This Page Has Changed (YET AGAIN): Sean Stone Update

Two Important Tweet Threads So You Understand Why I, Rev. Angela Smith, remain concerned for Sean Stone's safety and freedom: , , and .


On April Fool's Day, 2020, Sean Stone uploaded a video warning to "black magicians" that they will be blinded by the light which suggests the light is intending harm and self-negates because anyone intending harm through magic or not is already blind in spiritual terms to the extent the goal is harm.  In my, Minister Angela Smith's, faith, God advises the faithful to fear no evil and remain steadfast in faith and practice of Truth and Virtue.  Whether or not one would consider the video below as art is likely a matter of taste or even knowing the artist.  But, as a result of the ongoing and clear psychological and/or spiritual distress of Sean Stone, I felt out of a sense of continued loyalty or friendship to him or his family that this page should be edited from the original.  Now, if the following short by Sean Stone is a joke, his acting has improved so much because I've never seen such a believable straight man (straight man as meant in comedy not sexual orientation).  And, if not a joke, then it reinforces the reasonable belief I've entertained for a while that he is in fact in a cult and they use coercion and intimidation tactics to attempt to silence critics and victims.  So, if the following video posted on April Fool's Day, 2020 is amusing to you for any reason including the fact that Sean Stone is assuming authority to speak for the Creator in threatening "black magicians" which sounds racist from some perspectives and unreasonably superstitious from other perspectives, then maybe you agree that it is a joke.  But, if the following video posted on April Fool's Day, 2020 is something you take seriously or personally, you may need help and I'm already praying for you.


Prior to updating this page, it contained a lot of personal information about myself, my extension of friendship and/or cordial acquaintance with Sean Stone with ample evidence of that, and additional evidence of the ongoing harassment, trolling, and misconduct by leadership at the cult known as Sacred Breath Academy.  I believe and understand that some find my responses excessive or to constitute overkill in substantiating my own position or reasonable basis for my own beliefs and statements.  So, dialing it back a bit, I'm providing evidence here and assume those interested in the truth who wish for more information will consult all parties involved or do their own independent research while not consulting anyone involved.  The first is the screenshot of the e-mail from Sean Stone in reply to my reporting being harassed, hacked, trolled and needing help putting a stop to that because he was reportedly experiencing similar issues or targeted by the same people.  (Click here for evidence of my arguable sexual harassment of Sean Stone, Alex Wraith, Charlie Sheen, Crispin Glover, Arnold Schwarzenegger and more.  #MeToo.)

So, Sean Stone says in response that I can either stop alerting the public to the fact Sacred Breath Academy is a scam, cult, and fraud with all my sources cited and we can remain "friends" or friendly and in contact OR he's going to file for a restraining order.  Would you invite a "stalker" to continue a friendship with you if they edited their website?  I would not and would not ask a friend or associate who is acting in any capacity as a consumer or victim's advocate to change their campaigns out of personal consideration for me because I'm involved in one of the bad things and they are using peer pressure and coercion to get me to try to manipulate my friend which is why I would run and not walk from some evil people who would try to use me to do that to a friend.  And, such just reinforced my concerns for Sean's safety and wellness given his exposure to that cult and those methods.  Here's the second piece of evidence I'll keep here which is a portion of the restraining order:

As you can see, it requests Google and myself take down all references to Sacred Breath Academy.  It suggests I'm mentally ill and might pose a threat to others, but, refers to the others as "them" rather than "us" as supposedly written up by Sean Stone himself.  But, Sean doesn't expressly state I am a stalker nor bullying anyone online and it is quite clear for me anyway that it was all about serving the interests of the cult known as Sacred Breath Academy and covering up their own crimes of fraud, trolling, and online harassment while blaming the arguable victim though I admit my responses to the ongoing harassment and communication interference escalated as a result of my living with traumatic stress and taking threats to myself and those I care about personally in this situation.  As soon as I focused solely on the professional aspects of this situation to troubleshoot reasonably, I could see where my taking things personally escalated the situation too.  But, I didn't start it and the circumstances involve so many variables where I've offered repeatedly to resolve the issues without compromising my principles and Sacred Breath Academy isn't satisfied unless I let them control my life too and that's not happening.  Sean testified that I was "stalking" Sacred Breath Academy and not him.  The leadership at Sacred Breath Academy repeatedly states I was stalking Sean which we all know is not true and that Sean and I were mutually friendly and I continue to extend friendship to him.  So, Sacred Breath Academy wanted to do the most emotional or psychological harm possible to discredit and/or silence me and the HEAL Mission and that's why I forgive Sean because anyone who is being unduly influenced by people capable of that needs our prayers and offer of sanctuary.  And, by the video at the top you can see he's either being funny or severely distressed himself or both.  I understand both. 

