psychic ability or intuitive ability you do not, test it before paying.  Even perfumeries let you try before you buy.  Think about it.

In addition, SBA uses a level system and requires recruits to surrender to their process of indoctrination.  Initiation of cult recruits begins with their becoming a "Sacred Way-Shower".   It is for these reasons and because they claim to provide spiritual leadership training for a pretty hefty fee for profit (check hypertext content linked in this paragraph for more information) that HEAL believes it to be not just a scam, but, a cult.

To me, the above should suffice to inform everyone that it is a scam and a cult.  But, for those who require additional information, we provide more below.

Sacred Breath Academy website print which shows they falsely claim to offer certifications, medical, and mental health services without any license to practice in those fields and no business license either.  Not in California, New York, North Carolina, Arizona, or any state we checked and we checked most of them.  They claim to operate in California, New York, and North Carolina mostly in the US.  So, not licensed where operating and operating without any licensing offering mental health or medical services is definitively fraud.  We encourage victims to report fraud to the proper authorities.  Since our initial investigation, Sacred Breath Academy has updated their site to remove reference to health benefits of their practices in regards to treating or preventing cancer.  We believe that may have been a result of our report to the Federal Trade Commission and confirmation from The National Cancer Institute that that was a false claim or misleading marketing on the part of SBA. 

The National Cancer Institute (division of the National Institute of Health (NIH) stated the following which proves definitively that Sacred Breath Academy is a fraud/cult/scam: "There is no scientific evidence to support the claim the breathwork is a treatment for any type of cancer or that it can lower a person's risk for developing cancer.  Unfortunately, some sources do provide misleading or incorrect information about cancer prevention and treatment.  You may find it helpful to view the NCI web page, Using Trusted Resources, for guidance on how to evaluate health information.  This resource can be accessed at hope you will understand that the NCI is a Federal research agency, not a regulatory agency, and cannot intervene in these matters.  However, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforces consumer protection laws.  As part of its mission, the FTC investigates complaints about false or misleading health claims posted on the Internet.  You may find it helpful to look into filing a complaint through the FTC's Complain Assistance web page, which is available at  The FTC is also available by calling 1–877–382–4357 (1–877–FTC–HELP)."  For full response from NCI, click here

Now, on their website (print version above so you don't have to risk malware by visiting their site you will see they claim to use the trademarked "Sacred Breath Method™" which has never been trademarked in the US according to TESS and the complete record of all Trademarks in the US that include the word "Sacred" are in this record.  Now, there was one DEAD trademark registered in Michigan as "Sacred Breathwork" claiming it was a psychospiritual practice or therapy.  And, that was registered to a Charles Smith in Michigan. 

So, while everyone can be susceptible to deceptive marketing and cult recruitment depending on various stresses, vulnerabilities, and the soothsaying of the charlatans running such scams, it is important to always exercise due diligence and make sure you and your loved ones are protected by virtue of your diligence.

In addition, Rebirthing/Breathwork has resulted in the death of children and has been banned in Colorado.  Source:  Also see:

"This bizarre and deadly practice was invented by a man named Leonard Orr who has no background in medicine or psychology. An advocate of the New Thought movement, he was one of the early proponents of “prosperity consciousness,” a belief that one can attract wealth just by opening the mind to the idea of it. A believer in physical immortality, he claims to have come up with a lot of his “revelations” in the bathtub (I’m not kidding). In 1974, he began suspending friends in a redwood hot tub with snorkels and nose plugs where they claimed to have experienced their birth. Orr and his friends began offering this “therapy” to others and, believe it or not, it caught on... Sadly, Orr is still practicing this dangerous therapy via his Rebirthing-Breathwork International business, and many other therapists offer it as well. As Singer states, there is “no scientifically established or objective clinical evidence” showing that rebirthing does anything beneficial."  Source:

Is it a cult in addition to a scam?  "Leonard [Orr] then ranted, babbled, stated that he had invented fire meditation and that if he had not, he surely would have killed a client by now, as they were so annoying. Another incident, a young man had travelled from Sweden to meet the great Leonard Orr. He arrived, as he walked up to the porch where Leonard was relaxing, Leonard asked him......."How much money have you brought me?"."    See:,5918,5935  

In addition, "The Sacred Breath Luminous Apothecary" aka "Luminous Apothecary" is not a licensed retailer nor pharmacy.  But, Sacred Breath is operating that illegally from all appearances. 


