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In December of 2009, HEAL began assisting a family in rescuing their child from Eagle Ranch Academy in Utah.  We had no idea at the time that it would lead us to the evidence we have long believed to exist connecting most (if not all) behavior modification programs.  In recent months, we have found a massive amount of information linking Aspen Education Group, CEDU (Synanon spin-off), Straight, Inc. (Synanon spin-off), Provo Canyon School, WWASPS, and many more "providers" of "residential and wilderness treatment" programs that defraud families and torture children.


Our goal is to provide the information any parent would need to understand that programs that advertise or are associated under the umbrella commonly known as the "teen help" or "troubled teen" (a/k/a behavior modification or "Youth Development") industry are fraudulent and abusive.  This industry lobbies and finances public office campaigns.  It receives public funds and appointments to high offices.  And, it is behind the Drug Free America Foundation (DFAF) (founded by Betty Sembler, wife of notorious child-torturer Mel Sembler, founder of Straight, Inc) which uses massive amounts of propaganda and scare-tactics to persuade naive parents that all children are in danger of drug addiction and that "preventive" measures such as abusive programs should be used to "protect" children who are not already addicted to drugs from becoming addicted to drugs.  The DFAF is also behind the DARE program.  DFAF refers families to Teen Challenge.



This page will focus primarily on Utah as it is the fatherland of abusive behavior modification programs and provides unregulated sanctuary to child-torture facilities.  Below is a video exposing Utah Boys Ranch and West Ridge Academy.  Notice that Utah Senator Chris Buttars was the director of the program and still receives a salary from the program.  (Also see:  www.mormongulag.com)



It is interesting to note that Utah recently introduced legislation to cut senior year from their public schools.  And, Sen. Chris Buttars (on the payroll for Utah Boys Ranch) is the one interested in limiting education for those attending public schools after not providing educational services to those suffering at Utah Boys Ranch. 



The Utah Boys Ranch is just one of many programs in Utah torturing children with the intent of indoctrination into Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints (FLDS) cults.  Aspen Education Group is owned by Mitt Romney.  Mitt Romney was a front-runner for Republican Presidential Nomination in the 2008 election.  Romney's top advisors in his campaign were Mel Sembler (Straight, Inc.) and Robert Lichfield (founder of WWASPS).  Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush have long been affiliated with and supportive of fraudulent and abusive programs including Straight, Inc.  George W. Bush appointed Mel Sembler as U.S. Ambassador to Italy in 2000 and Sembler was head of the Scooter Libby Defense Fund.  We hope at this point that the links and information provided are enough for readers to understand that these programs and their associations are top-level wealth/power players in the United States and around the globe.  The reason that this industry has not been outlawed is because it is already illegal.  But, because of the players, prosecution and requests to the Justice Department have been for the most part dismissed and ignored.


Under George W. Bush's administration, dozens of abusive and cult-like programs that offer little to no educational services were "approved" by the Department of Homeland Security:



Institution Name   Campus Name   City   State   Date Approved
Abundant Life Academy     Kanab   UT   2/15/2008 0:00  
Alpine Aviation, Inc. D.B.A. Alpine Air   Alpine Air   Provo   UT   7/24/2003 0:00  
Alpine School District   Alpine School District   American Fork   UT   1/29/2003 0:00  
American ESL Academy     Murray   UT   12/26/2007 0:00  
American Heritage School and Family Education Center     American Fork   UT   9/17/2009 0:00  
American Institute of Medical-Dental Technology   American Institute of Medical-Dental Tec   Provo   UT   6/23/2003 0:00  
Brigham Young University   Brigham Young University - Provo   Provo   UT   1/14/2004 0:00  
C.A.R.E.     Virgin   UT   11/24/2008 0:00  
Cache Valley Learning Center, Inc.   same   Logan   UT   4/4/2006 0:00  
Cameo College of Essential Beauty   Cameo College of Essential Beauty   SLC   UT   9/25/2003 0:00  
Carbon County School District   Carbon High School   Price   UT   1/26/2006 0:00  
Careers Unlimited   Utah College of Dental Hygiene   Orem   UT   9/9/2005 0:00  
Cedar Breaks Academy     Parowan   UT   6/6/2008 0:00  
Certified Educational Recreational Therapeutic Schools   Kolob Canyon Residential Treatment Ctr   New Harmony   UT   2/22/2005 0:00  
Christ Lutheran School     Murray   UT   1/30/2009 0:00  
Christian Heritage School   Christian Heritage School   Riverdale   UT   12/3/2004 0:00  
College of Eastern Utah   College of Eastern Utah   Price   UT   3/6/2003 0:00  
Columbia College, Salt Lake City Campus     Murray   UT   7/7/2008 0:00  
Cornerstone Aviation, Inc.   Cornerstone Aviation   Salt Lake City   UT   3/21/2006 0:00  
Cottonwood Treatment Center     South Salt Lake City   UT   10/23/2009 0:00  
Davis Applied Technology College   davis applied technology college   Kaysville   UT   1/27/2003 0:00  
Davis School District   Student Services Department   Farmington   UT   5/17/2005 0:00  
Deseret Academy   Deseret Academy   Salt Lake City   UT   8/19/2003 0:00  
Diamond Ranch Academy   Diamond Ranch Academy   Hurricane   UT   2/28/2006 0:00  
Diocese of Salt Lake City   Catholic Schools Office   Salt Lake City   UT   2/11/2003 0:00  
Discovery Academy   Discovery Academy   Provo   UT   2/22/2005 0:00  
Dixie State College of Utah   Dixie State College   St. George   UT   4/14/2005 0:00  
Eagle Gate College   Eagle Gate College   Murray   UT   1/29/2003 0:00  
Everest College   Everest College   West Valley City   UT   1/30/2003 0:00  
FLS International   FLS Dixie State College   St. George   UT   2/11/2003 0:00  
Grace Lutheran School   Grace Lutheran School   Sandy   UT   5/14/2003 0:00  
Heritage Schools, Inc.   Heritage Schools, Inc.   Provo   UT   12/9/2004 0:00  
Intermountain Christian School   Intermountain Christian School   Salt Lake City   UT   10/17/2003 0:00  
Internexus English Language Study Center   Internexus Salt Lake City   Salt Lake City   UT   3/21/2003 0:00  
Island View RTC/Aspen Education Group   Island View RTC/Aspen Education Group   Syracuse   UT   7/15/2005 0:00  
Jordan School District   Jordan School District   West Jordan   UT   3/21/2003 0:00  
Juab School District     Nephi   UT   10/27/2006 0:00  
Kane School District   Kane School District   Kanab   UT   7/31/2003 0:00  
Kaplan Test Prep, a division of Kaplan, Inc.   Kaplan Test Prep-Salt Lake City, UT   Salt Lake City   UT   1/29/2003 0:00  
Layton Christian Academy   Layton Christian Academy   Layton   UT   8/20/2003 0:00  
LDS Business College   LDS Business College   Salt Lake City   UT   9/15/2005 0:00  
Logan River Academy, LLC   Logan River Academy   Logan   UT   1/14/2004 0:00  
Marinello Schools of Beauty   Bon Losee Academy   Provo   UT   12/3/2004 0:00  
Meridian School   Provo   Provo   UT   4/14/2005 0:00  
Morgan School District   Morgan High School   Morgan   UT   6/6/2005 0:00  
Mount Hyrum Academy   Mount Hyrum Academy   South Jordan   UT   2/7/2006 0:00  
Mount Vernon Academy   Mount Vernon Academy   Murray   UT   1/27/2003 0:00  
Murray City School District   Murray High School   Murray   UT   2/24/2005 0:00  
Nebo School District   Nebo School District   Spanish Fork   UT   5/28/2003 0:00  
Neumont University   Northface University   South Jordan   UT   3/10/2004 0:00  
New Haven   New Haven   Provo   UT   4/25/2005 0:00  
Nomen Global Language Centers   Provo Utah Site   Provo   UT   5/1/2003 0:00  
Ogden City School District   Ogden City School District   Ogden   UT   4/12/2005 0:00  
Oxford Language Institute   Orem   Orem   UT   3/21/2003 0:00  
Park City School District     Park City   UT   5/1/2008 0:00  
Paul Mitchell the School   Paul Mitchell the School   Provo   UT   3/3/2005 0:00  
Paul Mitchell the School - SLC     Salt Lake City   UT   11/16/2007 0:00  
Professional and Collegiate English International Academy     Orem   UT   1/16/2008 0:00  
Provo Canyon School   Provo Canyon School   Orem   UT   10/7/2004 0:00  
Provo College   Provo College   Provo   UT   1/29/2003 0:00  
Realms of Inquiry Private School     Salt Lake City   UT   4/23/2007 0:00  
Redeemer Lutheran Church and School   Redeemer Lutheran School   Salt Lake City   UT   3/21/2003 0:00  
Reid School, Inc.   Reid School   Salt Lake City   UT   12/7/2004 0:00  
Rowland Hall-St. Marks School   Rowland Hall-St. Marks School   Salt Lake City   UT   5/10/2005 0:00  
Salt Lake Community College   Redwood Road   Salt Lake City   UT   1/27/2003 0:00  
Salt Lake Lutheran High School   Salt Lake Lutheran High School   Salt Lake City   UT   6/23/2003 0:00  
Salt Lake Theological Seminary   Salt Lake Theological Seminary   Salt Lake City   UT   11/2/2004 0:00  
Selnate International School   Selnate International School   Provo   UT   2/11/2003 0:00  
Silverado Boys Ranch     Panguitch   UT   2/6/2009 0:00  
Snow College   Ephraim   Ephraim   UT   2/22/2005 0:00  
South Sanpete School District   South Sanpete School District   Manti   UT   1/10/2006 0:00  
Southern Utah University   Southern Utah University   Cedar City   UT   3/3/2004 0:00  
Stevens Henager College   Stevens Henager College   Salt Lake City   UT   1/9/2006 0:00  
Stevens-Henager College   Stevens-Henager College   Salt Lake City   UT   8/12/2003 0:00  
Stevens-Henager College   Stevens-Henager College   Provo   UT   9/22/2004 0:00  
Stevens-Henager College     Ogden   UT   5/23/2006 0:00  
Stillwater Academy   Stillwater Academy   South Jordan   UT   8/30/2007 0:00  
Storm Ridge Ranch     Monroe   UT   9/16/2008 0:00  
Sunrise Academy     Hurricane   UT   9/17/2008 0:00  
Telos Academy     Orem   UT   5/4/2009 0:00  
The Waterford School   The Waterford School   Sandy   UT   1/29/2003 0:00  
U.S. Ling Institute   U.S. Ling Institute   Salt Lake City   UT   5/14/2003 0:00  
University of Southern Nevada     South Jordan   UT   8/27/2008 0:00  
University of Utah   University of Utah   Salt Lake City   UT   1/27/2003 0:00  
University of Utah, English Language Institute   University of Utah   Salt Lake City   UT   1/27/2003 0:00  
Upper Limit Aviation   Upper Limit Aviation   Salt Lake City   UT   7/24/2006 0:00  
Utah College of Massage Therapy   Main Campus Salt Lake City   Salt Lake City   UT   5/28/2003 0:00  
Utah State University   Utah State University   Logan   UT   1/30/2003 0:00  
Violin Making School of America LLC   Violin Making School of America LLC   Salt Lake City   UT   8/20/2003 0:00  
Wasatch Academy   Wasatch Academy   Mt. Pleasant   UT   5/1/2003 0:00  
Wasatch School District   Wasatch High School   Heber City   UT   7/31/2003 0:00  
Washington County School District   Washington County School District   St. George   UT   3/14/2005 0:00  
Weber School District   Weber School District   Ogden   UT   3/21/2003 0:00  
Weber State University   Weber State University   Ogden   UT   2/14/2003 0:00  
West Ridge Academy     West Jordan   UT   4/25/2007 0:00  
Westminster College-Salt Lake City   Westminster College-Salt Lake City   Salt Lake City   UT   1/27/2003 0:00  
Willow Creek School   Willow Creek School   Provo   UT   4/17/2006 0:00  
Winter Sports School in Park City     Park City   UT   6/8/2006 0:00  
Woodland Hills School   Woodland Hills School   Salt Lake City   UT   3/9/2006 0:00  