Sean Stone's in distress because he's involved with the cult Sacred Breath Academy and that cult keeps creating legal liability issues for themselves and Sean too.  It is important to note that Sacred Breath Academy was the first to bring Sean Stone into the conversation via e-mail (click here for the entire exchange of what I wrote to Sacred Breath Academy leading up to and including their first reply which is shown first and my first message shown last) that I initiated with Sacred Breath Academy represented by Danielle aka Kaya Leigh to inquire about their licensing, qualifications, credentials, and accreditation for providing certifications of any sort.  I did not reference Sean Stone in my initial messages leading up to Sacred Breath Academy's first reply where she brought him into it.  She's made it about Sean to avoid responsibility for her own fraud and to obfuscate the truth.  As someone who cares about Sean, that pisses me off.  Here are just a few examples of the ongoing harassment (and I've offered privately to a third-party with whom we are all in contact to reasonably resolve differences repeatedly to no avail, instead more harassment and lies from Sacred Breath Academy minions mostly publicly at this time):

First is the message from me to which Danielle/Kaya was replying for additional context:

The beginning of the very long reply where she arguably admits it is a "Vagina Worshiping Cult" that is matriarchal where people worship her body and she thinks that makes her a Goddess of some sort where shrines will be built in her honor around the world.

And, proof I do not weigh 200+ pounds and what I actually look like is available at .  But, Sacred Breath Academy claims to "heal trauma" and that's how Danielle talks to someone she knows and admits to knowing lives with PTSD the night before court after I repeatedly told her to stop contacting me.

More recently, Danielle aka Kaya Leigh is reasonably believed to be responsible for trolling me on Twitter as well.  Some screenshots of that with links to the tweets from what appear to be her and her minions using anonymous Twitter accounts are below: 

The Two Tweets Below are at:  and  (Also, I've done all I can to set the record straight including in comments to those posts.  Prior to the hearing I posted all of the e-mails I sent to Sean Stone and many he sent to me while exercising some discretion.  Later I removed those that were redundant and just included what was pertinent to this situation.  And, then I updated this page again and removed that too.  The reason is that this isn't about Sean Stone, it's about the cult known as Sacred Breath Academy who is lead by a delusional narcissist that can't take any responsibility and points to the disclaimer where she disclaims any responsibility for anything she says or does when questioned.  I don't like labeling people, but, my experience with Danielle/Kaya is that she fits the description.  I am an ordained minister and my credentials are posted in multiple responses to those tweets on Twitter.)

Links to those Tweets (please also see the comments on those tweets):   

Links to those tweets below: 

Links to the Tweets Below: 

Links to those tweets: 


Links to the tweets below:  (I do not withhold information and what I've removed about this situation out of a sense of discretion and concern for the Stone family that I previously posted in entirety are available upon request and some media personalities already have all of it or had access to it for over a month publicly on this site.)

The others I believe were provided in previous links.  Much of their trolling is redundant or repetitive.  So, assuming you can find what you need by visiting the tweets referenced.

