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Hi!  I'm Kaya (aka Danielle Leigh aka Sacred Breath aka Kaya Azure aka Kaya Leigh aka Kaya Danielle Leigh) and my name means "wealthy" in Indonesia.  One of the many reasons I choose Indonesia is because of the poverty.  Everything is so cheap as a result and people are grateful even if you don't tip well.  I feel like a Goddess whenever surrounded by the misfortunate.  Want to join me?  It will cost you.

If you just want the facts, see  It's all laid out with sources cited and reliable ones too.  But, you must see Sean Stone's endorsement.  Evidence Sean Stone has been brainwashed or is suffering undue influence is available here:  And, there's plenty more.  Prior to being recruited by our cult, Sean was a total misogynist and didn't support #MeToo stating that excessive attention when invited is definitively not harassment when the other party hasn't said "stop".  See the video:  But, we've got him trained now.  He'll even attack a sexual assault survivor living with PTSD on behalf of our cult that celebrates "womanhood" with womb awakening ceremonies and sensual creams!

We use a level system, first level is "Sacred Way Shower".  It's all part of our spiritual development plan that involves embracing pain, agony, and causing as much trauma as possible.  When we say "We heal trauma", we mean we help create more trauma by traumatizing people and triggering their existing traumas so we can manipulate them for cash and "volunteer services".  So, just to clarify.  Here are some examples:

I've threatened, attempted to intimidate, libeled, and harassed a sexual assault survivor and advocate who was trying to assist a rape victim who claims they were raped by someone shown at  The advocate was trying to clear names and get the right suspect while supporting the victim.  She did clear Sean Stone, George Orwell, and Dr. Phil McGraw on that one.  Aeleo Azure, Deepak Chopra, and Stephen Covey, all still suspects.  The one connecting all of them is Chopra. 

Another individual contacted HEAL and bcc'd and then cc'd me on the exchange.  That individual reported being harmed by Sacred Breath Academy.  HEAL recommended they report it to the proper authorities or sue.  But, I told them that if they don't stop I'm going to have them institutionalized and have their children taken away. 

We look forward to seeing everyone at our events and hope you are prepared for a mindfuck and to pay kindly without questioning us, our methods, or our qualifications.  If you do, we will try to have you arrested, smear your name, and at least try to assassinate your character to avoid any responsibility or accountability for our own actions.  You've been warned!  We feel sorry for everyone who isn't as privileged and fortunate as we are and think they should just die or accept subjugation and neither challenge nor question our (my) authority. 

Angela Smith claims that the following screenshot of a portion of my e-mail to her on 7/11/19 proves that I'm trafficking Sean Stone for labor and though he promotes our cult without financial compensation, he's acknowledged as doing it out of "companionship and love" alone as a sign of his service to my cult.  And, she claims it proves I contradict myself because I disclaim any affiliation between Sean Stone and Sacred Breath Academy and continue in the next paragraph to claim Sean Stone promotes Sacred Breath Academy (and in the hyperlinked video preceding this parenthetical it shows Sean Stone claims to have gone through the program).  I take no responsibility for anything I say or do and that is disclosed at  Apparently, some people think that means I'm incompetent.  But, others suggest I'm just a smooth criminal.  Either way, if you assume the risk, I'll promise to reap the benefits of your assumptions.  Wait?  Did I set up the punchline for this page by saying "weaving them into a vast conspiracy"? 

How well do I even know Sean Stone?  Does Angela Smith actually know him better?


Also, HEAL is so ridiculous and delusional!  Angela Smith thinks because she was hacked, spoofed, trolled, and harassed that Sacred Breath Academy was somehow responsible.  You want to see her "proof"?  Well, here's her virus scan from a night she visited

And, here's a screenshot showing our site is marked questionable or unsafe by Norton (You'll notice Norton says the HEAL site is "ok" or safe with the green check):

HEAL is insane, delusional, and Sacred Breath Academy disclaims all responsibility and accountability for all statements we make regarding ourselves or any other matter.  So, who are you going to believe?

Seriously, who are you going to believe?  I, Kaya Leigh, say Angela Smith is old, fat, ugly, and obsessed with my recruit Sean Stone.  She claims to have started HEAL in 2002 at the University of Washington, but, even if it's existed since then, I say the whole site was created just to harass me and my "illegal" enterprise because she's obsessed with Sean Stone.  She writes him so many e-mails with screenshots about how she is being harassed, e-mail forwards, expressions of concern and worry, and then she goes on about "The Karmic Crew" and how many of her friends have died having been targeted by programs similar to mine.  She's ridiculous!  Who cares about a bunch of dead losers?  She should join them!  And, regardless, I'll keep trying to make sure she's labeled insane, jailed, or dead as a result of constant ridicule and harassment.  But, really, I'm all about "soul healing" and empathize and sincerely think places like Restoration Youth Academy, Blessed Hope Boys Academy and Abundant Life Academy are excellent regardless of convictions for trafficking, torturing children, or anything like that.  And, you'll notice Alternative Youth Academy aka Advancing Youth Academy (Restoration Youth Academy's sister program) uses breathwork too.  I'm sure they've been falsely accused too.  Below is a screenshot of Angela's fat old body on 7/19/19 and ugly disgusting face!  Who do you believe?  Angela Smith also claims I'm responsible for the libelous site at but there's no way she could know that unless psychic.

In addition, I believe the results below were rigged! 

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