My name is Angela Smith.  I am the national coordinator and co-founder of HEAL.  I am responding here to the false allegation suggesting I'm obsessed with Sean Stone.  While I won't post the correspondence between myself and Sean Stone that spans nearly 3 years now, I state firmly that Sean Stone and I are/were well acquainted beginning in September, 2017 when I reached out to him to see if he would read or review the free e-book "Activism 101: How To Succeed In Peaceful Revolution" (See Newsweek's Art Levine and Doug Martin's Reviews Here).  I've acted as a source for segments Mr. Stone has done on "Watching the Hawks" and regularly sent him news tips while flirting or adding nonsequitors at times which he appeared to appreciate responding with winking emoji and words like beautiful, lovely, and incredibly thoughtful.  In November of 2017 I dared to publicly "like" one of his Facebook posts and was immediately trolled by Turtle Jewelry.  I briefly left Facebook without deleting my account.  In May of 2018, I returned to Facebook and again dared to like or comment on one of Sean Stone's posts.  Turtle Jewelry started up again.  This was followed by my Facebook Messenger being hacked or compromised leading to my deleting the account in or around October, 2018 at which point I reported it to the FCC.  My Twitter appeared to have been briefly compromised but I changed the password and that seemed to resolve it. 

From June, 2018 to the present I've been hacked, spoofed, and harassed online with much of it referencing Sean Stone and/or Sacred Breath Academy.  And, a third-party was recently identified that is a self-proclaimed "ethical hacker" that appears to actively malign me and Sacred Breath Academy at varying intervals and Sean Stone as well.  But, as a result of Sacred Breath Academy's unreasonableness and unwillingness to consider facts (while using intimidation and coercion to silence honest criticism and referencing communications they shouldn't know about unless they had unauthorized access, which is why I suspect them of hacking my system too or in concert with the third-party) I see them as they are and they don't like it.  And, I have evidence to back that up and am currently in the process of filing. 

So, here's an example.  I sent Sean Stone a copy of Doug Martin's "Hoosier School Heist" after my web series "The HEAL Report" aired our interview with Martin.  He then interviewed Martin.  This is just one example of how we had a working and friendly or cordial relationship (Sean insists on using the word "cordial" to describe it but if you look that up it means "radiating friendliness and warmth") and evidence "The Blast" article and other malicious and libelous statements placing me in a false light are in fact false.  Here are the videos:

HEAL Interview With Doug Martin:  (September 1st, 2016 original air date/post)


"WATCHING THE HAWKS" INTERVIEW WITH DOUG MARTIN: (January 24th, 2018 posted to Youtube)

Do you think that was just a coincidence? 

There are other examples, but, I prefer discretion while others make it almost impossible depending on how important people knowing the whole truth is to you.  And, while most people probably don't give a shit and consider this a bunch of drama outside of their interest or purview, I can see your point.  But, really consider all the facts at and the satirical parody which is pretty spot-on in representing the subject of the mock at and let me know if you think with all things considered I'm the one who is overreacting or being unreasonable.  I believe all the evidence or vast preponderance proves otherwise.  Ask me about it at your own risk of information overload since there is so much evidence it could virtually bury someone alive.  But, I'll respond.  Be as specific as possible if you don't want excessive explication and wish to limit the scope.  E-mail me at and return to either of the above pages or the HEAL Homepage or whatever you like.   Or, keep reading and watching....

I believe the video below establishes Sean Stone is suffering amnesia, confusion, and undue influence:


California is a "no fault" state and anyone can request a restraining order if they can establish they've been reasonably annoyed by another party.  A single e-mail that was a reply to Sacred Breath Academy after they responded to my inquiries about licensing, accreditation, and qualifications of staff/leadership by calling me a mentally unstable terrorist among other libelous comments was why the order was granted.  It "protects" Sean Stone and two women who facilitate for the cult.  And, after review of the e-mail exchange, I have reason to believe the message introduced was altered/doctored.  I may post the e-mail exchanges to the site again.  But, you can e-mail me at and request copies.  Want to see the last messages before the hearing?  Okay, click here.  At the bottom of that e-mail thread, Sacred Breath Academy claims they don't use "Rebirthing" or the RBI method.  In the first reply they disclaim any association with Leonard Orr.  Now, proof of the association with Leonard Orr is available at  And, here's evidence showing they use "rebirthing":

