This is a  staff list for Abundant Life Academy in Caroline County, VA (Formerly shut down in Mexico for human rights violations)

(aka Xtreme Faith Academy, Inc. and formerly in Mexico and Utah)

(we are working to acquire the complete records for ALL years)





We advise current and/or former staff to report any abuses you may have witnessed while working at Abundant Life Academy.  For information on your rights and how to take action, visit  If you were fired or forced to resign because you opposed any illegal and/or unethical practices at Abundant Life Academy, you have the right to take action. 


If you were harmed (family or survivor) by  Abundant Life Academy, please contact if you remember the long-term employees and from which years.  This will help!   Also, if you recognize any of these staff as having worked at another program, please send in any information about their past or present employment at other facilities and/or cults. 


Please don’t place your loved one in Abundant Life Academy and rescue them if they are there now.




Additional Information
Craig & Wendy Rogers Founders/Owners The Rogers' are insane and delusional.  They feel that legitimate authorities including Child Protective Services are out to get them because of their "faith".  And, they use their "faith" as an excuse and shield to protect them from scrutiny while they rip-off families and abuse children.  These people are the worst kind of blasphemers.  They defraud families and abuse children in "God's name".  Sick.  Beyond this, parents have reported that Craig Rogers brags about having spent time in prison and how that time in prison prepared him to "counsel troubled teens".  Well, the only conviction we could find regarding Craig Rogers was for possession with intent to distribute illegal narcotics.  Now, if it is a different Craig Rogers, we'd like Rogers to clarify exactly what he was convicted of and in what court since he uses that as a talking point in his "seminars".  Craig Rogers is not licensed as a mental health, social work, or any other sort of professional in Utah.  Neither is Wendy Rogers.  So, these are not licensed professionals.  And, they have a history of crime.  For example, they were chased out of Mexico for violating child abuse laws in that country and they relocated to Utah.  So, not people any intelligent individual would leave their children with to "train" and "guide".  Craig Rogers holds no professional licenses in Utah.  He is not a licensed therapist, counselor, social worker, nor psychologist.  Source:  Wendy Rogers holds no professional licenses in Utah.  She is not a licensed therapist, counselor, social worker, nor psychologist.  Source:  HEAL believes Craig and Wendy Rogers may be operating California Leadership Academy in Mexico.  We are investigating.  If you can confirm, please e-mail us.
Ron (no last name) Admissions  
Scott Heaton Clinical Director formerly worked for Silverado Boys' Ranch.  If Scott Heaton is Scott Wesley Heaton, he does have a license as a marriage and family therapist that is not expired.  But, it says he practices in Fredonia, AZ, not Kanab, UT.  A bit troubling, wouldn't you say?  Source:
Greg Hitchcock Board Member/Corporate Officer Works for both Abundant Life Academy and Zion Educational Systems (referral/marketing arm of program industry).  Hitchcock is not a licensed medical, mental health, nor social work professional in Utah.  Source:  Hitchcock claims to have never worked for Abundant Life Academy.  However, the following link states otherwise: prweb4733254.htm.  That link also shows Hitchcock formerly worked for confirmedly abusive Mount Bachelor Academy, CEDU, and Wilderness Quest.  Hitchcock appears online to work in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and Utah.  He is not a licensed mental health nor social work professional in Utah. (see above)  Hitchcock is not a licensed counselor, psychologist, doctor, nor medical professional in Idaho.  Source: and  Hitchcock is not a licensed mental health nor medical professional in Colorado.  Source:  Hitchcock is not a licensed mental health nor medical professional in Oregon.  Source:  Hitchcock is not a licensed mental health nor medical professional in Washington.  Source:


Marek Helstrom Executive Director (Former) Currently owns/operates Purpose Centered Coaching and Training.  Marek Helstrom is not a licensed medical, mental health, nor social work professional.  Not even a licensed counselor.  Marek called on behalf of himself and his wife to state they are no longer with Abundant Life Academy and that they left due to apparent non-compliance by Craig and Wendy Rogers with Utah licensing standards.  Source:
Darlene Helstrom Former Staff All references found regarding Darlene Helstrom are the joint efforts of she and her husband.  She appears to have no "stand alone" qualifications.  Darlene Helmstrom is also not a licensed counselor, medical, mental health, nor social work professional.  Source:
David Goode Program Director Goode was the director of Abundant Life Academy under Craig Rogers and currently appears to own and operate Abundant Life Academy in St. George.  Goode is not a licensed counselor, medical, mental health, nor social work professional.  Source:
Val Sass Equine Specialist Sass formerly worked for now closed and confirmedly abusive Gatehouse Academy in AZ.
Survivor Statement--Benjamin Donahue
Abundant Life Academy and Child Labor in the Bahamas!--April 2nd, 2010--Kanab, UT (PRWEB) April 2, 2010 -- A group of 6 troubled teen students and 2 staff members from Abundant Life Academy ( recently returned from a week long mission trip to James Cistern, Eleuthera in the Bahamas. The team from ALA was working with a mission organization called Bahamas Habitat. The main work of Bahamas Habitat is to provide quality housing to those in need. This work includes both needed improvements to existing homes, as well as construction of new homes. The ALA team was involved in the building of a new home for Ms. Pinder.  (Webmaster Note: Title changed by webmaster for editorial effect.)

All segregated congregate care providers, including those on our watch-list, are welcome to contact us to correct any information or provide additional data that may assist with delivering the whole truth to the public.  We've found in many cases where this offer has been abused or resulted in revealing additional basis for our concerns. For some examples see: and  Now, we are willing to look at the facts and may have questions or require documentation backing up any claims.  We do verify licensing, academic backgrounds, and other qualifications when investigating and researching programs on our watch-list to assist consumers seeking additional information on such programs or victims requiring assistance with getting corroborating evidence of their claims.  We do that in order to make sure the information we provide is accurate and verified and cite our sources.  In the event any information we've posted is in error, we're happy to make a correction.  And, for information on how such requests are handled and have been resolved historically, see:

HEAL does not support segregated congregate care for many reasons which include that many such facilities are abusive, exploitative, fraudulent, and lack effective oversight often as a result of fraudulent misrepresentation coupled with the ignorance of those seeking to enroll loved ones in such facilities, programs, schools, or centers without a valid court order and involuntarily.  In the United States such involuntary placements done without a court order are apparently illegal as they either violate the Americans with Disabilities Act community integration requirement or due process rights of those involuntarily placed.  Now, in regards to parents, in the United States parents have the right to waive their own rights, but, not the rights of their minor children.  See for more information.  Now, most facilities on our watch list include waivers, indemnity clauses, and sworn statements parents must sign assuring the program that the parents have the right to make the placement involuntarily and without due process in a segregated congregate care environment, however, California and federal prosecutors as well as settled law appears to suggest that is not the case.  In fact, in the David Taylor case found at, Taylor sued Provo Canyon School and his mother as co-defendants.  His mother was found liable for 75% of the damages awarded to Taylor as a result of multiple complaints including false imprisonment, while the program was found only 25% liable because the mother owed a duty of due diligence to investigate anyone to which she would entrust care of her child and she failed to do so. 

Now, HEAL opposes segregated congregate care and we find most placements are happening illegally in the USA which if the youth understood their rights would result in unfortunate outcomes for the parents, particularly when they don't exercise good judgment and support the fraud and abuse rather than their own children when they need remedy and justice.  And, HEAL supports all victims of fraud and abuse in seeking remedies at law for any crimes or torts committed against them.  And, that's true whether or not the program or victims are in the USA. 

HEAL has a 5 point argument against segregated congregate care we'd like you to consider:

a.  Segregated care is unconstitutional and a civil rights violation.  It is only permissible if a person is unable to survive independent of an institutional environment.  For more on this, watch the HEAL Report at  Or, see:  which includes in part:    "United States v. Florida – 1:12-cv-60460 – (S.D. Fla.) – On April 7, 2016, the United States filed an Opposition to the State of Florida’s Motion for Partial Summary Judgment.  In the Motion, the State had asked the Court to rule, on a variety of grounds, that the United States could not recover damages for unnecessarily institutionalized children to whom the State had been deliberately indifferent."

b.  Institutionalization is always dehumanizing and coercive.  Institutionalization always harms the institutionalized and deprives them of protected civil rights.  Dr. David Straker, Psychiatry Professor at Columbia University's School of Medicine (Ivy League) explains this in detail at  "Many institutions, from prisons to monasteries to asylums, deliberately want to control and manage their inmates such that they conform and do not cause problems. Even in less harsh environments, many of the institutionalization methods may be found, albeit in more moderated form (although the psychological effect can be equally devastating)."  (See website linked in this paragraph for more info.)

c.  Institutionalization is not in the best interest of children.  Institutions are not ever better for a child than living with a loving family.  Source:       

d.  Reform schools, residential treatment programs, and other segregated congregate care settings have been shown to be ineffective and harmful.  Best source on this currently is:

e. Boarding Schools, even the "good ones", result in a form of social death, isolation, and cause both anxiety and depression.  Therefore, it is clearly not in the best interest of the youth subjected to those environments.  Sources: and

Beyond the above arguments against segregated congregate care, we have reports from the NIH, Surgeon General, Yale University Studies, and much more showing the methodologies of behavior modification are damaging, harmful, and ineffective.  You can request these documents via e-mail.  In addition, for such programs offering academic services or claiming to offer diplomas, certifications, or the like, it is important to check to see if it is a diploma mill with no accredited academic services.  Please see article: "Avoiding Scams: What You Need To Know"  for important information on how to avoid education/training scams.

If you'd like to see what HEAL suggests rather than segregated congregate care (i.e. committing a crime or tort against your child if done against their will without a court order), please see articles: "Fix Your Family, Help Your Teen" and "How Would You Handle My Out of Control Teen?".

If you have a complaint against any facility, please file a complaint with the appropriate law enforcement agency or your home state's attorney general.  For reporting resources see:  (Reporting guide is for USA only at this time.)



HEAL has found multiple problems with Abundant Life Academy's enrollment agreement including apparent unconscionable terms and contradictory terms leaving us to believe that Abundant Life Academy is running a money-making scam on families in need of assistance.  We will be alternating between the "quoted words" of Abundant Life Academy in their enrollment agreement (as was updated by Abundant Life Academy on April 23rd, 2009) and HEAL's questions and concerns.  HEAL will not repeatedly link to the enrollment agreement in full throughout this review, and, we advise readers to scroll back and/or open the enrollment agreement in a new window while reviewing our work for accuracy or if additional contextualization is preferred.  This is an independent review and if you are in need of legal assistance or advice, please consult with an attorney

Enrollment Agreement (Page 1)

"...Xtreme Faith Academy, Inc., dba Abundant Life Academy, Inc..."

"...for a period of not less then 9 months and not more then 18 months..."

"Leadership Training and accredited long distance learning educational curriculum..."

"The parent full acknowledges and realizes that the degree of the "Youth's" educational, emotional, and spiritual and growth is not the responsibility of the Academy..."

"The "Youth's" participation is all voluntary and by his/her choice."

"The main purpose of the Academy is to provide..."mentoring" (Christian values training: teaching the principles of Bible which include:..."learning the principles of 'submission to parental authority'", and development of character through training in "discipline, good work ethics, respect towards authority...)"

"The Academy introduces controlled and measured challenges to the Youth so as to help them learn to serve the needs of others."

