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HEAL is an egalitarian network of activists self-empowered to plan events, create change, and make the world a better place for all life.  Our goals include the liberation of humans, nonhuman animals, and the earth!  We work in cooperation with like-minded organizations that put compassion in action!

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See HEAL's UW Guest Lecture on Behavior Modification Programs


A Conversation in Healing by and for Survivors


How Did Your Representative Vote on HR 911?


This list is incomplete as many children are reported missing or as runaways when they were actually killed and buried in unmarked graves or otherwise "disappeared".

HEAL has created an online poll consisting of one question with four choices.  This poll, like most surveys and polls, is relatively pointless.  And,  given that the poll question can be answered by anyone and there is no system of verification, the results may not accurately reflect the population intended to be represented by the results.  However, we wanted to create a way for survivors of institutionalization to share their opinion of their experience in a simple format.  The poll question applies to any wilderness, residential treatment, and/or faith-based behavior modification program.  If you would like to submit a statement to be posted on the HEAL website, please e-mail us for more information. 

HEAL has created a position statement regarding HR 3126 and S 1667, the "Stop Child Abuse in Residential Programs for Teens Act of 2011".  This legislation has been introduced in identical forms to both the House and Senate.  Based on our concerns as outlined in our position statement, we cannot endorse nor support the legislation as written.  We understand why the industry and their apologists endorse this legislation and we cannot in good conscience support it unless thoroughly amended to ensure the safety of children from abuse and the protection of families from fraud.  You can review our position statement by visiting: or clicking any of the hyperlinks in this paragraph.

<<Documentary to Left titled "The War on Kids".  Get involved and learn more on this issue.

HEAL is pleased to welcome all our new members and we invite you to learn more about HEAL by visiting our 10th Anniversary Virtual Celebration!





((Watch the Congressional Hearings)




Teen Liberty is HEAL's primary campaign because the safety of children and families is our top priority.  Over the years, we have seen how fast-talking salespeople who run behavior modification programs and often mortgage scams, convince parents to mortgage their homes and their lives to send their children to fraudulent programs.  Now, as a country, we can see what scam-artists have done to us.  It is time to return to our roots and remember the wisdom of the common sense passed down from generation to generation. 

At HEAL, many of our coordinators and volunteers are children and family of those serving (or who served honorably) the U.S. military and our country.  Angela Smith's grandfathers fought in World War II and Korea.  Cathy Smith (mother to Angela) lost her brother Tom when he was killed in Vietnam.  Patrick Liberg has siblings in the service right now.  And, we all support our troops.  We do so, because we love our families and we respect what America stands for, America stands for freedom.  Unfortunately, while our loved ones fight for freedom abroad, the war at home is being overlooked.  And, children are serving as prisoners of war in our own backyards.

All of our coordinators have had a far too common experience.  We are all survivors of abusive programs/child abuse.  Angela Smith is a survivor of Provo Canyon School.  She and some classmates at the University of Washington started HEAL as a registered student organization in 2002.  Since then, it has grown and we welcome survivors and families to contribute to our mission to effectively expose, and demand government regulate or shut down what is certainly an industry that appears to be little more than intricate scams to warehouse/torture youth while destroying families and their finances.  It is our belief that the "teen help" industry is a giant scam that is un-American and that does not belong in the land of the free. 

Patrick Liberg is a survivor of Turning Winds.  He is a brave young man who showed his courage in submitting his journals to be posted online.  These are journals he kept when he was alone, in a strange environment with strange people, and desperate for the love of his family.  No child should ever be neglected to the point of self-hatred or despair.  But, that is what happens in most, if not all, of these programs (residential treatment centers, wilderness programs, boot camps, behavior modification programs, therapeutic boarding schools, emotional growth schools, etc.).

Richard Meehan is a survivor of multiple programs including Academy at Swift River (Aspen Education Group/CRC Health) and Adirondack Leadership Expeditions (Aspen Education Group).  He has testified on behalf of victims of Aspen Education Group and continues to aid families and survivors who have been harmed by Aspen's lies and methods.

Emily Adams is a survivor of Bethesda Home for Girls (a Roloff Home/IFB Program).  She has been active in supporting other survivors in the fight against institutionalized abuse for years and joined HEAL in 2008.

Tim Brown is a survivor of CPH/NorthKey in Kentucky.  He has been actively involved in many of our campaigns since 2007.  He participated in all protests that resulted in the closure of all four Pathway Family Center programs in the midwest.  And, he has been active in supporting the Hephzibah House survivors in protesting that program in Indiana.

Our Parent Support Network includes parents who rescued their children from WWASPS and Provo Canyon School.  Our volunteers include Lisa Haas,  Carla and Mike Plotycia, Helen Taylor, and Cathy Smith.  Also, Mike Plotycia honorably served in the United States Coast Guard before entering the private sector.  We honor all heroes, at home and abroad.

We believe in family and in our country.  We believe it is our duty to act when we see our fellow Americans being defrauded, tortured, and/or killed.  That is what we have found in our investigations into the "teen help" industry.  And, we are here to offer support to victims and to provide information to help you keep your family together and protected from those who only see dollar signs and easy prey where we see our neighbors and our friends.

Angela Smith, HEAL-HQ Coordinator

Patrick Liberg, HEAL-IL Coordinator
Coordinators Not Pictured:

Richard Meehan, HEAL NY

Emily Adams, HEAL-CO

Tim Brown, HEAL-KY








HEAL's Teen Liberty Campaign is our primary campaign.  We are working on a number of projects.  We provide information so parents can be informed and protect their children from the unregulated, corrupt, abusive, and fraudulent "troubled teen" industry.  We work with survivors to share their stories and help heal from the trauma of illegal institutionalization.  We help survivors and families find legal help and understand their rights.  We are also working on an ad campaign to help educate the public at large on this issue to create a public outcry to regulate this industry and/or shut it down!  You can help us reach more people on this issue by volunteering or donating today.


HEAL's State Action Plan is a new (2011/2012) project which will take on individual States and work to reform child welfare laws and State policies regarding children and families.  For more information on the project, see  And, if you would like to volunteer to assist with research our government outreach in your State, please e-mail us to volunteer.



Cult Techniques Employed By Teen Programs


Teen Liberty Links

National List of Abusive Programs

Parent Support Network

Government Attempting Something on Programs

Government Warning and Advice to Parents

Secret Prison Camps for Teens

What About Educational Consultants?

Teen  Liberty



Unofficial  Provo Canyon School Site


Hell Camps for Jesus

The Roots and The Fruits

 Video: PBS--"Who's Watching the Kids?"

Domestic Predators aka The Teen "Help" Industry

Want Your Child To Disappear?

HEAL Relays Important News…


Teen Screen Truth!

Preventing Harmful Restraint and Seclusion in Schools Act (H.R.4247)




Stanford Prison Experiment


Milgram Experiment: Obedience to Authority



Teen Advocates USA

Facebook Page with Nick Gaglia's "Over the GW" and "Aaron Bacon" Films are Available



Psychiatric Drugs May BE THE PROBLEM!


What's Wrong with SSRIs?



"Casa by the Sea: A memory that will haunt me forever," By Jennifer Ilona



"BREAKING THE VOW OF SECRECY: A true story about Teen Help / WWASP," By

Karen Lile



Loving Them to Death: The Story of One Teenager's 'Wilderness Experience'


Children’s Gulags--US


Ethical Treatment for All Youth

Behavior Modification in Public Schools!

Congressional Hearing (May, 2009) on Abuse of Restraint in Public and Private Schools & Treatment Centers

Stop Child Slavery Blog

 Breaking Their Will: Shedding Light on Religious Child Maltreatment


More Videos:


Wes Fager's collection

Includes GHW and GW Büsh and Nancy Reagan, investigative journalism into various locations, history, protest footage and more.  Wes Fager was one of the first survivors to take action and started his website in 2000.  Click on hyperlink above to be taken to his website.

HEAL recognizes and values the efforts of every individual who has stood up against corruption and abuse.  Learn more on our efforts to recognize our fellows at and




Synanon is the program from which The Seed, Straight, Inc., CEDU (stands for Chuck E. Dederich (sometimes spelled "Diederich") University--Cult!  Aspen Education Group has continued with the CEDU model) and many other abusive "treatment" programs/cults sprung.



Action Alerts are in order of Priority with Newest/Priority Alerts First!

REPORT FRAUD, ABUSE, AND LABOR VIOLATIONS:  Click Here for Agency Directory and Filing Information


Please Sign Petition to Demand Utah Courts Mandate Satellite Testimony Access for Victims/Parties to Lawsuits and Criminal Actions (when victims of crime) When They are Non-Residents:  Sign now at:

Please Sign Petition to Amend Illinois Laws to Better Protect Children and Youth from Institutional Abuse:

Please Sign Petition to Stop Teen Challenge from Expanding in Oregon:

Please Sign Petition to Florida Demanding Restitution for Victims of Florida School for Boys (White House Boys, Dozier School, etc.):

Victims and Survivors of Fraudulent and Abusive "Schools" and Programs, Rate and Review Your Experiences Online:  Visit and enter the name of your school/program in the search field and then provide your "feedback" for the program/"school". 

Please E-mail and Tell Them to Dump Logan River Academy:  E-mail and demand they remove Logan River Academy from their website.  And sign the petition to stop abuse at Logan River Academy online now at

Residents of Massachusetts, Support S. 46: If you live in Massachusetts, we ask that you write your legislators (you can identify your State legislators and find their contact information by entering your location and running a search through and ask them to co-sponsor, support, and vote yes on Senate Bill 46 (S. 46).  S. 46 was submitted by one of our members and introduced as a bill by her local legislator.  If you are in MA, please support this bill to better regulate and safeguard families and youth from fraud and abuse!


