Please locate and contact your US Legislators and tell them to Free Martin Gottesfeld!  A sample letter is provided below that you can copy, paste, and edit.

FIND AND CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS: (Directions: Enter your zip code in box below and click "GO".  If you live in a split district, enter your full 9 digit zip code or address in the fields provided on new action page that opens in a new window.  If you do not live in a split district, simply click on a listed official's name under "President & Congress" under "Elected Officials" where it says "President & Congress".  This will take you to an information page for that legislator/official.  Then, click on "contact" and complete the form.  For "subject" enter "Please Free Martin Gottesfeld".  For "Issue Area" drop down menu, select "Justice/Criminal Justice/etc.".  Copy/paste/edit the sample letter below into the "Editable Text" field.  Complete your contact information and click "send message".)


Copy, paste, and edit this sample letter to write your legislators to demand action on this issue:

"Dear [Legislator/Official's Name Here--(i.e. Sen. Joyce)],

I am writing you today to ask that you help bring about justice and demand clemency and/or a full pardon for Martin Gottesfeld, currently serving time at Plymouth County Correctional Facility in Plymouth, MA for taking action to help a family that had been unjustly separated and wrongfully accused based on failed medical diagnosis which resulted in long-term wrongful institutionalization of Justina Pelletier.  You can learn more about this case at the following links:




Please stop this continued injustice.  Marty Gottesfeld is a hero for victims, not a criminal. 



[Your Name Here]

[Your Address and/or City, State, and Zip]"