So, here's my current position.  First, I hope everyone appreciates the way I've chosen to respond to this situation.  As an activist and advocate, those on our watch-list attack us rather than defend themselves.  So, I've taken this opportunity to show how one might respond to criticism or inquiries by reviewing statements, providing evidence of error, offering to make corrections, and even willingness to discuss changes or entertain suggestions.  In addition, I've shown I'm willing to post oppositional views and even those I find libelous by those we oppose on our own website to provide full context.  And, I have until April, 2021 to file a small claim suit against Sacred Breath Academy.  However, I shall not pursue it because my goal has been throughout this ordeal to protect and liberate Sean Stone from undue influence.  And, even though I am no longer legally bound to do so, I'm a woman of my word.  And, I promised to protect Sean Stone.  So, in the event Sean misled Sacred Breath Academy regarding his familiarity with me resulting in Sacred Breath Academy's malicious misconduct towards me, they could sue Sean to recover any losses as a result of my being awarded damages.  In addition, "The Blast" article is evidence of libel per se, but, directly implicates Sean Stone as a co-conspirator rather than victim of undue influence by a cult which is how I see him.  So, I already messed up because I had "The Blast" article and an e-mail from Danielle/Kaya at Sacred Breath Academy throwing it in my face to further harass me and didn't introduce it in court at the hearing because I didn't want Sean to get in trouble or go to jail even though I want Sacred Breath Academy shut down and know they should be as a matter of law and common sense.  The law is hoping common sense will do it and that the public information now available at will be enough for consumers exercising any due diligence whatsoever to avoid being defrauded by Sacred Breath Academy.  And, I'm with the law on that while also encouraging direct victims with provable financial loss where they gave money to Sacred Breath Academy pursue restitution by reporting the crime of fraud or seek damages by filing a consumer complaint or civil suit.  But, I forfeited at the hearing to protect Sean because the cult was removed from the court room and it was just us in front of the judge.  The cult made him sign everything and he was the only one who testified on that side and he perjured himself on paper and under oath.  So, knowing he'd get potentially 3 years in prison for that alone, I folded to keep him out of prison so I could continue in some way to try to get the word out and shut down Sacred Breath Academy while liberating Sean rather than seeing him charged and off to prison while Sacred Breath Academy got away with everything.  So, if you are a survivor or victim of cults or abuse and want to know why the restraining order was approved, it is because I see Sean as a survivor/victim too of a cult and was trying to protect him so given the cult set him up as the fall guy and used him as a human shield, I didn't want to let them win so I let them win in a limited sense knowing there is more than one way to skin a cat.  And, confession is part of this now and this was mine.

Below is my request which I'd still like to see Sean do because he is a "light warrior" and would never do Sacred Breath Academy's bidding unless suffering undue influence.  But, legally, here's what the court says "Why didn't you introduce the evidence that exonerated you on the day of the hearing if you had it on you?  You can't appeal a forfeit."  And, without rescinding it (which I could do if I took another trip with more expenses etc, but, maybe not because the truth was known the day of the hearing and so discovery that would extend the right to motion for appeal doesn't apply), I can sue for libel per se if I wish to pay a retainer knowing I haven't lost any money and can't prove financial loss so it would be on principle.  My principles are mixed on this one for many reasons as are my emotions.  But, I promised to protect Sean no matter what (exception was if he harmed children) and to respect his virtuous wishes in regards to my actions.  And, then this happened.  So, I feel better keeping my promise in some ways and hope that my efforts to expose Sacred Breath Academy's fraud is enough to protect those who most deserve it because they exercise due diligence which is a virtue.  But, I've learned from all of this that I can't protect the freedom of others when they fail to act responsibly and that includes #MeToo.  Objectively, I should've let Sean face the consequences of his perjury the day of the hearing.  Subjectively, I couldn't do that to Sean since I was trying to protect him and that's why all this happened the way it did.  Below still reads as my "Demands" which is meant as a joke and mock of Danielle/Sacred Breath Academy calling me a terrorist in her first reply to my inquiry about licensing, accreditation, and qualifications to run such an academy.  But, the demands were both serious and funny.  I think if Sean recovers his virtue he'll do it:

"Demands (Must Do Strict Conditions):

1.  Rescind the order.  (Because it was based on perjury and libel and is being used to intimidate/coerce a victim into not pursuing justice.  E-mailing to negotiate a settlement about outstanding threats to sue on both sides is reasonable and to my understanding permitted even where an order exists.  So, that has been reported to law enforcement as a violation of the order and prosecutor is reviewing it now.  But, I'm not so concerned as I believe I acted within my rights under the circumstances and if criminals can now get restraining orders against their victims and then use that to silence the victims or use law enforcement as enforcers to threaten if the victims don't remain silent is a bit much and so unjust that I'll go to jail if that's what it takes to expose it.  That's outrageous.)

2.  Get "The Blast" article removed.

3.  Take down the "My Stalker" video unless keeping it up is a way to warn actual stalkers there will be consequences because even if you were friends with someone and communicated regularly helping with work-related projects that Sean might throw a fit and #MeToo you if he feels it is the best way to deescalate domestic violence he expects from cult leaders he invited in but before he realized how abusive they were and then knowing I'm a victim's advocate expecting I'd understand that he felt he had to falsely accuse me to avoid further abuse by the cult where I wasn't willing to remove it from the watch-list for good reason.  So, even if you are just his friend but oppose the cult he's joined, he may turn on you even if you are innocent and if you love him you might go along with it somewhat while creating things like this webpage to explain your side and hopefully help him virtually and publicly where you now can't do so privately and discreetly because of how stupid the cult is and how horrible at solving any problems whatsoever which is why they belong on the watch-list.  And, the punchline for this may very well be considered in part to be  But, I'd ask that you check out and that entire site really before jumping to conclusions.  Ba da bum.

4.  Alternatives to 2 and 3 are to have The Blast interview me for my side and add a link to and to the description of the video referenced in 3.

5.  Sean Stone, a lawyer, or law enforcement may contact me to discuss changes to the Sacred Breath Academy pages listed in 4 and must provide reliable independent sources with citations for verification on any facts presented or stated that would require editing of the site for accuracy.  Now, to put it more plainly, Sacred Breath Academy/Danielle/Kaya is to never contact me again in any way.  If you don't understand why I'd say that, please see the e-mails.  I don't believe Danielle is capable of a mature and reasonable conversation and know her to be dishonest and a pathological liar.  So, as a result of her bad faith and offensive conduct, I prefer if someone else mediates."

So, for Sean, I'll say this...  I can't imagine a world where Sean Stone, son of Oliver Stone, alleged fan of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, would do these things to a consumer and victim's advocate who is or was a source for his work and truly loves "Greystone Park" too.  But, apparently I live in one and that to me is a red flag requiring I respond because I still think Sean Stone needs a rescue before he allows a cult to assassinate his character by proxy or association.  And, the Sean Stone I've known for years is more like his father than he'd like to admit.  But, that's one of the reasons I like him.  I'm upset and angry about this situation.  But, I still have more positive experiences with Sean than negative.  That is subject to change apparently though and I hope only for the better.

Need more?  Okay.  Click here for e-mails from Sean Stone to me from September, 2017-August, 2018.  And, recall I was being trolled, harassed, spoofed, and hacked beginning in May, 2018 in a very noticeable manner which referenced Sean Stone and Sacred Breath Academy at times.  I asked Sean to assist me with identifying the perpetrators and was eliminating potential suspects as I investigated the situation myself so I could identify the perpetrator(s) and hopefully have enough proof for law enforcement to open an official investigation.  He tweets out himself being hanged, in bathtubs with no water and not connected to plumbing (Rebirthing Breathwork International/Leonard Orr cult started in a bathtub/hottub in the 70s), himself in a coffin, himself in jail, quotes stating he won't be free until everyone is free, and all while I'm being hacked/harassed and the messages are referencing Sean Stone and threatening him.  When the threats began, Sacred Breath Academy wasn't directly referenced by name only as a cult that was targeting Sean Stone to 5150 him or use him in some manner.  So, that's why I spoke to law enforcement off the record in Summer, 2018 and asked they see if Sean Stone was safe and free because I believed he was being targeted for kidnapping/cult recruitment/etc.  Then, on August 30th, 2018 (five days after the last e-mail in the series in the hypertext document shown above in this paragraph), he posts this to Facebook:

So, being who I am and doing what I do as a consumer and victim's advocate who is horrifyingly concerned for Sean's safety at this point, I recognize that the name alone is a red flag.  So, I take that post as a cry for help from Sean just like his other disturbing social media posts along with all the threats to him and myself via electronic trespass and harassment.  And, because I already suspected it was IFB and reported that off the record to the FBI, I had to do some more research before notifying law enforcement that the appropriate suspect was Sacred Breath Academy and/or the IBF (International Breathwork Foundation).  Now, there is some crossover between RBI/IBF and IFB.  Alternative Youth Academy (sister program to the now closed Restoration Youth Academy (This one, the three "leaders" are all doing major time in prison in Alabama thanks in large part to HEAL Alabama Coordinator and Retired Police Captain Charles Kennedy.) uses Bliss Hypnosis which is operating a near replicant of Sacred Breath Academy. 

So, during what is clearly the friendliness timeline for Sean Stone and myself, he was threatened by and then recruited by cult(s) on the HEAL watch-list.  And, he spent his career exposing them too before being recruited so I don't believe my friendship or fondness for him made him a bigger target than he was already but in the event it did I felt compelled to be a good friend and do everything within my power to protect him even if only virtually.

And, recall "The Blast" article referenced above on this page?  Well, it suggests Sean Stone feared for his life and falsely suggested I had made a death threat.  Here's the entire exchange between Sacred Breath Academy and myself including where they falsely accuse me of making death threats:  And, here's what happened or the fallout from that:  And, if Sean Stone was afraid of me, why did he send the e-mail below:

And, why did the restraining order request end with this?

So, as everyone should now be able to see clearly Sacred Breath Academy is unduly influencing Sean Stone and recruited him to try to discredit me and malign my character and reputation.  And, Sean Stone is either willfully blind or unduly influenced.  As a friend and someone who cares, I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt and saying he's suffering undue influence.  I've experienced the manipulation, deception, intimidation tactics, and coercion that Sacred Breath Academy is capable of and I believe that man is still in need of a serious rescue because cults cause serious psychological harm and our website is proof of that.  If you still need more or want more, get a life or move on to another topic HEAL covers.  Or, do your own research because if it is worth posting and reasonably supported by facts available, we post it if related to issues we cover.  I might share more later.  We'll see.  But, I'm as innocent as Charlie Sheen and as politically correct as Looney Tunes by Warner Bros.  Tricksters (rabbits and ducks and even Coyotes) represent minorities and always outsmart whitey in Looney Tunes, that makes it subversive not racist.  DRAG (RuPaul) Bugs Bunny is arguably extremely progressive not unlike "Some Like It Hot" starring Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon, and Tony Curtis.  Tweety and Sylvester are spoiled and represent sibling rivalry.  The dog breaks the shit up and he gets in trouble most or so it seems.  Precious the Dog is totally awesome though.  And, sometimes Pepe LePew gets a bad rap and that was actually racist against the French because it suggests French people stink and are hypersexual and even into bestiality since he chases a cat.  But, another way to look at it as to say America is a nation of immigrants and Pepe LePew doesn't judge based on cultural heritage if he finds you of interest.  And, cats will tear your shit up if you fuck with them so I honestly think the cat was more into it than some of the pursuit suggests because otherwise he would have been killed.  My cat Scout took out (killed) an entire family of raccoons.  She was an indoor/outdoor cat and we didn't ask nor train her to do that.  She did it of her own accord.  So, I believe the cat in Pepe LePew ends up with hearts for him too and the story often plays out that way.

Now, one last thing.  Charlie Sheen is innocent and I believe arguably targeted for character assassination by those jealous of his sheenius and success.  And, when did his reputation take the biggest hit?  After he questioned the official narrative on 9/11, right?  We don't have to turn everything into a conspiracy theory.  But, when honest people (truthers) speak up and share facts that don't always jive with the official narrative sometimes those who stand to profit from promotion of any given narrative decide to try to silence and discredit people like me and Charlie Sheen.  And, I never expected a member of Oliver Stone's family to be among those who would do that.  This is why, I insist Sean Stone needs a rescue.

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