Petition Demanding Justice for White House Boys/Dozier School for Boys Survivors:  Please read and sign at: 


Sign Petition(s) Asking for Release of Autistic Young Adult from Abusive Ohio Facility:  Learn more and sign at:


Attn: Harbor House (Norwalk, OH) Survivors & Victims, WE NEED YOUR HELP!--HEAL is working to assist a family who has been harmed by Harbor House.  They need other victims to come forward as soon as possible.  You can reach the family directly at  Thank you in advance for any help!


Attn: Spring Ridge Academy Victims & Survivors, WE NEED YOUR HELP!--HEAL is working with a family trying to get a child out of Spring Ridge Academy.  They go to court in TX next week (December 13th, 2012).  Please contact the family directly at if you can provide an affidavit and/or in-person testimony regarding Spring Ridge Academy.  Time is of the essence!  Thank you in advance for your help!


Attn: Academy of the Sierras Victims & Survivors, WE NEED YOUR HELP!--HEAL is working with a family pursuing legal action against Academy of the Sierras.  They need to hear from other families and individuals who have been harmed by Academy of the Sierras.  Please contact us if you can help!





Attn: Family or Juvenile Court-Ordered Survivors of Institutionalized Abuse, Take Action for Justice!:  If you are a survivor of residential treatment and/or wilderness program abuse and you were court-ordered through the family or juvenile justice system to the program, we need to hear from you!  HEAL is working with a public agency in gathering information for a potential federal investigation.  Please e-mail us if you can help!



Sign Petition to Stop Abuse at Lifeline's Boarding Schools (i.e. New Horizons Youth Ministries, Escuela Caribe, etc.)!: Read petition and sign at:




Sign Petition to Support Bethesda Home for Girls (IFB/Roloff) Survivor!--Read the petition and sign at:



Tell Boarding School Review to Stop Referring to Fraudulent and Abusive Programs!--Use the contact form at and ask that they thoroughly review the credentials, licensing, qualifications, and consumer complaint history of any and all schools to which they refer.  And, demand that they stop referring to fraudulent and abusive programs and "schools".    (Tip:  If you are a survivor or parent victim of institutional fraud and abuse, please specify the program(s) with which you have experience in your message and specifically ask that it/they be removed from the referral list.)



Tell Academic Answers to Stop Referring to Fraudulent and Abusive Programs!--E-mail Academic Answers at and ask that they thoroughly review the credentials, licensing, qualifications, and consumer complaint history of any and all schools to which they refer.  And, demand that they stop referring to fraudulent and abusive programs and "schools".  (Tip:  If you are a survivor or parent victim of institutional fraud and abuse, please specify the program(s) with which you have experience in your message and specifically ask that it/they be removed from the referral list.)



Please Sign New Petition to Stop Abuse at Judge Rotenberg Center!--Read and Sign Now at:



Tell Pastor Sean Harris of Berean Baptist Church that it is Not Funny Nor Acceptable to Advocate Beating Children!--During a recent sermon in support of a state constitutional amendment banning all types of domestic partnership except straight marriage, Pastor Sean Harris of Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina, told parents to beat their children if they act gay:

"Dads, the second you see your son dropping the limp wrist, you walk over there and crack that wrist. Man up. Give him a good punch. Ok? You are not going to act like that. You were made by God to be a male and you are going to be a male."

Pastor Harris has since issued a statement he was "jesting" followed by a non-apology accusing others of misunderstanding him.

Please click here to send an email to Pastor Harris, telling him his apology is not accepted.



Contact AETNA Insurance and Tell Them to Drop Coverage of Eagle Ranch Academy!--Eagle Ranch Academy is confirmedly abusive and has unqualified staff.  Tell AETNA to stop wasting their money on the ERA scam!  You can contact AETNA at:  (Enter "" or your own blog/website as your media organization.)  Below is a sample message, you can edit to your liking, or use your own:


Are you aware that Eagle Ranch Academy in St. George, UT is not a licensed medical facility?  Are you aware that Eagle Ranch Academy has no licensed therapists on staff?  Why are you covering a program that is not regulated and not licensed as a medical/health services provider?  Please explain the reasoning behind your covering Eagle Ranch Academy and what steps you will be taking to ensure that investors in AETNA are not losing money to a scam.


[Your Name Here]


Contact David Leitenberger, Chief Probation Officer in Richland County, and Ask that He Investigate and Stop Linn Wells from Placing Children at Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch in MT!--E-mail Mr. Leitenberger at  Below is a sample message you can edit to your liking, or use your own:

Dear Mr. Leitenberger,
If you are not the person with the authority to take action, please see that whomever would be charged with this responsibility is notified.  I am writing today to ask that you immediately investigate and/or discharge Probation Officer Linn Wells on the basis of Wells' part in sending children from Illinois across state lines to Montana to an unlicensed, unregulated, and unaccredited program called Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch.  See and for more information.  I am personally offended and appalled that your office is allowing this and I hope you will put a stop to it.
[Your Name Here]


Contact Illinois State Superintendent Chris Koch and Demand Investigation into Regional Office of Education #12's Superintendent Monte Newlin and Truant Officer Charlie Duke for Sending Children to the Unaccredited, Unlicensed, and Unregulated Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch in MT!--E-mail Mr. Koch at  Below is a sample message you can edit to your liking, or use your own:

Sample Letter:

Dear Superintendent Koch,

I am writing today to ask that you immediately investigate and/or discharge Regional Office of Education #12's Superintendent Monte Newlin and/or Truant Officer Charlie Duke on the basis of their part in sending children from Illinois across state lines to Montana to an unlicensed, unregulated, and unaccredited program called Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch.  See and for more information.  I am personally offended and appalled that your State is allowing this and I hope you will put a stop to it.


[Your Name Here]


Contact Mindy E. Koch (Court Administrator, Illinois Second Circuit) and Demand an Investigation into Judge Larry Dunn, State's Attorney David Hyde, and Probation Officer Linn Wells for Their Roles in Shipping Illinois' Children Out of State to Unregulated, Unlicensed, and Unaccredited Programs like Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch in MT!--E-mail Ms. Koch at  Below is a sample message you can edit to your liking, or use your own:

Sample Letter:  

Dear Ms. Koch,
If you are not the person with the authority to take action, please see that Judge Stephen G. Sawyer or whomever would be charged with this responsibility is notified.  I am writing today to ask that you immediately investigate and/or discharge Judge Larry Dunn, Probation Officer Linn Wells, and State's Attorney David Hyde on the basis of their part in sending children from Illinois across state lines to Montana to an unlicensed, unregulated, and unaccredited program called Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch.  See and for more information.  I am personally offended and appalled that your court is allowing this and I hope you will put a stop to it.
[Your Name Here]
(*Special Note*:  If you or your child were sent to Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch in MT through Judge Larry Dunn's actions, please file a complaint with the Illinois Judicial Inquiry Board.  See,, and: for information how to file your complaint.  And, if you believe you were a victim of State Attorney David Hyde, please submit a report to and/or the Attorney General of Illinois.)


Rate Judge Larry Dunn!  Tell the World that Placing Children in Unregulated, Unlicensed, and Unaccredited Programs like Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch in MT is Unacceptable!--Recently, CNN's Anderson Cooper's 360 exposed the rampant abuse and lack of standards and regulations at Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch in MT.  See video below for some additional talking points and rate Judge Larry Dunn now at




Attn: Devereux Foundation Survivors and Victims, We Need Your Help!--HEAL is working with a family that has been harmed by Devereux Foundation in Scottsdale, AZ.  If you are a survivor or victim of Devereux Foundation and are willing to provide testimony or a sworn statement regarding conditions at Devereux, it may help.  Please contact us for more information.  Thank you!


PLEASE EMAIL YOUR SENATORS AND CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVE AND ASK THEM TO CO-SPONSOR THE KEEPING ALL STUDENTS SAFE ACT (S. 2020 in the Senate and H.R. 1381 in the House):  These bills will protect children nationwide from abusive restraints and seclusion in schools by: 

  • Banning physical restraints except in emergency situations when there is an immediate threat of physical harm.

  • Banning any restraints that interfere with breathing and mechanical and chemical restraints.

  • Requiring schools to notify parents on the same day that the technique is used.

  • Requiring school personnel imposing physical restraint to be trained and certified by a state-approved crisis intervention training program.

Please email your two Senators and Congressional Representative and ask them to CO-SPONSOR the Keeping All Students Safe Act.  The bills need cosponsors to move forward.  Urge your friends, family members, fellow advocates, and colleagues to send emails as well.

You can email your Senators through their Senate website forms.  Go to  You can find your two Senators by choosing your state at the top.

HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES:  You can find your Representative and send an email through the House website at  Simply select your state and enter your zip code.


Tell A & E's "Intervention" that Promoting Fraud or Abuse is Unacceptable!--The show "Intervention" recommends multiple programs that raise serious red flags and concerns.  On the show airing January 30th-31st, 2012, they recommended the Palm Beach Institute in FL to someone in need of help.  The majority of their staff are not licensed mental health professionals, including the "Executive Director".  And, one of the medical doctors as a problematic disciplinary record with the Florida Department of Health.  These people do not deserve the free advertising and promotion given them by "Intervention" and "Intervention" should check the resources it uses before putting viewers and guests in harm's way.  This is an outrage!  Please contact A & E's "Intervention" team and let them know this is not acceptable!  E-mail them now at  Below is a sample message you may edit as needed:

Dear "Intervention" Producers,

I am writing you today because you list a number of highly questionable facilities in your recommended treatment program list at  On January 30th or 31st, 2012, you allowed Palm Beach Institute to self-promote using your television program.  The problem with this is that the majority of the staff are not licensed mental health nor medical professionals.  And, Dr. Timothy Anderson has been in repeat trouble with the Department of Health for violating licensing standards that put patients in harm's way. 