Reality in Indonesia:

Human trafficking and modern slavery are a serious problem in Indonesia:

"Exercise increased caution in Indonesia due to terrorism and natural disasters. Some areas have increased risk. Read the entire Travel Advisory... Shootings continue to occur in the area between Timika and Grasberg in Papua. In Central Sulawesi and Papua, violent demonstrations and conflict could result in injury or death to U.S. citizens. Avoid demonstrations and crowds.  The U.S. government has limited ability to provide emergency services to U.S. citizens in Central Sulawesi and Papua as U.S. government employees must obtain special authorization before traveling to those areas."  Source:

"Drink-spiking and subsequent robberies – often conducted either by females in hotel rooms or male companions en route to hotels – are also occasionally reported, though there were no such reports involving U.S. Embassy personnel in 2017...Organized crime remains a problem and has not been effectively addressed, though it tends not to affect expatriates. Illegal logging/fishing, human trafficking/prostitution, the sale of illicit/counterfeit drugs, and extensive corruption continue as well. In some instances, the prosecution of individuals accused of these crimes is unsuccessful because of payoffs and/or bribes to corrupt government officials, including judges." Source:

So, if that sounds like a relaxing getaway to you, understand it would be safer and less expensive to just take a trip to Indonesia without the conversion therapy by this cult/scam.  If you still need more information on why it is ill-advised to involve yourself with Sacred Breath Academy or any program on the HEAL watch-list, please continue reading this page to it's conclusion and scroll on.

In addition, you may wish to learn more about criticism of any life coaching or cults similar to SBA, here are a few links:,126999,126999

In addition, since Sacred Breath Academy does appear to have affiliates in New Zealand/Australia, you may want to know about "The Family" cult started by a woman who provided yoga instruction as a lure to her cult too:

"The Family: Stories from inside the Australian cult led by self-proclaimed mystic Anne Hamilton-Byrne - CBS News Allegations of stolen children, drugs, abuse and a leader who claimed to be the second coming of Jesus Christ -- "48 Hours" follows the trail of a cult that began in Australia and led the FBI to New York...The Family: Stories from inside the Australian cult led by self-proclaimed mystic Anne Hamilton-Byrne - CBS News To some, Anne Hamilton-Byrne was a yoga teacher with a penchant for plastic surgery. To others, she was the evil leader of The Family -- an apocalyptic cult with about 500 followers and more than 28 children. Some were the children of cult members, others were newborns that came from unwed mother tricked into thinking their babies were going to good homes, a few were out and out stolen, investigators say."  Source:  (Check out Sacred Breath Academy's claims regarding "womb awakening ceremonies" when you search google.  Seriously.  The similarities are disturbing.) 

Not totally unsurprising, this scam/fraud/cult is endorsed by Deepak Chopra.  Think you should trust him too?  You are wrong.  Check these articles for more info:

"Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein may have stopped trumpeting his million-dollar donations to charities in light of accusations he molested dozens of underage girls. But he continues to quietly distribute his wealth—including to the nonprofits of Deepak Chopra, Elton John and a doctor linked to President Trump—through a shadowy private foundation called “Gratitude America, Ltd.,” The Daily Beast has learned."  Source:

"We asked Deepak Chopra, the guru of sayings that mean nothing, to fact-check his own tweets"

"Deepak Chopra Is Selling $350 Meditation Glasses. Deepak Chopra Is A Fraud" 

"I was a self-help guru. Here’s why you shouldn’t listen to people like me. I learned the hard way that the people trying to solve your problems often need help the most...Deepak Chopra is a fraud..."