HEAL's Questions/Concerns

To listen to audio of a lawsuit regarding abuses and removal of children from Xtreme Faith Academy Inc./Abundant Life Academy, click here.  This hearing was held on November 13th, 2009.  It states that the former judge's decision in the case was to shut down Abundant Life Academy.  HEAL wonders why Abundant Life Academy is still open.  It must be due to the nature of Utah laws that protect abusive programs at the expense of children's welfare and lives.

On page 3 of the agreement, the second statement above is contradicted.  It states that there are early graduations/completions and that the above stated term of 9 months, stated firmly as a requirement, is later shown to be not a true requirement of the agreement or the program.  These types of inconsistencies go to the heart of the problem with these amateurish contracts and programs.  (See discussion of page 3 below.)  In addition, if this agreement were written by a professional, he/she would likely have gotten the word "than" correct.  It is "less than" and "more than", not "less then" and "more then".  If this is the quality of language arts skills exhibited by those in charge of the business end of Abundant Life Academy, then it again suggests an environment not of a quality to insure the appropriate education of children and youth.

HEAL believes Abundant Life Academy should clearly state what they mean by "Leadership Training" and what methods are used to "train" children at their program.  What is Leadership Training?  What are the methods used by Abundant Life Academy? 

Abundant Life Academy claims that the Youth's participation is voluntary.  But, again, on page 3 of the agreement, it states that they will compel and/or ask the parents to assist and support the compelling of the Youth to participate fully in the program.  The definition of "compel" according to Merriam-Webster, is:

1: to drive or urge forcefully or irresistibly <hunger compelled him to eat>
2: to cause to do or occur by overwhelming pressure <public opinion compelled her to sign the bill>

Here again we have a serious contradiction.  And, most religions, including Christianity, frown upon bearing false witness (lying) and hypocrisy. (Jesus particularly dislikes/disliked hypocrites.  A hypocrite, by Merriam-Webster's definition, is: a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings.)  By repeatedly contradicting itself, Abundant Life Academy is showing it's falsity as a Christian organization or program.  It is likely hiding behind religious freedom to avoid taxation or regulation.

Abundant Life Academy claims to train children to be submissive to parental authority.  What about when parents sexually abuse their children or abuse their power by neglecting or otherwise abusing their children?  Blind submission to parental or other authority is exactly what years of child advocacy has tried to stop.  Blind submission to the whims of those in perceived positions of authority put vulnerable children in harm's way.  Teaching reciprocity and give and take, treating others as you would be treated and leading by example are Christian values.  Requiring nearly or over $50,000 (as this contract requires--to be discussed in section covering page 5 of the agreement) and denying any responsibility or liability for one's own actions suggests the opposite of leading by example and a direct opposition to Christian values.

In addition, this focus on service as opposed to community and reciprocity is a serious concern.  HEAL asks: What do you mean by discipline?  What do you mean by "good work ethic"? (For example, do you mean to labor without consideration for the value of your efforts and a willingness to be a virtual slave with no desire for compensation for those efforts?  Are you suggesting that one's labor is only as valuable as those in an authority position or an unequal or advantageous position (generally achieved through unethical business practices including long-term enslavement of large populations to build said wealth that creates said advantageous position)?  Do you support slavery and/or believe laborers should be grateful for their being useful to those with resources generally stolen from those very laborers?  And, do you believe that respect to authority means never questioning authority?  Do you understand that historically and in modern times such blind following of those claiming authority has resulted in severe human rights abuses?

Again, young adults need to learn to be independent and self-sufficient.  Focusing their attention on the needs of others is irresponsible to their natural stage of development and needs as they embark on adulthood.  Anyone with any training in child development could tell you that focusing a child on service as opposed to education and vocational training is counter-productive and detrimental to their growth and potential in modern business and society.

Enrollment Agreement (Page 2)

"The Parent fully understands that the premise or philosophy of the Academy is that the troubled teen is not "troubled", only that he/she is essentially "spoiled" (a term meant to describe an entitled teen who is emotionally immature with a sense of "entitlement") because he/she has been given too many resources (education, material wealth, etc.) ...Additionally, this Youth is acting self-centered, thinking only of him/herself, and refused to take responsibility for his/her self-centered actions...Moreover, the Parent recognizes that the Youth is acting irresponsibly...This Youth has not learned to persevere through tough and difficult...situations."

"...this Youth has ventured away from his/her Christian heritage and Christian values of his/her upbringing and is adopting the values of the "Godless" culture that has become predominate in the United States.  This Youth is also failing to invest him/herself for the future, acts lazy, and may not be contributing to the high level of personal wealth and comfort he/she enjoys through the provision of the Parent...This Youth believes...his/her life should not be controlled, monitored, or supervised by "Parents"."

"...the Youth is not currently able to make decisions that are in the best interest of the Youth."

HEAL's Questions/Concerns

The first paragraph is extremely subjective and denies the reality that holding children in a locked-down facility where they are "compelled" to submit to the program or risk being shipped to a likely abusive and/or deadly wilderness program/boot camp followed by additional time at Abundant Life Academy (discussed below under page 11), is arguably illegal and in violation of the civil rights of the child.  In Milonas and Rice et al v. Provo Canyon School, the court decided that it was a violation of the children's constitutional liberty interests to hold them against their will in a behavior modification or any other setting without due process.  Parents would do well to remember that such a biased view of children suggests a disdain for the charges left to the "care" of Abundant Life Academy and that their children will not be shown respect or consideration unless they "serve the needs" of the program.  This is a very dangerous attitude to instill in any human being that respects Free Will and the US Constitution.

Of course, in the second section quoted above we see an even greater disdain for cultural diversity and religious freedom.  HEAL takes an ecumenical approach to faith and we respect all faiths.  Whether someone is Baptist or Buddhist, Mormon or Methodist, Evangelical or Agnostic, or anything in-between or external, we respect everyone's right to find their path to spiritual and/or personal growth.  Abundant Life's attack on America as being predominantly "Godless" is insulting to the over 70% Christian population of the United States as well as the other faiths and beliefs held by Americans who share the belief that America is a great country with a sound basis for recognizing human and civil rights of all people.  Railing against America is unAmerican and denotes cult-like ulterior motives of the program.

Also, this section implies that a Youth's desire to not be controlled by his/her parents is problematic.  It is a very normal stage of human development in the teen years to begin establishing personal independence and autonomy.  It is wrong of Abundant Life Academy to imply that wanting more control over one's self in the teen years is abnormal or a sign of "bad" behavior. 

The last quote above is a concern because Abundant Life claims that the program is "voluntary".  Again, we discussed how this is contradicted throughout the contract and identifying someone as incompetent to make decisions for themselves in a contract suggests that such decision-making will be left to those in authority (i.e. Abundant Life Academy staff) as opposed to the child.  This again shows the involuntary nature of the program and the deception and hypocrisy used even in the enrollment agreement itself.

Enrollment Agreement (Page 3)

"The Parent acknowledges and declares that...the Youth is selfish, self-centered, and unwilling to live up to their academic/personal potential...the Academy purposely produces controlled adversity training..."

"The Parent promises to support the Academy in this endeavor.  The Parent promises to refrain from undermining the efforts of the Academy by promising to not provide Youth with material resources or emotional support that they have not earned.  Additionally, the Parent promises to support the Academy in its efforts to hold the student accountable for his/her negative actions, and the Parents promise to not "rescue" the Youth."

"The Academy offers no guarantee of success and emphatically declares that any level of success of the Youth completely falls upon the Youth's willingness to learn...and the Parent's willingness to insist the Youth finishes the entire program to full completion...participate of Youth is voluntary, the Youth will be encouraged and compelled by the Academy to fully participate and take full advantage of the training offered by the Academy.  The Academy fully expects the Parents to support the Academy's efforts to compel the Youth to fully participate in all program elements."

"The first trimester will be no shorter then 3 months and one day...Youth will not progress from one trimester to another trimester without fully completing the prescribed curriculum identified in each trimester...The Parent also acknowledges that from time-to-time (exceptional cases) Youth will be able to complete all three trimesters in less then 9 months."

HEAL's Questions/Concerns

The first statement above again denotes a disdain for the children being enrolled in the Abundant Life Academy program.  We think it would be good for Abundant Life Academy to review the portions of the Holy Bible referring to "judge not lest ye be judged", "God is love", and the definition of love provided by the Holy Bible.

Here are some pertinent passages suggested for review:

Matthew 7:1-3 (KJV) "Judge not that ye be not judged.  For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.  And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?"

1 John 4:8 (KJV) "He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love."

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 (ESV) "Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant 5or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful;b 6 it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. 7Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things."

Now, the repeated judgments of children unknown to Abundant Life Academy at the time of its assumption of the "spoiled" nature of the children is both hypocritical and in direct opposition to Christian values.  Further on in Corinthians Chapter 13, we find a focus on charity.  Charity is the nature of tolerance, understanding, and forgiveness.  The attitude portrayed by Abundant Life Academy towards children in the program shows nothing but judgment, arrogance, a focus on wrongdoing, and a support of the resentment and irritability of the family that is struggling as opposed to a Christian support of patience, kindness, forgiveness, and humility.  Further on in the contract, Abundant Life Academy claims it uses "mainstream" Christian values in its "Leadership Training".  If judgment, hate, and abuse are "mainstream" Christian values, HEAL wants no part of it.  We have faith that legitimate persons of faith believe in truth and love, not hate and abuse or hypocrisy and lies.

What does Abundant Life Academy mean by "controlled adversity training"? 

Again, depriving a child of love and emotional support, and stating it is something that must be earned, further establishes the disdainful and cruel nature of the Abundant Life Academy program.  All children and people deserve the emotional support of their friends and family.  It is a parent's responsibility and even a legally required responsibility to provide for both the emotional and material needs of their children.  It is clearly obscene, arguably illegal, and downright un-Christian to suggest a child should be abandoned materially and emotionally by his/her parents. 

In the third statement from page 3 above, we have outright contradiction in the same paragraph.  Here we have Abundant Life Academy taking no responsibility for the efficacy (or lack thereof) of their program or methods and placing all the responsibility on the Youth and/or the family.  Abundant Life Academy again states that participation is voluntary, yet, that parents and the program "compel" (aka force or use overwhelming pressure/coercion) the child to "work the program".  This is hypocritical and not in line with Christian values or the teachings of Christ.  In this section, Abundant Life Academy claims to make no guarantees of success and this is contradicted on page 23 of the contract which refers to the ALA guarantee program under the After Care header (there are 2 page 23s in the contract, it is the second page 23).  No guarantee in the "four corners" of the written contract, but, oral "guarantees" that would arguably not be considered by a court and would turn into "he said/she said".  It is not professional and with so many contradictory terms suggests an illusory contract or void/voidable contract at best.

And, in contradiction to page 1 of the agreement, it states children from time-to-time complete the program in less than 9 months.  But, Abundant Life Academy wants you to pay for the full 9 months and is really concerned about the money they are raking in at your expense as opposed to helping families in crisis.  This is quite clear throughout the contract. 

Enrollment Agreement (Page 4)

"The Parent promises to inform the Academy any time the Youth attempts to discuss an early graduation date, or "deal"...the Academy will provide to the Family a mandatory Aftercare Program for the purpose of Continued Family Restoration...During the Youth's participation in the Academy program, the Youth will take part in an International Mercy Ministry Trip for the purpose of Participating in a Christian outreach project."