Case #

Action Taken


Medical Doctor



Suspension-Other Penalty Imposed

If a link does not appear for the case number, a scanned copy of the public complaint or final order is not available. Copies of public complaints or final orders can be obtained from the Department of Health, Division of Medical Quality Assurance by requesting the documents online by linking to Discipline Public Records Request, contacting the Department at (850) 245-4121, or by written correspondence to:

Division of Medical Quality Assurance
Management Services, Bin C01
Attention: Public Records - Discipline
4052 Bald Cypress Way
Tallahassee, FL 32399-3251




Deborah Rasso, Johnny Egan and Evan Lefever are not licensed mental health nor medical professionals.  And, many of the other staff are not properly licensed as well.  This raises serious concerns regarding your efforts in determining the legitimacy of treatment services/programs you recommend through your television show.


I hope you will seriously consider no longer recommending Palm Beach Institute and that you will thoroughly review the information regarding the other programs you recommend to make sure they are not scams that will hurt people, not help them.




[Your Name Here]


Sign Petition to Close Notoriously Abusive Judge Rotenberg Center:  Read Petition and Sign at


Tell Dr. Drew Pinsky that Recommending Diamond Ranch Academy and Similar Programs is Unacceptable!--On February 20th, 2012, Dr. Drew Pinsky offered to enroll a boy in Diamond Ranch Academy through his show Lifechangers.  This is absolutely unacceptable.  Diamond Ranch Academy is a program in Utah that is unregulated, unmonitored, and reportedly abusive.  The program is a member of NATSAP.  And, we want everyone to write Dr. Drew and let him know his recommendation of Diamond Ranch is unacceptable!  You can contact Dr. Drew through the online contact form at  Below is a sample e-mail/letter for your convenience:

Dear Dr. Pinsky,

I am very displeased with your decision to promote a fraudulent and abusive program like Diamond Ranch Academy on your program.  In case you were unaware, please consider the following facts about this program:

It appears DRA is accredited through the NWAC (formerly--Northwest Association of Accredited Schools (NAAS)).  This raises some concerns as other programs accredited through the NAAS/NWAC have not had the credits recognized by legitimate schools and colleges.  And, the NAAS no longer exists.  It is now the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), to my understanding.  In fact, other states, including New York have rejected diplomas and academic credits issued by NAAS/NWAC schools.  In reviewing the US Department of Education information regarding NWAC, it is non-existent.  This suggests it is in no way recognized nationally as an appropriate accreditation agency for academic services.  I did search the NWAC website and see that DRA is listed as "accredited". (  But, my concern is that such accreditation from a questionable and not nationally recognized accreditation agency brings DRA standards into question.


NAAS has been sued as co-defendants with WWASPS.  And, NAAS was also sued for misappropriating the name of a non-active accrediting agency.  NAAS was forced to change names and is now NWAC.  NAAS was forced to change their name to NWAC (Link:  after a lawsuit was filed for misappropriating the name of a legitimate accreditation agency.  NAAS was also a co-defendant in a lawsuit against the World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools in 2006.  (Case Citation: Bruce Dungan, et al. v. World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools, Inc., NAAS, et al., United States District Court, Northern District of New York, July 25th, 2006)  The attorneys representing the plaintiffs in this case were Hancock & Estabrook, LLP.  The lawsuit was filed as a class action.  Academy at Ivy Ridge was the basis of the lawsuit.  NAAS "accredited" this school.  Quote:   "Ivy Ridge Academy accreditation rejected (Source:  The Academy at Ivy Ridge will not be allowed to resume issuing high school diplomas.  The State Education Department has rejected the Academy's application, according to stories Friday in St. Lawrence County newspapers and The Watertown Times.  A letter from the State Education Department to Ivy Ridge quoted in the Watertown Times says, "The Department's review revealed that AIR is principally a behavior modification program and not a school..."  For complete story, click here (Link: ).  So, NAAS/NWAC accreditation does not provide effective assurance that the credits "earned" at DRA are transferable.  This is a serious concern.

In addition, you may want to review the information available at (and links) and watch the Congressional Hearing exposing rampant fraud and abuse in the "teen help" industry.  You can download the hearings from the following links: (2007 Hearings) and (2008 Hearings).

Please do not abuse your celebrity by putting children in harm's way. 


[Your Name Here]


Sign Petition to Stop Abuse in Foster Care in Illinois!--Learn more and sign now at:


Attn: all wilderness program survivors--opportunity for justice!--HEAL is currently working with an individual who is working with the FBI and CDC to investigate exposure to known harmful pathogens in wilderness programs throughout the US.  If you are willing to submit a statement regarding your wilderness program experience and any physical illnesses, ailments, or harm you experienced in the program for the investigation, please e-mail us for more information, details, and instructions. 


TELL THE NEW YORK TIMES: CIRCUMCISION DOES NOT PREVENT HIV!--According to an article that appeared on the front page of the Science section of Tuesday's New York Times (1/31/12), "The day of the assembly-line circumcision is drawing closer." The article states that two new devices, named PrePex and the Shang Ring, will greatly increase the ease and speed with which nurses can perform circumcisions in Africa, with the goal of circumcising 20 million men by 2015.  The tone of the article shows a shocking disregard for the pain and risk involved in circumcision, the loss of functional tissue, and the negative impact on sexual function—not to mention the overwhelming proof that circumcision at best lowers the transmission rate of HIV from women to men, but not from men to women, and that the only way to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted HIV is to practice safe sex. Rather, the focus is solely on the use of American tax dollars to pay for mass circumcisions. According to Dr. Jason Reed, an epidemiologist in the global AIDS division of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "PrePex teams could mean circumcising around 400 men a day, rather than the 60 to 80 a busy team now does. And the surgeon could go do something more important."  Write to the New York Times right now and tell them that the male foreskin is indeed "important," and that circumcision does NOT prevent HIV!




Please Sign Petition Asking to Stop Selling Books that Promote Child Abuse!--Please sign the petition to have Amazon remove books which advocate child abuse. (A similar petition from a year or more ago asked  Amazon to remove a book which instructed people on how to sexually abuse children, and Amazon quickly removed the book from sale on its site.



Take Action to Demand Change in Your State!--HEAL has created a new action alert that is individualized for each State in the United States.  Learn more and take action at



Attn: Lighthouse Children's Home (West, MS Location) Survivors & Families--If you have information regarding complaints about Jack Earlenbaugh, please e-mail us or with "Lighthouse Children's Home" in the "subject" line.  Please note that all messages will be forwarded to unless you specifically request to share the information solely with HEAL.  We are doing this on behalf of  Thank you!



Support Tickets for Tots in Louisville, KY!--Tickets for tots provides tickets to events (movies, sports, live shows, etc.) to underprivileged children and provides transportation.  Below is a click-through link so you can learn more!





Ask Kid Rock to Revoke Permission for Mitt Romney to Use "Born Free" in his Campaign!--Mitt Romney's 2008 co-chairs were two of the most notorious frauds and child-torturers in recent American historyBain Capital, owners of the notoriously abusive chain of Aspen Education Group programs, was founded by Mitt Romney and has generously financed his presidential runs.  Please send the above links and your own two-cents to Kid Rock and ask that he revoke permission form Mitt Romney to use "Born Free".  Here are the suggested ways to contact Kid Rock:


Post to his forum:


Official Website/Contact Info:




Please Contact Your Senators/Representatives Regarding HR 3126/S 1667, the "Stop Child Abuse in Residential Programs for Teens Act of 2011"!--We have created an alert for you below.  First, we ask that if you live in a district/state of which a member of the House Education and Workforce Committee and/or Senate HELP Committee represents, that you contact them first.  Please click on the hyperlinks for the Committees above to determine if your Senator/Representative(s) are on those Committees.  If your Representative(s) and/or Senators are not on those Committees, please still contact them regarding this legislation.  You can contact your Representatives and/or Senators by clicking on the hyperlinks in this sentence.  Below is a sample letter you may edit/copy/paste and use as the body of your message:


Dear [Enter Representative or Senators Name Here],


I am writing you today in regards to HR 3126/S. 1667, the "Stop Child Abuse in Residential Programs for Teens Act of 2011" introduced by Rep. George Miller to the House Education & Workforce Committee and Sen. Tom Harkin of the Senate HELP Committee.


I am concerned about this issue because it has impacted my life in a negative way.  And, I am troubled that the legislation fails to enact necessary changes and protections for American children and families.


Please review the statement provided by HEAL at as it effectively addresses the major concerns I have about this legislation and how I would like to see it improved.  I share the position that it should not pass as currently written.  It would provide the illusion of safety and put more children and families at risk if passed as it currently is written.




[Your Name Here]

Registered Voter

[Your City/State]



Attention: Resolution Ranch (TX) Survivors & Families!--We need your help!  We have been contacted by a family who is going to court this week (November 28th-December 5th) and they need your help!  If you are willing to provide your corroborating evidence, affidavits, federal declarations, and/or testimony to expose Resolution Ranch in court, please e-mail us right away!  Your message will be forwarded to the family requesting assistance, unless you specify otherwise.