"DiMare, the paper reported, represented La Jolla New Age guru Deepak Chopra in a series of lawsuits that ended up in front of McConnell; his attorneys later alleged that McConnell and other members of the local bench had ruled against them..."  Source: 

"In January 2000 a San Diego Superior Court jury unanimously found against Deepak Chopra regarding blackmail claims made within a lawsuit filed by the New Age guru. Chopra claimed that a former employee wanted $50,000 to keep quite about allegations that he had sex with a prostitute."  Source: 

"Because of his New Age, pseudosciencey beliefs, Chopra routinely gets in online arguments with scientists and skeptics, defending his numerous personal convictions -- such as the belief that people can enter a state of "perfect health" which would prevent them from dying. Now, this is clearly nonsense, and Chopra isn't doing the world any favors by trying to convince vulnerable people that this is true."  Source:

[Click all hyperlinked text for documentation of statements, multiple hypertext means multiple documents supporting the statement of the sentence.]  Chopra was director of the Maharishi Ayurveda (in some cases spelled Ayur-Veda) Health Center beginning in 1985 operating in Lancaster, MA.  That health center had its licenses involuntarily revoked by the state of MA in 2012.  The center was completely dissolved into nothing in MA.  In 2011, Deepak Chopra received cash in what could be seen as a moneylaundering scheme from Ms. Hillyer who had embezzled the funds illegally.  Additional court cases and public records include allegations of fraud against Chopra.  In a 1995 case, a woman tried to claim medical services provided supposedly by Deepak Chopra in Palm Beach, FL (where he has never been licensed to practice, source: were tax-deductible likely as a result of false claims by Chopra that such services were tax-deductible (this is common with this type of alleged fraud), but, the tax courts denied the deductibility.  In 2013, Chopra was referenced in a lawsuit against Trivedi by a woman who claimed sexual harassment and abuse.  In 2007, the Deepak Chopra Private Foundation voluntarily dissolved in California.  But, likely as a result of continued propaganda promoting this guru where investigative reporting exposing his alleged crimes, fraud, and malpractice would be more appropriate for anyone remotely committed to honest reporting and the TRUTH.  In 2014, Chopra Foundation formerly operating in Iowa merged with CF Merger Corporation in California in order to disappear the Iowa foundation into the new entity.  Then he changed names again in California to Chopra Foundation.  And, to avoid any accountability makes general statements about promoting world peace while claiming to be a non-profit and engaging in research or experimentation on those who pay for services or donate.  HEAL does not support the experimentation on nor brainwashing of subjects for any studies, particularly where the victims/subjects are not providing fully informed consent and advised of all risks and benefits involved in participation of such a study.  And, that's where we tend to draw the line with this shit. 

Deepak Chopra reportedly earned his doctorate in 1969 at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences which was given a global score of 37.8 out of a possible 100 by US News, which by all reasonable accounts is a failing grade.  A failing grade in the US is anything less than 60% in most jurisdictions/districts making 37.8% failing miserably.  And, even worse, Chopra earned at best a cumulative GPA of 0.56 (Princeton GPA Scale) and at worst a cumulative 0.0 at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences.  This was calculated by adding up his grades on his transcripts (transcript 1, transcript 2, transcript 3, registration).  Transcript #1: Final Score of 663/1000 or 66.3%.  Transcript #2: 595.25/950 or 62.65%  Transcript #3: 895/1500 or 59.6%.  That gives an average of 62.8% which is considered failing by US standards when calculating grade point average (GPA).  In addition, in California, to pass the bar exam for lawyers you have to get a minimum of 70% for professional licensing so either a double standard on qualifications for professional licensing in California or he should have never been licensed.  And, that also means by US standards he failed two out of three years of medical school with at best a 1.0 for the 66.3% term.  In addition, if you check the registration, he enrolled with a "certificate" for alleged undergraduate work without presenting any grades/transcript at the age of 16 when he entered "medical school".  So, likely not the brightest among us who trust his recommendations all things considered.

In addition, this all relates to HEAL's primary campaign to stop child trafficking and institutionalized child abuse.  Deepak Chopra works with Stephen Covey. Source:  Stephen Covey is partners with Hyrum W. Smith who owns the property where Eagle Ranch Academy operates and is business partners with the co-founder of WWASPS as well.  You can find all of that explained in detail at  In the 2014 stand off between pro-slavery advocate Cliven Bundy and the FBI, Robert "LaVoy" Finicum, brother to Guy Finicum of Re-Creation Retreat also on the HEAL watch-list and reportedly co-founded by Daniel Taylor formerly with Cross Creek (a WWASPS program), was killed in the shoot out while actively engaged in combat against federal authorities.

