The majority of HEAL's volunteers are survivors and victims of child abuse and institutionalized abuse.  As a result, we have our own trauma and providing a listening ear to others with trauma often triggers our own trauma which can be upsetting to all involved.  In addition, social media or typical mediated collective counseling or support sessions tend to result in a major trigger for those abused in such sessions where confrontation or "attack therapy" was encouraged in which you basically blame everyone for their failings and take a break from hearing what's wrong with you.  And, when a bunch of victims of this particular type of abuse attempt to join forces while being ignorant or in denial of reasonable solutions or the fact that sometimes resolving past trauma where legal remedies have expired requires personal responsibility and good emotional support often lacking as a result of individual circumstance (i.e. unsupportive family, social isolation, etc.), we seek out other victims hoping to be heard, if nothing more and assume no one else would believe us because our abusers said that in hopes of covering up their crimes by convincing us there was no point in reporting.  But, many programs have been shut down when abuses were effectively reported and Mount Bachelor Academy in Oregon and Midwest Academy in Iowa are two examples of that fact.  And, individuals, including parents, are prosecuted for child abuse and kidnapping among other crimes when reported to the authorities in a timely manner.  So, while we are all living with trauma, we can't ignore the reality that ignorance, circumstance, or other reasons for delaying reporting to the authorities is why abusers are continuing to get away with it and demanding more regulation, when the whole practice is illegal unless there is a valid court order for segregated congregate care placement, is arguably foolish and a waste of time resulting from our inner victim still deserving justice while objectively the time has passed and we forfeited the right to justice by failing to report in a timely fashion or with enough evidence to pursue a case.  Parents have been prosecuted and sued as co-defendants and have lost those lawsuits.  So, choosing not to file criminal complaints, consumer complaints, and/or lawsuits for any reason during the statute of limitations on any specific offense is not society's fault nor a result of failures in government action.  Now, if you filed complaints and followed through with enough evidence and prosecutors failed or law enforcement failed, then looking at funding for their department and asking for additional funding so they can handle the caseload may be the best remedy because everything that happened to us is truly criminal and tortious.  But, being intimidated or convinced by abusers that reporting wouldn't do any good, isn't an objectively reasonable position to argue as to why you chose not to report because it is to be expected that criminals will suggest or demand you not report crimes they commit and if free from their immediate reach, reporting the crimes is the remedy available at law and failure to do so doesn't warrant calling collective victimhood a movement.

Now, HEAL's Teen Liberty campaign is our primary campaign and works to strengthen the rights of minors and provide information on existing rights and remedies at law for justice.  HEAL does not support a pre-crime or crime prevention regulatory system in which everyone in our society is now being watched 24/7 so any possible hint of crime can be immediately addressed without anyone having to actually report it to the authorities.  Now, we understand children and youth who have been spirited away illegally and without a court order to a facility that holds them incommunicado creates a barrier to reporting the crime during the duration.  But, that's because it is an ongoing criminal action of false imprisonment and kidnapping and as soon as you are free, you can report it to the authorities along with any other crime or offense committed against you.  But, if you are ignorant or led to believe that the way you've been treated isn't illegal and don't seek to find out if that is true or if you were advised by professionals that pursuing legal action might result in triggering your trauma and chose not to pursue it, then you just need to heal and be patient with yourself while asking others understand you appreciate their patience too.  And, if your friends or loved ones want to report it but are too afraid and submit to parental authority rather than report to a higher authority (i.e. law enforcement) that could result in parents being co-defendants, and your parents are co-conspirators, then your only chance at justice is to actually report it yourself within the statute of limitations as soon as you get the chance.  Being a victim of crime is traumatic and pursuing justice can be stressful and is most likely worth it for your own peace of mind and the safety of others still languishing under the supervision of criminals.

Below are categories with quick reference for solutions and information we've provided to assist you with making an informed decision and seeking justice.  Please read through everything including applicable linked information before contacting any of our volunteers.


1.  Report crimes such as false imprisonment, battery, kidnapping, assault, rape, fraud, menacing (intimidation coupled with physical threat, but no contact), to the appropriate law enforcement agency.  This means the local police where the crime occurred in most, if not all, cases.  If reporting internet fraud via false advertising or federal kidnapping that involved crossing state lines, you can report that to the FBI.  Links for reporting to the FBI are available on our site at http://www.heal-online.org/report.htm.  For local police, you need to know the location of the crime (i.e. program address) and report to the police in that jurisdiction as soon as possible.  If you do not wish to return to that jurisdiction to pursue justice, then see if remote testimony can be permitted given your circumstances.  However, local jurisdictions tend not to wish to spend the money on non-constituent cases for victims outside the jurisdiction and you may need to be prepared to return to testify when the case goes to trial.  If you would prefer not to, that is your decision and you've decided to forfeit justice in such a case.

