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HEAL is an egalitarian network of activists self-empowered to plan events, create change, and make the world a better place for all life.  Our goals include the liberation of humans, nonhuman animals, and the earth!  We work in cooperation with like-minded organizations that put compassion in action!

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Welcome!  This is a community board for HEAL members and supporters.  If you have a skill, item, personal ad, or anything you wish to share or trade, this is the place for you!  Simply contact us with your ad and we will add it to the appropriate category.  We ask that you put people over profit and offer services or goods for trade in kind or simply share with others knowing that they too share with you whether you realize it or not.  If you are looking for something, check out the menu below for the appropriate category and see if you find what you desire.  Categories are subject to change and will be updated as needed for new items added.


Menu:   Animals/Animal Rights     Babysitting Services      Human Rights     Personals       Tutoring 



ANIMALS/ANIMAL RIGHTS (i.e. Animal listings, Animal Supplies, Animal Rights Merchandise)

Downbound Fair Trade/Vegan/Environmentally Friendly Online Store offers a variety of products including food, clothing, and pet supplies that embody the HEAL values.  Click here to shop now!


BABYSITTERS (Needed/For Hire)

Babysitter for Hire in Seattle/SeaTac/Burien area.  I have a certificate in child development.  I have a BA from the Univ. of Washington.  I am currently looking for work and am available for evenings and/or weekends.  If you need a babysitter, please contact me, Angela, to discuss options and opportunities.


HUMAN RIGHTS (i.e. Car Pools to Events, Emergency Shelter, Human Rights Merchandise)

Downbound Fair Trade/Vegan/Environmentally Friendly Online Store offers a variety of products including food, clothing, and pet supplies that embody the HEAL values.  No products are made in sweat shops here!  Click here to shop now!


The Union Store  sells only Union Made Items!!  This insures quality and worker's rights.  There are so many products to choose from including clothing, shoes, and electronics.  Check it out at:


The United Farm Workers Online Store offers a variety of books, videos, posters, activist gear, and more!  Featuring RFK and Cesar Chavez items!  Visit by clicking this link:  Viva Cesar Chavez Sale!  Check it out!


HEAL'S ONLINE STORE offers a variety of products where you can support HEAL, teen liberty, and prisoner's rights!  Check it out at:!


Owen Maigret--Artist, Musician, & Sorenson's Ranch Survivor!  Owen Maigret is featured in San Francisco Weekly as an upcomer in the Reggaeton music scene!  Check out the article at:  Also, check out his art at: and music at:  Check it out!  


The Black Math Experiment--Music/Band:  "Ohio by The Black Math Experiment, while somewhat nonsensical on the surface, is a deeply painful song detailing the experiences of Lynda Rouner at Provo Canyon School (which is in Utah, not Ohio, but nothing rhymes with Utah). The lyrics ask us "Who gets betrayed, who's in the box, and why?", forcing us to consider why such a sadistic institution continues to exist, and why parents insist on voluntarily sending their children there to be tortured. The song has brought some catharsis to Lynda, and will hopefully be of some comfort to other PCS survivors."  Anyone who wishes to contact us can do so via the Myspace.


DANA LYONS--Activist/Singer/Songwriter--After 18 months of recording, mixing, mastering, knob twiddling, and going back and forth to Ireland four times (where "Cows With Guns" was on the Irish Top 40 for 6 months) the great day has arrived when 10 cases of "Ride The Lawn" CDs showed up on my doorstep.  Pick up a copy of Dana’s new CD "Ride The Lawn."  The web site ordering pages are: or


Dana’s just released his new album in collaboration with Jane Goodall titled “Circle the World” check it out at his website listed above!


More concert info available at: and 


PERSONAL ADS (Keep it clean, please--NO Spoony Luv!)

Vegetarians/Vegans/Animal-Friendly Singles interested in meeting like-minded folks for friendship, dating, or more?  Check out VeggieDate at:



TUTORING (Needed/For Hire)

Tutor for Hire in Seattle/SeaTac/Burien area.  I have certificate in child development.  I passed the WEST-B exam qualifying me to teach in Washington.  I have a BA from the Univ. of Washington.  My majors were history and philosophy.  I can tutor K-6 in all subjects and 6-12 in English, History/Social Studies, and Philosophy (debate/ethics).  .  I am currently looking for work and am available for evenings and/or weekends.  I plan to begin law school next Autumn.  If you need a tutor, please contact me, Angela, to discuss options and opportunities.



Word Processing, Proofreading, and More…Oregon based company 'West Hills Communications' offers writing, editing and proofreading services. For more information go to  


1 & 1 Internet Service--If you want to create/own/build your own website, consider using 1 & ! Internet Service.  If you click here and order today, HEAL will receive funds toward our 1 & 1 account and/or a commission.  You can get what you need and give back too!  Isn't that great?!


 Free Press Release

  Liziah Woodruff--Yoga Instructor/HEAL Supporter

For more information, visit:


Also, check out Tim Brown's "The Fight That Never Ends"

Support Tickets for Tots in Louisville, KY!--Tickets for tots provides tickets to events (movies, sports, live shows, etc.) to underprivileged children and provides transportation.  Below is a click-through link so you can learn more!



PsychPod Studio Podcast 


Welcome to the PsychPod Studio Podcast with Psychological Thriller Author M.E. Anders, where we chat ten of minutes of psychological news, views, and interviews.  Merging fact and fiction into an infotainment-packed show.

Here we’ll explore hot psychological topics from the perspective of a suspense and mind-altering thriller author.

Popular topics include cult survivor tales, author interviews, psychological expert interviews, reader discussions, critical thinking skills, skepticism, freethinking, and religion.

My Website and Blog

About the Blog: Discover how the germ of an idea morphs into a full-fledged thriller novel.  Delve into M.E.’s imagination and creativity.  Follow a play-by-play of M.E.’s novel adventures.  Read about other writers and readers.  Learn the secrets of modern day cults.  Check out the latest thriller novels.  Meet up with M.E. if you live near Chicago.  Listen to PsychPod Studio with M.E.’s discussions of all topics psychological, fact and fiction.  Be the first to hear news of M.E.’s debut novel releases.

Blog Hot Topics


====== PRESS RELEASE =========


Finally, the story is told.

The first ever CEDU novel has been released!


Waxlight Press presents:


Available now in paperback and e-book:

The first of its kind: a former student of CEDU school recounts, with vivid detail and with painstaking accuracy, a stay at a behavior modification school. It’s a definitive manifesto overlade with an entertaining plot that will keep you turning the pages.

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