 Taken from: http://www.ice.gov/sevis/map/ut.htm  (ICE information has moved sites and is now available at http://studyinthestates.dhs.gov/school-search) Again, use the Search Box to look up additional information on listed facilities.  In addition, Eagle Ranch Academy employed "former" CIA agent Richard Y Moody.  (Moody claims to have ceased being staff at Eagle Ranch Academy as of 2007.)  The map and search information provided by ICE/SEVIS has been moved.  The new link for searching for this information is http://www.immigrationdirect.com/sevis.jsp.



The avoidance of investigation of the allegations of torture, rape, and death of children is primarily due to the protections and parties involved in preventing investigation or regulation of this industry.  In 2005, Rep. George Miller of the House Education and Labor Committee introduced HR 1738, the "End Institutionalized Abuse of Children Act".   This legislation has gone through many disappointing changes and now will do nothing to effectively regulate the industry or protect children from abuse in programs.  States can refuse to participate in the federal regulation process of such programs according to the latest bill, HR 911 (2009).  The language as well as the title of the legislation has changed.  And, Utah can easily avoid any federal regulation by refusing to implement the regulations proposed by the legislation. 


Another problem with Utah is that there is no solid Child Protective Services offered because if the Department of Children and Family Services has a contract with an offending/abusive program, it is considered a "conflict of interest" for them to investigate.  They claim to pay a private, non-governmental agency to investigate child abuse reports.  It is also important to remember that children in these programs are given no access to a telephone and cannot report abuse.  So, even when abuse is reported, often Utah does nothing to investigate due to a "conflict of interest".  See below:


CPS Investigations—When We Have a Conflict

By Ken Patterson

Utah Code Annotated §62A-4a-409(5) requires another organization to conduct child

protection investigations when DCFS has a “conflict” or potential conflict of interest.

The most typical conflict is a report of maltreatment in a foster home. DCFS makes

the placement and, in theory, might over-identify with the child or the foster parents

were we to attempt to investigate. A less typical conflict is when the referral alleges

child maltreatment by one of our employees or an employee of an agency with whom

we work closely.

In late 1997, we began a contract with the Children’s Justice Division of the Attorney

General’s Office to conduct these conflict investigations. The contract provided DCFS

with some immediate relief, but failure to identify an investigative approach to be used

lead to some negative experiences for foster parents. By the spring of 1999, enough

concerns emerged that the contract was not renewed for fiscal year 2000. The DCFS

Board, Craig Barlow from the Attorney General’s Office, Kit Hansen (President of the

Foster Family Association), and others went to work last summer crafting a revised

process that would work. The new contract has been developed and approved by the

DCFS Board.

The Children’s Justice Division has been offered $480,000 to conduct up to 160

“conflict investigations” per year over the next three years. During 1998 through

1999, DCFS averaged 135 “conflict cases” per year. The contract could start as early

as July 1, 2000. If the Attorney General’s Office declines the offer, DCFS will issue a

request for proposals on July 10, 2000 seeking proposals from other interested and

qualified agencies.

Source: http://www.hsdcfs.utah.gov/PDF/Weekly%20Updates/weekly061600.PDF  For complete report, click here.


We advise families to understand that many programs in Utah are used as "foster care placement" for Utah and other states.  It is a serious concern that there would be a limit or delay to investigations into reports of abuse.  It is more disturbing that the children are not allowed access to telephone 911 in the event they are being abused at a "lockdown" facility in Utah.


Many residential programs in Utah defraud health insurance companies by representing themselves as medical and mental health providers.  However, most of these programs are not licensed as medical facilities and are not regulated as such by the state of Utah.  Most programs are licensed only as "Residential Treatment".  Below are the requirements for receiving licensing in the state of Utah.  It is important for readers to understand that Utah allows the industry to self-regulate and places the owners of abusive programs (i.e. Logan River Academy) on the licensing board (i.e. Jeff Smith of Logan River Academy).  Here are the requirements for licensing in Utah:


Licensing Rules require licensees to comply with Local, State and Federal rules and laws. These include but are not limited to local zoning, business license, building codes, fire codes, county health department rules, state background checks, square footage, safe facilities, adequate furniture, program policies, personnel qualifications, insurance coverage, Federal labor standards, employment practices etc.

The Office of Licensing will assign a "licensor" to assist the applicant to complete the licensing process. A policy and procedure manual is one of the first requirements prior to being issued an initial license.

All licenses issued by the Office of Licensing are public record.

See the Department of Health for other kinds of health facility licensing (nursing homes, etc.)


For more on this see: http://www.hslic.utah.gov/aboutlicenses.htm

Problems with Accreditation Procedure for Schools in Utah:

A. "Accreditation" means formal Northwest and Board approval of a school that has met standards considered by the Board to be essential for the operation of a quality school program.