Please Tell "Dad" Posting on Mother Jones Article Thread that Enrolling his Child in a Program is a "Bad Idea"!--

Learn more and take action at:


Tell Bob Jones University to Remove Chuck Phelps from the Board!--Chuck Phelps actively participating in the cover

up of the rape of a minor by one of his parishioners.  Please sign the petition at  and let them know that Phelps should go.


Tell Your Representative to Co-Sponsor and Vote "Yes" on HR 3027!--Let's not let another year drift by while paddlers

continue swinging their sticks. Please share this message with friends and colleagues on your mailing lists. See H.R. 3027: Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act of 2011  Please ask your Representative to co-sponsor and/or vote yes on HR 3027. 


Tell the Master's School in Connecticut that Expelling Lesbians Based on Sexual Orientation is "NOT OKAY"!--She was a model student and a star athlete – an honest young woman in her final year at a private Christian high school, The

Master's School, in Connecticut.  But when school administrators asked her about her sexual orientation, she answered  courageously and honestly that she is a lesbian.  And then those same administrators told her to withdraw or she  would be kicked out.  Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students across the country are back in school, many facing bullying from peers. The last thing these students need is a school administration that refuses to protect them from unfair treatment.  Thousands of equality supporters like you have already sent letters to officials at The Master's School calling on them to make it right and protect all of their students. Will you send a letter now, too?  Tell The Master's School: Your LGBT students deserve protection – not expulsion. Now's the time to enact a non-discrimination policy so that all students feel safe to be who they are.


Take Action Against Teachers Bullying LGBT Youth!--Homosexuality is a perverted spirit... I know sin and it breeds like a cancer." That's just a snippet of the frightening comments New Jersey teacher Viki Knox posted on her public Facebook wall this week – just two days after National Coming Out Day!  So what's got her so enraged? A small bulletin board at her school recognizing LGBT History Month.  Her whole tirade is outrageous – and way over the line. We’re calling on school administrators to treat this incident very seriously, and we need your help. Our teachers should be standing up for students – not denigrating them on Facebook.  Will you send a letter to Schools Superintendent Dr. Patrick Martin right now and call on him to take immediate action?


Tell the Senate to Outlaw Discrimination Against LGBT Youth in Public Schools!--What happens when students are not legally protected from bullying and harassment based on their sexual orientation or gender identity?  A school in Mississippi cancelled its annual senior prom rather than allow a lesbian student to bring her girlfriend. An elementary school student asked a teacher to stop a schoolyard dodgeball game called "Smear the Queer;" the teacher responded by declaring the student be the "queer" for the day, upon which other students launched balls at him, reminiscent of a stoning.  But we have a chance to fix this loophole in the law and make sure our schools provide a safe learning environment for all kids.  Tell your Senators that the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) renewal bill must outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation.


Tell Monroe County to Protect Free Speech for Tennessee Youth in Public Schools!--Chris Sigler wants a Gay-Straight Alliance at his Tennessee high school, but his principal says no. When Chris wore a shirt to school supporting the club, that same principal allegedly assaulted Chris -- and neither the school nor the sheriff's office has fully investigated the assault since it occurred last Friday.  Chris was taking an economics exam when Principal Maurice Moser stormed into the classroom and ordered all other students to leave. (Chris's sister, who was in the same class, refused to go.) Principal Moser shoved Chris against the wall, repeatedly bumped his chest against Chris, and shouted, "Who's the big man now?"  When the folks at the Tennessee Equality Project and the GSA Network heard about Monroe County's failure to investigate the assault on Chris, they knew something had to be done. So they started a petition on demanding a full investigation into the principal's assualt on Chris -- and the creation of a Gay-Straight Alliance club at Chris's school. Please add your name to their petition now.


Tell Congress All Kids Deserve Quality Education!--Fact: Children who attend high-quality pre-k programs are better prepared for kindergarten. But only 15 percent of 3 year olds and 40 percent of 4 year olds are enrolled in publicly funded early education.  American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten knows that when children arrive at kindergarten ready to learn, amazing things can happen in and out of the classroom. For starters, they are better prepared and better able to focus. But the benefits don't stop there: pre-k graduates are more likely to go to college, have higher salaries, and are less likely to end up incarcerated.  Knowing full well what the research says about pre-k, we should be ensuring that all kids -- not just some kids -- get that experience. Urge Congress to include high-quality pre-k in the ESEA today.


Tell Your Representative to Support HR 3027, the "Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act"!--Take action now at: Advocacy-cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=3669&s_sbsrc=110925_CorpPunishSchools_bor


Attn: Diamond Ranch Academy Survivors & Victims (Families)--We Need Your Help!--HEAL is working with a family member who is trying to get a loved one home from Diamond Ranch Academy.  Please contact with any information that may help.  Thank you in advance for your assistance!


Support Access to Early Education!--The research is clear: learning does not start in kindergarten or even first grade. In fact, nearly 90 percent of human brain development occurs in the first five years of a child's life.  That means we have only a small window of time to make a huge impact for our kids. Rep. Mazie Hirono's (D-HI) newly introduced Continuum of Learning Act aims to do just that by updating the Elementary and Secondary Education Act to strengthen connections between existing early learning programs and the elementary grades.  Share the science behind education reform with your representative and ask that he or she sign on as a co-sponsor of the Continuum of Learning Act.


Attn: Florida Voters, Please Ask Your State Legislators to Co-Sponsor and Vote Yes on SB 1350!--If passed, Florida SB 1350 will become effective on July 1, 2011. It will require physical restraint only be used in emergency, when the student poses a risk to self or other, by trained staff.  Contact Florida State Legislators Today!


Attn: Florida Voters, Please Ask Your State Legislators to Co-Sponsor and Vote Yes on HB 1255!--Florida HB 1255 revises provisions related to the use of restraint and seclusion on students with disabilities. It requires the local department of education to establish standards for documentation of restraint and seclusion incidents, and to provide them to school districts by a specific date.  Contact Florida State Legislators Today!


Ask Your Representatives to Co-Sponsor and Vote Yes on HR 1381, the "Keeping All Students Safe Act of 2011"!--This is sound legislation with the purpose of reducing and preventing the use of physical, chemical, and/or mechanical restraints used on children in both private and public schools that receive any federal funding through state plans including independent education plans.  This bill if enacted into law will also establish effective oversight and regulation.  It also states that "adverse behavioral interventions" that traumatize and are harmful to children will be banned.  In order to insure this occurs, they are enacting oversight and regulation guidelines as well as using economic pressure by stating that states and/or institutions not in compliance with the new regulation guidelines will no longer be eligible to receive federal funding or any portion thereof that is granted to the states or private institutions who fail to comply.  Please ask your Representative to co-sponsor and/or vote yes on HR 1381. 


Report a Fraudulent Program to the IRS!--If you were defrauded and/or have evidence suggesting that a residential treatment program, behavior modification program, and/or wilderness program may be in need of an audit, please visit,,id=106778,00.html to file a report.  If your inquiry pertains to tax fraud (Criminal Investigation), please call (800)829-0433, or fill out a Form 3949-A which can be found on-line at  Once it is completed, please send it to:  IRS, Fresno, CA  93888.


Call on Congress to Stop Institutionalized Child Abuse!--Please sign these two petitions: and  Thank you!


Attn: Teen Challenge Boys Ranch (Bonifay, FL) Survivors & Families!--HEAL is currently working with an extended family member to assist in rescuing a boy from Teen Challenge in Bonifay, FL.  If you can help by providing testimony, affidavits/declarations, or other information to law enforcement, regulatory agencies, and/or attorneys assisting with the case, please contact  Thank you for your help!


Take HEAL's New Poll: Take this poll if you were--Formerly Enrolled in a Behavior Modification, Faith-Based, Residential Treatment, Wilderness, Emotional Growth, and/or Therapeutic Boarding School Program Poll 


Sign Petition to Close Green Chimneys (AACRC Member)--Take Action:


Tell Senators Students Deserve Positive Learning Environments!--Imagine this...

  • Your cousin wants to drop out of school because she doesn't feel safe walking down the hallway or riding the bus,

  • where kids constantly yell names like "slut" and "whore" and throw objects at her head.

  • Your daughter gets sent to an alternative school for "drug use" after taking Motrin to relieve menstrual cramps.

  • Your sister is told to decide between getting paddled or suspended because her prom dress was too short.

Unfortunately, some people don't have to imagine these situations because they have lived through them.

As we mark the 39th year of Title IX, the federal law that bans sex discrimination in federally funded education programs, it's important not to forget the many challenges that remain. Right now, the Senate is working on major school reform legislation and we expect to see a bill introduced this summer.
Tell your Senators that this bill must include measures to improve

school climate.   Many girls, particularly girls of color, are affected by disproportionate punishments for minor infractions at

school. Addressing unfair and excessive discipline is only one side of creating a positive and safe learning environment. It also is important for schools to prevent and respond to bullying and harassment. For students, dangerous practices such as bullying, harassment and excessive discipline policies can result in the decline in academic performance, skipping school and ultimately dropping out.   We can't begin to improve graduation rates or close achievement gaps if schools lack healthy and safe learning environments. Tell your Senators today that any broad school reform legislation must include measures that improve school climate.


Support Quality Pre-School Opportunities for All Children!--Support for adding early learning to our nation's major education law, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), continues to pick up steam. Most recently, Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) introduced the Ready to Learn Act, a new competitive grant program that would fund voluntary, high-quality pre-k programs for four year olds.  We need to make sure that all children are ready to succeed in school. This bill, which creates an early learning component within the ESEA, gets us closer to that goal.  Sam needs your help! Ask your senators to co-sponsor the Ready to Learn Act today.