"The Parent fully understands that the Academy does not provide mental health services, therapy, or secular counseling of any kind.  The Academy is a Christian leadership program where students are mentored and coached by using the principals found in the teachings of Jesus Christ as recorded in the New Testament."

"It is the understanding of the Parent that this Enrollment Agreement will be in effect for at least (9) months, and thereafter will become a month-to-month agreement until terminated by the Parent...The Parent understands, acknowledges, and agrees and to keep their Youth enrolled at the Academy until Youth fully completes the entire program [program completion is at the sole discretion of the ALA staff]..." (cont. on to page 5)

HEAL's Questions/Concerns

In the first paragraph above Abundant Life Academy again poses parents against their children asking them to betray their child's confidence and further destroy any trust relationship or foundation remaining between child and parent.  Also, the focus is money.  The Aftercare Program is costly and amounts to not much more than e-mails between ALA staff and the family.  This is a rip-off and the exploitation of children and families for profit would definitely offend Christ who opposed the money-changers in houses of the Lord.  This is utter hypocrisy and greed-mongering.  Persons of faith do not exploit their fellows in this manner. 

Also, is the International Mercy Ministry trip associated with Mercy Ministries, Inc.?  If so, there are ample reports that Mercy Ministries, Inc. is fraudulent and abusive.  See:

Viewing children as spoiled and in need of strict discipline is of the "Old Testament".  So, again, hypocrisy.  And, in this section it should read "principles" not "principals".  This again shows the lack of basic writing skills exemplified throughout this so-called "agreement". 

The Academy requires Parents to agree that they will keep their child at Abundant Life Academy until Abundant Life Academy decides the child has completed the program.  Again, it contradicts stating a minimum of 9 months when in the previous page early graduation/completion is noted.  Regardless, Abundant Life Academy wants to make sure they get their money and make that quite clear, even though the rest of the contract is illusory, contradictory, and generally and/or arguably unenforceable.

Enrollment Agreement (Page 5)

"Enrollment Fee of $__________, totaling $41,250.00 plus the first prorated month."

"$750 per sport"

"$350 month Horsemanship"

"$1,450 After Care Coaching"

"$2500 Mercy Ministry Trip"

"Any Youth that has completed the entire program will only be able to graduate and leave the program on the last day of each month...the Parent acknowledges that they are still responsible to pay for the Youth's total program and no refund of tuition will be provided." (finishes on page 6)

HEAL's Questions/Concerns

Basically, you are looking at over $50,000 for unprofessional care, inadequate educational services, and "Christian Leadership Training" by people who are representative of something other than Christian values.  The enrollment fee is included on page 9 and is $3,000 and non-refundable.  The high cost of the Mercy Ministry Trip in which your child would be forced to labor is absurd and suggests it is the "bad" Mercy Ministries, Inc., and not the Mercy Ministries of America that is involved. 

And, they certainly want that full fee.  Even if your child completes early they may hold your child up to a month to insure that they get their money.  This is not Christian and not respectful or conducive to family unity.  Later on, Abundant Life Academy repeats how everything is at the sole discretion of Abundant Life Academy and this too suggests an unconscionable contract as it is weighted to solely benefit Abundant Life Academy and provides no legitimate service or provision warranting the expenditures made by families to the program. 

Enrollment Agreement (Page 6)

"The Parent understands and fully acknowledges that Parent will be responsible for paying all tuition and unpaid fees for the duration of this enrollment period [9 months] whether or not Youth completes the entire program."

"These students are extremely mature and are a major part of helping the new incoming students to make the same changes.  The students preparing to return home (program graduates) are required to "give back" what they have received to the new incoming students, helping the entering students to make major changes in their lives."

HEAL's Questions/Concerns

Apparently, Abundant Life Academy is ill-equipped to succeed in a legitimate business and intends to make sure they get every dime regardless of the fact that they offer no guarantees and take no responsibility for the outcome of their "training".

The second segment above refers to the use of graduates as lower level staff.  This is uncompensated labor and insures that Abundant Life Academy maximizes their profits while the children do most, if not all, of the work.  It appears that Abundant Life Academy is nothing more than a scam and/or cult and it should be avoided.  Positive Peer Culture, which is suggested by the second segment, is confirmedly abusive, ineffective, and harmful. 

Enrollment Agreement (Page 7)

"The hope of the Academy is that upon the Youth's return home the Youth will appreciate the resources (good education, nice home, warm bed, good meals, fine clothes, autos, etc.) that were lost upon Youth's enrollment..."

"...the Academy does not place the academic performance of the Youth as the number one priority.  They typical new student is not usually academically motivated, and therefore in the first trimester the Academy is more focused on redirecting the Youth's attitude toward education...The Parent fully acknowledges and understands that the priority of trimester one is to redirect the Youth and is focused mainly on emotional maturity."

"Weekly phone contact from Youth to Parent (with the exception of the first four weeks of enrollment where there may be a voluntary communication blackout period where the Youth is getting acclimated to the Academy)."

"life coaching in accordance with the Student Manual;"

"Christian Leadership Training (See Student Manual)"

HEAL's Questions/Concerns

It is disturbing to think that by enrolling your child in Abundant Life Academy you have agreed to their losing the resources of a good education and good meals.  It seems an admission that Abundant Life Academy does not provide good education and good meals as those were lost to the child upon enrollment.  What loving parent would subject a child to such an environment?  This suggests an illegal agreement that requires abandonment and neglect of the child and the child's needs.  See for information on child abuse laws in Utah and across the United States.  It is highly likely that Abundant Life Academy and parents contracting with them are in violation of the law by signing and implementing the conditions of this agreement.

What does Abundant Life Academy mean by "emotional maturity"?  How are they trained or educated to determine what is the appropriate level of emotional maturity for the children they claim to "train"?

The fact that there is a "communication blackout period" is a serious concern and one of the primary warning signs of an abusive program.  See for more information and additional questions to ask/points of inquiry.

What does Abundant Life Academy mean by "life coaching"?  Why isn't the Student Manual available to the public for review?  What are they hiding about their practices? 

What does Abundant Life Academy mean by "Christian Leadership Training"?  Does Abundant Life Academy understand that the primary method of leadership in Christianity is to lead by example?  What example is Abundant Life Academy setting by being controlling and showing that blind following of those claiming authority is good or Godly? 

Enrollment Agreement (Page 8)

"A Student Manual, which sets forth, the details by which the Academy will conduct its daily operations...Said Student Manual may be revised, updated, and improved from time to time, at the sole discretion of the Academy."

"...the Academy in every way to insist that High School graduates will immediately begin taking college courses."

"The parent fully acknowledges that the monthly fee for students earning more than five credits will be $560 per month."

"The Parent shall be responsible to provide the following for the Youth while in the care of the Academy...ALA Uniform...All specialized Hygiene or Medicinal Products...Recreational Equipment an Vocational Tools...Bible and other approved reading materials..." (continues on page 9)

HEAL's Questions/Concerns

Are the discretionary changes to the daily operations and practices of the Academy changed regularly by the Academy without notice and with the purpose of creating instability and confusion in the child and/or the family?

What college does the Academy require children enroll in and is it legitimate or an online scam from which they derive any financial benefit?

And, yet additional costs for education that are not covered with the very steep "tuition" costs already applied.  This is a serious issue and suggests a profit-motive over any desire to help Christian families in need of support.  Why do they require parents to supply and purchase from them ALA uniforms, hygiene products, recreational and vocational equipment, and reading materials?  What exactly are you getting for your $50,000, just additional expenses?  How much money do these people need to make off of their enrollees?

Enrollment Agreement (Page 9)

"These personal items are not covered items under any insurance policy of the Academy and the Academy assumes no liability or responsibility for a Youth's personal item that is traded, sold, lost, destroyed, or otherwise disposed of..."

"Academy Leadership Curriculum, Trainings, Materials, and Conferences;"

"Non-Specialized hygiene products and supplies"

"Bedding, Linen, Towels"

"Incidental transportation while enrolled in the school."

HEAL's Questions/Concerns

Again, we have Abundant Life Academy taking absolutely no responsibility for the care of the very belongings they require families to provide for their children while in the program.  And, later in the review, (see page 28 of enrollment agreement) we see that they assume the right to dispose of any property at their whim if they think it is not conducive to the ALA environment.  This puts Abundant Life Academy and their staff in a prime position to steal from you and your family and claim you agreed to it by signing this ridiculous contract.  Programs often steal or "misplace" items of both financial and sentimental value.  These include religious-emblem necklaces (i.e. a crucifix) and other items that they can pawn or re-gift.  And, if you sign the agreement, they will claim you agreed to allow the disappearance of heirloom items including precious Bibles that delineate family histories.  And, they will blame you for sending items of value with your child knowing they were likely to disappear. 

The other items listed above are stated to be covered by the $3,000 enrollment fee.  However, in later pages, parents must agree to a $75 incidental transportation fee (see page 30 of agreement) for children while enrolled in the program.  Make no mistake, this is not a school and does not provide an education.  This is also deceptive language in the contract.  This is not a school.

Enrollment Agreement (Page 10)

"Liability Wavier"

"If Parent allows Youth to participate, they hereby acknowledge that such activities may be at locations other than the Academy and under the supervision of other adults not employed by the Academy."

"If in fact the Academy expels a Youth for the reasons described in number 12, at the Academy's discretion, all or a portion of any unused tuition may be returned to the Parent...This document may be revised at the Academy's discretion...The most recent version of the Expulsion Policies is expressly incorporated in full into this Enrollment Agreement by this reference."

"In the event of an actual breach of the agreement has occurred by the Academy any past due tuition MUST be paid by the Parent prior to the approval of the termination; Parent MUST pay fees and past due tuition fees prior to the termination of this Enrollment Agreement."

HEAL's Questions/Concerns

Wavier is not a legal term.  And, it is the word that is used repeatedly throughout this contract.  The word they likely intended was waiver.  But, "wavier" is a variation of wavy as in "wavy lines or wavy hair".  It in no way is a legal term.  This again goes to show the unprofessional and amateurish nature of the agreement authors and further suggests the lack of skill and education of the author(s) and the Academy itself.  An intelligent person would know the difference between wavier and waiver.

Abundant Life Academy has a fiduciary responsibility in acting in place of the parents to insure that the children are not left alone with child predators or adults that are not screened or monitored by the Academy.  Here again, we have Abundant Life Academy worrying about their own interests and not the interests of the families they claim to serve. 

It is unconscionable and symptomatic of an illusory promise to state that portions of the agreement can be changed at any time by Abundant Life Academy and that the agreeing families are or would agree to unknown terms and be held to those unknown terms.  A court would likely not uphold this contract and would likely find it void on a number of grounds including being adverse to public policy.

And, the kicker...Abundant Life Academy claims, that in the event they have breached the contract, that they still demand, and the family must agree to still pay for, the entire enrollment package prior to terminating the contract even though Abundant Life has breached it.  This is obscene and does not show someone who respects the laws of man or of God.

Enrollment Agreement (Page 11)

"...the Parent agrees to pay any and all property damage, or damage to a person, or "business related" injuries (i.e. the Academy's reputation within the community) caused by or incurred by the Youth while enrolled with the Academy."