B. "Annual Report" means a document that explains a school's compliance with educational standards and progress provided by the school in its school improvement plan. The school improvement plan is a dynamic document that reflects changes and progress made by the school community. The Annual Report also provides definitions and criteria required by Northwest for accreditation.

C. "Board" means the Utah State Board of Education.

D. "Northwest" means Northwest Association of Accredited Schools the regional accrediting association of which Utah is a member.

E. "Secondary school" for the purpose of this rule means a school that includes grades 9-12 including public, private, parochial, alternative, and special purpose schools offering credits toward high school graduation or diplomas or both.

F. "State Committee" means the State Accreditation Committee, which is composed of public school administrators, school district personnel, private and special purpose school representatives, and USOE personnel.

G. "USOE" means the Utah State Office of Education.

H. "Visiting team" means a team composed of three to eight active educators as determined by the size of the school, trained by the USOE in accreditation procedures and standards.

A. The Board accepts the Northwest standards as the basis for its accreditation standards for school accreditation.

B. The Board requires the satisfaction of additional specific Utah standards in addition to required Northwest standards, to satisfy Utah accreditation for Utah public schools.   http://www.rules.utah.gov/publicat/code/r277/r277-413.htm  (January 6th, 2010)


R277-413-4. Accreditation Procedures.

A. The evaluation of secondary schools for the purpose of accreditation is a cooperative activity in which the school, the school district, the USOE, and Northwest share responsibilities. A school's self-evaluation, development, and implementation of a school improvement plan are the crucial primary steps toward accreditation.

B. A school seeking Northwest accreditation for the first time shall submit a membership application to Northwest. The accepted application shall be forwarded to the USOE.

(1) Upon a visit by USOE staff verifying a school's compliance with accreditation standards, the school shall then receive provisional accreditation.

(2) Within three years of receiving provisional, accreditation, a candidate school shall complete a self-evaluation utilizing materials and protocols recommended and/or provided by the USOE.

(3) Provisional schools shall be visited annually until they have completed their first self- evaluation and full-team visit. (Team is comprised of other program owners or those that share office/responsibility with program owners)

C. Northwest accredited schools shall be subject to:

(1) compliance with Northwest membership requirements;

(2) receipt and review of annual reports by the State Committee;

(3) satisfactory review by the State Committee, Northwest, and final Board approval;

(4) a new self-evaluation and site visit at least every six years by a visiting team assigned by the USOE to review the self-evaluation materials, visit classes, and talk with staff and students as follows:

(a) The visiting team shall present its finding in the form of a written report in a timely manner. The report shall be provided to the school, school district superintendent or local charter board chair, USOE staff, and the Board.

(b) USOE staff shall review the visiting team report, consult with the State Committee and Northwest and recommend appropriate accreditation status to the Board.

D. Following review and acceptance, accreditation visiting team reports are public information and are available online.

E. The Board is the final accrediting authority.

The following link is to Utah Standards for NAAS Accreditation: http://www.northwestaccreditation.org/documents/pdf/UtahStandards.pdf

From the Utah Standards Manual:

The purposes of the Northwest Association, as stated in the Articles of Incorporation are to:

1. Advance the cause of education in the schools of the Northwest.

2. Develop educational policies and activities that will extend and improve educational opportunities and services.

3. Develop criteria of evaluation that will continually stimulate, evaluate, and accredit vital educational efforts.

4. Promote cooperative relationships among schools in order to attain these ends.

The Association implements these purposes through constructive and continual effort. Member schools are accredited on the basis of standards developed by the Association. Each member school is required to participate in self- and team-evaluations during each six-year period using a means of self-evaluation approved by the State Accreditation Committee.

Utah allows the entire industry to self-regulate.  There is absolutely no oversight.

Licensing process for:

Day Treatment, Intermediate Secure Care, Outdoor Youth program, Outpatient

Treatment, Residential Support, Residential Treatment, Social Detoxification, and

Therapeutic School

1. Submit application, fee, and Policy and Procedure Manual to the Office of

Licensing. Office management will assign a licensor. The Policy and Procedure

Manual must address the specifics of how the program will comply with the Core

Rules (R501-2) and with the Categorical Rules for the applicable category of

service to be provided. The manual must be reviewed and approved by the

assigned licensor.  (application & fees)

2. Submit Office of Licensing Background Screening Application forms on all

employees 18 years or older who will have direct access to clients (Adult only

Substance Abuse programs are exempt from this). An Office of Licensing

background screen must be completed annually.

3. Prepare the following documents:

-Business license

-Fire Inspection Clearance (not required for Outdoor Youth Program)

-Health Inspection Clearance (not required for Outpatient Treatment or

Outdoor Youth Program)

-Evidence of Insurance (General Liability with fire, Professional Liability,

Vehicle, and Worker’s Compensation)

-Evidence of Business Registration with the Department of Commerce

o Sole Proprietorship = Registration

o Partnership = Partnership Agreement

o Limited Partnership = Certificate of Limited Partnership

o Corporation = Articles of Incorporation

o Limited Liability Company = Articles of Organization

-List of members of the program’s Governing Body

-Organizational Chart

-School Accreditation Certificate for programs serving clients under age

18. (not required for Outpatient Treatment or Social Detoxification)

-Completed Youth Education Coordinating form for programs serving

clients under age 18. (not required for Outpatient Treatment or Social


- For Residential Treatment and Intermediate Secure Care - evidence of

notification provided to the Governing Body of the local government

having jurisdiction, in accordance with 62A-2-108.2(3)