Links to tweets below: 

Links to tweets below: 

As a result of @MedicinaW's demands that the record be set straight and that I stop withholding information (which I've never done), I'm providing the full e-mail exchange between myself and Danielle/Kaya/Sacred Breath Academy which includes a surprise contributor at the end, click here to read it all and in proper order from first message in the exchange to last.  And, more about that surprise ending here: (For tweet thread (comments matter) and more info on Bonchek, see:

The above tweets about rumors that I am on my way to a "psych ward" are a result of the FACT I reported Sacred Breath Academy to the Snohomish County Sheriff as likely suspects in the hacking, spoofing, telephone, and internet harassment I've been experiencing since May, 2018 with some trolling beginning in October, 2017 by someone yet unidentified but suspected at this time to be Patti Bonchek on Facebook.  The reason is that Bonchek contacted me and I asked specifically if she was Turtle Jewelry on Facebook and/or used a Twitter account where I identified that too, but, not the owner.  Bonchek denied the Twitter account but omitted confirming or denying Turtle Jewelry.  Bonchek also referenced turtles in her videos on Youtube.  And, when I reported the harassment to Deputy John Sadro I included an e-mail I sent 12/30/18 stating if Sacred Breath Academy didn't discontinue their harassment and were intending to drive me to suicide that if I did commit suicide they would get the credit and that was sent to Sean Stone.  Because I mentioned suicide Deputy John Sadro had to have me evaluated as a potential suicide risk even though I had no intentions of committing suicide and in context I felt that was clear in the e-mail but was simply showing I was distressed and asking the harassment to stop in December and when it continued and escalated I contacted law enforcement.  Law enforcement saw the word "suicide" and had me evaluated at my home and found me to be stable and sane.  That happened shortly after the hearing referenced above in July, 2019.  I reported the harassment to the sheriff in May, 2019 after I felt I'd reasonably identified the likely suspect or suspects, but, as a result of masked IPs and other issues (no bodily harm/no financial loss/not equipped to investigate cybercrime/etc) it couldn't be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.  Since I've suffered no financial harm, the suit would be solely on principle and if I was independently wealthy I would pay that retainer and sue because I have the grounds to do so, just not the means to do it and small claims in WA doesn't permit for cases where damage is on principle rather than provable financial loss or bodily harm resulting in financial loss.  So, more evidence of harassment and deception by Sacred Breath Academy and specifically Danielle aka Kaya Leigh.  The reason I didn't go for the restraining order myself as advised to do by Deputy John Sadro in May, 2019 is that I was aware those harassing me were doing it anonymously and through bogus social media accounts they would create and then delete and then create new ones to continue it so blocking doesn't help.  And, identifying them is difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt even where the belief is reasonable regarding who is behind it.  So, I saw the restraining order as likely to be ineffective in achieving the results sought which was to get the harassment to stop.  So, reasonably my option is "no more internet" or learn to manage my trauma triggers even better and I think I've succeeded and Deputy John Sadro was more helpful than he knows.  He reminded me of my PapaSam and was very reasonable, logical, focused on facts, and kind.  PapaSam managed his traumatic stress (served US in Korean War/Police Action, knee was shot out in combat, son and namesake died serving US in Vietnam) with a sense of humor and that's where I get it.  And, PapaSam would think it absurd to be upset by phone or e-mail harassment, even hacking/spoofing if there was no bodily harm or financial loss attributable to it.  But, he'd likely start posting everywhere that the cowards hiding behind fake identities to troll or harass him should stay hidden if they know what's best for them because he will lay down the law and invite law enforcement if needed too.  PapaSam rules.

There are more such tweets from @ScottFitzgera10 and @MedicinaW on Twitter trolling me.  I am not blocking them because I see it as an opportunity to keep my "enemies closer" while they try to separate friends and at times appear to succeed in that at least temporarily because they are a cult and that's what cults do.  And, just because I can't see it, doesn't mean it's blocked for everyone and I like to destroy lies with the truth whenever humanly possible and my comments in response to those tweets with sources provided or cited is how I've seized the opportunity rather than bury my head and pretend they don't exist at all.  But, public life, public strife I suppose.