"The Academy may offer the Parent the opportunity to have the Academy temporarily suspend the Youth's enrollment, if the Parent enrolls the Youth into a short-term Wilderness Program/Boot Camp...the Academy will assist the Parent in finding an educational consultant who will work with the Parent in recommending a Wilderness Program/Boot Camp to fit the Youth's needs.  The Academy recommend Zion Educational Systems ("ZES") as educational consultants and as the transportation agents...At the Academy's discretion, the Academy may provide limited tuition credits to the Parent for the amounts the Parent paid to other educational consultants and/or transportation agents.  The Parent understands that the Academy is not affiliated with any shortterm Wilderness Program/Boot Camp with which the Parent or Youth has dealings or enters into an enrollment or tuition agreement."

"The Parent understands and acknowledges that it is the general policy of Abundant Life Academy to expect the Parent to refrain from visiting the child during the first 91 days of enrollment...visits prior to completion of trimester one have caused harm..."

"...the Parent agrees to refrain from contacting any other Parent or family member of any Academy Youth for any reason without the full knowledge and written permission of the Academy."

HEAL's Questions/Concerns

In regards to the first segment in the above cell, shouldn't Abundant Life Academy be responsible for any damages to its reputation that may occur due to its own mismanagement?  It is outrageous to suggest families be responsible for any "harm" to the reputation of a business that was closed by Mexican authorities for child abuse.  Any "harm" to Abundant Life Academy's reputation is due to its own incompetence and they should hold themselves accountable for any damage that is incurred due to that incompetence.

Zion Educational Systems (ZES) is a marketing agency for the "troubled teen" industry based out of St. George, UT.  St. George, UT is the home-base for the confirmedly abusive and fraudulent WWASPS chain of programs, among others (i.e. Eagle Ranch Academy).  ZES' clients include Abundant Life Academy, Ascend Recovery, Cherokee Creek School, and Clarity at Seven Ponds. (Source:  Obviously, there is a fiduciary relationship between Abundant Life Academy and ZES and Abundant Life's statement that they are not affiliated with the outside programs or referrers is misleading.  The people behind ZES are Craig Rogers, Cliff Painter, and Franko Mandato.  In addition, there are online articles stating that Craig Rogers is the founder and CEO of Abundant Life Academy.  Rogers was reported to have worked for WWASPS.  Rogers and Abundant Life Academy refer to WWASPS through their own website.  Painter claims to have worked for Abundant Life Academy from 2005-2007.  And, Mandato claims to have worked for Abundant Life Academy since 2003. appears to be a subsidiary of ZES.  People running this kidnap-for-hire service include Russell Welch.  They recommend parents use to locate wilderness programs and other services.  They refer specifically to Melissa Waters at and state they work closely with her. claims to be currently under construction and offers no information regarding their business or services.  The same number and information for Melissa Waters (an "educational consultant") shows up in searches in relation to  This brings up a site for North Rim Leadership Academy, co-founded by Craig Rogers of ZES and Abundant Life Academy.  The same phone number for North Rim Leadership Academy is associated with  And, this site refers to a number of abusive programs including Sorenson's Ranch School, Adirondack Leadership Expeditions, Discovery Academy, Diamond Ranch Academy, and Provo Canyon School.  If these are the programs that ZES refers to, it is likely good to avoid them and anyone associated with them (i.e. Abundant Life Academy).  Can you say "conflict of interest"?

Keeping a child isolated from family and cutting off communication for months at a time is cruel and not conducive to a healthy model or the reunification of families in crisis.  It does not harm a child to visit with their parents and suggesting it does is absurd.

In the final segment of page 11 mentioned above, we again see the controlling and overbearing nature of Abundant Life Academy.  It suggests they have something to hide and do not want any parents or families discussing problems or the program without their full knowledge and consent.  Parents enrolling a child are adults and should be respected as such and not have demands made of them regarding with whom they communicate.  This is an overbearing system of control that suggests more of a cult than an academy.

Enrollment Agreement (Page 12)

"...the Academy expects the full support of the Parent in all endeavors."

"Doing so will help the Youth to fully commit to the program, which will help the Youth experience an internal heart change.  The Parent acknowledges that excessive or unreasonable complaints to the Academy about the program, the Academy, or the staff can distract from and hinder the progress the Academy is attempting to make with the Youth.  The Parent agrees not to complain about or criticize the Academy, the program, or the Academy's staff directly to or in front of the Youth or to any current student of the Academy or the parents of any current student...the Parent agrees to state their concerns or complaints in writing, by emailing the Academy at  ...Failure to abide by the provisions of this paragraph could lead to the immediate expulsion of the Youth without refund."

"Good faith and fair dealing"

"If any terms, covenant or condition of this "Enrollment Agreement" shall, to any extent, be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder...shall be valid and be enforced..."

HEAL's Questions/Concerns

In the first two segments above, we have a demand of full and unquestioning support of Abundant Life Academy.  This is followed by a ridiculously unprofessional complaint resolution service that requires all complaints be made via e-mail and not in front of the child.  What if a child mentions having been harmed in a telephone conference and the parent wants an immediate explanation from the program staff?  Are they to send an e-mail instead of question the fact that their child has been abused?  It is absurd and over-reaching.  An intelligent parent would avoid Abundant Life Academy. 

What does Abundant Life Academy mean by an "internal heart change"?  And, how is this "change" measured?

This entire contract is illusory and likely void/voidable as a matter of public policy or arguably due to illegality and/or unconscionability.  And, Abundant Life Academy should be forced to refund all the money they have ever taken from families in need.  That is HEAL's opinion.  Including or suggesting any of this "agreement" amounts to a good faith and fair dealing arrangement is absolutely absurd and a qualified attorney would likely agree.

The whole contract is likely unenforceable due to the reasons mentioned above.

Enrollment Agreement (Page 13)

"The Parent agrees to resolve any and all disputes of this Enrollment Agreement in the State of Utah."

HEAL's Questions/Concerns

By contracting and advertising outside of the state of Utah and taking international and/or interstate clients, it is unfair and imbalanced to require that all disputes be resolved in Utah.  If you do not wish to be held to interstate standards or federal standards, leave the rest of the US alone and only torment the locals, Abundant Life Academy!

Enrollment Agreement (Page 14)

"Parent acknowledges that the Academy is not obligated to inform parent by phone, email, or letter, as to every upcoming planned or unplanned recreational and social activities.  Therefore, unless otherwise specified in writing, the Academy understands that Youth is given permission by Parent to participate in all Academy recreational and social activities."

HEAL's Questions/Concerns

Here they have snuck something in... Parents have to pay additional fees for every social and recreational activity that the Academy engages in and this is beyond the almost $50,000 tuition and enrollment costs.  This is discussed in the pricing of these additional activities on pages 16, 23, and 30 of the contract.  They rake in the dough, but, what are they doing for you and your family?

Enrollment Agreement (Page 14)

"Permission to Participate and Wavier of Liability Agreement"

HEAL's Questions/Concerns

Again, there is no such legal term as "wavier" and these repeated spelling and grammatical errors really shine the light on the lack of intelligence and professionalism of Abundant Life Academy and their founders.  The misspelling and error are repeated on the same page and therefore, HEAL would imagine, the agreement would be unenforceable.  This is a permission slip only and is not written as a proper waiver of liability.  So, if your child was harmed by Abundant Life Academy, don't let the contract scare you.  Let it scare them. 

Enrollment Agreement (Page 17)

"As stated in our web site Abundant Life Academy at Kanab, Inc., serves gifted students who might be academically unmotivated and possibly need to address and overcome Learning Disabilities...More specifically, entitlement is a term meant to describe a child who is selfish, selfcentered, lazy, unappreciative, ungrateful, and "spoiled"...The students that we serve are basically good kids from good Christian families."

HEAL's Questions/Concerns

Now, referring back to page 4 of the agreement, we see that they are not qualified and do not offer help or appropriate help for children with learning disabilities.  In the above statement, they suggest or imply that their purpose is to assist children in overcoming learning disabilities.  This is a blatant contradiction.  They admit to being unqualified to provide professional assistance to those diagnosed with Learning Disabilities and then claim it is the primary purpose of their program.  Hypocrisy?  Yes.  Deception?  Yes.  Christian? Probably not.

Of course, this is also followed by more misspellings and poor grammar.  The notion of "spoiling a child" is Old Testament and not in line with the professed "New Testament" focus of Abundant Life Academy.

Enrollment Agreement (Page 20)

"While the Academy expects some degree of resistance initially from a student in regards to the rules of the Academy..."

"If a student is expelled or chooses to leave the Academy, in consultation with the student's parent(s), the Academy will assist in arranging the immediate transportation of the student to a more suitable environment.  This may mean transportation to the student's home or to another program."

HEAL's Questions/Concerns

If a child does not wish to be at the Academy and resists being there, they are by definition not there voluntarily.  This is discussed in detail above, but, we wanted to be sure you see the ongoing pattern of deceptive language and manipulation of language common in this "agreement". 

It is a concern that Abundant Life Academy is so quick to help get children placed in confirmedly abusive programs such as Provo Canyon School and/or Aspen Education Group programs.  Abundant Life Academy should be avoided.

Enrollment Agreement (Page 21)

"We agree to be bound by the most recent version of these Expulsion Policies, provided that a copy of the revised Expulsion Policies is provided to us or notice is given to us that a revised version of the Expulsion Policies is available to be viewed on the Academy's website."

HEAL's Questions/Concerns

This is a tricky section as earlier in the agreement (page 10), it is stated, and thereby notice has been given, that the policy is subject to change at the whim and sole discretion of the program.  And, it is likely that no notice other than that which is given in the "agreement" itself will be forthcoming in the event of any whimsical or discretionary changes made to those policies.  It is unreasonable and against public policy for anyone to agree to terms they have not first read and reviewed.  It is arguably an unconscionable provision and likely void.

Enrollment Agreement (Page 22)

"Parents agree to refrain from informing their child of the impending departure from the school while the child is still enrolled.  Upon receipt of the enrollment termination letter ALA will retain all payments made in advance, and continue to bill the "Parents" for the amount owed for the duration of the 9month enrollment agreement."

HEAL's Questions/Concerns

For ALA, it is all about the "benjamins".  Money.  This is not a Christian ethic and flies in the face of the teachings of Christ.  These are scoundrels and hypocrites who should be run out of business for doing this to struggling families.

Also, it is wrong to ask the parents to deceive their children or to avoid discussing the child's own future with him/her.  This is disrespectful to the child and the child's right to know plans being made regarding his/her life.  It also further creates a trust issue between parents and children and this is not conducive to effective family unity.

Enrollment Agreement (Page 23/24)

"Without aftercare coaching from ALA we do not claim or promise that there will be any success of the student upon their return."

"[the ALA guarantee program states that if a child fails at home within the first three month of their return home, ALA will reenroll the child back into ALA at the cost of 30% of the current month's tuition]"

"The decision to reenroll will be made between the ALA Aftercare coach and the parents of the child."

"Additionally, if the ALA Graduate, in the 4th to 6th month after graduation, begins to return to the old behaviors that led to his/her being placed in ALA, he/she can return to ALA at the price of 50% of the current year's tuition."

HEAL's Questions/Concerns

Again, there is no claim or promise of success thereby no guarantee.  Yet, this is followed by a statement regarding an elusive "ALA guarantee program".  This is followed by stating that the determination will be made solely by subjective and interested parties (financial incentive for the program to say that the child should return to ALA) and will not include the child or an independent party who may be better able to objectively review the needs of and what is in the best interest of the child and his/her family.  This type of secret negotiation again creates an environment of distrust between the child and the parents and is not conducive to family unity.

Enrollment Agreement (Page 26)

"Returning students shall not be permitted to stay longer than six months."