-Any other licenses/inspections required by the city, county or other state


4. Licensor will contact you to complete a site inspection


Licensing procedures for programs like DRA.  For more info see: http://www.hslic.utah.gov/docs/prep-multi.pdf
Section 62A-2-106, the office shall establish and enforce rules that:
     (a) relate generally to all categories of residential treatment program licenses; and
     (b) relate to specific categories of residential treatment program licenses on the basis of the regulatory needs, as determined by the office, of residential treatment programs within those specific categories.
     (3) Before submitting an application for a license to operate a residential treatment program, the applicant shall serve notice of its intent to operate a residential treatment program on the governing body of:
     (a) the city in which the residential treatment program will be located; or
     (b) if the residential treatment program will be located in the unincorporated area of a county, the county in which the residential treatment program will be located.
     (4) The notice described in Subsection (3) shall include the following information relating to the residential treatment program:
     (a) an accurate description of the residential treatment program;
     (b) the location where the residential treatment program will be operated;
     (c) the services that will be provided by the residential treatment program;
     (d) the type of clients that the residential treatment program will serve;
     (e) the category of license for which the residential treatment program is applying to the office;
     (f) the name, telephone number, and address of a person that may be contacted to make inquiries about the residential treatment program; and
     (g) any other information that the office may require by rule.
     (5) When submitting an application for a license to operate a residential treatment program, the applicant shall include with the application:
     (a) a copy of the notice described in Subsection (3); and
     (b) proof that the applicant served the notice described in Subsection (3) on the governing body described in Subsection (3).

This is the law referenced in the licensing procedures.  If a program was a medical facility, it would require licensing from the Bureau of Health Facility Licensing.  See: http://health.utah.gov/hflcra/  If you go to www.qualitycheck.org and search for a program (i.e. Diamond Ranch Academy) in Utah, there is no facility listed.  This is what is recommended by the Department of Health in Utah.  See: http://www.health.utah.gov/myhealthcare/hospital.htm#sb132

As you can see in the above information, a "Social Detoxification" program does not need to provide proof of educational or other expected qualifications.  Below is the definition of Social Detoxification according to Utah law:

R501-11-2. Purpose.

A social detoxification program offers room, board and specialized rehabilitation services to persons who are in an intoxicated state, or withdrawing from alcohol or drugs. In social detoxification, individuals are assisted in acquiring the sobriety and a drug free condition necessary for living in the community and the program places an emphasis on helping the individual obtain further care after detoxification.  Taken from: http://www.rules.utah.gov/publicat/code/r501/r501-11.htm

Now, most of these programs will claim to be "Social Detoxification" programs.  However, they are not medical facilities and do not provide appropriate care for children placed out of the belief that they require "preventive" care.  And, they are not licensed as medical facilities.  The state of Utah has manipulated the laws to cover up the abuse and cults in their state.  And, since children are often forced to confess to drug abuse and sexual exploits that would shock Howard Stern, the programs can masquerade as drug treatment while operating brainwashing cults for fundamentalist Mormons.  According to the rules, a program that is a "social detoxification" program is not required to provide many services programs deceptively state they offer under state law. (i.e. proper education/schooling) 


As stated above, these programs are protected by high-level politicians who, at least in part, own fraudulent and abusive programs that follow the Synanon cult model.  Mark Shurtleff, the Utah Attorney General is the son of Lawrence "Lee" Shurtleff.  Larry Shurtleff was the overseer of DI Ranch under the ownership of Hyrum W. Smith.  Hyrum W. Smith assigned rights to DI Ranch to DI Ranch LLC which is represented by Dave Arslanian of Eagle Ranch Academy.  The current ownership of DI Ranch LLC is undetermined because Utah does not publicize the property ownership records of Ivins, Utah (the location of DI Ranch LLC).  However, we were able to find the assignment of rights from Hyrum W. Smith to DI Ranch LLC.  In the previous hyperlink, you will find extensive information on the DI Ranch and the desire of Dave Arslanian to take "gifted boys" and help them reach their full potential.  This is not the troubled-teen program suggested by Eagle Ranch Academy, Inc. advertising.  These are cults masquerading as treatment programs.


Hyrum W. Smith runs Golden Eagle Motivation seminars.  Smith is also on the board of SkyWest Airlines.  SkyWest Airlines is owned by J. Ralph Atkin (the co-founder/owner of WWASPS).   And, additional associations between WWASPS, Eagle Ranch Academy, and Hyrum W. Smith are available at www.heal-online.org/era.htm and www.heal-online.org/erastaff.htm


At this point, it should be quite clear that Utah is corrupt and protecting multiple human rights violators.  But, there is much more.  For instance, Sheriff Kirk Smith of Ivins provides security services for Eagle Ranch Academy and uses the city's SWAT team to recapture children who manage to escape the torture at Eagle Ranch Academy.  Sheriff Kirk Smith is also known for protecting child rapist Warren Jeffs from apprehension and prosecution.  See below:

Warren Jeffs, who continues to marry young girls with impunity, seems to be the beneficiary of a lack of awareness on the part of both the public and local law enforcement officers. Perhaps there would be a greater outcry over the tremendous harm Jeffs has done if instead of being characterized as a "mere" polygamist, he were more correctly described as the head of a vast criminal organization that has long engaged in widespread sexual slavery and financial fraud, and advocates hatred for non-white races.

November 14, 2004

Sheriff Kirk Smith of Washington County (Utah) called a halt on Friday to his department’s investigation of 17-year-old Janetta Jessop, reported missing by her sister, Suzanne Jessop Johnson. A week earlier Janetta had phoned Suzanne and begged for help from an undisclosed location in Hildale-Colorado City—the secretive polygamist stronghold, straddling the Utah-Arizona border, which is home to the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (FLDS). The FLDS Church is led by self-proclaimed prophet Warren Jeffs, who is married to some 70 women and girls, and demands absolute, unquestioning obedience from his estimated 10,000 followers.