2.  File consumer complaints with your home state's attorney general.  You can find causes of action for a consumer complaint and/or civil suit at http://www.heal-online.org/legalarguments.htm.  And, you can find the easy online form for filing consumer complaints against any business, including programs, on our site at http://www.heal-online.org/report.htm under your state's header on the directory.

3.  File a civil suit if within the statute of limitations and when the above options are not feasible.  Doing so may result in the opposing party asking for a change of venue and arguing that you agreed for any lawsuits against them to be filed in their jurisdiction.  This is why reading contracts is important and why suing the placing parties (i.e. parents) often becomes the solution which no one typically chooses to pursue for any variety of reasons.  Again, you may be required to go to the jurisdiction to pursue justice and if you decide to settle rather than return to the relative scene of the crime, then you've decided again to forfeit justice in such a case.

4.  Should you need emotional support and can find no one to provide it effectively, our survivor support volunteers will do their best.  But, as fellow survivors/victims, it is very traumatic to be triggered and listening to horror story after horror story knowing people refuse the remedies available or forfeited them for one reason or another, is quite maddening even under the best of circumstances.  So, please be prepared to listen as well as be heard and only contact Emily Adams or Monica Weimer for emotional support.  Other volunteers are busy with active rescues of those still being actively tortured and abused or working on legislation to strengthen children's rights and enforcement and that's our priority.  We hope you understand.

5.  If the statute of limitations has run out and you feel sharing your personal experiences in the program will help expose it and persuade against others placing loved ones or wards in that facility, e-mail us.  You will need to sign an under penalty of perjury declaration if a written statement and/or similar media release if participating in The HEAL Report web series.  If not willing to do so, we are not comfortable assuming the risk of posting your statement or story and hope you understand.  However, you can write your own blog or do your own youtube video on your own channel and send us the link and we'll be happy to add it to the information page regarding the program(s) you expose.


1.  HEAL does not support nor condone illegally imprisoning children or youth and unless you have a valid court order for any placement, you are breaking the law.  We see that as criminal and support your being prosecuted should your child exercise their rights to pursue justice.  HEAL is not a referral service.  Please see the following articles for more information: http://heal-online.blogspot.com/2012/01/heal-is-not-referral-service.html http://heal-online.blogspot.com/2017/05/fix-your-family-help-your-teen.html, http://heal-online.blogspot.com/2018/12/justifying-government-authority.html, and http://heal-online.blogspot.com/2018/12/the-freedom-to-pursue-justice.html.  Also, see all the information at http://www.heal-online.org/breathless.htm and http://heal-online.blogspot.com/2019/01/avoiding-scams-what-you-need-to-know.html.

2.  If you have parental rights and your ex has placed your child without your consent, you may be able to file federal kidnapping charges against the spouse who made the placement and the facility as a co-conspirator.  Some prefer the civil option of visiting your child on a scheduled visit depending on your custody agreement, removing the child, bringing the child home with you, and filing for emergency custody while showing the fact that the other parent did something illegal in making the placement in violation of the child's due process rights shows they were not acting in the best interest of the child and can result in a change of custody.  If you need more information on filing for emergency custody, e-mail us and request the emergency custody guide.

3.  If you are extended family without legal rights to custody, you can also report kidnapping and false imprisonment of your minor loved one to the proper authorities.  Or, you can file for emergency custody or emancipation of the minor.  If you need the emancipation and emergency custody guides, e-mail us and request them.

4.  If your child has been adjudicated and there is a valid court order for their placement at any facility or detention center, regardless of what it calls itself, then you must work with probation, parole, and/or your child's defense attorney to challenge the conditions or file a suit if those conditions violate his/her rights or amount to crime (i.e. rape, battery, assault, etc).  You can contact pro bono legal firms or organizations like the ACLU to file suit if unable to afford a private attorney and you have no other options. 

5.  If your child has been taken from you by social services and placed in abusive segregated congregate care, you need to challenge social services in court and regain custody.  If you voluntarily asked for public assistance and this is how they handled it, you need to file complaints and revoke your request for public assistance immediately.  If your child was taken as a result of a crime you committed, then you will need to take it to court.  In these situations, you have to look at legal remedies as those are the remedies available.  Advocates and activists can't fix things like this and can only advise you of your remedies at law and suggest you take it to court.