[Special Note Expanding On My Experiences Of Being Harassed/Hacked/Trolled Related To This Situation: Initially when I was being trolled and harassed on Facebook subsequent to complimenting Sean Stone once on his Facebook page, I notified Sean since that troll seemed focused on him and anyone who favors him at all.  I took screenshots of what I could though that function wasn't always working on my system throughout the duration.  I took as many as I could and e-mailed them to Sean along with additional evidence including spoofed phone calls and other things.  The trolling on Facebook started in late October, 2017.  I discontinued using Facebook for a while but didn't officially delete the account until a year later after my Facebook Messenger was compromised as a result of someone now believed to have hacked my computer and that's how they got into Messenger though I assumed it was a security issue at Facebook and not on my end.  But once viruses were found on my system that would create a vulnerability and did for anyone to hack and "ghost" me through my own system which included a keystroke virus I apologized to Facebook for believing the issue was on their system rather than mine once discovered.  I reported the vulnerability I attributed to Facebook being insecure to the WA State Attorney General and FCC.  I've sent a lot of evidence of the harassment I've been experiencing to Oliver Stone and some RT America personalities with whom I'm acquainted to some extent.  In May, 2018 I returned to Facebook and the trolling started up again.  But, there was more.  There was hacking, spoofing, and many fake, anonymous, unidentified, untraceable, and unidentifiable sources of that.  The ones that could be traced for IPs showed India, Russia, China, and Sweden as the locations.  When I reported all of this to the Snohomish County Sheriff's Department, specifically Deputy John Sadro, I was told there wasn't sufficient evidence pointing to one clear suspect/perpetrator and that jurisdiction was also an issue along with limited resources of their department.  I reported it in May, 2019.  I spent a lot of that time gathering evidence I hoped would be sufficient to open an investigation and as a result of the harassment by Sacred Breath Academy, I considered them to be a prime suspect given the timeline of events and additional evidence some of which is provided above.  Deputy Sadro advised in May, 2019 that I get a restraining order against Sacred Breath Academy.  I chose not to do so because I was aware that those doing this were doing it mostly anonymously and that likely and as shown above Sacred Breath Academy and their minions would choose to create more arguably "anonymous" social media or e-mail accounts and/or hack me in order to continue the harassment without much worry for any penalty given the same issue of proving who is responsible would exist given the vulnerabilities of the internet itself.  And, so I sought to resolve differences reasonably and peaceably and that was rejected and I was retaliated against for even reporting to law enforcement with the drama and restraining order referenced above.  So, what's unreasonable or insane to those who know and love me is that I still care about Sean Stone at all and haven't written him off completely as a result of his being willfully blind where I say it is a result of undue influence and continue to give him the benefit of the doubt.  And, I know the only way any of this changes is if Sacred Breath Academy does or Sean wakes up to reality.  As a woman of good faith in service of God who does good works including consumer and victim's advocacy, I see Sean Stone as a victim of Sacred Breath Academy whether he likes it or not.  I know I am.  Ever caught someone committing a crime in progress and had them accuse you and lie to try to discredit you to avoid being held accountable themselves?  #MeToo.]

Ever had a friend confirm you are the honest one even after they may have been suffering undue influence and are still at the hands of a cult seeking your assistance even after all that to try to deescalate the cult leader's "fury"?  #MeToo

I did e-mail the transfer info to Oliver.  See, for Christmas and even though I oppose the cult Sacred Breath Academy entirely, I purchased after Sean made that error in an interview and offered it as something he could offer the cult for Christmas.  And, I keep my word.  But, 4 other URLs that start with sacredbreathacademy(.info) etc are still in my possession.  Three will not auto-renew as a good faith effort to show I'm more mature and willing to discuss and deescalate.  The fourth I'm keeping for at least one more year unless I see signs of maturity which include responsibility and honesty from Sacred Breath Academy.  Which isn't likely at all but maybe they do have potential and nothing else, just possibility for improvement because of the vicious current condition displayed here and in many other places.  For more proof on Sacred Breath Academy's lies, see and

To provide additional context, here is more of the exchange between myself and Kaya aka Danielle Leigh:

What I said:

What Kaya/Danielle Leigh said in repy to the above:

What Deputy Sadro advised me to do and when:

So, I believe I've sufficiently established I followed through in reporting, that I was advised to get a restraining order, and that Danielle aka Kaya Leigh is the psycho/sociopath flipping facts and retaliating to try to turn the tables where in fact they are the ones doing the harassing.  Your opinion may not match mine and that's fine, but, mine is supported by the facts.  I've been defending myself and others from fraud and abuse.  It's what I do.  I also recognize it is everyone's responsibility to exercise due diligence to avoid becoming a victim and hindsight is often 20/20. 