Janetta abruptly vanished from her family home in Colorado City in August 2003, immediately after her 16th birthday. At that time, Suzanne believes, her sister was "taken as a plural wife" by Warren Jeffs, who was 47 at the time. At least two (and possibly three) of Janetta’s older sisters had already been taken as wives by Jeffs.

The parents of Janetta and Suzanne are fervent members of the FLDS Church. Two years ago Suzanne, 26, and her husband were "cut off" from the church, after which Jeffs forbid her family from having further contact with her.

After hearing nothing from her sister for 15 months, Suzanne received a phone call "out of the blue" from Janetta on the evening of November 5, 2004. "I could tell right away something was wrong." Suzanne explains. "Her voice was trembling. She was talking really quiet. I asked her right off the bat if she was in trouble and needed help…. She started telling me, ‘I don’t want to be here right now. I don’t want to be here right now…’ She kept repeating it over and over."

During the two-to-three-minute conversation, Janetta revealed that she was somewhere in Hildale-Colorado City and made it clear that she wanted Suzanne to rescue her. According to Suzanne, "Janetta told me, ‘I don’t want Father and Mother to know about this, but I’ll call you right back with a place to meet me.’"

But that was the last Suzanne heard from her little sister. Janetta never called back. Instead, their mother drove over to Suzanne’s house in Hildale to say that Janetta had asked her, the mother, to deliver a message to Suzanne. "I don’t know what’s going on or what," the mother declared curtly, "but Janetta told me to tell you, ‘Never mind.’"

According to Suzanne, "The first thing that crossed my mind when Janetta called me asking for help was that Warren or somebody was doing something really bad to her, or making her do things that she didn’t want to do, and it was scaring her. It scared her enough that she was willing to risk calling me after all that time and ask me to help her get out of her situation."

If Suzanne is correct in speculating that Jeffs has taken Janetta into his marital bed (and considerable evidence appears to confirm that Janetta became one of Jeffs’ "spiritual wives" directly after her 16th birthday), the fundamentalist prophet has committed a criminal act. According to Utah law, when sexual contact occurs between an adult and a 16- or 17-year-old, if the adult is ten or more years older than the minor, a felony has been committed unless the couples are legally married—and in Utah it happens to be illegal to be married to more than one spouse.

On November 11 of this year Suzanne went to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office with her husband and private investigator Sam Brower to file a missing-person report on Janetta. The deputy who took the report indicated it would be thoroughly investigated. A day later, however, Sheriff Kirk Smith halted further action on the case. When this reporter contacted the sheriff’s office to ask why, Sheriff Smith was unavailable. Sergeant Reg Browne explained on his behalf that a deputy had "called the parents and they told him they know where Janetta is. Therefore Janetta isn’t missing, so there are no grounds to submit the report."

Suzanne Jessop Johnson is troubled by this decision, and frightened.

Sheriff Smith’s refusal to take further action is astonishing when one considers that the individuals who vouched for Janetta’s well-being —her parents— are fanatical followers of Warren Jeffs. These are the very people who allegedly gave their 16-year-old daughter to the prophet as a sexual concubine, knowingly and enthusiastically, thus aiding and abetting in the commission of one or more felonies. Despite the fact that Janetta made an impassioned, unambiguous plea for help, nobody from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office made any attempt to interview the girl face to face, away from her family and other members of the FLDS Church. Indeed, nobody even bothered to talk to Janetta on the phone. In the sheriff’s opinion, her parents’ perfunctory reassurances were sufficient.

"I don’t want to make my parents look like bad guys," says Suzanne. "My parents are good people, but they’re as deep into this religion as you could get. They believe all that stuff Warren preaches. I mean, my father believes in Warren so much that, well, he’d do anything Warren asked. Anything! And that really scares me! It scares me that one man could have so much control over so many people. There are young men in this religion who would kill for Warren. Back when I used to attend the meetings, before I was cut off, I remember hearing Warren preach the doctrine of Blood Atonement. He even wrote a book that has six pages just about blood atonement itself. He said that for some people, the only way they could obtain forgiveness was to cry to their brothers to take their lives."

[The book referred to above is titled "Purity in the New and Everlasting Covenant of Marriage," published in 1997 and disseminated to every FLDS household. In the passage Suzanne alluded to, Jeffs is quoting the words of the second LDS prophet, Brigham Young, who in 1856 declared, "I do know that there are sins committed... And furthermore, I know that there are transgressors who, if they knew themselves, and the only condition upon which they can obtain forgiveness, would beg their brethren to shed their blood, that the smoke thereof might ascend to God as an offering to appease the wrath that is kindled against them... there are sins that the blood of a lamb, of a calf, or of turtle doves, cannot remit, but they must be atoned for by the blood of man."]

Sheriff Smith’s refusal to conduct more than a token investigation of Janetta Jessop’s call for help is part of a troubling pattern in Washington County. There is the case of Caroline Cooke, for example. In April 2001, when she was 15, Caroline ran away from her polygamous family in Colorado City because her parents intended to force her to marry Warren Jeffs. Initially she received refuge from anti-polygamy activists, but word of this was leaked to Caroline’s father, who in turn notified Sheriff Kirk Smith. Sheriff Smith summoned the activists to his office, at which time he granted custody of Caroline to her father and ordered that the girl be returned to Colorado City—despite that fact that the father is a practicing polygamist with three wives (one of whom was his own stepdaughter). Thanks to determined efforts by the activists, eventually the Sheriff was overruled and a deal was struck allowing Caroline to live with an uncle in southwestern Colorado instead of being sent home. Although her story had a happy ending, according to activist Jay Beswick, "If it had been left up to Sheriff Smith, Caroline would have gone back to Colorado City and been married to Warren. I have very little trust in Smith or his administration."

