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Warning!  Do not place your child in any facility that denies you one on one contact with your child AT ANY TIME.  Warning!  Do not place your child in any facility that requires a liability waiver for any harm caused to your child.  Warning!  Do not place your child in any facility that denies them access to a telephone.  Warning!  Do not place your child in any facility that uses confrontational "therapy"!  Warning!  Do not place your child in any facility where their phone calls with you are monitored.  Warning!  Do not place your child in any facility that expects total and unquestioned support of parents.


Information Standards


questionable accreditation firms


(What about educational consultants?)





Commission on

Accreditation of




Council on



Joint Commission

on Accreditation of




Lon Woodbury


Fee-based accreditation service that  "accredited" Kids Helping Kids, a confirmedly abusive program owned by Pathway Family Centers and associated with notoriously abusive (closed due to abuse) Straight, Inc.   CARF also accredits Aspen Education Group (notoriously abusive and sometimes deadly)


 Incompetent, maybe?  Corrupt, maybe?

Trustworthy, no.




Fee-based accreditation service that currently "accredits" Redcliff Ascent in Utah, a program HEAL has determined to be confirmedly abusive based on A & E's Investigative Report as well as survivor/family reports on that program.  They also accredit Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch in Montana.  Yellowstone is also confirmedly abusive.


Also see blog article.


Enough for HEAL to say not a trustworthy accreditation agency.

The JCAHO accredits Provo Canyon School. Provo Canyon School is confirmedly abusive and has lost multiple lawsuits for cruel and inhumane treatment of the children in their care. 

Also, the Joint Commission is in trouble with Congress for not insuring patient safety at facilities/programs they accredit.





Lon Woodbury Reports claims that Provo Canyon School is "excellence in education".  Provo Canyon School is confirmedly abusive.

Larry Stednitz is one of the "educational consultants working with the Woodbury Reports (verified May 10th, 2010 through cached website known as www.strugglingteens.com)  Click here for a full report on Larry Stednitz.










National Association

of Therapeutic

Schools and



National Association of

Addiction Treatment



Northwest Association

of Accredited Schools


Unable to locate in US.

Please contact us with any information on this agency. 












NATSAP approves Provo Canyon School and Aspen Education Group programs, both of which are confirmedly abusive.  NATSAP is a collective of behavior modification program owners and is really a self-promoting agent for the corrupt teen "help" industry.  It is in no way a valid accreditation nor oversight organization.


NATSAP stated in a 2009 e-mail to HEAL, "NATSAP  does not have the authority to impose sanctions on a facility nor do we have the expertise and resources to conduct appropriate and thorough investigations into complaints against our members. "

NAATP accredits Ascent in Idaho, confirmedly abusive.  Since they accredit a confirmedly abusive program, that's enough for us to say that they are not legitimate.












NAAS provides accreditation for notoriously abusive programs such as WWASPS and Provo Canyon School.  Since their standards are so low, they are not a legitimate accreditation agency.











Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools


Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) National Independent Private School Association (NIPSA)  

PNAIS accredited the Mission Mountain School which is/was (reportedly closed) confirmedly abusive.  Any accreditation agency that accredits a confirmedly abusive program is, in our opinion, not legitimate and untrustworthy.




SACS accredits 3DLearn, the "educational" services provided by Eagle Ranch Academy.  Eagle Ranch Academy is confirmedly abusive.

In addition, SACS is not a regulatory agency and allows for members (those they "accredit") to self-evaluate and self-regulate regarding practices.  Self-regulation is not a sound basis for accreditation.

NIPSA claims to accredit programs and some confirmedly abusive programs (i.e. Turning Winds in MT) are "accredited" by NIPSA.  In our research, we have found NIPSA to be a paid membership organization for programs/private schools by programs/private schools. 

And, we have found that NIPSA relies on self-reporting and/or the accreditation/approval by other so-called accreditation agencies.  These are not appropriate oversight procedures.


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