This is a  staff list for Shenandoah Ranch Academy for Young Men AND Shenandoah Haven Academy for Girls in Cleveland, TN

(aka Shenandoah Baptist Academy, SBC Ministries aka Haven for Girls)

(we are working to acquire the complete records for ALL years)


We advise current and/or former staff to report any abuses you may have witnessed while working at Shenandoah Baptist Academy.  For information on your rights and how to take action, visit  If you were fired or forced to resign because you opposed any illegal and/or unethical practices at Shenandoah Baptist Academy, you have the right to take action. 


If you were harmed (family or survivor) by Shenandoah Baptist Academy, please contact if you remember the long-term employees and from which years.  This will help!   Also, if you recognize any of these staff as having worked at another program, please send in any information about their past or present employment at other facilities and/or cults.


At this time, Shenandoah Baptist Academy, is under preliminary investigation.




Additional Information
David Osuna Co-Director Shenandoah Ranch Academy for Young Men
Adrienne Osuna Co-Director  
Cody Osuna Co-Director  
Shane Osuna Co-Director  
Steve Grubbs Founder/Executive Director ALL SHENANDOAH PROGRAMS.  Former senior pastor of the church and was replaced by his son Jason in 2007 so he could focus on fundraising.  Grubbs was the senior pastor from 1987 through 2007, when his son replaced him as senior pastor.
Keith Patterson Asst. Director  
James Scott Staff Evangelist  
Isaac Davis Principal/Administrator Shenandoah Baptist Academy
Jennifer Taylor Pre-School Director  
Michelle Huskey Elementary Music  
Jessica Blevins 1st/2nd Grade  
Lori Hayes 3rd/4th Grade  
Kym May 5th/6th Grade  
Sean Hobbs Science  
Davis Ratcliff Math  
Matt Franklin Co-Director Shenandoah Haven Academy for Girls
Jenni Franklin Co-Director  
Jed Franklin Co-Director  
Cali Franklin Co-Director  
Jeff Steuerwald Teacher/Asst. Director  
Jessica Steuerwald Teacher  
Jenna Steuerwald Teacher  
Megan Steuerwald Teacher  
Adrianna Gorniak Secretary  
Brent Coley Senior Pastor Shenandoah Baptist Church (SBC Ministries)
Josh Grubbs Associate Pastor  
Jason Grubbs Former Senior Pastor Son of Steve Grubbs who stepped down as senior pastor in 2010 when Coley took the job.  Jason was senior pastor from 2007 to 2010, when Coley took the job.
Kim Grubbs Staff (the Haven)  
(Shenandoah Baptist Academy, like many other programs in this industry, keeps a "tight lid" on any specific information regarding their staff, qualifications, and practices.  Please contact us with the names of any staff of which you have firsthand knowledge or experience.  Thank you for your help.)
HEAL has received one family complaint and one complaint by clergy regarding the practices and alleged abuses at this program.  This program does not keep it's enrollment materials online and does not describe in detail.  HEAL is investigating.


 Last Updated: November 6th, 2019

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