The case of Ruby Jessop (a distant cousin to Janetta), alas, did not end as happily as Caroline Cooke’s. When Ruby was 14 she was observed innocently kissing a boy she fancied in Colorado City. For this transgression she was forced to marry an older member of her extended family, whom she despised, in a fundamentalist ceremony presided over by Warren Jeffs. Ruby was raped immediately after the wedding ceremony—so brutally that she spent her "wedding night" hemorrhaging copious amounts of blood. Ruby attempted to flee the coerced marriage but was caught and imprisoned in the home of her stepfather. Ruby’s sister Flora Jessop—who had fled Colorado City on the day Ruby was born in 1986—called the Washington County Sheriff to report that her sister had been kidnapped. When a sheriff’s deputy went to Colorado City to look into the alleged crime, he was told by leaders of the church that the girl was "on vacation;" the deputy accepted this unskeptically and departed. Flora, furious at this apparent dereliction of duty, redoubled her efforts to persuade someone in a position of state authority to take action on behalf of her little sister. A month later, thanks to Flora’s agitation, FLDS members were compelled by the Utah Department of Child and Family Services to bring Ruby to nearby St. George and meet with a social worker. Interviewed in the intimidating presence of one of her alleged captors, Ruby told the social worker that "everything was fine," and was promptly returned to members of the faith. Two years after that, as a sixteen-year-old, she gave birth to a child. Despite Flora’s ongoing efforts to rescue her, Ruby has effectively vanished into the folds of the Fundamentalist church.


In 2002, when the notorious Utah polygamist Tom Green was found guilty of first-degree felony child rape for marrying and impregnating a 13-year-old girl, the judge gave him the minimum possible sentence of five years, to be served concurrently with a five-year sentence he was already serving for bigamy. David O. Leavitt, the Juab County prosecutor who won the conviction, was dismayed by the light sentence. "People in the state of Utah," he lamented, "simply do not understand, and have not understood for fifty years, the devastating effect that the practice of polygamy has on young girls in our society."

Warren Jeffs, who continues to marry young girls with impunity, seems to be the beneficiary of this lack of public awareness. Perhaps there would be a greater outcry over the tremendous harm Jeffs has done if instead of being characterized as a "mere" polygamist, he were more correctly described as the head of a vast criminal organization that has long engaged in widespread sexual slavery and financial fraud, and advocates hatred for non-white races.

Last July a nephew of Warren Jeffs filed a civil claim against the FLDS prophet alleging that Jeffs "repeatedly sodomized and otherwise sexually abused" him when the nephew was a five-year-old student at the Alta Academy—a private FLDS school in Sandy Utah that is no longer in existence. Jeffs was the principal of the school at the time. The abuse was said to have occurred in a basement lavatory during Sunday church services. The nephew was told that the abuse was "God’s work," and that if he ever mentioned the abuse to anyone he would be damned by God for eternity. Warren Jeffs has been in hiding ever since this lawsuit was filed.

In August 2003, Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff declared, "I don’t mind telling Warren Jeffs that I’m coming after him…. We have seen compelling evidence that crimes are being committed, children are being hurt, and taxpayers are footing the bill." Although Shurtleff’s office continues to investigate Jeffs very actively, thus far no criminal charges have been filed against him in Utah. Nor have criminal charges been filed against Jeffs in Arizona, Texas, British Columbia, or anywhere else where the FLDS prophet has allegedly committed felonies.

One of the major challenges faced by those who are trying to bring Warren Jeffs to justice is that a pervasive, Mafia-like code of silence has been instilled in his followers. Thus far, thanks to the FLDS omerta, it has proved nearly impossible to persuade Jeffs’ victims to testify against him in court.

On Saturday, when he learned that Washington County Sheriff Kirk Smith had refused to investigate the plight of Janetta Jessop, private investigator Sam Brower (who has been investigating Jeffs on behalf of the aforementioned nephew and other plaintiffs in civil actions against the FLDS prophet) was angry. "Time and time again," Brower fumed, "when Warren’s victims have had the courage to break away and ask for protection, the government authorities who are supposed to protect them send them right back to their families—which is just like sending them back to Warren. Is it really any wonder people from this religion are afraid to come forward and testify?"

This press release was written by Jon Krakauer. It is based in part on interviews with Suzanne Jessop Johnson on November 11 and 13; on multiple interviews with private investigator Sam Brower on November 11 and 13; on an interview with Washington County Sheriff’s Sergeant Reg Browne on November 13; on email correspondence with Jay Beswick; and on extensive research conducted for the book, Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith.


SAM BROWER, PHONE (435) 701-1501
Jon Krakauer
Press Release November 14, 2004

One need only look at the facts to understand that we are looking at a syndicate of connected programs that believe in protecting child torturers.  Parents are advised to not seek help from the "teen help" industry and to avoid sending any child to any program even remotely associated or affiliated with offending programs such as Eagle Ranch Academy. 


Other problems that arise is the endless forwarding of people reporting abuse experienced with Utah authorities.  If HEAL receives a report of abuse at a facility that is more than 48-hours from the time of the incident, local law enforcement will do nothing at all.  Since children are not allowed access to telephones or the internet while on the lower levels of these programs, alerting authorities to abuse within the prescribed timeframe is virtually impossible unless a brave staff decides to make an anonymous call.  And, this rarely happens.  Add to this that the local authorities then recommend contacting Child Protective Services.  And, Child Protective Services advises contacting the Licensing Department.  The Licensing Department then states that abuse should be reported to the police as it is outside of their duties.  Contacting the Attorney General in Utah results in the same run around.  This has been experienced hundreds of times by families working with HEAL who find that reports of abuse, torture, rape, etc. go uninvestigated.  We have seen our reports investigated in New York, Oregon, and other states.  Utah is the only state that actively hides and protects child-rapists from justice.