Tell Moffat County Commission You are Disappointed They Did Not  Deny Permit to Mountain Homes Youth Ranch for "New" Facility!--Contact Erin Miller at and let her know why you are disappointed that they did not deny permits for Mountain Homes Youth Ranch.  See for talking points and background information.


Tell Channel 1, "LA Talk Radio", to Stop Giving Lon Woodbury/Struggling Teens Airtime!--The show is called, " Parent Choices for Struggling Teens" and airs every Monday at 12pm.  Lon Woodbury started out with CEDU and continues to refer to fraudulent and abusive programs through is website and media outlets.  Woodbury includes individuals like Larry Stednitz as "experts" in the "struggling teens" field.  Please e-mail LA Talk Radio or call them at (818)298-2040 to share your views on why Parent Choices for Struggling Teens should be cancelled.  Additional contact information can be found at


Stand Up for Cheerleader Against School Who Told Her to Cheer for Her Rapist!--It's an unbelievable story. But unfortunately it's true.  H.S.1, a student at the high school in Silsbee, Texas, reported being raped by a fellow student and  athletic star. Her rapist, Rakheem Bolton (who eventually pleaded guilty to a lesser assault charge), was allowed to continue to play on the varsity basketball team.  After her assault, H.S., a member of the high school cheerleading squad, was put in the position of cheering for a team that included her rapist. She continued to cheer for the team but refused to perform a cheer that included her rapist's name each time he stepped up to the free throw line.  Tell Texas school district: Don't make survivor pay $35,000 for refusing to cheer for her rapist — apologize and institute policies that protect victims of sexual assault instead. Clicking here will automatically sign your name to the petition.


Take A Stand for Equal Access to Quality Education!--In recent days we have faced a coordinated media attack backed by funds from right wing opponents of public schools. Unable to dispute the facts of the case, they've chosen to cast aspersions on the NAACP, to question our motivations, and to sling mud at our legacy.  This is a tactic meant to silence the NAACP, but with your help, we will not be silenced.  Will you join us in speaking out? Stand alongside the NAACP, New York City parents and students to let the Department of Education know that all students deserve a quality education.  Sign the Petition now and let New York know that those who believe in justice will not back down.


Tell School District's to Keep Good Teachers!--In public school districts around the state, school leaders are making the painful decision to hand out pink slips to our teachers.  Parents are outraged that the state continues to cut school budgets, leading to these awful decisions. But parents also wonder: Are these the right teachers?  Take Action: Help school leaders keep effective teachers.


Tell The Peacham, VT Zoning Board to "Just Say No" to The Sovereign School (attempting to be licensed solely as a "boarding house"):   If you wish to voice your concerns in person, the zoning board will be holding a hearing on this issue on May 17th, 2011.  Otherwise, please contact the Peacham Zoning Board and tell them that sponsoring more CEDU/Aspen Education Group/Fulshear Academy-style nonsense or permitting it to continue in their town is unacceptable.


Sign Petition to Show Support for Tina Anderson!--


Attn: Coral Reef Academy Survivors & Families--Pending Lawsuit (Possible Class Action)--Need Your Help!--HEAL is working with survivors of Coral Reef Academy (Samoa/Nevada) in taking legal action against Coral Reef Academy.  If you would like to participate in the lawsuit as a witness or co-plaintiff, please contact us for more information. Thank you!


Tell Rep. Christy Clark that She and Her Friends are The LIARS and That Kids Need Protection NOT Punishment!--The hyperlink in the title will take you to an article in which Rep. "Clark full-heartedly agrees with administrators like Bob Larsson of Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch that all children residing in private adolescent treatment facilities are “troubled teens” and cannot be trusted. "  Clark is taking a public position against survivors of institutionalized abuse, specifically those who survived so-called "faith-based" programs and their families.  HEAL has substantiated reports of abuse and fraud at multiple "faith-based" programs including Teen Challenge, Circle of Hope, and countless others.  Please write Rep. Christy Clark today and tell her she is making a big mistake in supporting fraud and abuse at the expense of American families.


Keep the Pressure On!--Stand Up for Education!--The Lawyers’ Committee has been advocating for the addition of measures that can address these goals to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) and will continue to do so during ESEA’s reauthorization process this year. However, we need your help to ensure that our country continues to work toward leveling the playing field for all of our children.   As President Obama has said, “there are any number of actions we can take as a nation to enhance competitiveness and secure a better future for our people, but few of them will make as much a difference as improving the way we educate our sons and daughters.” Ensuring that our children receive the best education possible is a pivotal national responsibility, and we owe it to the next generation to ensure that all have access to an outstanding education. After all, “more than any other issue, education is the civil rights issue of our generation and it can’t wait – because tomorrow won’t wait – the world won’t wait – and our children won’t wait.”  Petition your congressional representatives today: ask them to stand up for our children’s futures!


Tell Capo Unified School District to Stop Using Tax-Payer Dollars to Send School Kids to Unregulated Programs in Utah!--Capo Unified School District is using Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) as an excuse to place children in unregulated facilities in Utah.  These facilities reportedly include Red Rock Canyon School, which is confirmedly abusive. Contact Joseph M. Farley (Superintendent) at and let him know that placing children in unregulated programs in Utah is unacceptable and will not be tolerated by families and tax-payers.  Demand all Capo Unified School District schools cease using IEPs to ship children out of state to unregulated and/or abusive facilities such as Red Rock Canyon School.  For additional contact information for the Capo Unified School District, click here.


Tell Your Senators to Stand Up for Equal Access to Excellent Educations!--President Obama has said that “there are

any number of actions we can take as a nation to enhance competitiveness and secure a better future for our people, but few of them will make as much a difference as improving the way we educate our sons and daughters.”  Ensuring that our children receive the best education possible is a pivotal national responsibility, and we owe it to the next generation to ensure that all have access to an outstanding education.  The President reminds us, “whether we meet that obligation not only reflects who we are as Americans, it will shape our future as a nation.[1]   America’s public education system is the building block of our society and future potential.  Yet, though we have promised our nation’s children a free and quality public education, this promise has not been fulfilled – particularly for our students of color, disabled, and English Language Learner students.  That is why a strong federal role in ensuring accountability in the states continues to be a critical component in any plan to protect the civil rights of ALL our nation’s children.  Ask your congressional representatives to stand up for ALL children’s educations, TODAY!


Tell America's Governors to Invest in Education NOT Incarceration!--In 2009, as the nation plummeted into the deepest recession in 30 years, funding for K-12 and higher education declined. But for prisons, the reverse was true. That year, 33 states spent more discretionary dollars on prisons than in 2008.  As our children fail to get the education they deserve, our prisons are filling up at an alarming rate. And, as usual, those most affected are communities of color. We know drug treatment is a smart alternative for non-violent offenders. It is also significantly cheaper. Educational opportunities are also cost-effective, and lead to a marked reduction in neighborhood crime. Relatively minor investments in treatment for those suffering mental illness mean fewer people in jail and more contributing members to society.  There's no denying the irrational increase in prison spending, and its impact on state budgets and our nation's children. But there is something you can do about it.  Sign our petition to tell America's governors to support the NAACP's reforms that will focus on making sure we invest in schools, not prisons.  Take action now at:


Act Now to Protect Schoolchildren in New Mexico!-- Urgent message from Michael Goldfield March 19, 2011.  Tell Governor Martinez to sign law against corporal (physical) punishment is public schools!  Learn more and take action at:


Attn: Red River Academy Survivors & Families--March, 2011 Rescue In Need of Your Help!--HEAL has received a request from a parent who is trying to rescue their child from Red River Academy right now.  The family needs statements from former victims for the case.  Please contact if you can help.   Thank you!


Take Action to Improve Schools!--Are our schools really great? For your children? For ALL children?  Some of our legislators think that. Is that why there is very little change in education, and why education is continuing to be cut year after year?  Take a look at what one legislator said about education in a public hearing this week.  Then, send our decision-makers a message. Urge them to support legislation that will help improve our schools.


Take Action Against Police Brutality Against Minors!--A shocking video released last week shows four Houston police officers mercilessly beating a 15-year old burglary suspect while at least eight other officers looked on. Some kicked him repeatedly in the head and legs, others punched his torso — all while young Chad Holley was lying face down with his

hands behind his head in surrender.  The officers who beat Holley have only been charged with misdemeanors, and many of the officers on the scene that day are still working as police officers in Houston. It’s time to demand real accountability for the Houston Police Department — and when we do, it’ll send a clear message to other departments with a

similar problem. It starts with the four officers who brutalized Holley, but it can’t stop there. What happened to Chad Holley isn’t merely an isolated incident — it’s the result of a police culture in Houston (and in police departments across the nation) that places little value on Black lives.  Your voice can help change that. Please join us in calling on Attorney General Eric

Holder to investigate Chad Holley’s brutal beating, and the culture that led to it. And please ask your friends and family to do the same — it’s the first step for reform in Houston and can help shine a light on police brutality in other parts of the country:




Make Quality Education a Priority in Washington!--Washington’s students deserve the most effective teachers.  However, when schools are forced to layoff teachers due to budget cuts, seniority trumps effectiveness. This means a good teacher can be laid off, while a teacher everyone knows is unsatisfactory is kept. This is not in the best interests of our students.  A proposal, Senate Bill 5399, would allow districts in the unfortunate circumstance of having to layoff teachers, let go of teachers rated unsatisfactory first. We believe this bill deserves a public discussion. However, we are frustrated that Senator Rosemary McAuliffe, chair of the Senate Early Learning & K-12 Committee, will not allow a public discussion in her committee.  Contact Senator McAuliffe and urge her to hold a public hearing on Senate Bill 5399. Or call her Olympia office at (360) 786-7600.


