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HEAL is an egalitarian network of activists self-empowered to plan events, create change, and make the world a better place for all life.  Our goals include the liberation of humans, nonhuman animals, and the earth!  We work in cooperation with like-minded organizations that put compassion in action!

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HEAL was founded in 2002 as a registered student organization at the University of Washington.  In 2005, upon the graduation of the founding members, HEAL moved off campus to continue our efforts.  Since 2005, we have expanded our activist network and now have thousands of volunteers in the US and around the world.


One of our founders, Angela Smith, started a personal website exposing institutionalized abuse and covering various social issues Ms. Smith found of compelling interest (i.e. environmental issues, animal welfare, etc.) in 1998.  Due to our network's desire to address all issues affecting the quality of life for all people, we continue to support other organizations, networks, and individuals that focus on a variety of issues addressed by our campaigns.


Our primary campaign is Teen Liberty.  Teen Liberty is the title we have applied to our agenda to expose and close abusive and fraudulent behavior modification programs.  Behavior modification programs include, but are not limited to: therapeutic boarding schools, boot camps, residential treatment centers, wilderness programs, wilderness camps, and faith-based group homes.  Most of our chapter coordinators are survivors of abusive behavior modification programs.  And, as a network, we focus 99% of our efforts and resources on the Teen Liberty Campaign.


If you are an activist working on any issue we support including Teen Liberty, Prison Reform, Human Rights, Animal Welfare, and/or Environmental Protection/Sustainability, and you would like our assistance, please click here for important information.







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open letter & invitation for Behavior modification Industry


HEAL is taking this opportunity to make, explicitly known and understood, our invitation to behavior modification programs to submit requests to HEAL for dialogue regarding our concerns and their wishes to see our website changed or edited.  We stand by the content on our website.  However, we are very reasonable people and have written an open letter (click here) to the behavior modification industry (including individual programs) detailing the guidelines for interaction and discussion between our network and themselves.  These guidelines are detailed on pages throughout our website as well.  But, because of recent attacks by Craig Rogers of Abundant Life Academy and others, we felt it was time to make our policies and position on these issues boldly explicit.  If you are a program that wishes to engage in legitimate discussion with HEAL and/or the HEAL network, please read our letter at for important details.  (Also see, HEAL: Special Report--Communicating with Programs and Request Log.)

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HEAL is a grassroots network of families working with each other to stop crimes against humanity.  We value every human, animal, plant, and inspiration that participates in creation.  We love pizza and music and movies and gardens and forests and mountains and valleys and rivers and oceans and laughter and joy and everything everyone does to make the world the wonderfully and amazingly beautiful world it is now.  We would have nothing without each other.  And, we stand united!  Be excellent to each other always!!!

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