HEAL's Questions/Concerns

Does Abundant Life Academy ever keep children enrolled for more than 18 months or more than 6 months if he/she is a returning student?  We imagine that the answer to this is "yes".  If you know, please enlighten us.

Enrollment Agreement (Page 27)

"RUNAWAY EXPENSES...the Parent who agrees to accept full responsibility for any and all such costs and expenses, and to pay the same within seven (7) days of the Parents receipt of said accounting."

HEAL's Questions/Concerns

So, if a child escapes Abundant Life Academy due to their lax supervision or to their creating an environment intolerable for human habitation, they will require the family to pay any and all expenses in recovering the child.  Again, more money.  What exactly are parents paying such a steep $50,000+ amount for?  Does Abundant Life Academy take any responsibility at all for their program or the resulting issues that occur as a result of their practices?  It appears they do not. 

Enrollment Agreement (Page 28)

"AUTHORIZATION FOR SEARCH AND SEIZURE.  Parents hereby authorizes Abundant Life Academy personnel to search the person and personal effects of..."

"Abundant Life Academy is further authorized to confiscate any and all items deemed by Abundant Life Academy to be contraband or counterproductive to the Student's successful completion of the program.  The disposition of all items confiscated by Abundant Life Academy shall be left to the sole discretion of Abundant Life Academy."

HEAL's Questions/Concerns

Good children who are just suffering from being slightly "spoiled" do not warrant a search of body or personal effects.  ALA claims they do not treat anyone with mental health or substance abuse problems and that they do not accept children with these problems.  This would eliminate any "probable cause" they may have for conducting such a search and such a search is violative of the child's civil rights.  Yes, children have recognized civil rights and this type of illegal search and seizure is a violation of those rights.  Again, this is not legal advice, please consult an attorney and discuss any legal questions with an attorney.

And, here we have Abundant Life Academy admitting to arbitrary decision-making regarding the confiscation and disposal of the personal property of the child and/or his/her family that is sent with the child or to the child while at Abundant Life Academy.  It creates an environment where theft would be common-place and allows for ALA to steal from students without any repercussions.  This is unacceptable.

Enrollment Agreement (Page 29)

"AUTHORIZATION FOR RESTRAINT...the Parent hereby authorizes Abundant Life Academy personnel to physically restrain, control, and detain the student...when deemed necessary by Abundant Life Academy, for the purposes including but not limited to transport the student to and from the Program's location, returning the Student to the Program's Location, returning the Student to the Program if the Student runs away, or preventing the Student from jeopardizing the Student's own safety or the safety of others."

HEAL's Questions/Concerns

Benjamin Donahue reported that he was choked by ALA staff in one of their "restraint holds".  These people admit to not having the proper training to even administer restraint when necessary and claim to only accept children who do not have a history of violence or criminal activity.  There is absolutely no good reason why any parent should permit such an unqualified program to restrain or detain their child or exert extreme physical control over their child.  It is unhealthy for children to be controlled or abused by those who wish to keep them in conditions that are not legally permissible outside of those who have been convicted or adjudicated to a program or prison.  This environment conditions children to believe that they are subject to the controls and abuses of those in authority positions without question.  That is a very dangerous lesson to impart to any human being. 

We hope you have found this review helpful.  Good luck and please don't place your children in Abundant Life Academy.  For parenting suggestions and resources, see and

HEAL Special Report:  Abundant Life Academy Believes in Bearing False Witness

Craig Rogers, owner of Abundant Life Academy, wrote a blog article on January 29th, 2011 containing multiple lies and distortions of fact regarding HEAL.  We initiated a e-mail conversation with Mr. Rogers in which his true character is revealed.  The first message from HEAL read:

Sent: Monday, January 31, 2011 2:55 PM
Subject: Your Article on

Dear Mr. Rogers,
While I cannot vouch for or the content, I can say that the information on the HEAL site is accurate and true to the best of our knowledge.  If you have a specific issue with anything posted on the HEAL site, let us know.  However, at this point your article at is defamatory, libelous, and in need of immediate editing or removal.  The statements on our site are true and as stated in our information policy at, we are open to receiving corrective data if it exists.  However, for you to state we print falsified information is blatantly untrue and is definitely a form of harassment and defamation.  I am cc'ing our attorney on this message and expect immediate action to be taken in regards to this "article" of yours.
If we can be of assistance, let us know. 
Angela Smith
HEAL Coordinator"

Below is the response we received from Craig Rogers of Abundant Life Academy:

"From: "Craig & Wendy Rogers" <>

To: "Angela Smith--Survivor Response" <>

Sent: Monday, January 31, 2011 3:06 PM

Subject: Re: Your Article on

Page 1 of 1


Dear Angela,

Are you serious? That's the funniest thing I have heard today and its been a funny day! Do you

realize that everything I wrote was taken from the Heal-online site. That means you are claiming

that heal-online's content is defamatory and libelous, harassment and such? So you are admitting

to it? Well, we agree on one thing I guess. Plus, I welcome word from your attorney! Have

him/her explain how heal-online has "rights" to defame, libel, and harass but others cannot

defend themselves from heal-online's lies, fabrications, defamation, and harassment?

Go fly a kite while I eat a big fat steak while drinking out of a plastic bottle."

Below is HEAL's response to the above message from Craig Rogers of Abundant Life Academy:

"----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, January 31, 2011 4:33 PM
Subject: Re: Your Article

Dear Craig,
We will be posting a rebuttal to your defamation shortly.  In the meantime, please review the following: ( The complete blog entry from Craig Rogers is listed below.  HEAL's comments are in red.)

Heal-Online & Fornit’s Wayward Web Fora Falsify Information to Cause Harm to Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

[HEAL does not falsify information.  This is a false statement and defamatory on it’s face.  Our intention, in sharing the truth of victims of programs like yours, is to warn families of the dangers of entrusting children to the care of strangers and to encourage legislative action so that facilities such as yours are effectively regulated and/or closed if unable to meet basic standards of human decency.]

Heal-online and Fornit’s Wayward Web attack therapeutic boarding schools with a smear campaign. The following information is taken directly off the websites owned and managed by Heal-Online and Fornit’s Wayward Web Fora.  Both organizations are known for targeting boarding schools for troubled teens with the intentions of spreading false information meant to financially harm anyone associated with Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens.  Heal-Online and Fornit’s Wayward Web Fora are covers for many social activists with similar causes.  Both Heal-Online and Fornit’s are self-admitted radical leftists who have claimed that there is nothing “off the table” as it pertains to the harassment, and harm, of therapeutic boarding schools, including criminal acts (including violence, use of fire, use of bombs, etc.).

[HEAL has never advocated the use of violence.   This is blatantly false and again libel on its face.  HEAL has never intentionally nor knowingly posted false information about a program on our website(s).  Our intention is to protect families and the public from fraudulent and abusive programs such as yours.  So, your statements are on their face false and libelous per se.  Especially since you suggest we participate in violence or advocate violence in any form.]

Love them or hate them the radical left-wing groups known as Heal-Online and Fornit’s are pushing hate, violence, and intolerance.  There is no better description of the intolerant left-wing agenda than right there on the Heal-Online and Fornit’s web sites, for the entire world to see.  They don’t hide their hate and they are proud to share it.  One look at their agenda and its easy for the visitor to grasp the lack of credibility and the obvious slant/bias.  Nothing they present on their websites can be trusted.  Its all garbage, skewed, rude, and mostly lude.

[HEAL is a non-partisan organization.  Our primary volunteers, Mike and Carla Plotycia, Helen Taylor, and even one or two coordinators are registered Republicans and support conservative values.  The Plotycia’s were interviewed by their pastor regarding WWASPS and this is posted on the HEAL’s website.  HEAL is non-partisan and ecumenical.  This is explicitly shown throughout our website.  So, again, you are presenting absolutely false information about HEAL in this article.]

Both Heal-Online and Fornit’s are open activists for prisoners rights, including pedophiles and other crimes related to child abuse.  Both groups are self-proclaimed animal rights activities as well as self-proclaimed left-wing radicals with the intention of protecting the environment at any cost.  Moreover, both organization support the legalization of Marijuana and other illicit drugs.  The most disturbing is their stance on the protection of prisoner’s rights, most specifically those in prison for crimes against children.  Below you will find information taken directly off of their websites and provided to you as links to their sites.  They can’t deny their own propaganda.  Everything below this paragraph is taken directly from their websites.

[HEAL has never supported pedophiles and we do not support pedophiles or predatory criminals in our prison reform efforts.  This is blatantly false.  We are not self-proclaimed left-wing radicals or animal rights activists.  We are non-partisan and we support animal welfare organizations like the Humane Society of the U.S.  HEAL has never defended anyone who has committed a crime against children.  That is false on its face.]


HEAL is an egalitarian network of activists self-empowered to plan events, create change, and make the world a better place for all life.  Our goals include the liberation of humans, nonhuman animals, and the earth!  We work in cooperation with like-minded organizations that put compassion in action!

[Intellectual Property Rights—You stand to profit by defaming HEAL.  We make no money in our efforts.  And, so…  Looks like you meet the requirements for us to sue you.  You just quoted our mission statement in total and without our permission for the purpose of making money in your marketing and behavior modification racket.  Do you know what that means?  Also, does putting "compassion in action" sound like a call to violence to any sane person?]

Prison Reform

(Primary Human Rights Campaign)

Learn About the Prison Reform Campaign!

Adopt an Inmate Penpal Program

Support Inmate Artists!

Learn About Environmental Campaigns & Take Action!

Learn About Animal Welfare Campaigns & Take Action!

Fornits Wayword Web Fora

In the “Troubled Teen industry”, parents are preyed upon by legions of Educational Consultants insisting that without a program, their “troubled” teen will inevitably end up “dead, insane, or in jail”. Parents, vulnerable in their fear, are often asked to submit unquestionably to the will of the program, reassured by the repetition of “Trust us, we know what we’re doing, we’re professionals, we know what’s best for your teen better than you do.” They are prepped to expect “manipulation” from their teens, told that “they’ll say anything to get home and run the show again”.

The fact of the matter is that there are “manipulative” teens in programs, and there are genuine instances of “manipulation”; however since all “troubled” teens who criticize program or attempt to report abuse are labeled with this stigma, it is impossible for a parent to ever truly know whether or not their child is telling the truth. Staff in the troubled teen industry already know whose side parents will pick and a dispute, and this fact gives them carte blanche to do as they please to the teens without fear of repercussions. The more extreme the violation, the less likely the allegations will be thought of as credible.

If there’s one thing worse than incarcerating people for victimless crimes…

…it’s probably locking them up in close proximity to people bent on saving them from themselves.

HOPE program pilots strong probation methods for addicts without mandatory drug treatment is no longer available.

This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.
For questions or concerns, contact Support.

