Alec Lansing
Killed at Trails Carolina
Amanda O'Rear
Martin "Marty" Gottesfeld
National Hero/Jailed Activist
Rose a.k.a. Rosie
Pound Rescue/Forever Friend
Poisoned in 2010 by HEAL Opposition.  RIP

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HEAL is an idea brought to life by those willing to risk being falsely labeled and harassed in the fight against tyranny, modern slavery, and human trafficking.  Because of the ugliness of the issues we cover, we do use some comic relief.  Human Earth Animal Liberation is now an artistic expression and reflection as well as a place for intellectual discourse and effective advocacy.  For those who do not understand this mission, please, seek help elsewhere.  We are only interested in being effective in identifying root causes of problems plaguing humanity and the earth, communicating those causes and available reasonable solutions to those with authority to change things, and organizing to challenge anyone who is apathetic, stupid, evil, or otherwise standing in the way of Truth, Justice, and Liberty for All.  (Compassion IN Action) 



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HEAL Shares Our Events and Other Events of Interest Through Our Twitter Feed.  In addition, for security purposes, we are not announcing our events long in advance and venues are subject to change.  Should you wish to participate in any action or event, please consider subscribing to our Twitter Feed or e-mailing expressing your sincere interest to participate in any events or actions related to our campaigns to stop modern slavery and human trafficking, particularly our Teen Liberty Campaign.  The HEAL e-newsletter will continue to be a source for information and alerts should you wish to subscribe send an e-mail to with subject "subscribe".


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