Many programs are claiming to use or unite under the banner of "Positive Control Systems".  Many programs are using the same abusive methods.  Some of those in the web of Positive Control Systems are:

Alaska Crossings, Wrangell, Alaska

Anasazi Foundation, Mesa, Arizona

Open Sky Wilderness Therapy, Durango, Colorado
Royal Gorge Academy, Canon, Colorado (WWASPS)

Second Nature Blue Ridge, Clayton, Georgia

Hope House, Marsing, Idaho
Project PATCH, Garden Valley, Idaho

Change Academy at the Lake ofthe Ozarks, Linn Creek, Missouri

Hope Ranch, Whitefish, Montana

New York
Adirondack Leadership Expeditions and Wilderness Program, Saranac, New York

Catherine Freer Wilderness Therapy Expeditions, Albany, Oregon
Second Nature Cascades, Bend, Oregon

Adolescent Escort Services, Washington, Utah
Ascent, Inc., Springville, Utah
Aspen Achievement Academy, Loa, Utah (Aspen Education Group)
Aspen Ranch School, Loa Utah
Aspiro, Inc., Salt Lake City & Hanna, Utah
Avalon Hills, Petersboro, Utah
Catalyst Therapy RTC, LaSal, Utah
Cayenne Recovery Ranch, S.L.C., Utah
Cedar Breaks Academy, Parowan, Utah
Cedar Ridge Residential Treatment Center, Roosevelt, Utah
Choice Supported Employment, North Ogden, Utah
Cross Creek Programs, LaVerkin, Utah (WWASPS)
Crossroads Academy, Ogden, Utah
Diamond Ranch Academy, Hurricane, Utah
Discovery Ranch, Mapleton, Utah
Eagle Ranch Academy, St. George, Utah
Elements Wilderness Therapy, S.L.C., Utah
Extended Family, Spanish Fork, Utah
Farmington Bay Youth Center, Farmington, Utah
Gateway Academy, S.L.C., Utah
Heritage Youth Services, Spanish Fork, Utah
High Top Ranch, Koosharem, Utah
Integrity House, Cedar City, Utah
Kolob Canyon RTC, New Harmony, Utah
La Europa Academy, Salt Lake City, Utah
Lost and Found Youth Academy, St. George, Utah
Lumana'i, RTC, Springville, Utah
Moon Ridge Academy, Cedar City, Utah
Mountain Home Youth Ranch, Vernal, Utah
Mountain Valley Youth Services, Manti, Utah
Outback Therapeutic Expeditions, Lehi, Utah
Passages to Recovery (Adult Programs), Loa, Utah
Palmetto Transports, Washington, Utah
Piute Youth Lodge, Koosharem, Utah
Progressive Youth, Ogden, Utah
Redcliff Ascent, Enterprise, Utah
Richfield Residential Hall, Richfield, Utah
Salt Lake Valley Detention Center, S.L.C., Utah
Second Nature, Duchesne, Utah
Second Nature Entrada, Santa Clara, Utah
Sorenson's Ranch School, Koosharem, Utah
Storm Ridge Ranch, Monroe, Utah
Sundance Canyon Academy, Harriman, Utah
Sunhawk Academy, St. George, Utah
The Journey: Blazing New Trails, Provo, Utah
Top Flight Academy, Mt. Pleasant, Utah
Triumph Youth Services, LaVerkin, Utah
Turnabout Ranch, Escalante, Utah
Turning Point Family Care, Cedar City, Utah
USA Guides, St. George, Utah
Utah Preparatory Academy, Manti, Utah
Utah Youth Village, S.L.C., Utah
West Ridge Academy, West Jordan, Utah
Wilderness Quest, Monticello, Utah
Wingate Therapy, Kanab, Utah
Young Women's Empowerment Center, Ephraim, Utah

(Source: )


Search HEAL for Information on the Programs Listed in the Left Column 

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Many of the programs listed to the left are confirmedly abusive.  Two Aspen Education Group programs were recently closed in Oregon due to wrongful death and abuse.  At Mount Bachelor Academy, an Aspen program, girls were forced to give lap dances as "therapy".  Cross Creek Programs are part of the WWASPS system and notoriously abusive.  Please understand that PCS claims this is a partial list of programs in that system and it is our belief that most, if not all, behavior modification programs in the United States are using similar methods to defraud families and abuse children.  In December, 2009 a "nurse" at Cedar Ridge Residential Treatment Center was arrested and is being charged with raping children at the facility.  Cedar Ridge did not take disciplinary action until charges had actually been filed.  The word of the victims and evidence of abuse was not enough for that facility, it wouldn't remove a reported threat to children without criminal charges having been filed.  This is a very abuse-friendly standard. 

For information on the types of fraud, abuse, criminal and civil wrongs committed by programs, visit www.heal-online.org/ebook.pdf.

Based on the given information and the fact that HEAL is currently working to help rescue a child from this facility, we believe that Eagle Ranch Academy is abusive and that it and the other facilities listed to the left should be avoided by families who wish to put an end to a crisis, not exacerbate their family's problems.

Search HEAL for Information on the Programs Listed in the Left Column 

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Positive Control Systems at URL/IP shows up in IP traces as being located in Tooele, UT.  Positive Control Systems contact information is a PO Box in Cedar City, UT.  The alternative website for Positive Control Systems is positivecontrolsystems.com.  The IP address associated with this website as of August 31st, 2010 is: according to our trace information.  This IP is traced as being located in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Matthew Cooper is the sole contact known for Positive Control Systems through our research.  According to records obtained today, Positive Control Systems is an unlicensed business in the state of Utah.  This is just additional information on the "scam" that is the behavior modification industry in Utah.

Based on all of the information provided, we believe all intelligent people would choose against sending a loved one to Utah.  If your child is in Utah, please rescue them immediately.  DON'T SEND ANYONE TO A PROGRAM IN UTAH!!!


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