This is a  staff list for Resolution Ranch in Cameron, TX

(we are working to acquire the complete records for ALL years)


We advise current and/or former staff to report any abuses you may have witnessed while working at Resolution Ranch.  For information on your rights and how to take action, visit you were fired or forced to resign because you opposed any illegal and/or unethical practices at Resolution Ranch, you have the right to take action.


If you were harmed (family or survivor) by Resolution Ranch, please contact if you remember the long-term employees and from which years.This will help!†  Also, if you recognize any of these staff as having worked at another program, please send in any information about their past or present employment at other facilities and/or cults. 


Please donít place your loved one in Resolution Ranch and rescue them if they are there now. 




Additional Information
Scott McGarrahan Founder Former "volunteer" with DARE (DFAF--Semblers-Straight).
Neal Staab Administrator  
Chris Langley Program Director  
Chelsea Matthews Therapist  
Eric Benson Curriculum Coordinator  
Carla Moraw Case Manager  
Scott Piland Teacher  
Marcus Vaughan Clayton Child Care Worker Supervisor Formerly worked in juvenile and adult correctional facilities (prisons).
Dominic M. Bihr Child Care Worker Supervisor Formerly worked Wyndham Lawn RTC in New York.
Diane R. Schmidt Office Manager  
*(Resolution Ranch, like many other programs in this industry, keeps a "tight lid" on any specific information regarding their staff, qualifications, and practices.  Please contact us with the names of any staff of which you have firsthand knowledge or experience.  Thank you for your help.)
HEAL is in the process of reviewing the application, enrollment agreement, and parent handbook for Resolution Ranch.  In the meantime, we quote a portion of the "power of attorney" form included in Resolution Ranch's application (downloaded from on October 14th, 2010) below:

"VI. To search the resident and Residents personal effects at any time, and seize any items deemed by Resolution Ranch to be counterproductive to the Residents successful completion of the Program. The search of the Residentís person may require Resident to change all of his/he clothing in the presence of a staff member, where contraband may be hidden.

VII. To restrict the Residentís access to telephone calls, visitors, and delivered materials.  "

Searching a child without probable cause or proper authority is a violation of the child's rights.  This was determined by the Supreme Court in 2009.

Restricting a child's access to the telephone, visitors, and/or mail indicates likely violations.  Monitoring/censoring the mail of minors in residential programs was found to be a civil rights violation in the federal court decision, Milonas and Rice, et al v. Provo Canyon School.  This is a serious concern.

 Last Updated: October 14th, 2010

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