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There are a multitude of reports of abuse at World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools programs.  News reports, lawsuits, and Congressional demands for investigation and closure are among the evidence against WWASPS.  Please review the news reports and lawsuits that can be found at www.heal-online.org/teen.htm and educate yourself regarding WWASPS and all of the other abusive programs committing fraud, torturing children, and reinstating slavery in the United States.


Also, watch:  Video: PBS--"Who's Watching the Kids?"



I was in Spring Creek Lodge for 7 months. We were regularly deprived of food and adequate sleep. One of the counselors who was eventually let go used to drive up to our facility DRUNK on a regular basis to get his pay check or stop by. He was eventually fired or left after allegations he was sleeping with one of the female students, I must say she was over 18 however still in the program. There were also several times our "family father" would set up boxing matches between individuals in our family. He would wrap our hands up in the rags we used for cleaning the bathroom and have boxing matches in our room. I would say on a regular basis you could not sleep because someone was in the room screaming and being restrained. I have more times than I can count seen staff be WAY overly aggressive restraining individuals and restraining people for no reason at all or for stupid reasons such as refusing to put down there juice because you only get like a glass a week. I felt the education I got there meant nothing and I didn't really learn anything. You take a test once get the answers and then take the same test again. When asking teachers for help not much was given. The way they tie education into the program does not make you want to learn but just get buy to avoid being sent to worksheets or the hobbit. The food given in the hobbit is worse than something you would feed a dog. You see all this stuff on the news about human rights violations of these Taliban prisioners. I find it repulsive that these guys who kill people and are trying to destroy Americans have more people standing up for them than kids like us who have no-one to speak for us and are being held against our will. Please publish this story for everyone to hear. Also if any parents are thinking about sending there children here contact me and I can tell you more.


Johnny Frigo


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Court Cases Against WWASP/WWASPS

Current (2009/2010) Class Action Against WWASP/WWASPS


Ceta Dochterman et. al. vs. Teen  Help/WWASPS


Debbie  LaFleur et. al. vs. Teen Help/WWASPS et. al



The NEW Class Action Suit Against WWASPS  (2003)


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Spring Creek Lodge (WWASPS Affiliate) Employee Pleads Guilty To Criminal Endangerment of Child in Program!



Demands for Regulation and Federal Intervention On Behalf of Abused Children in WWASPS Programs Denied!


NYPD Enforces Laws and Arrests Child Abusers in New York—Associated with Academy at Ivy Ridge (WWASPS)



In a letter to lawmakers this last session, Utah assistant attorney general Craig Barlow wrote, " . . . my experience with unlicensed residential treatment programs calling themselves boarding schools is (that) no one knows what occurs in these programs. Children are completely isolated from the outside world and from their parents, and the potential for child abuse and child sex abuse is high."

Mexico Closes Four Abusive U.S. Owned Teen Programs!  


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