Keep Washington Schools Safe from Discrimination!--Now, the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)

is considering rules that would roll back the civil rights we fought for and allow Washington School Districts to avoid legal liability for acts of discrimination.  These proposed rules threaten to weaken the law and undermine existing protections for women. Submit your comment to Randy Dorn, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, and tell him not adopt the proposed regulations. Our online system makes this easy.  Take Action Now! Send your letter now to Governor Gregoire, Randy Dorn and the Office of Superintendent of Public Education urging them to reject the proposed OSPI Rules. 


BOYCOTT DR. PHIL BECAUSE HE CONTINUES TO REFER AND ENROLL "GUESTS" INTO ABUSIVE PROGRAMS!! -- On Monday, September 27th, 2010 (Troubled Teens Update--Episode Title).  In 2003, Dr. Phil was profiling a family with a 12 year old girl with Reactive Attachment Disorder. At the end of the segment, Dr. Phil announced that he was sending the girl to Provo Canyon. In his words Provo Canyon "has a proven track record of helping young people." The parents, of course, were clueless, and agreed to this immediately. We need to flood the Dr. Phil show with letters, faxes and emails. Dr. Phil has repeatedly referred children to abusive programs.  The Dr. Phil website still refers to Copper Canyon Academy (Aspen Education Group) and Provo Canyon School as of December 28th, 2009!  And, as recently as September 27th, 2010 he referred to Academy at Swift River, another Aspen Education Group program.  Send an e-mail by visiting: or snail-mail him at: Dr. Phil Show, 5482 Wilshire Boulevard #1902, Los Angeles, CA 90036.  Don't watch or support Dr. Phil and his child-abuse-profiteering.


Tell Custer County to "Just Say No" to New "Boys Ranch"!--Please contact Custer County (CO) Planning and Zoning and tell them to deny approval for the new "Pines Ranch/Pines Boys Ranch" (business partners--White Pines Boys Ranch in Lind, NV).  These programs are based on Utah models and lack proper regulation.  Pleased contact Custer County today to express your feeling about opening another "teen program" with Utah-ties


Ask Your Senators to Vote "No" on "Community Health Workers Act"!--Senate Bill 319, "Community Health Workers Act of 2009" was introduced by Sen. Bingaman (D-NM) and Sen. Durbin (D-IL).  The purpose of this bill is to provide behavioral and mental health interventions to poor and minority women and children.  Sen. Bingaman is attempting to expand his state's failed juvenile system to the federal system.  Even in state run facilities in New Mexico, there have been severe problems.  Beyond this, the NM Children, Youth, and Family Department utilizes OptumHealth (based out of Utah) for referrals to behavioral health programs including those operated by notoriously fraudulent and abusive programs like Provo Canyon School and Aspen Education Group/CRC Health.  Sen. Bingaman is looking to fast-track and fund the placement of children in programs unfit for human service.  His partner in this faulty and misleading legislation is Sen. Durbin.  Sen. Durbin has voted to fund programs like Teen Challenge.  Based on the language and intent as well as the practical history of both senators in this regard, HEAL requests that you tell your senators to vote "no" on Senate Bill 319.  Please ask your senator to refuse to co-sponsor and vote "no" on this misleading legislation. 


DREDF Seeks Information about Special Education Students in California County Jails & Adult State Prison:

The Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, Inc. (DREDF) is conducting an investigation into whether young people with disabilities are receiving special education and related services as guaranteed under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). We are interested in information about county jails anywhere within the state of California, or within the California state prison system for adults. In particular, we are interested in contact from or on behalf of people who have all of the following characteristics:

  • youth ages 18-21;

  • previously identified as special education students in the California public school system;

  • have not yet received a high school diploma; and

  • currently or recently incarcerated in a county jail in California or adult state prison facility.

If you are interested in contacting us, we request information including:

  • your name and contact information (including CDCR number and housing if you are currently incarcerated, mailing address, city and a telephone number or e-mail address);

  • detail about the disability and special education history of the student;

  • which California county jail or state prison facility;

  • date(s) of incarceration

  • whether special education and related services were or are being provided.

Any communication will be treated as confidential to our office. However, if you contact us DREDF staff may respond to you by telephone or e-mail to follow up on the information that you provide, unless you explicitly tell us not to contact you. You may contact us as follows:

Attn: Special Education in California County Jails & Adult State Prison>
Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, Inc. (DREDF)
2212 Sixth Street
Berkeley, CA 94710
Tel: 510.644.2555 (V/TTY)
Fax: 510.841.8645


Call to Boycott Multiple States for Complicity in Fraud and Child Abuse:  Below is a table of states we are calling on the public to boycott.  If you choose to boycott any or all of the following states, please contact the governor(s) for those states and let them know why you are boycotting and how you intend to implement your boycott of their state(s).  A boycott can include not visiting the state, but, also, not purchasing any goods made or grown in those states.  We are providing a brief description of the reasoning behind the boycott(s) as well as government contact information below:

Boycott State & Reasoning Contact Governor(s)

See for information on government corruption and complicity in fraudulent and/or abusive facilities.

Governor Gary Herbert


Dozens of survivors of multiple programs in Indiana have spoken out against abuse in both private and government-run institutions.  Hephzibah House is still operating and Indiana has done little to nothing to shut them down.  A recent article shows rampant sexual abuse at Indiana facilities for minors.  The abuse needs to stop and if we can't provide an encouraging and respectful environment so those who fell through the cracks of our society can get a leg up and a chance at success, then, we should be humble enough to accept our limitations and respectful enough of freedom to protect the rights of the most vulnerable, our children.

Governor Mitch Daniels



North Carolina was recently well-informed about the unprofessional practices and "credentials" of New Leaf Academy (Aspen Education Group).  After the stink was raised, New Leaf announced it was closing its doors and Aspen announced they were going to use the site for a "new" program, Talisman.  This is completely unacceptable and shows that North Carolina is not willing to protect American families from unscrupulous outfits like Aspen Education Group.
Governor Bev Perdue


Take Action to Stop Violence Against Girls!--Being born a girl. It sounds simple. But even in 2010, it's amazing just how dangerous it can be.  One in three girls will be assaulted in their lifetimes. Girls are at increased risk for abuse, trafficking, and violence at school.  But today, we have a chance to stop the violence: Right now, Congress is considering The International Violence Against Women Act (H.R. 4594, S. 2982), which would define a strategic foreign policy approach to combating and responding to violence against women and girls.  It's an amazing chance for girls around the world. But we urgently need your help to get it passed.  Will you take a moment right now and urge your Congressional leaders to support the International Violence Against Women Act?


Take A Stand Against Child Marriage/Child Rape!--Recently, I was deeply saddened to hear about the 12-year-old Yemeni girl who died of internal bleeding from intercourse just days after being forced to marry a 23-year-old man.  This child was just one of many girls who suffer and, even, die as a result of early marriage.  No girl deserves the lifelong consequences that result from early marriage. Please, help stop this human rights violation by signing our petition today to help end child marriage.


Attn: Provo Canyon School Survivors and Victims, WE NEED YOUR HELP!--Provo Canyon School filed a baseless lawsuit against Angela and Catherine Smith (the HEAL website-owner/webmasters).  Help us protect all survivors' rights to free speech!  Contact us now if you are willing to provide a sworn statement or testimony to aid on our defense!  We need to build the strongest case possible.  Contact us to help!






Boycott Montel Williams, "Shame On You" for Sending a Child to Red Rock Canyon School and Endorsing Abusive Programs:  On Thursday, July 19th, 2007, the Montel Show enrolled a child (escorts and all) in Red Rock Canyon School.  The episode was sensationally called "Ticking Time Bombs: People On The Edge".  Red Rock Canyon School in St. George, UT is an abusive behavior modification program.  “A $6 million wrongful-death lawsuit, (was) filed in U.S. District Court by parents of the teenage girl, Katherine Lank, who fell into a deep crevice while hiking. It was filed against the Red Rock Canyon School, St. George, Utah, on May 28, 2002. The suit, accuses the school of negligence and breach of contract, asks for $5 million in compensatory damages, and $1 million in punitive damages and attorney fees. The Lanks have also demanded a jury trial.”  Further information about this is in the article by Michael Vigh of the Salt Lake Tribune.  In February of 2008, Montel referred children to Eagle Ranch Academy and continues to endorse their abusive program as of December 29th, 2009!  Please contact Montel Williams at:


Attn: Montel Williams

Viewer Services
The Montel Williams Show
433 West 53rd St.
New York, NY 10019


Express your outrage at this blatant assault on youth and support of a corrupt and unregulated industry!  Don't watch or support Montel Williams and his child-abuse-profiteering.


Take Action Against Forced Circumcision of Boys!--"Very compelling."  That's how Susan Blank – who chairs the American Academy of Pediatricians' task force on circumcision – described studies of adult males in sub-Saharan Africa that suggest circumcision reduces the risk of HIV transmission.  Well, here's what we think is very compelling: circumcising babies is wrong – ethically, morally, and medically. It's shocking to think Dr. Blank and her task force are considering policy recommendations for baby boys in the United States based on misconstrued data from controversial African studies.  Send a message directly to Dr. Blank today and urge the AAP task force not to recommend circumcision.