A number of categories have been created to make it easier to find the facilities or firms.  [END of Craig Rogers' blog article]
Okay, Craig...  See, you are lying.  You did not directly quote or provide evidence of any kind that any of your claims were accurate or true.  And, you failed to provide links to verifiable (government/court documents/etc.) evidence regarding the claims you are making.  We support every claim on our site with evidence from firsthand witness accounts, news articles, lawsuits, hearings, government hearings, and government/law enforcement investigations.  You have provided proof of nothing and have not argued in any way that suggests you even know what you are talking about or how to engage in proper debate.
Regardless, we suggest you edit or remove the false statements you have made about HEAL immediately.   
Angela Smith
HEAL Coordinator"

HEAL is an independent network of volunteers.  We support the efforts of like-minded people and provide a venue for all progressive causes to unite and share action alerts, events, and newsworthy content.  HEAL is not affiliated with and the content of cannot and should not be attributed to HEAL., to our understanding, is an unmoderated online message board where both the industry and their former clients/victims can share their views without restraint nor regard for anything but the first amendment.  HEAL coordinators, including Angela Smith and Tony Connelly (HEAL KY) have been attacked on  Ms. Smith now avoids that site completely.  Other volunteers with HEAL have also been attacked on by industry insiders and that is just the way that site chooses to operate.  To claim that HEAL and are working together is outrageous given the history between the two of us.  And, that is something anyone who has spent any time on the HEAL site (at least in late 2009/early 2010) or would know.  So, this suggests Craig Rogers did absolutely no legitimate research prior to writing his defamatory blog article. 

HEAL does not include in our search function and had not been aware of that site until today.  We have absolutely no affiliation with that site either.  So, making such a comparison or lumping us together with no evidence of association (i.e. NATSAP, IECA, etc. programs are connected through multiple associations, both social and professional/financial) is more than misleading and shows again that Craig Rogers is either completely incompetent/mentally challenged or a bold-faced liar with no regard for the truth.

HEAL is not associated with nor have we ever used  This association made by Craig Rogers is also incorrect and misleading.

HEAL does link to, but, that site and the HEAL site part ways on many issues and while we believe it is an informative blog about CEDU and other issues, we do not work with beyond the shared content on our websites.

HEAL does work with the survivors of Hephzibah House.  We have joined in the peaceful protests with survivors of Hephzibah House, some of whom are now law enforcement officers and hold very respectable positions in their communities.   We protested Hephzibah House with police officers who were victims of the program.  So, to suggest that Christian women, some of whom risk their lives in public service, are in any way advocating illegal actions or being dishonest in any way is disgraceful and does nothing but highlight the fact that Abundant Life Academy and similar programs lie and deny, but, rarely, if ever, honestly testify or repent.

Luke 17:1-4 (KJV), "Then said he unto the disciples, It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come!  It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.  Take heed to yourselves: If thy brother trespass against thee, rebuke him; and if he repent, forgive him.  And if he trespass against thee seven times in a day, and seven times in a day turn again to thee, saying, I repent; thou shalt forgive him."  We will forgive when you truly repent.  That goes for ALA and any and all other programs in the behavior modification industry.  If you "offend one of these little ones" (children) we cannot forgive you until you repent.  And, believe us, you have offended plenty of "little ones" with your actions and methods.

In addition, we take this moment to quote Matthew 20:34 (KJV), "So Jesus had compassion on them, and touched their eyes: and immediately their eyes received sight, and they followed him. "

Since HEAL puts compassion in action, it would appear we are more in line with Christian values than Abundant Life Academy.  As we were recently reminded by one of our volunteers, programs like ALA are like the Pharisees and are false prophets using faith to get rich on earth at the expense of those living at or near the poverty level.  It is truly shameful.

HEAL now quotes Mark 10:23-25 (KJV), "And Jesus looked round about, and saith unto his disciples, How hardly shall they that have riches enter into the kingdom of God!  And the disciples were astonished at his words. But Jesus answereth again, and saith unto them, Children, how hard is it for them that trust in riches to enter into the kingdom of God!  It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." 

 Below is Craig Roger's next response:

Sent: Monday, January 31, 2011 3:14 PM
Subject: Re: Thank You for Contacting HEAL Survivor Response

You were the one contacting me!  And, everything I posted in my blog is true and  accurate as far as I know. But I can tell you that nothing you have posted about Abundant Life Academy is true or accurate (but that didn't seem to stop you from posting complete and total fabrications). Sorry... what's good for the goose is good for the gander!"

Another response from Craig Rogers:

"----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, January 31, 2011 5:16 PM
Subject: Re: Your Article


 I beg to differ. I have been a part of Abundant Life Academy for 10 years. I have there since day one. What Heal-online gas written about ALA did not happen. Its pretty obvious that no one from Heal-online has ever stepped foot on the the ALA property. You would not know if you have posted lies or not. Heal-online has absolutely no verifiable facts to support ANYTHING you have written. Therefore you can't even defend a single thing posted about ALA. No one from Heal-online ever contacted me or anyone else associated with ALA to verify what you posted. Heal-online has proven they have no concern for accuarcy or truth or you would have done the due diligence and verify your facts. Heal-online does not want to warn parents, Heal-online has demonstrated their only desire is to scare parents using lies and fabrication. Don't you think that the people who enroll their child into ALA (having been present on campus time after time realize that Heal-online is a farce? Or should they deny their own real experience and buy into the false statements by a group who has never been to ALA a single time! What about the people from the public, the therapists, social workers, police officers and other public people (unrelated to ALA and have no financial tie)? They should deny their experience and believe the garbage you have written? What about all the students who come back to volunteer or work as staff? Perhaps they too are wrong and we all should give up our experience for Heal-online's truth? This entire conversation is absurd and ridiculous. And.... your "survivors" have threatened us with violence. You have posted their names and stories. We have turned their threats over to the law enforcement agencies. They are associated with you and you have them on your site. If you don't want their association take them off your site because their claim is in association with your cause! Be careful with whom you associate because there is this old truth called guilty by association. Perhaps you should associate with a better group of survivors. Sorry! I have all the evidence and I took it right from your site. Again... what Heal-online practices is normally referred to as a smear campaign. The difference between my blog post and your entire site is that we both are using your posted content yet my statements are factual and yours are false (and you know it). My suggestion is to allow our attorneys to sort out the issues. I am ready to present my facts... are you?"

HEAL's Response:

"----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, January 31, 2011 6:07 PM
Subject: Re: Your Article

Dear Craig,
We will be posting a rebuttal shortly whether you disagree or not.  We have posted statements from survivors of your program.  If anyone who has submitted a statement to HEAL has also harassed you in an illegal manner, that is on them, not us.  If you have any evidence of this, please let us know.  We would need copies of the police reports filed (if any) and copies of the original threatening messages and their sources verified as not having been fabricated by you for the purpose of confusing and defrauding the public.  Just because someone injured by you/ALA chooses to both exercise their legal rights (posting to HEAL regarding their experiences) and to privately harass or make illegal threats against you, does not make your claims about HEAL truthful or accurate.  And, even if you claim to be only "sinking to the opposition's level" what does that say about your character?  The proper response is to file a lawsuit or contact the publisher (, etc.) and specifically show that the information submitted was false.  This could be done by proving that those who have submitted statements were never even enrolled in ALA.  But, we have the evidence that they were enrolled and that given the history of ALA, the survivors/victims of ALA should be given the benefit of any doubts.  It is on you to press for proper regulation of your industry to insure that rampant abuses and multiple deaths in such programs cease.  Until then, it is up to the injured to defend future generations and we are doing our best. 
Mexican authorities shut down ALA for abuse.  This is a matter of public record.  The state of Utah has filed suit and repeatedly taken children out of ALA.  This is a matter of public record.  We have more reason to believe the reports of survivors and families who report wrong-doing at ALA than we have in trusting ALA given the ongoing trouble with the program.  So, we will need actual evidence, not just hearsay and harassment, to show that what you are saying is true and accurate.  You have given us no basis for assuming you care about the truth or exercising free speech responsibly.  And, this is a serious concern.
According to victims (adult/child survivors and their parents/families) of ALA, what is printed is the truth.  We have verified it through firsthand accounts, news reports, and court records.  Your arguments are baseless and futile.  Where is the evidence of anything you claim?
Arguably, your program operates like a cult and the children who go through your program likely feel more comfortable in the controlled environment at ALA due to suffering Stockholm Syndrome and not for any valid reason.  This sentence is responding to the statement that graduates stay on or return to be staff.  Again, showing that ALA does not have qualified staff and allows arguably unstable and troubled individuals with no legitimate form of higher education or training to act as staff in the program.  This is a serious concern as well.
If you present evidence and facts showing that any statement or comment about ALA on the HEAL website is false, we will review it and edit as needed.  You are the one with absolutely no evidence of anything and you are committing slander and libel.  Submit a link or any evidence showing you have been threatened by anyone directly working with HEAL and we will investigate and take immediate action.
Angela Smith
HEAL Coordinator"

A second response to Craig Rogers of Abundant Life Academy from HEAL:

"----- Original Message -----

Sent: Monday, January 31, 2011 7:08 PM
Subject: Re: Your Article

Dear Craig,
Is the party you claim to have harassed you male or female?  Are they a parent of a survivor (former client)?  Are they a relative/grandparent of a survivor (former client)?  Is he/she a former client?  What year?  This will assist us in investigating your allegations against survivors/families who have shared their statements on the HEAL website.  We have asked all those who have submitted statements on ALA if any of them have harassed you and/or if any of them have been accused by you of harassment without cause in an effort to confuse the public.  We have already received a few "no" responses from those who publicly share through the HEAL site regarding ALA.  So, we are not inclined to believe you without evidence of the wrong-doing you claim.
Angela Smith
HEAL Coordinator"

At this time (February 1st, 2011 at approx. 3:38pm Pacific), we have yet to receive any evidence, links, reports, or any other legitimate information from Rogers supporting any allegation made in his report.  Again, we believe this outburst on Roger's website is intended to confuse the public and stir emotion when reason is more appropriate.  As you can see, we have asked Rogers what specifically he claims is untrue on the HEAL site, he refuses to answer that question.  We have asked Rogers who has threatened him that is involved with HEAL, he refuses to answer the question.  Instead of approaching us reasonably and offering reasonable evidence and information, Rogers throws tantrum after tantrum.  Now, is this the "leadership" parents are seeking for their children to develop at ALA?  If so, we can't imagine why.

And, in regards to our Prison Reform campaign.  We believe it is imperative that those who are convicted of crimes be given help and opportunity to leave their criminal pasts behind them and find real hope for themselves and their future.  Jesus Christ was unjustly arrested, convicted, tortured, and executed.  In one of his reported final acts, he embraced and forgave the other prisoners.  Here's the story:

Luke 23:39-43 "And one of the malefactors which were hanged railed on him, saying, If thou be Christ, save thyself and us.  But the other answering rebuked him, saying, Dost not thou fear God, seeing thou art in the same condemnation?  And we indeed justly; for we receive the due reward of our deeds: but this man hath done nothing amiss. And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom.  And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise."

We assume we need not educate Christians familiar with Christ's life and teachings regarding his special affinity for the poor and those labeled criminal by the authorities of the time.  And, we assume that the inspiration we receive from the Bible to reach out to prisoners, those suffering illness, those suffering in poverty, and the most vulnerable, the little ones...the children is in concert with the Will of those with whom we are inspired.  

We reiterate that we advise against placing any child at ALA and that parents rescue children currently held at this program. 