In addition, WWASPS was co-founded by Robert Lichfield who is a former director of Provo Canyon School.  And, you can look at the history of Larry Stednitz and his connection to all of that and the Franklin Cover Up here:

In a strange twist, we've now found an article listing Jeffrey Epstein and Mel Sembler of Straight, Inc reporting on child trafficking, exploitation, and institutionalized abuse.  See:  Why this may interest you is that Mel Sember has also endorsed Sacred Breath Academy.

Is fraud a form of economic terrorism?  You decide.  According to the following sources fraud is a form of economic terrorism:  and

For those who have been unduly influenced by false advertising, slick salespeople, and promises that all your problems will be solved if you sign an agreement you don't read and pay a lot of money who find that too tempting, even if all lies, due to feeling vulnerable, overworked, and overwhelmed, we're here to help educate you and inform you that anyone offering to solve all or most of your major issues for cash while pressuring you not to question their methods or read the contracts as they manipulate and exploit you for money and free promotion of their bullshit, is not someone with whom you should do business nor trust your private information because such tactics are used by criminals and not those with any legitimate services to offer regardless of what you may hear from those already misled or profiting themselves off of mutual referrals which at this time is now criminal and against federal and many state laws.  So, if someone recommended a cult/scam to you, even a celebrity like Dr. Phil (not licensed to practice) who was sued for it but continues to recommend these places/cults anyway, it is best to think for yourself and not believe the hype.  And, now you should also report any such celebrities or referrers to the FBI for violating federal kickback laws and/or state law enforcement where exchanges in kind are understood to be considered compensation for such referrals and illegal.  So, if you have evidence of it, turn them in immediately and you can sometimes gather all the evidence for probable cause for such an investigation by doing a little research since they brazenly break laws on tv, online, and in your face knowing most people won't take the time to bother with reporting to law enforcement, filing suit, or even filing consumer complaints with Attorney General's office(s).  Such reporting resources can be found at  And, the reason these criminals are still operating is as a result of many victims being too intimidated to report in a timely fashion or they feel since they now know and are out of it they prefer to "move on" rather then do anything remotely responsible that requires any time or effort on their part to make sure they get justice and other people don't fall victim to the same or similar crime/criminals.  So, don't blame law enforcement or regulation unless they actually fail to do their jobs after you've effectively done your civic duty.  And, if you've been a victim of undue influence and brainwashing, we have compassion for you and hope even when we may be unpleasant in tone or language that it helps with your deprogramming needs.  We are survivors and consumer advocates, not mental health nor medical professionals.  But, our team is made up of people of good faith, ecumenical, and politically diverse.  Don't blame victims and make sure anyone making recommendations is getting paid and not just an active victim of the cult/scam before jumping to conclusions regarding guilt or innocence.  Dr. Phil* is definitely in on it.


"Dr. Phil McGraw is not a licensed professional.  His license was revoked in TX after he had inappropriate relations with a 19 year old patient in his care.  He refused to take an ethics course or do any of the requirements for his reinstatement.  Source:

In fall of 2004, Angela Smith of HEAL was notified that Dr. Phil McGraw was recommending Provo Canyon School on his program.  She is a victim of Provo Canyon and was tortured at that facility.  She and other victims of Provo Canyon wrote the show, called the show, and the production company in charge of the show (HARPO Productions, Oprah Winfrey's company) with great concern and alarm.  We received no response. Parents tried posting about their family experiences on Dr. Phil's message board on his own website and none of the posts were ever made public.  Only positive statements about the programs he recommended were allowed or permitted on his message boards.  After getting stone-walled, we contacted the National Enquirer hoping to shame Dr. Phil into stopping his recommendations of abusive facilities, including Provo Canyon.  They ran the story in January, 2005, here is that link:

