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HEAL is an egalitarian network of activists self-empowered to plan events, create change, and make the world a better place for all life.  Our goals include the liberation of humans, nonhuman animals, and the earth!  We work in cooperation with like-minded organizations that put compassion in action!

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HEAL has been exposing fraud and institutionalized abuse since 2002.  In that time, we've seen dozens of programs close.  And, some of them actually falsely attribute their financial difficulties to the online campaigns exposing the truth about their practices.  The reality is that the truth is setting children and families free from fraud and abuse.  And, that truth is simply the reporting of the actions of those who commit fraud and abuse.  To put it simply, but for the actions of fraudulent and abusive programs, there would be nothing to report.  So, it is the actions of fraudulent and abusive programs that is to blame for their own failures.  It is never wise to create a business model based on deception, lies, extortion, fraud, and abuse.  Any intelligent person could tell you that.  And, you likely know it yourself if you are reading this page. 

That said, HEAL's excellence in reporting has apparently become a source of frustration for the behavior modification/family exploitation industry.  The first sign of this was the website launched by Pathway Family Center supporters attacking HEAL KY, Bill Earnshaw (Co-Founder of ISAC), and victims of Pathway Family Center by making false claims about those organizations and individuals.  That website was created in February, 2009.

In December, 2009, Provo Canyon School filed a SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) lawsuit against HEAL claiming HEAL had committed libel (Libel: writing false and defamatory statements that cause injury to an individual or business' reputation and/or cause an adverse financial effect.)  In December, 2011, NATSAP falsely reported in their bulletin (page 3) that Provo Canyon School filed suit against HEAL because HEAL hacked Provo Canyon's computers and was harassing current families with children enrolled at Provo Canyon School.  That statement is completely false.  And, is one of many reasons we hope you will take action to help at the end of this page.

Due to the "gag order" and the fact that the lawsuit was filed under seal, we must be careful in how we explain what is going on and hope you get our drift by reading the Q & A below regarding the lawsuit:

Q & A Regarding Provo Canyon School Lawsuit

Did Provo Canyon School/UHS of Provo Canyon file a lawsuit against HEAL claiming HEAL had committed libel?  Yes.  It has been filed with the Fourth Judicial District Court, State of Utah, Utah County, Provo Department and assigned Civil No. 090404682.  The presiding judge is Judge David Mortensen. 

Did Provo Canyon School/UHS of Provo Canyon file suit or make any claims regarding HEAL allegedly hacking Provo Canyon School's computers and harassing current families involved with Provo Canyon School?  No.

Did Provo Canyon School falsely claim that HEAL's allegations against them regarding False Imprisonment were false?  You be the judge.  See and

Did Provo Canyon School falsely claim that HEAL's allegations against them regarding Physical Abuse (Battery) were false?  You be the judge.  See and

Did Provo Canyon School falsely claim that HEAL's allegations against them regarding Psychological/Emotional Abuse were false?  See and

Did Provo Canyon School falsely claim that HEAL's allegations against them regarding Sexual Abuse/Sexual Assault were false?  You be the judge.  See

Did Provo Canyon School falsely claim that HEAL's allegations regarding at least one death of a child who escaped the facility in 2000 were false?  You be the judge.  See (bottom of first page, beginning of 2nd page).  There are quite a few reported suicides subsequent to enrollment in Provo Canyon School as well.  (Click here, here, and here for a few examples). 

Did Provo Canyon School's founder, Robert Crist, work for Provo Canyon School until 2008 (well into the tenure of UHS, Inc.'s ownership)?  Yes.

Did Robert Crist and Kreg Gillman (former CEO of UHS of Provo Canyon) run the now closed Silverado Academy/Silverado Boys' Ranch in Utah?  Yes.  See

And, was Silverado Boys' Ranch/Academy closed due to a sex abuse scandal?  Yes.  See

Did Provo Canyon School falsely claim that HEAL's allegations regarding wrongful death at other UHS, Inc. facilities were false?  You be the judge.  There were two strangling/choking deaths of youth by staff at UHS, Inc.'s CHAD Youth Enhancement Center in TN.  And, CHAD is just one such facility.  For more examples, click here, here, here, and here.

Did Provo Canyon School falsely claim that there have been no complaints against the facility since 2008?  Yes.  See

Does the troubled teen industry "get away with murder"?  You be the judge.

Has UHS, Inc. been in repeat trouble for fraud?  Yes.  For details, click here, here, here, here, and here.

This concludes our Q & A regarding the Provo Canyon School lawsuit.  Thank you for reading.

Now, as shown above, NATSAP is lying about HEAL and the reason behind the above discussed suit.  But, they are not the only ones lying about HEAL.  We ask that you do not visit or provide traffic to the websites attacking HEAL.  If you'd like to see more, let us know and we'll e-mail you the entire websites in .pdf format.  Eagle Ranch Academy is behind one website committing real libel against HEAL.  And, we are trying to find out who is behind the other libelous website attacking HEAL.  Craig Rogers has been notoriously attacking HEAL for, at least, the last year.  See for more information.  And, the hits just keep on coming.  But, we are taking them in stride, don't worry.


*  Donate (see "Donate Button" at upper-left at top of page) to HEAL so we can keep fighting PCS' bogus suit in court and file our own libel suit against NATSAP, Eagle Ranch Academy, and the Mystery Attacker.  You can also donate by sending donations payable to HEAL to: HEAL, 126 SW 148th St, Ste C100-422, Seattle, WA 98166-1984.  (Donations are not tax deductible.)

*  Speak the truth and keep up the online and media campaigns to get the truth out so families are warned against making the mistakes (i.e. enrolling family members in fraudulent and abusive programs) that have caused and continue to cause so much suffering and hardship.

*  Support HEAL and make sure everyone knows what's really going on.  Stand up to bullies, whether they are corporations or individuals.  They need to know that "might does not make right".

*If you know or are an attorney willing to represent HEAL pro bono or on a contingency basis in any lawsuit for libel against NATSAP, Eagle Ranch Academy, and/or the Mystery Attacker, please contact us

We will see you at the front!


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