Contact Mississippi Attorney General and Demand Investigation into Child-Torturing Mayor of Gautier, MS!--Tommy Fortenberry, formerly sued and settled for torturing children at Bethel Boys Academy in Lucedale, MS, is the current mayor of Gautier, MS!  Fortenberry was sued for fraud as well as torturing minors in his care.  Please contact US Attorney General Eric Holder and MS Attorney General Jim Hood and tell them to investigate Fortenberry and remove this child-abusing fraud from office!  Suggested letter:

Dear Attorney General Holder/Hood:

I am horrified and disgusted that a man who defrauded families and abused children for profit is currently the mayor of Gautier, MS.  I ask that you immediately open an investigation into Mr. Fortenberry.  He transported a child across state lines from Illinois to Mississippi for an illegal purpose (to commit fraud, slavery, and child abuse/torture).  Please see the court papers at

Mr. Fortenberry should not be allowed to do to Gautier what he has done to so many families.  Please investigate and prosecute to the furthest extent of the law.

Thank you for your time.

(Your Name Here)


Require Licensing for ALL Child Care Centers!--Child care licensing establishes minimal health and safety standards. Yet only 12 states nationwide license child care centers and family child care homes, and only one state requires quarterly inspections of these settings.  Without licensing or inspections, states cannot safeguard the health, development and well-being of children in care. Take action >>



Support Freedom Of Trafficking Victim Sara Kruzan! --Kruzan is a victim of child-traffickers and is currently facing life without parole.  Please read and sign petition at:


Tell Vermont to Immediately Dismiss Rae Ann Knopf of Aspen Education Group from her Deputy Commissioner of Education Office!--Below is how the Vermont Business Magazine reported the news:

"Rae Ann Knopf of St Johnsbury was confirmed as Vermont’s Deputy Commissioner of Education by the State Board of Education in a special meeting today. Knopf, who most recently served as the Assistant Director for Student Support and Safe and Healthy Schools, also serves as the department’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) coordinator.

“We on the State Board of Education are excited about Rae Ann Knopf's appointment as Deputy Commissioner,” said Board Chair Fayneese Miller. “I have had the pleasure of watching her expertly steward the department and our education partners through the complexities of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. I personally look forward to working with her and the commissioner as we continue our work on the transformation of education in Vermont. ”

Rae Ann Knopf has worked nationally over the last 26 years to establish learning communities where young people can thrive and realize their true potential. She uses her experience as a school administrator, clinical director, corporate executive and organizational development specialist to lead statewide efforts to continue strengthening Vermont’s educational system by implementing tiered systems of support and intervention for academics and behavior."

The reality is that Aspen Education Group and behavior modification/brainwashing programs are being transferred into the public sector.  This is unacceptable.  Please contact the Vermont Department of Education (contact info available through link or e-mail: and tell them that hiring anyone who touts his/her experience working in the fraudulent and abusive teen "help" industry (especially confirmedly abusive organizations like Aspen Education Group) is not fit to work with or determine what is best for children in public schools.

Sample Letter:

Dear Vermont Department of Education,

I understand that you have recently appointed Rae Ann Knopf, formerly with Aspen Education Group, to Deputy Commissioner of Education.  I highly recommend you do a thorough review of the Aspen Education Group enterprise.  Many of their facilities are run by former/current CEDU cult members and recently two of their facilities are under state and federal investigation for wrongful deaths and abuse.  I don't believe the people of Vermont would approve of their children being educated by someone with connections to what amounts to organized crime.  I suggest you immediately open an investigation on Rae Ann Knopf and take immediate action to protect Vermont's school children and families from irreparable harm.

For more information, please visit and related links.


Your Name Here


Demand Sex Education That Works!--The Bush administration spent eight years and more than $1 billion on ineffective "abstinence-only" programs that censored information about birth control.  The legacy of those programs is a teen health crisis: one in four American girls has a sexually transmitted disease and the teen birth rate is up in 26 states.  It's time to demand responsible, accurate sex-education for teens. »


Tell Pres. Obama to Sign the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child!--Over nearly 20 years, 193 nations have stood up one by one to declare their commitment to protecting children by ratifying the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.  The Convention protects children by defining their basic human rights: the right to live free from violence, protected from exploitation, the right to learn and the right to live a healthy life.The Convention ensures nations support all actions and policies in the best interests of children. Only 2 countries have yet to show their support by ratifying the Convention—Somalia and the United StatesThis cannot continue.  Sign the petition now so that children no longer pay the price for the United States' delay.


Attn: Teen Challenge Survivors--Write Comment Shedding the Light of Truth About Teen Challenge on Recent News "Story"!-- Visit to leave a comment exposing the fraud and abuse at Teen Challenge programs!


Attn:  All Survivors/Victims of Teen Programs, Comment on the film "Boot Camp" Today!--"Boot Camp" starring Peter Stormare is set to be released on DVD on August 25th, 2009.  There are already comments growing on the product information page for this film.  Join other survivors/victims in speaking out against the industry and confirm that "Boot Camp" is bad, but, the programs are worse.  Take Action Now!


Sign Petition Demanding Acknowledgment & Action Regarding Abuse at AARC in Canada!--AARC is a Straight, Inc. spin-off program that is currently torturing children in Canada.  Please sign petition requesting validation of harm to victims and request to investigate, regulate, and/or close AARC!  Sign petition now at:


Tell the Eloy City Council to Cancel Plans to Allow Three Springs to Expand Teen Torture Enterprise in Eloy!--Last week, City Council members unanimously approved a conditional use permit for Three Springs to build its 17,900 square foot, secured facility on a 2.27-acre site, northeast corner of Hunt Avenue and Court Drive.   Three Springs is notoriously abusive.  For information on abuse at Three Springs programs, click here.  Contact the Mayor of Eloy, Byron Jackson and tell Mr. Jackson that Three Springs is an abusive, cult-like facility.  Here is a suggested letter format:

Dear Mr. Jackson,

It has come to my attention that the City of Eloy is permitting Three Springs to build a troubled teen facility in your city.  Three Springs is one of many abusive behavior modification programs under investigation and cited by watchdog organizations that work to expose institutionalized child abuse.  Please see the statements from victims and former employees highlighting the abusive methods at Three Springs by visiting

Also, I recommend you review the recent congressional hearings at and legislation (HR 911, Stop Child Abuse in Residential Programs Act of 2009-- see 

I highly recommend for the safety of your community and the families of Eloy that you stop Three Springs from entering your city, corrupting your people, and harming your children and families.  Stop the construction, void the permits, and don't allow Three Springs to hurt Arizona families with their deceptive marketing, fraud, and child abuse. 


(your name here)


Take Action to Protect School Children from Civil Rights Violations!--When Savana Redding was just 13 years old, she was strip-searched by school officials for allegedly possessing prescription-strength ibuprofen. This traumatizing search was based solely on the false and uncorroborated accusation of a classmate who was caught with similar pills.  Overzealous school officials violated Savana's rights and called into question basic constitutional protections for all students in schools across America.  This morning, the Supreme Court heard arguments from ACLU attorney Adam Wolf in this powerful case.  Savana and her mother, April, recorded a short video with Graham Boyd, an attorney here at the ACLU who is working with them. I think you’ll find it moving to meet a real hero who’s taken her case to the Supreme Court.  Please watch this powerful video, and send a message of support to Savana and her mother.


Take Action to Stop Institutionalized Abuse in Mississippi's Private Prison for Children/Teens-- Today we filed suit to stop the horrible abuse of children at a Mississippi detention center, where they are confined in filthy, bug-infested cells for 23 hours a day with no adequate mental health or education services. Our client, D.W., is a 17-year-old African-American youth who endured a brutal physical assault by guards who slammed his face into a concrete floor. After a week at the facility, he tried to hang himself with a bed sheet. But rather than provide him counseling, guards harassed and taunted him — telling him his mother no longer cared and would not visit him again.  The children held at the Harrison County Juvenile Detention Center in Biloxi are not hardened criminals. Most are accused of minor, nonviolent offenses and are simply awaiting court hearings.  This detention center is operated for profit by a company that has blocked civil rights investigators from inspecting the facility, even though they have a right under federal law to monitor the conditions there.   Dozens of other children describe their own nightmarish experiences. Because their cells were overcrowded, many slept on the floor next to dirty toilets. Infections were rampant. Guards were quick to use violence. One teen described conditions as "unbearable" and said children were treated like "dogs." It's appalling that a private company is being allowed to profit from the misery and suffering of these children.  This lawsuit is just one of the strategies we're using to protect children from a broken system that would rather spend money on prisons than mental health services and education. Across the country, thousands of children — disproportionately black and many suffering from mental disabilities — are being needlessly incarcerated for petty offenses.  We're doing everything we can to stop this unconscionable abuse. You can help by adding your voice to this fight. Click here to tell Harrison County officials to stop abusing children. We'll make sure they get your message.


Tell Steve Wilkos "Shame on You for Supporting Institutionalized Child Abuse!"--Last week Steve Wilkos assisted in the "enrollment" (kidnap and unlawful imprisonment) of a teen on his show into confirmedly abusive Abundant Life Academy.  Please contact Steve Wilkos and tell him that he made an error in placing a child at Abundant Life Academy and that if he has any ethics he'll advocate for the teen's immediate rescue and return home.  Contact Steve now.  (Visit for talking points and additional information on Abundant Life Academy.)  Sample Letter:

Dear Mr. Wilkos,

I am writing to ask that you investigate services to which you refer your viewers for assistance.  You recently aired an episode in which you helped enroll a teen in Abundant Life Academy in Utah.  Abundant Life Academy was closed down in Mexico due to human rights violations and abuse and moved to Utah since it is a safehaven for abusive programs.  You can learn more about Abundant Life Academy and its sordid history, by visiting:


The House of Representatives recently passed HR 911, the "Stop Child Abuse in Residential Programs Act of 2009".  That legislation is now in the Senate HELP Committee.  At this time, there is no regulation or oversight at programs like Abundant Life Academy and even programs with no public history of abuse are being exposed as frauds, child-torturers, pedophiles, and killers.  Please watch the hearings exposing this industry at


If you have any sense of social responsibility, you will cease and desist sponsoring or endorsing unregulated and/or confirmedly abusive programs such as Abundant Life Academy. 


