HEAL has been active for nearly 20 years (since 2002) in working to make the world a better place for all life.  Our primary campaign is Teen Liberty (exposing and closing abusive youth facilities and stopping institutionalized child abuse), but, we participate in and support all legitimate actions for human rights, environmental sustainability, and animal welfare.  We've learned what actions create change and which ones are nothing more than spectacle and lip service.

We want to help you, no matter what your primary cause, campaign, and issue, become a better activist and advocate.  We are providing this page, and the videos and links provided here, to help all legitimate activists improve their success rate in creating positive change.

We suggest you begin by reading the free e-book, Activism 101 available for free download (pdf) here:  This book and the videos below will help you understand how to take effective action on your issue.  To be effective, you need to decide whether you want to volunteer to provide direct care or service in your community, work on legislative change, or both.  The above linked book and the videos below will assist you no matter what you choose.  However, the videos are focused primarily on how to take effective legislative action in your state.


  In the video to the left, you will find episode 58 of The HEAL Report web series.  This episode is titled "Legislative Action Primer" and provides you with step by step instructions on taking legislative action as well as an easy online action you can take today to support our efforts to stop institutionalized child abuse.  You can take the action mentioned now at  We appreciate your support!
  In the video to the left, you will find episode 59 of The HEAL Report.  This is part 1 of our "Our Demands" series of videos which will also be embedded to this page along with other instructional videos to help you regardless of your primary issue or campaign learn take action and get involved in improving things in your State.  After watching this video, if you live in Washington State and would like to join us in calling on Washington State legislators to pass HB 1290, please visit and follow the directions as shown in this video to make a public comment in support of the bill.
  In episode 61, we take you through the steps of taking legislative action at the state level. For this episode, we are looking at making the title II mandate of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prominent and strictly enforced state law in Washington State. We take you through the steps of identifying the problem (choosing a cause and issue), finding a solution, and taking action. You can take action to support our efforts discussed in today's episode by visiting  and taking the action alert featured in this episode or taking any of the listed action alerts to support our efforts.
  In episode 62, we provide an update for episode 61 and ask that you sign the petition now available at:  In addition, we go over our current request to see HR 927: The Keeping All Students Safe Act (2015-2016 congressional session) re-introduced at the federal level and ask that all states introduce a state version of this legislation.  You can support this effort both at the federal level and in your own state by taking the easy online action described in this video and available at   Thank you for watching and participating!
  In episode 63, we provide information on problems facing mandated reporters and provide an easy online action you can take today (in Washington State) to get Washington State laws amended to better protect mandated reporters and require mandated reporting of institutionalized abuse.  You can take action now at
More to come... In future episodes that will be shared on this page, we will be showing you step by step how we prepare for and take action to improve the laws on our primary campaign.  In addition, we plan to do an additional series showing how you can get better informed and involved in your state as we take you through the process of learning how to navigate your State legislatures (for all 50 states) so you can become a better activist and advocate on your campaign(s) and issue(s).