This is a  staff list for Sunrise Residential Treatment Center and Boarding School in Hurricane, UT

(aka Sunrise Academy, Solacium Sunrise)

(we are working to acquire the complete records for ALL years)


We advise current and/or former staff to report any abuses you may have witnessed while working at Sunrise Residential Treatment Center.  For information on your rights and how to take action, visit  If you were fired or forced to resign because you opposed any illegal and/or unethical practices at Sunrise Residential Treatment Center, you have the right to take action. 


If you were harmed (family or survivor) by Sunrise Residential Treatment Center, please contact if you remember the long-term employees and from which years.  This will help!   Also, if you recognize any of these staff as having worked at another program, please send in any information about their past or present employment at other facilities and/or cults.


Please don’t place your loved one in Sunrise Residential Treatment Center and rescue them if they are there now.




Additional Information
Dave Prior Executive Director Reportedly formerly worked for New Haven RTC in UT.
Jack Hinman Clinical Director  
(Dr.) Cantril Nielsen Psychiatrist Dr. Nielsen is also staff at confirmedly fraudulent and abusive Eagle Ranch AcademyNielsen reportedly has moved to Idaho.  It is unclear if he is still with Sunrise, but, according to the Sunrise website on October 17th, 2010, Nielsen is still working for this program. 

"In the 1980s, LDS Psychiatrist Cantril Nielsen found himself caught between his conflicting religious and professional oaths.  Nielsen paid a sizable wrongful death malpractice settlement in the masturbation-shame suicide of 16-year-old Kip Eliason. The lawsuit alleged that Nielsen violated professional standards of psychiatric care by prescribing that his patient should follow his Mormon bishop’s advice to abstain from masturbation in order to be “worthy,” rather than basing treatment on empirical medical evidence required by medical ethics."


Case Citation: Eliason v. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, et al., No. 80195, D.C. (Ada County 1983).

Kathrine Whittekiend Educational Director  
Mollie Mylar Admissions Director She then went on to become a House Supervisor and later Admissions Director for The Oakley School. Mollie continued her admissions work at Second Nature Wilderness Program and most recently as Admissions Director at Willow Creek Residential Treatment Center.  Second Nature uses the same abusive methods as Eagle Ranch Academy.
Corey Hickman Residential Life Director Corey has worked in the field for the last five years, and also worked with the residential staff at New Haven for the last three-and-a-half years.  New Haven is confirmedly abusive.
Sarah Engler Transition/After Care Director Engler no longer appears to work for this program.  Engler formerly worked for New Haven RTC in UT.
Lisa Van de Water Residential Manager Van de Water no longer appears to work for this program.
Brad Simpson Therapist Child Protective Services in the areas of placement, investigation, and family reunification.  Child Protective Services in Utah are a corrupt joke.  This is not impressive.  It is only further evidence of the corruption in Utah.
Michele Peterson Therapist  
Kassandra Stiggins Therapist  
Kim Smith Residential Mgr.  
Sarah Flygare Program Nurse  
Jacob Grimm Teacher  
Elizabeth Hess Teacher  
Krista Nugent Teacher  
Tracy Davis Teacher Davis no longer appears to work for this program.
Heather Black Office Manager  
HEAL is in the process of reviewing the enrollment materials for Sunrise Residential Treatment Center.

 *(Sunrise RTC, like many other programs in this industry, keeps a "tight lid" on any specific information regarding their staff, qualifications, and practices.  Please contact us with the names of any staff of which you have firsthand knowledge or experience.  Thank you for your help.)

 Last Updated: February 7th, 2018

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