Thank you for your time.


(your name here)


Please Take Action to Help "Free Nathan" from Heartlight Ministries Program/Cult:  Visit to learn more and get involved!


Tell Country Music Television that Exploiting Troubled Families is Irresponsible!--CMT is starting a new series in April called "World's Strictest Parents" where teenagers are forced to live with "host" families who have "strict values and rules" (apparently not strict enough to avoid televising and exploiting children for personal gain).  Please write CMT and let them know why "World's Strictest Parents" is exploitative and not representative of ethical family values.  Here is the contact info:

Address: Country Music Television

330 Commerce St.
Nashville, TN 37201

Phone: 615-335-8400
Fax: 615-335-8614
Online Forums


Attn: Logan River Academy Survivors and Familes--WE NEED YOUR IMMEDIATE HELP!--HEAL is working to help a parent rescue his/her child from Logan River Academy.  We need your statements to help show the court why Logan River is not appropriate.  Please contact us immediately if you can help.


Contact Minnesota Congress and Tell Them to Oppose and Remove Any and All State Funding of Teen Challenge!--Contact Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar and ask her to withdraw her earmark for MN Teen Challenge:  Please also contact Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison and ask him to oppose the MNTC earmark:  For talking points against Teen Challenge, click here.  According to a recent article (December 16th, 2009), Minnesota is still funding Teen Challenge.  Keep the pressure on!


Sign Petition to Strengthen Indiana's Child Protection Laws!--This petition is aimed at regulating and/or closing abusive programs such as Hephzibah House.  Read and sign the petition at:

Tell Blue Cross/Blue Shield Insurance to Stop Covering Abusive Treatment Programs!--Write your local Blue Cross/Blue Shield and alert them that they have likely been repeatedly defrauded by a scam-artists masquerading as residential treatment, wilderness, and behavior modification programs.  Here is a suggested letter format:

Dear Blue Cross/Blue Shield Representative:

I am writing you today to alert you to the likelihood that you have been repeatedly defrauded by a number of "treatment" programs advertising and reporting services to you not rendered to your clients.

Congress and the Government Accountability Office have been investigating the rampant abuses including fraud, torture, deceptive marketing and wrongful deaths of children in these programs.  The Surgeon General and National Institute of Health have determined that these programs are at best proven ineffective and harmful to children and their families.

To learn more about this issue, please visit:,,, and

If you review the above information and materials, I believe you will understand that the detriment of covering these fraudulent practices far outweigh the benefit of covering them.  It is unsound to cover experimental treatments that are known to be ineffective and harmful.

Thank you for your time.


(your name here)


Sign Petition to End Juvenile Death Penalty!--Join a global initiative to end-once and for all-the practice of executing people for crimes committed as children.


Ask Michael Moore to Make his Next Project an Expose' on Teen Torture Industry!--Michael Moore is a well publicized advocate for progressive causes ranging from gross civil rights abuses to medical and pharmaceutical corruption.  It is time he addressed the one issue that is at the heart of the destruction of our country, the teen torture industry.  You can write Michael Moore at  Here is a sample letter:

Dear Mr. Moore,

I am writing you today to ask that you investigate and expose the rampant fraud, torture, and death in residential and wilderness programs for teens.  Congress and the Government Accountability Office have been reviewing this problem since October of 2007.  See the hearings at and  The teeth of the bill (HR 6358), passed by the house, were removed and will do nothing substantive to regulate this industry that has been torturing and killing children and destroying families for decades.  You can learn more about this issue by visiting:,, and  Please consider making your next documentary an expose' on this corrupt, unethical, and lethal industry.  Thank you for your time and consideration.



(Your Name)


Attn: Straight, Inc. Survivors--Tell Straight, Inc.  to At Least Apologize for Their Acts!-- Learn more and sign petition at:




Tell Oprah Winfrey to Investigate and Expose Dr. Phil McGraw's Child Abuse & Exploitation!--E-mail Oprah





Attention Behavior Modification/Residential Treatment Survivors Abused in Texas!  Please Contact Journalist Andrea Ball!--Journalist Andrea Ball is currently working on a story about abuses in Texas.  Here is what Ms. Ball had to say, "Essentially, I'm writing about psychiatric RTCs in Texas. I'm not -- at this juncture -- looking at drug or alcohol rehab places. I'd love particularly to hear from anyone in the Austin, Round rock, San Marcos area, but all of Texas would be great."  Please contact Andrea Ball if you are willing and able to contribute in her efforts.  Thanks! 



Were You or Someone You Love Defrauded and Abused by Teen Challenge?  Join the Lawsuit!--  Click here to request more information!



Attn: Survivors of Trinity Teen Youth Solutions and Mount Carmel Youth Ranch--Lawsuit!--If you are a survivor or immediate family of a victim of Trinity Teen Youth Solutions or Mount Carmel Youth Ranch please contact us at and we will put you in touch with an attorney working on a lawsuit against them.  Attorney is looking specifically for victims of physical abuse, injury, or death.  Please contact us if you want to get involved or help!  Thanks!




Boycott McDonald's and Ronald McDonald House Charities!--McDonald's, the fast-food giant, has donated over $30,000 to St. Christopher Inc., a "faith-based" residential treatment center (behavior modification program) to help "turn around "troubled teens"".  Please boycott McDonald's for putting money into abuse instead of family and community!  Tell McDonald's you are boycotting them and why!






Tell Pacific Institute of Medical Sciences, "Stop Experimenting on Children and Teens"--An advertisement soliciting parents to enroll their child to be experimented on appeared in last week's newspaper.  The add reads: "Lack of interest, troubled, strange thoughts & words, withdrawn,  DO THESE WORDS DESCRIBE YOUR TEEN?  There may be something more you can do!  A clinical research study in your area is currently enrolling teens between the ages of 13-17 years.  Study participants receive...compensation (financial) for time and travel."  Yes, let these people pay you to exploit and experiment on your child!  No way!  Contact Pacific Institute of Medical Sciences today and tell them that you are appalled by their unethical and unscrupulous business practices.  Leave our children alone!





TELL THE UNITED WAY "STOP SUPPORTING PROVO CANYON SCHOOL NOW!":  The United Way of Utah County currently refers families to Provo Canyon School, a notoriously abusive behavior modification program that has been destroying lives for over 30 years.  To learn more about the abuses at Provo Canyon School, visit:,,, and/or  Please contact the United Way of Utah County and tell them to stop supporting child abuse!  And, please contact the National United Way leadership to report this abuse of public trust at the United Way of Utah County, by referring families to Provo Canyon School!   



SIGN PETITION DEMANDING THE CLOSURE OF WWASPS PROGRAMS NOW!:  According to Representative Miller of California, “There is a laundry list of abuse of children at WWASPS schools: deprivation of food, deprivation of contact with their peers, physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, and parents are paying big money for services not rendered."  Sign petition now at: 


SIGN CLOSE PROVO CANYON SCHOOL PETITION NOW!—Please take a moment to sign the Close Provo Canyon School Now petition located at  Provo Canyon School is one of many snake pit schools that HEAL is targeting in the teen liberation campaign.  



SIGN PETITION FOR CHILDREN'S RIGHTS IN OREGON: Children in the city of Portland, OR have written a Bill of Rights for Children stating they "have the right to loving care and a healthy environment at home" and the "right to be safe in our homes... and to be protected from all types of abuse and exploitation, whether physical, verbal, emotional or sexual, and to be supported in reporting and combating abuse." Please click here  to read and sign their petition.



Stop TeenScreen’s Unscientific and Experimental “Mental Health Screening” of American School Children:  TeenScreen is just one of  many moves to bring abusive, invasive, and corrupt mind-altering programs to public schools.  Take action now at: http://www.petition TScreen/petition .html



SUPPORT THE CHRISTOPHER BILL - THE JUVENILE JUSTICE REFORM ACT: In SC and other US states, children as young as 10 are being arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced as adults under mandatory sentencing mandates. Children are being sentenced to mandatory terms created to net young people involved in gang violence and the drug trades. Children are being sentenced to life without parole. Often under the influence of prescription drugs, otherwise average and above average children commit unthinkable crimes. These children are then thrown into a court and sentencing system designed for hardcore adult criminals. Mandatory sentencing does not take into consideration the past non-violent social history or the effects strong prescription drugs have on young minds. The results are ruined young lives. We need your support. Please sign this petition and lend your name to the pursuit of Juvenile Justice.   Your signature will affirm the belief that we need this slightly major problem  corrected. Immediately.    Please give a moment of your life so that children will retain many moments for their own lives.  You do make a difference.  Sign petition at:



PLEASE ASK THE MCILHENNEY COMPANY TO HELP PROTECT CHILDREN FROM ABUSE:  Many parents are using Tabasco sauce as a punishment for their children.  This is an abusive measure and can only be administered under duress.  Please ask The McIlhenney Company to put a warning label on their product stating that product is not intended for and should not be used to punish children.  You may e-mail them at:






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