6.  If you placed your child and now aren't sure if it was the right decision, it wasn't.  Rescue them now or take your chances regarding whether your child will pursue legal action, civil and criminal, against you for the crimes you've knowingly or unwittingly become party to by your decision to enroll him/her without a valid court order, without his/her consent, involuntarily, in a private prison (whether open prison like a wilderness camp or closed like a treatment center/boarding school).  And, if you are fine with being a criminal and hoping no one notices before the statutes of limitation run out, then that's the type of person you are and we don't have time for you.  But, if you aren't a criminal and now really want support while you go rescue your kid from criminals you hired not knowing it was illegal, feel free to contact parent support or even Angela with HEAL HQ.  We'll support you as you liberate your child from your likely worst error in judgment.  And, you too can file a consumer complaint and actively support your child getting justice for any harms experienced by those you hired negligently.  See recommendations for victims and survivors above for more information.  We understand everyone makes mistakes, but, we don't condone crimes against children and will support you if you repent and save your child while supporting the call for justice by reporting official complaints to the proper authorities including fraud and abuse.  If you feel deceptive marketing led to your decision to place your son or daughter, then, file a complaint along with your child so you both get justice which may ease any resentment regarding your part in choosing to enroll him/her in the first place.


1.  Be sure you actually want to volunteer and aren't looking for a social club.  There is work to be done and we can give you a list of options or support you in your own actions depending on what you choose to pursue.  But, saying you want to volunteer and really just wanting friends, is a bit dishonest and leads to disappointment and resentment on all sides which often ruins any chance at lasting friendship.  So, if you sincerely just want to make friends and don't wish to do any work, HEAL's not the place for that.  But, if you sincerely want to help rescue children or improve laws protecting the rights of children, then, please contact us for more information on how to volunteer and consider starting by taking the action alerts available at http://www.heal-online.org/teen.htm#action.  Our team notices when people support our petitions and efforts and that is a good first impression if looking to sincerely volunteer.  You can e-mail us for more information on becoming a volunteer.  And, you never know.  We are friendly and friendships have been made that have lasted between our volunteers.  But, that can't be your reason.  If you prefer to work independently, all things considered, see our Solidarity page for information on how to request our support of your independent efforts.  If your efforts are aligned with our agenda, we'll support you.

2.  Effective activism and advocacy takes a lot of work.  It isn't about fundraising and attention seeking, though the media or your own perception of what people call activism and advocacy may suggest otherwise on the surface.  The public is well aware that there are many problems that need to be addressed and that some people prioritize some issues over others depending often on personal life experiences or direct knowledge of the particular issues they prioritize.  So, with raising awareness people tend to only hear the problem or speak about the problem without offering a feasible solution or taking responsibility for their own possible contributions to the problem they want solved.  And, stating that people, including children, animals, and the environment are exploited and abused is not news to anyone as the entire planet is well aware that these are ongoing problems.  The issue is that narcissists or people influenced by narcissists tend to see fundraising and attention seeking by stating the problems of people, animals, and the environment being exploited and abused, as the purpose of activism and advocacy and engage in confidence game tactics to manipulate others into giving them money while then praising them for their generosity to feed their own delusions of being helpful.  But, as emotionally gratifying as mutual admiration for caring or pretending to care might be for those participating in such facades, it isn't helpful, doesn't solve the problem, and appears to be similar to the strategies of big pharma in treating symptoms over providing cures because solving a problem would result in needing to switch priorities and people become so entangled with a cause or the emotional gratification from a narcissistic mutual admiration society of any stripe that solving the problem might traumatize them as they would need to find a new social club and new revenue stream to support their delusions.  HEAL takes a different approach.  We research, look into the laws, identify feasible solutions, present those to authorities that can implement such solutions, and keep the pressure on until those solutions are implemented while being open to hearing reasons why any solution suggested might not be feasible when weighed against the interests of others.  But, we've succeeded in many areas and you can see many of our legislative efforts with educational videos at: http://www.heal-online.org/getsmart.htm.  Now, if you prefer being ineffective and find it more profitable, we understand.  But, HEAL prefers to be effective even if it means working solely for change.  And, all of the above coupled with http://heal-online.blogspot.com/2018/12/solution-based-activism.html should help you decide if you want to focus on just living life (Matthew McConaughey's suggestion), narcissistic social climbing, or effective activism and change.  Know who you are and be that, no one has time to figure you out and rude to expect if you don't know yourself.