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Parental Advisory:  HEAL regrets to inform you that we have yet to find a "good" treatment program for children and teens. At this time, we recommend you seek local solutions, primarily family therapy. 

Like the sasquatch, "good" behavior modification or therapeutic programs for children and teens are rumored to exist.  However, it is HEAL's experience that it is more likely than not that there is no such entity.  Therefore, we are extending this invitation to all programs out there who believe they are not harming children and that they actually do help children and families to enlighten us.


HEAL is not an unreasonable organization.  What we require, in order to appease our minds in regards to your program, is as follows:


1.  We require a signed letter from the director of your individual program stating that all information provided to us by said program is true to your program and accurate and complete in detail.


2.  A blank copy of all waivers, contracts, and program rules and regulations as told to parents/required for parents to sign as well as those given to children enrolled in the program.


If upon receiving and reading such information our organization finds that the children in your program are not being abused, meaning there are no red flags or warning signs matching in word or spirit those as can be found at www.heal-online.org/warn.htm, we will remove your qualifying program from our site and in its place we will put up an apology to your program for judging the program erroneously for one month's time.  However, if upon receiving the requested documents we find that your program continues to raise red flags for us, we will continue to exercise our rights to free speech and tell the world exactly what we think of your program based on the information we currently have and any further information we gather based on materials provided.  In addition, we will not remove any program listed as confirmedly abusive from our website.  This offer is extended only to unknown or suspect programs.


Our number one goal as an organization is to protect children from harm.  When we suspect an organization or facility to be causing harm to children, we post them as suspect.  If we have even one survivor of the program contact us with their story of abuse, we list the program as confirmedly abusive. 


We have given you the opportunity to correct this matter.  If in fact your program does not violate civil or human rights guaranteed, even to children, under the US Constitution and the UN Declaration on Human Rights, and does not meet the criteria as described above of an abusive program, we will take the actions stated.  We believe this is fair and just.  Our goal is to protect children and families from unscrupulous programs that make money by abusing children and defrauding families. 


Please contact HEAL to advocate for the merits of your program.  You may send the requested materials enumerated above to:  HEAL, 126 SW 148th St., Suite C100-422, Seattle, WA 98166-1984. 


HEAL is not a referral service.  We do not advocate placement of children in unregulated, private, behavior modification programs or segregated congregate care facilities.  Please do not contact us for referrals or approval of your subjecting a child to this corrupt and destructive industry.  If you believe you have enrolled your child in a troubled program for teens, please review our questionnaire to see if you have contracted with a troubled program.






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