Follow Up: Additional E-mails Exchanged Between Craig Rogers of ALA and Ms. Smith of HEAL:

HEAL Follow Up Message to Craig Rogers:

"----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2011 4:40 PM
Subject: HEAL's Rebuttal Is Now Online

Dear Craig,
We have updated the staff list page with a special report regarding your defamatory statement on your blog.  You can review it here:  Also, we linked to your blog and if you believed in fairness, you would link to our rebuttal on your blog. 
Angela Smith
HEAL Coordinator"

Craig Rogers response:

"----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2011 5:31 PM
Subject: Re: HEAL's Rebuttal Is Now Online


I will certainly check it out. We all have several options to act with integrity as it pertains to posting content on the Internet. There is a new service that is gaining popularity. Its referred to as "online reputation repair". Meaning, what Heal-online is doing to hundreds of reputable schools, programs, and therapeutic service may not be illegal, and can't be solved in a civil court, we can have an old fashion shoot out (the Internet is like the wild-wild west and is not regulated in a manner that compares with any other commerce at this time). What I expect to do is to teach all my colleagues (those you crucify) how to work together jointly and crowd Heal-online out of the site of the general public. By the time a web surfer finds any page from your site they would have first learned about you from hundreds of pages that shine the light on to your game. Its only a matter of time before you figure out that others can repair the reputation you have attempted to harm, and at the same time point out your bias and lack of credibility. The web is all about commerce these days and the playing field is no longer level. The field now leans heavily toward commerce and I sense it will continue down that path for quite some time to come. Get some integrity and commitment to truth and perhaps you wont become obsolete"

HEAL's Response:

"----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2011 8:09 PM
Subject: Re: HEAL's Rebuttal Is Now Online

Dear Craig,
Well, it appears that you are unable to take the mote out of your own eye.  That is too bad.  HEAL has integrity.  We are the victims (families and former clients) of programs like yours.  And, we are speaking the truth.  You are the liar.  You provide no evidence for anything you claim and don't even deny the statements made on our site about you with any specificity which shows you have absolutely no evidence or support for your claims.  Regardless, I will not write you again.  And, for every single idiot that joins you in your attack on HEAL, I hope they are prepared for the background checks, investigations, and reports that follow on the HEAL site.  There are over 10 pages of programs that are not on our watchlist because we found they were not exhibiting any signs of being abusive and/or we had our concerns reasonably addressed by those programs.  So, you are the one who is going to look like an idiot here.  Get a real job.
Angela Smith
HEAL Coordinator"

Additional HEAL Response:

"----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2011 8:13 PM
Subject: Re: HEAL's Rebuttal Is Now Online

Dear Craig,
This will be my final message to you.  So, yes, it means that there is one more area I haven't covered yet...  But, your first sentence states that all the information in your statement comes from the HEAL website which is absolutely false.  You can correct your mistakes and lies, or not.  But, your lack of integrity, responsibility, honesty, and fairness is definitely showing.  You sir, are not a Christian and are no friend to Christ or children.
Angela Smith
HEAL Coordinator"

As readers will note, Craig never addressed what he claims is "untrue" about ALA on the HEAL website.  He claims everything on the HEAL site is false.  This would include the initiative we filed in 2008 (I-999) in Washington, the statement we filed regarding HR 911, the Congressional Hearings, the Deputy Attorney General of Utah speaking against ALA in the Nevada Courts, and ALA's own contract verbatim.  This is why we requested specificity and you have seen the results of our requests.

Craig Rogers' Response:

"----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2011 9:07 PM
Subject: Re: HEAL's Rebuttal Is Now Online


Dear Angela,

You are correct. I have no problem separating Heal-online and Fornits. The current representation is ambiguous. I will make that correction making it very clear what is representing Heal-online and Fornits. I will also make it more clear that the first two paragraphs are my opinion of what and who Heal-online is, and I will back up any fact with evidence. I will do this so that my practices are completely different from Heal-online. For example, I don't mention names or give out contact info. If I did you would receive the same type of hate that we currently receive directly due to Heal-online's practice of providing names, etc.

I do not expect you to care that wacko's have contacted me, my family (children) and threatened our safety, posting ugly and vile comments on our personal Social Media sites, and other wise have terrorized innocent people including children. You must begin to take responsibility for the reaction your posting cause innocent people.

And I doubt seriously that you would give any school or program an opportunity to refute your posts, and I would bet my measly paycheck that you would not correct postings that are proven to be false. Why do I say that? Because I have attempted to set the record straight and NO ONE responded and the errors/fabrications were not corrected.


HEAL will not be responding to Craig Rogers directly.  The reasons for this are bountiful, but, suffice to say that Rogers has repeatedly lied, failed to provide any evidence of his claims, defamed our network, attacked victims and families, and as you will see in the "prequel" below, has resorted to calling HEAL terrorists. 

Craig can attempt to clean up his act, but, it is really too late.  He more than crossed the line with his rhetoric (see prequel below) and went way overboard by attacking us without taking responsibility for his actions or the public record of problems with his program.  All of which are serious concerns.

HEAL's contact information is available online.  This includes our phone number, e-mail addresses, and mailing address.  We receive so much harassment it is almost unbearable.  But, we put up with it because the welfare of children and families takes priority.

HEAL doesn't expect that Rogers cares that HEAL's websites and e-mail addresses have been spoofed and hacked and that this has been traced back to the industry.  HEAL doesn't expect that Rogers cares that we receive death threats, hate mail, pornographic e-mails that are truly disgusting, and a number of other attacks from those who oppose our agenda on any number of unreasonable grounds.

No coordinator nor volunteer with HEAL has posted vile personal attacks against Craig Rogers on any blog or website.  Unless our response to his hateful attacks counts towards that notion.  It is absolutely insulting that Rogers believes he can disparage HEAL based on the actions of those with absolutely no affiliation with our network.

ALA and Craig Rogers must begin to take responsibility for the harm he and his program have caused countless children and families.  Craig Rogers and ALA are not innocent people.  And, if Craig and ALA are determined to oppress and terrorize children for profit, then they should expect a strong public outcry against them.  The USA does not permit child abuse and doing it under the protection of being "faith-based" and therefore not regulated, is despicable.

Craig Rogers never contacted HEAL directly (prior to the initial response to HEAL's e-mail on January 31st, 2011 above) and has not provided any evidence suggesting that any statement about ALA on the HEAL website is inaccurate in any way.  The first we heard of Rogers' issue with HEAL was when we received the link to his blog.  Rogers has yet to provide any factual evidence to support any claim he has made.  And, again we are left knowing what we knew all along.  You can't trust ALA.

HEAL Special Report: ALA Terrorizes Nation and Presents Real Danger to HEAL Volunteers by Preaching Hate  (See: ALA Defames HEAL and Spreads Lies)

Below is the complete article by Craig Rogers, linked above.  HEAL's comments/responses are in [red].

The people who are hurting deeply, hurt others deeply, or at least they attempt to hurt others.  Its true!  Its true for all of us.  I truly believe the people of "" are legitimately hurt and perhaps their claims of being wounded by people that were supposed to love them.  It seems that perhaps their claims that they are harmed, defective, and ruined forever by their stay in programs 3 decades ago.  I would tend to believe that they are being authentic, truthful, and legitimate as they refer to themselves as being tormented and scarred.  I can't argue with them, because for 30 years now they have been wondering in the desert, angry, bitter, and they lash out at anyone associated with a boarding school.  The people from are deeply hurt, and they attack everyone who is closely related to the "type and shadow" of a program or boarding school for troubled teens.

[HEAL does not hurt others.  We have suffered and our goal is to prevent the unnecessary suffering of others at programs like ALA.  Craig Rogers claims he has been hurt.  But, he lies constantly and we don't know what to believe if it comes from his mouth or keyboard.  There is not a single coordinator nor HEAL volunteer who has ever claimed to be defective or ruined.  None of our coordinators were in a program in the 1970s.  So, another inaccuracy.  John Giesler is the oldest program survivor who is also a coordinator (HEAL-IA).  And, he entered Bethel Boys Academy in 1985.  That is approximately 26 years ago.  Ms. Smith was at Provo Canyon School in 1989.  That is approximately 22 years ago.  And, HEAL's youngest coordinators were in programs in the 2000s.  Anyone who researched HEAL before writing an article on us, would know that.  So, again...  ALA speaks from falsehood and ignorance.  Ms. Smith (HEAL-HQ) has not been "wandering in the desert", however, she has wondered in the desert at times.  But, she has been coordinating HEAL, graduating with honors from Highline Community College, graduating from the University of Washington, and pursuing her law degree.  This isn't exactly what ALA is suggesting here, is it.  Our other volunteers include medical professionals, college students, attorneys, and mental health professionals.  And, none of these have been wondering nor wandering in the desert for any extreme length of time.  We are working to reveal the truth about this industry.  See the Congressional Hearings and see our news page at for the TRUTH.]

"You can't believe anything writes or posts...."

[Where does this supposed quote even come from?  Who said it?  Why is ALA/Craig Rogers writing like this and what is the purpose of it when there is ample evidence that HEAL writes and posts the truth.  See for more information.]

Unfortunately, these hurting and self-defeated people are hurting (striking out at) innocent people.  Heal-online does not know anything about Abundant Life Academy.  They have never visited us, called us, or attempted to find out any valid information about me, ALA, or anyone associated with us.  However, they do fabricate and lie, making up all kinds of false information regarding Abundant Life Academy and other boarding schools like ALA.  But why would they lie about ALA or any other school?  What is their ultimate need or cause?  Do they care about the truth, or are they only interested in hurting people regardless of the truth?  We don't know.

[HEAL is a helpful organization.  WE ARE SELF-EMPOWERED PEOPLE and CARE ABOUT FAMILIES SO WE WARN THEM ABOUT FRAUDS AND ABUSERS SUCH AS ALA.  Craig Rogers/ALA has made no legitimate effort to request any corrections be made to our website content.  Craig Rogers has not addressed the concerns raised in the review of the Abundant Life Academy contract.  ALA refuses to address the fact that they were closed due to human rights violations in Mexico.  ALA refuses to address that it has had repeated problems with Utah authorities.  ALA has taken no steps to address the real issues raised by their history and current business practices and the concerns HEAL has raised.  And, ALA/Rogers has resorted to character assassination as opposed to legitimate inquiry and resolution in their actions.  HEAL has not fabricated, made up, or lied about ALA.  HEAL posts firsthand accounts from survivors and families, news articles, court decisions, public hearings, and other public information as a service to families seeking help so they can avoid frauds like ALA.  Our goals are sufficiently represented by our mission statement and can be thoroughly understood by anyone who can read at an 8th grade level.  Our specific campaign goals are explained explicitly on the main pages for our campaigns (i.e. Teen Liberty).  HEAL cares about the truth and speaks the truth.  It is no wonder Craig doesn't understand that, since he confuses his bull with the truth and his lies (marketing strategy) with the facts.]

The truth is that we have asked the people of Heal-online to come and meet us, to visit with the students, and to get to know firsthand. But they have always declined, which is the very reason I am confident that they have no desire to the truth.  Anyone reading a single word from Heal-Online can easily find that Heal-Online has an agenda, and that they are extremely intolerant.  Heal-Online is very similar to the Muslim terrorist that are terrorizing the world as they call out Jihad. [End of the ALA Article]

[ALA has never asked HEAL to come and meet them nor have we ever been invited to visit the program or with the "students" of ALA.  That is a blatant lie.  The offer has never been extended.  We have never received a phone call, e-mail, or information packet/invitation sent to our mailing address.  ALA LIES!!!  HEAL is intolerant of people who defraud families and abuse children.  We hope that is true for everyone.  HEAL is not a terrorist organization.  In fact, many of our members are currently serving in Iraq.  This is outrageous!  And, the fact that ALA who abuses children and defrauds families has the audacity to accuse victims of their and their associates abuse of such a thing for speaking out against the abuse is disgusting and unworthy of further effort or comment.]