In the event Danielle aka Kaya Leigh wishes to continue with her intellectual and often complete dishonesty and claim that my report to the Snohomish County Sheriff was subsequent to her threatening legal action against me in April, 2019 as her first reply (with full exchange leading up to and including her first reply to me available here (in reverse order with her reply first and my first e-mail last) suggesting my report to the Sheriff was retaliation for her threat which she then escalated or followed through on, please see my complaint alleging malware and reporting both that and the fraud to the FBI in December, 2018.  So, I discreetly tried to alert the Stone family and others to warn of the scam/cult with evidence of what was happening (hacking, spoofing, trolling, etc).  As a result of lack of timely response, I was concerned for Sean Stone's safety.  I initially contacted some law enforcement off the record in Summer, 2018 to see if they could help.  I continued my own research into who was behind the hacking, spoofing, trolling, and other harassment I was experiencing.  I believe this page alone establishes it is perfectly reasonable that I'd suspect and continue to suspect that Sacred Breath Academy is responsible for some of it while understanding there are many on the watch-list with motive, means, and opportunity to exploit any public disputes between one of their targets and a third-party which would arguably knock out Sacred Breath Academy as their competition and me as their adversary if both were discredited.  I agree that Sacred Breath Academy has no credibility and arguably that by defending Sean Stone at this point I've injured my own.  If you think that's funny, very possibly both God and the Devil agree on it being humorous though their reasons for finding it funny may differ.  I do see the humor in it too.  But, the thing is I rely on independent and reliably sourced facts rather than my own "self-acclaimed" statements and am honest in my own statements which I can back up with witnesses and often independent or wholly objective facts.  And, that's why you can shake my confidence and question my credibility, but, usually my facts and sources prove a preponderance if not beyond a reasonable doubt regarding the veracity of my claims.  The HEAL Mission posts statements made by thousands of other people.  Recently I polled the entire survivor/victim/staff whistleblower listservs via e-mail.  That number is over 25,000 people.  I trust everyone is acting in good faith in seeking justice through all legal means available including activism where the statute of limitations has expired and delayed reporting has resulted in denial of justice in the Justice System or justice in the Justice System is impossible or impracticable (i.e. jurisdictional issues, limited public funding, etc.).  I trust and verify.  But, Sacred Breath Academy's leader Kaya/Danielle Leigh contradicts herself and lies a lot to and about everyone I've known her to interact with including myself.  So, that's my perspective and this page may be rambling on now, but, walk a mile in my shoes.


Need more clarification?  The last e-mail I received from Sean Stone before receiving Danielle/Kaya/Sacred Breath Academy's first reply to my professional inquiries about their licensing, accreditation, and qualifications did not communicate to me that my contact was unwelcome nor that I should stop contacting him.  The first notification of that came with Danielle/Kaya/Sacred Breath Academy's provenly unreliable word.  Proof Sean's last e-mail to me did not communicate to me to stop contact nor did it dissolve any friendliness, he winked:

And, here's more of Danielle/Kaya's contradictions with first message ever indicating my contact with Sean was in any way unwelcome with the above offer to continue communication with Sean already embedded if I stopped exposing the fraud at Sacred Breath Academy:

So, they demanded I reveal my sources regarding the complaints I've received which include a rape victim while actively harassing, threatening, and arguably terrorizing me online.  I've received 6 complaints from 6 different individuals and I also have a serious complaint though never enrolled in that academy.  So, from my perspective I see it as a cult that intimidates advocates and victims to try to prevent reporting to the proper authorities that uses electronic trespass to interfere with or disrupt communications.  Does Danielle/Kaya monitor Sean Stone's communications with the outside world?  Her own words are contradictory.

The above is contradicted by Sean Stone in this video:  Even if it is 50 a day.  But, there were approximately 800 e-mails total in my archives at that time in the sent items that contained the word "Sean" and maybe 500 in my active e-mail files with other people named Sean included and I often if not always include "Dear Sean" when replying to people named Sean so generous estimate being a little intellectually dishonest in denying that any other Seans were in the mix of search results (which I know there were), 1300 messages over a roughly 2 year period which would be roughly 3-4 e-mails a day if all were to Sean Stone that included the word "Sean" on average to anyone with whom I've been in contact named Sean or that referenced someone named Sean.  So, Sean testifies for me in the court of public opinion with that video.  And, that with Danielle's own estimate as shown below negates her claim in the above snippet which is provided in full through hypertext links on this very page above.  If you've gotten this far and skipped the hypertext exchanges, see above or click here.

