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Welcome to HEAL-Illinois!  Patrick is currently on hiatus.  The side pictures are of Patrick Liberg and the pooch he rescued.  Awesome!  The Illinois chapter focuses primarily on teen liberty, LGBT rights, and prison reform.  Thank you for stopping by.




Patrick Liberg is a survivor of Turning Winds and has been a HEAL Coordinator since 2008.  In that time, Patrick has participated in many actions to expose and close abusive behavior modification programs.  Turning Winds was founded by John Baisden, formerly with CEDU.  Please contact HEAL-Illinois Chapter to get involved in the Chicago area. 




Illinois Gay Marriage Bill Gov. Pat Quinn signed the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, making Illinois the 16th state in the nation to legalize same-sex marriage. The Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act passed both houses of the state’s General Assembly earlier this month. The measure will go into effect June 14, 2014.  Congratulations Illinois!






HEAL-Illinois Chapter Introduction with Patrick Liberg, Coordinator

Patrick Liberg, HEAL-IL Coordinator

(Clockwise) Petey (HEAL-WI), Patrick (HEAL-IL--current page) and Angela (HEAL-HQ)





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HEAL-IL is planning a fundraiser for September, 2010.

HEAL-IL has also updated the HEAL-IL site with new links. (see sidebars)















All-Ages Movement Project
The All-ages Movement Project is building a network of community-based organizations that connect young people through underground independent music and art.

Child Advocate.org
While every adult group has fought for and won basic human rights protections and freedoms (USA), children remain the only group of human beings without the same rights to equality, respect, protection from bodily harm and freedom of speech. The purpose of this web site is to educate the public about the overlooked ways in which children's human rights are not protected; how these abuses have contributed to dysfunction in society; and how we can become true advocates for kids.

Most active and powerful defender of civil liberties in the nation. The ACLU defends youth rights in school, at home, and in the community with dozens of lawsuits over the years.

ACLU-WI's Youth and Civil Liberites Council
The Wisconsin ACLU has made youth rights a priority. Addressing ageism and its affects on the civil rights and liberties of youth, this group has been an effective, vocal voice for youth rights in Wisconsin.

Project No Spank
A resource for students, parents, educators, childcare providers, healthcare professionals and education policymakers opposed to corporal punishment.

www.SoundOut.org is a national online resource center designed to promote meaningful student involvement in school change. We provide resources to promote inclusive, constructive, and diverse dialogues about education, and offer support for meaningful student involvement throughout education.

Student Press Law Center
A legal assistance organization devoted to educating high school and college journalists about the rights and responsibilities embodied in the First Amendment. The organization supports student journalists in censorship cases, provides free legal advice, and low-cost educational materials. Look for free legal help, law of the student press, and news flashes.

Students for a Sensible Drug Policy
Students for Sensible Drug Policy is an international grassroots network of students who are concerned about the impact drug abuse has on our communities, but who also know that the War on Drugs is failing our generation and our society.

Votes At 16
A coalition of organisations campaigning to lower the voting age for all public elections in the United Kingdom.

WireTap is the independent information source by and for socially conscious youth. We showcase investigative news articles, personal essays and opinions, artwork and activism resources that challenge stereotypes, inspire creativity, foster dialogue and give young people a voice in the media. The WireTap Web portal provides a new generation of writers, artists and activists a space to network, organize and mobilize.

Youth Facts
YouthFacts seeks to debunk the barrage of modern mistruths about youth, restore a climate of fairness and integrity when discussing youth issues, advance verifiable and evidence-based information to better inform youth policy, enhance the integration of youth into democratic and multi-cultural citizenship, and build a culture that values and trusts its young people.

Youth Free Expression Network
The Youth Free Expression Network is a national coalition of teens and adults committed to defending the free expression rights of youth. Faced with Internet filters, "abstinence-only" sex education, and other restrictions on young people's access to ideas, YFEN's goal is to empower youth to advocate on their own behalf. In the process, YFEN aims to educate the public that censorial measures enacted in the presumed interest of "protecting" youth not only prevent minors from learning, thinking, and exploring; they deprive them of critical information on subjects ranging from human rights and feminism to drugs and safer sex.

Fornits Forum
These are open and, for the most part, unmoderated forums, primarily dealing with the Troubed Teen industry, with a couple of lifestyle/general interest topics into the mix.

Mountain Park Survivors
Our mission is to educate parents, young people, teachers, pastors, doctors, psychologists, attorneys, and any other person wishing to make a decision about sending a young person to a behavior modification school. We are sharing our experiences of the treatment in such schools for the benefit of those to come. Our goal is to save others the pain that we still feel from our time in these schools. I hope that our stories can touch people and help to make a difference in the laws and legislation that currently allow these schools to operate without licensure or regulation.

Teen Advocates USA
Teen Advocates USA is a not-for-profit children's rights educational and public advocacy website dedicated to improving the status and well-being of America's youth through judicial, legislative and social policy reforms.

Teen Liberty
This page exposes, discusses and fights against Gulag Schools.





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