Please locate and contact your Washington State and ask they revise Washington State law to make sure that the criminal abuse and neglect of children and vulnerable adults is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

FIND AND CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS: (Directions: First, left click and highlight the sample letter below, after the entire text is highlighted, right click and select "copy" from the menu.  This will save the text so you can simply right click and paste it into your message to legislators.  Enter your zip code in box below and click "GO".  If you live in a split district, enter your full 9 digit zip code or address in the fields provided on new action page that opens in a new window.  If you do not live in a split district, simply click on the name(s) of your state senator(s) and state representative(s) under Governor and State Legislators on the right side.  Then, click on "contact" and then select "e-mail, contact, or use form".  Fill out the form, enter the Capwiz, then send your letter to your legislator(s).  For this state action, your subject should read "Please Revise WA Abuse Investigation Laws".


Copy, paste, and edit this sample letter to write your legislators to demand action on this issue:

"Dear [Legislator/Official's Name Here--(i.e. Sen. Lara)],

I am writing you today to ask that you introduce legislation to amend RCW 26.44.050 and RCW 74.34.067 067 to remove the authority of the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) to investigate claims of abuse of children and vulnerable adults, (whether occurring in an institutional setting or not), and create or expand special victims' law enforcement units to investigate all allegations of criminal abuse and neglect of children and vulnerable adults. 

Given that DSHS, Child Protective Services, and Adult Protective Services regularly are responsible for placement of vulnerable populations (i.e. children, the disabled, and the elderly) and that holding accountable those that abuse vulnerable populations in those placements often creates a conflict of interest resulting in obstruction of justice for victims of criminal abuse and neglect, it seems only aligned with the equal protection clause that vulnerable populations be afforded the same law enforcement protections and investigations into abuse as the rest of society.  Therefore, specialized law enforcement units should be created or expanded and the investigation unit at DSHS should be dismantled with the exception of investigating non-criminal complaints against facilities licensed by DSHS.


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