Below, Danielle/Kaya claims it is 10 e-mails per day I was sending to Sean Stone:

Already established the Leonard Orr connection which is Rebirthing Breathwork and proves again Danielle is a liar.  You can find that info at and with sources cited/provided.  They aren't suing because they have no case plus the clean hands doctrine given their libelous public comments about me.  Did Sean reply to me for over a year and use my news tips and more?  Yes before "ghosting" me because apparently that's the more popular way to use that term and the way it was used on a recent #SVU episode was incorrect or a lesser known use of the word "ghosting" as internet slang.  "Ghosting" is when someone hacks your shit and spoofs you or contacts people through your own system or writes over you OR when someone is avoiding you without being direct sugggesting some amount of passive aggression and lack of confidence.  And, SBA asks many questions and then tells me not to respond while threatening to sue and not willing to discuss things reasonably.  Sound familiar?  But, above we have Danielle stating she knows of the messages I send to Sean and that she can identify them as harassment though below claims to have never read them and therefore negates her knowledge of their content or what they constitute:

First, above do you notice that Danielle/Kaya said she "literally had no idea" who I am before I first e-mailed her?  The first time I e-mailed her/Sacred Breath Academy was April 2nd, 2019.  But, she stated in the e-mail on 4/27/19 shown below with relevant portion that Sean had been blocking my e-mail for months and she sat and watched him do it months ago.  So, did she know who I was when I e-mailed her or not?  It's contradictions like these throughout communications with Danielle/Kaya that have led me to believe she is either stupid and doesn't understand what she is saying or criminal and assumes confusion/obfuscation will result from her deceptive and/or contradictory communication style rendering her target neutralized by confusion.  And, though I do live with Traumatic Stress and such may work to totally trigger others with similar stress, even my health records say I've never been delusional nor psychotic, just depressed and traumatized.  And, I find when people intentionally or inadvertently trigger my trauma that is sometimes depressing, wouldn't you?

Also, that first reply where I was accused of being a criminal engaging in terrorism and stalking was a total lie by Danielle's own admission that she doesn't see me as a threat and just didn't care for the fact that I'm a consumer advocate who recognized her fraud and was alerting a mutual acquaintance/friend about potential legal liability issues involved with promoting something not even licensed as an LLC for protection while also alerting said friend to all the interference with communications and evidence of that to which I attributed the lack of response while that was happening.  So, direct communication helps and hopefully that's the takeaway for everyone if this at any point turns out to be a huge comedy of errors.  Is that enough Truth for the public or do we need to post everything?  Can they post anything?  What does Danielle say about that?

Sounds like she was monitoring his communications and restricted without notifying me of that and all my e-mails get erased without being read yet somehow they know the contents and can comment on that.  Is that even possible?  Can you know about e-mails and their content as well as the author without reading any of it and erasing it all before reading?  Who read them and why did Danielle get so upset if she didn't know the content or even if she did?  Regardless, I believe people who are dishonest and deceptive get upset when others call them on it at times where those others have facts from reliably cited sources.  And, I find it either gaslighting or what I call "crazy-making or mad-making" where someone deceives and then abuses those they intend to deceive for not believing or not believing enough of the deception for the malignant narcissist's liking.  And, it is my opinion that it takes a lot of inner-strength to respond to that beyond the virtue of honesty while trying to maintain patience for the sake of justice rather than resort to Wrath.  If you deceive and blame others for the confusion your deception has caused, you are close enough to the devil for me to think that's an apt description.  Liars self-negate so the original devil self-destructed long ago and all liars slowly self-destruct over time as the truth becomes known to a greater number.