Even after all of that, Dr. Phil continues to recommend Aspen Education Group and other abusive programs through his show.  Oprah owns her own abusive programs and she recommends these facilities as well.  That's Dr. Phil's boss.  We set up action alerts to tell Dr. Phil to stop and all of our efforts were ignored.  But, considering the type of man Dr. Phil is, it isn't surprising.  Deaths at multiple Aspen programs.  Forcing girls to give lap dances at Mount Bachelor Academy (now closed), an Aspen facility in Oregon.  Dr. Phil only cares about money and doesn't give a hoot about ethics, morality, or justice.  Since that time, HEAL has had an ongoing action alert to boycott Dr. Phil. In January of 2013, Jodi Hobbs of SIA and Nick Gaglia appeared on the Dr. Phil Show to discuss institutional abuse.  Source:

We begged them not to do it because it would only become a comparison to say these old now closed programs were awful and not something Dr. Phil would recommend while he continues selling equally abusive programs to his audience, programs that include where Angela Smith and other HEAL coordinators were abused. In January of 2014, parents and victims filed suit against Dr. Phil and programs he had recommended claiming he had exploited their families and sent their children into harm's way.  That case is linked above and one in which we assisted the lawyer and the families. But, it is clear that Nick and Jodi were unable to persuade Dr. Phil in 2013 to stop doing it and stop placing kids.  And, media shaming and lawsuits haven't stopped him either. To this day, February 25th, 2017, Dr. Phil continues to promote Aspen Education Group on his website:

The action alert regarding HEAL's ongoing boycott of Dr. Phil is available on our site at (Scroll to bottom of action alerts) or see a copy of the alert directly below:

"BOYCOTT DR. PHIL BECAUSE HE CONTINUES TO REFER AND ENROLL "GUESTS" INTO ABUSIVE PROGRAMS!! -- On Monday, September 27th, 2010 (Troubled Teens Update--Episode Title).  In 2003, Dr. Phil was profiling a family with a 12 year old girl with Reactive Attachment Disorder. At the end of the segment, Dr. Phil announced that he was sending the girl to Provo Canyon. In his words Provo Canyon "has a proven track record of helping young people." The parents, of course, were clueless, and agreed to this immediately. We need to flood the Dr. Phil show with letters, faxes and emails. Dr. Phil has repeatedly referred children to abusive programs.  The Dr. Phil website still refers to Copper Canyon Academy (Aspen Education Group) and Provo Canyon School as of December 28th, 2009!  And, as recently as September 27th, 2010 he referred to Academy at Swift River, another Aspen Education Group program.  Send an e-mail by visiting: or snail-mail him at: Dr. Phil Show, 5482 Wilshire Boulevard #1902, Los Angeles, CA 90036.  Don't watch or support Dr. Phil and his child-abuse-profiteering."

The alert was created in 2010, but, it is an ongoing boycott because of Dr. Phil's ongoing recommendation of abusive facilities."

The entirety of the body of this added note in quotes above was written February 25th, 2017 but still applies.

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The above episode of "Watching the Hawks" exposes additional information and warns about cults that isolate victims or tell them to reject their friends and family who don't adhere to the cult's practices or beliefs and George Orwell's reported warning that profiteers and charlatans will start cults for cash.  That portion of the episode begins at around 14m:55s into the episode.
"Trafficking can occur in many licit and illicit industries or markets, including in brothels, massage parlors, street prostitution, hotel services, hospitality, agriculture, manufacturing, janitorial services, construction, health and elder care, and domestic service." (From "...Addressing Human Trafficking of Children and Youth in the United States" report at:  If you oppose human trafficking and don't want your children or loved ones trafficked for sex or labor, don't entrust their care to out-of-home placements and be careful not to let traffickers provide in-home care or services.

[Note: For a satirical parody of this program, visit]

10/15/20: CONVERSION PROGRAM PROGRESS REPORT: Sacred Breath Academy AKA Sacred Breath Institute

 *(Sacred Breath Academy, like many other programs in this industry, keeps a "tight lid" on any specific information regarding their staff, qualifications, and practices.  Please contact us with the names of any staff of which you have firsthand knowledge or experience.  Thank you for your help.)


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