A final thought...  If, as Craig Rogers claims, "You can't believe anything writes or posts", and HEAL posted the complete Abundant Life Academy (ALA) contract on our website prior to Craig publishing that statement online (which we did), then, according to Rogers' logic, you can't believe anything in the ALA contract and with that HEAL would heartily agree.

Update:  Craig Rogers claimed in an e-mail to HEAL, "I will make that correction making it very clear what is representing Heal-online and Fornits. I will also make it more clear that the first two paragraphs are my opinion of what and who Heal-online is, and I will back up any fact with evidence. I will do this so that my practices are completely different from Heal-online."  (evidenced above)  As of March 23rd, 2011, Craig Rogers has not edited his website to correct the false statements made about nor has he provided the "back up" for "any fact with evidence" regarding his claims.  Rogers and his cronies are liars, frauds, and scoundrels.  Intelligent people would avoid Abundant Life Academy and protect their families from such fraudulent and dishonest individuals.  And, Mr. Rogers, thank you for coming out as the lying, despicable, victimizer you are, we couldn't have asked for better evidence exposing your true character.  Bravo!

Abundant Life Academy in Kanab, UT owes over $100,000 in back taxes to the IRS.  This is likely the reason for the "changes" mentioned at the top of this page.  Tax evasion is a federal offense and Rogers is a known criminal.  So, anyone want to prosecute him?
Abundant Life Academy and Child Labor in the Bahamas!--April 2nd, 2010--Kanab, UT (PRWEB) April 2, 2010 --

A group of 6 troubled teen students and 2 staff members from Abundant Life Academy ( recently returned from a week long mission trip to James Cistern, Eleuthera in the Bahamas. The team from ALA was working with a mission organization called Bahamas Habitat. The main work of Bahamas Habitat is to provide quality housing to those in need. This work includes both needed improvements to existing homes, as well as construction of

new homes. The ALA team was involved in the building of a new home for Ms. Pinder.  (Webmaster Note: Title changed by webmaster for editorial effect.)

Caroline boarding school probed BY PORTSIA SMITH / THE FREE LANCE–STAR The Caroline County Sheriff’s Office is investigating three separate incidents involving students at Abundant Life Academy, a Christian-based boarding school for troubled teens, that have led to charges against school staff members. The investigations began in April after four male students ran away from the former Remuda Ranch off Passing Road near Sparta. According to a police report, the four juveniles ran away from the school in the middle of the night after breaking a window and stealing a Gator utility vehicle from a school shed. The date of the incident was not released. The vehicle apparently ran out of gas, and the group was found walking along a road by a King George County deputy, the report said. The King George deputy contacted the Caroline Sheriff’s Office about the teens. The report noted an alarm at the school had gone off, but that law enforcement was not notified by the school about the missing students. The teens told police that they were headed north to get away from the school and “made statements that things weren’t right” at Abundant Life, according to the report. No charges were filed against the students. But Caroline deputies began an investigation that has led to charges against several Abundant Life Academy staff members. Direct indictments were made against four staff members, who are no longer employed as the school. The four appeared in Caroline Circuit Court on Thursday involving an alleged assault on a student on Feb. 14. Jovany Rivera, 21, Timothy Jordan, 26, Liam Galligan, 44, and 49-year-old William Honea are each charged with assault and battery and assault by mob. The charges are misdemeanors. They are accused of committing a continuous assault on a student at Abundant Life. An Aug. 6 trial has been set for the four in circuit court. In a separate case, a fifth Abundant Life staff member was arrested in Caroline on Saturday for an assault that is believed to have occurred earlier this month. Nathaniel Daniel, listed on the school’s website as a program director, is charged with sexual battery in Caroline Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. A tip to police led to that charge. No other details have been released in that case. The Sheriff’s Office is also investigating a complaint about another incident believed to have occurred last fall, when about 15 students were “placed into a dangerous situation as a form of punishment,” according to the police report. Abundant Life Academy is a therapeutic boarding school whose mission is to “equip students and families to live a life of love, acceptance and forgiveness through modeling and training of biblical principles, bridging the gap between parents and children,” according to its application to the county. The Caroline County Board of Supervisors approved the school last July. The board had twice denied the application in 2012 because of concerns, including security issues at the school. Portsia Smith: 540/374-5419  Source:
Caroline boarding school director charged with child endangerment BY PORTSIA SMITH / THE FREE LANCE–STAR A former program director at a Christian-themed boarding school in Caroline County is facing additional criminal charges. Liam Brendan Galligan, 44, of Fredericksburg is charged with 13 counts of felony child endangerment. Liam Galligan Caroline Sheriff Tony Lippa said Galligan was arrested Tuesday night in connection with an incident in November 2013 in which 13 male students at Abundant Life Academy near Sparta were “placed into a dangerous situation as a form of punishment,” according to a police report. The students were forced to do military-style drills, such as barrel rolls in a swamp in 35-degree temperatures and then made to wash off in a lake, the report said. Many of the students ended up getting sick as a result, it said. Galligan is one of four former Abundant life employees accused in another incident involving a student on Feb. 14. Galligan, Jovany Rivera, 21, Timothy Jordan, 26, and 49-year-old William Honea are each charged with assault and battery and assault by mob in that case. The charges are misdemeanors. They are accused of committing a continuous assault on a student at Abundant Life, the police report said. An Aug. 6 trial in Caroline Circuit Court has been set for the four defendants. In a separate case, a fifth Abundant Life staff member was charged in Caroline last month with an assault that is believed to have occurred in June. Nathaniel Daniel, who has since been removed as a program director at the school, is charged with sexual battery in Caroline Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. A tip to police led to that charge. No other details have been released in that case, but a court date should be set soon, Lippa said. Abundant Life Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens. The school’s mission is to “equip students and families to live a life of love, acceptance and forgiveness through modeling and training of biblical principles, bridging the gap between parents and children,” according to its application when it filed to set up shop in the county. It is in the location of the former Easter Seals and Remuda Ranch building off Passing Road near Sparta. The Caroline County Board of Supervisors approved the school last July. Portsia Smith: 540/374-5419  Source:
Man guilty in battery case BY PORTSIA SMITH / THE FREE LANCE–STAR A former program director at a Christian boarding school for troubled teens in Caroline County has been convicted of sexual battery. Nathaniel Daniel, who has since been removed as a program director at the Abundant Life Academy, entered an Alford plea to the misdemeanor charge as part of a plea agreement in Caroline Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Tuesday. An Alford plea means that while he does not admit guilt, he acknowledges that there is enough evidence for a conviction. He was given a suspended 12-month sentence, must have a sex offender evaluation and be under supervised probation. A tip to police about an assault that occurred in June led to that charge. No other details were released in that case. Abundant Life Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens. The school’s mission is to “equip students and families to live a life of love, acceptance and forgiveness through modeling and training of biblical principles, bridging the gap between parents and children,” according to its application when it filed to set up shop in the county. It is in the location of the former Easter Seals and Remuda Ranch building off Passing Road near Sparta. This is not the first school employee to face criminal charges in recent months. Jovany Rivera, 21, Timothy Jordan, 26, Liam Galligan, 44, and 49-year-old William Honea are each charged with assault and battery and assault by mob. The charges are misdemeanors. They are accused of committing a continuous assault on a student at Abundant Life. None of them still works at the school. An Oct. 9 trial has been set for the four in circuit court. Portsia Smith: 540/374-5419  Source:
Prosecutor: Christian boarding school employees caught on camera brutally beating teen boy in their care Posted 6:39 AM, October 10, 2014, by Q13 FOX News Staff RICHMOND, Virginia — They are adults charged with the important task of guiding the emotional and spiritual lives of troubled teens, but prosecutors say they abused their power in an horrific way and the entire thing was caught on camera. Authorities say it happened back in April at Abundant Life Academy in Caroline County Virginia. A 14-year-old boy was trying to escape when he was grabbed and mercilessly beaten by three life coaches and a program director, reported WTVR-TV.   Source:
Caroline County supervisors revoke Abundant Life Academy's special-exception permit CAROLINE SUPERVISOR: SCHOOL ‘FAILED TO LIVE UP TO THE STANDARD’ Story Comments (1) Print Create a hardcopy of this page Font Size: Default font size Larger font size Posted: Wednesday, February 11, 2015 12:00 am Caroline County supervisors revoke Abundant Life Academy's special-exception permit BY ROBYN SIDERSKY/THE FREE LANCE-STAR | 1 comment Posted on Feb 11, 2015 by Robyn Sidersky The Caroline County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to revoke the special-exception permit of a boarding school for troubled teens Tuesday night. Abundant Life Academy closed its doors last year after multiple problems arose. Subscription Required An online service is needed to view this article in its entirety. You need an online service to view this article in its entirety. Already a subscriber? Login Now Login Need an account? Create one now. Back Need an account? Create one now. You must login to view the full content on this page. Need an account? Create one now. The public hearing was started Jan. 27, but because of legal notification issues, it was continued to Tuesday’s meeting. Violation of conditions led to the permit’s revocation, planners said. According to a memo from the Planning Department, the facility “has been in non-compliance with condition 5, based upon several incidents investigated by the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office involving criminal conduct by staff and/or students, where the Sheriff’s Office was not notified of criminal violations.” Condition 5 states “any criminal violations that occur on the property shall be reported to the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office.” On two occasions, students ran away from the school in the middle of the night. A girl ran away from the facility Oct. 27 and was later found outside the county. On Nov. 2, two boys ran away and an alert was sent through the county’s emergency alert system. Caroline and King George sheriff’s offices and state police participated in that search. Later in November, four of the academy’s former staff members were convicted of misdemeanor assault and battery. The men were accused of committing a continuous assault on a 14-year-old male student at Abundant Life last February. Last summer, the school’s former program director was convicted of sexual battery. A tip to police about an assault that occurred in June led to that charge. Several concerns have been reported to the Sheriff’s Office. At the public hearing Tuesday, there was one comment, unlike the Jan. 27 meeting, when several spoke in favor of revoking the permit. The lone comment was from Sharon Carter, the county’s commissioner of the revenue. “Abundant Life Academy has not complied with state law or county law in several areas,” she said. “They have not complied with the State Corporation Commission and they have not complied with our personal property laws. It has been a struggle with no true cooperation.” The supervisors did not hide their feelings on the topic. Bowling Green Supervisor Jeff Sili verified with Planning Director Michael Finchum that the owners knew about the public hearing. The owners were not present Tuesday night. Board members Wayne Acors, Reggie Underwood and Jeff Black all had similar comments: they gave the school a chance to live up to the promises the made the county and they did not live up to the standards. “The board followed its obligation,” Underwood said. “They have failed to live up to the standard they pulled their own plug. We didn’t do that.” Mattaponi representative Floyd Thomas was perhaps the most vocal. “I don’t necessarily know if anyone received more hate mail regarding the subject than I did. I actually did try to turn the other cheek,” he said. “They ended up doing the same thing they did in Utah,” he said, referring to problems the school faced at its last location. He also referenced the tape he saw from a Richmond television station of the abuse of a student. “That is not the kind of facility we need in the county,” he said. ​Robyn Sidersky: 540.374.5413   Source:

 *(Abundant Life Academy, like many other programs in this industry, keeps a "tight lid" on any specific information regarding their staff, qualifications, and practices.  Please contact us with the names of any staff of which you have firsthand knowledge or experience.  Thank you for your help.)

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