Another piece of evidence establishing Sean Stone is suffering undue influence from Sacred Breath Academy and that Sacred Breath Academy lied, since evidence above and linked throughout establishes that Danielle is stalking/cyber-bullying me, not the other way around, unless willing to accept there was a mutual heated exchange between an actual criminal and an actual consumer advocate concerned for a "mutual friend", is the first page of the order request itself.  You'll notice that nowhere does it state that I've harassed nor stalked Sean Stone.  The "victims" are Sacred Breath Academy as shown.  And, Elizabeth B. initiated contact with the HEAL Mission, not the other way around and within the 48 hours the conversation between HEAL Mission and Elizabeth B. took place, our system was breached and Cathy with Parent Support's mission e-mail was hacked.  While we can't prove who did it, we feel it was reasonable to suspect Sacred Breath Academy.  So, that proves Danielle is a liar in her e-mails and that The Blast article is false on it's face.  But, I've not lost any money and any suit would solely be on principle.  I am leaving it to the court of public opinion.

If you love and/or wish to support Sean Stone through his struggle, please see the following tweet with comments:

In addition, if you want to see the reasonable offer I'm making to resolve this conflict and restore amicable relations, click here.

And, for those wondering whether or not choosing to omit evidence out of consideration for any supposed opposing party results in overturning an unjust decision, even where their co-opposer deserves all of it to be admitted to get justice by stating the judge failed to effectively review in entirety and in full context all evidence submitted while providing additional evidence omitted to protect one of the opposing parties, the answer is no.  See, the concern here was a continuance and based on continuances of other hearings earlier in the day, and my not living in LA County let alone California, I thought it best (and was experiencing trauma triggers plus conflicted emotions) to concede to the unjust and unnecessary protective order as long as free speech and the rights of victims of Sacred Breath Academy to continue exposing it were not infringed upon.  But, upon returning home and thinking about the victims (including myself) who deserved a full review of all the evidence in context and with full understanding that I accepted an e-mail submitted as evidence that was sent to Sacred Breath Academy by me but had clearly been altered from the original though the sentence that was the basis for granting the protective order was something I wrote but was out of context. (See page 15 of and compare that to The quote that the judge found annoying (and was the sole basis of granting the order, nothing said to Sean was the basis of the order) and thereby meeting the criteria for granting such a protective order was "You are an evil cunt who should die.  And, I wish you would."  But that was immediately followed in the same paragraph with "But, I'd never hurt anyone in an illegal manner and will just leave it all up to the judge because you are an evil lying vicious criminal who should be segregated from society. "  But, I believe the full exchange in context shows I was exercising due diligence, willing to make changes in good faith where warranted, and maliciously attacked for exposing a criminal enterprise.  But, for those who want to see more evidence, I provide the very stupid and wrong way to handle it request for judicial review I submitted while stating based on my understanding of the law Sean Stone committed perjury or theft.  And, since he continued to accept "gifts" from me subsequent to the protective order being granted (namely ) that that proves it was perjury.  But, not really because he's smart and he said I was stalking/harassing Sacred Breath Academy and not him (using "them" not "us" to describe the alleged "victims") in the screenshot of the order shown above on this page.  But, Sacred Breath Academy repeatedly insists I was stalking Sean Stone and not Sacred Breath Academy while on page 19 of you will see Danielle/Kaya says: "I am not and have never targeted you nor seen you as a threat."  So, if Sean didn't see me as a threat and Sacred Breath Academy doesn't see me as a threat, why do both claim I'm a threat of any kind to the other?  Because, Sean Stone's unduly influenced by the cult leader Kaya Leigh and her lies where her lack of credibility has been clearly and repeatedly established thereby proving he's suffering undue influence.  Now, I've added this part because I have reason to believe it may be useful should I need any of the documents provided when traveling.

Beyond that, there is so much evidence already that I've been trolled and that's shown on this page.  Evidence of viruses making my system extremely vulnerable to hackers shown at and already submitted at the hearing.  And, evidence of those contacting me while impersonating celebrities via e-mail and Twitter are available in part here (but there is more and some of the evidence provided is to help differentiate between the fakes and the real ones).  I never said I was perfect, just honest and sincerely opposed to fraud, cults, and human traffickers regardless of cultural influences or storefronts.  I hope this page in entirety isn't necessary.  And, I if it is, glad I made it.