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 eagle ranch academy

LOCATION: st. george, UTAH

This program is confirmedly abusive.  Complaints to police from 2006 to 2013 include reports of sexual offenses, child abuse, and children found unconscious.  Please do not send your child to this program.  If your child is currently enrolled at Eagle Ranch Academy, rescue them immediately. 

The background sound for this page was an audio recording (a conversation between parents and child at Eagle Ranch Academy in St. George, Utah in December of 2009).   This conversation exposes cult-like seminars (reportedly identical to the experience reported here), beatings, drugging children with undisclosed psychotropic drugs, humiliating punishments that include spitting on children, and more.  Please do not subject your child to Eagle Ranch Academy and rescue them if they are there now!


If you answer "no" to any of the following questions, do not enroll your child in Eagle Ranch Academy and rescue them if they are there now!

  1. Do you believe that a "therapeutic" program should have NO licensed psychologists nor licensed therapists on staff?

  2. Do you believe that an "academy" should NOT be accredited by the State Office of Education?

  3. Do you believe a residential treatment center/school should be founded and run by two brothers that are NOT mental health professionals and have NO credentials in the field of mental health?

  4. Do you believe it is acceptable for a residential treatment program to waive all liability and responsibility for the welfare of children with whom it has been entrusted?

  5. Do you believe it is acceptable for a program, that has been exposed as fraudulent and abusive, to avoid personal responsibility, and, instead, posts false and defamatory information about the families and critics who have exposed the fraud and abuse?

Eagle Ranch Academy has no licensed psychologists nor licensed marriage and family therapists on staff.  See the staff list at for more information.

Eagle Ranch Academy is not accredited by the State Office of Education (see below.)

Paul and David Arslanian are not licensed medical nor mental health professionals.  However, they founded and run Eagle Ranch Academy and claim it is a "therapeutic boarding school".

On pages 8 and 10 of Eagle Ranch Academy's enrollment agreement (discussed below), they deny any liability for any harm, including death, a child may suffer in their program and demand parents waive their rights and indemnify the program against any legitimate causes of action that may result from a child's enrollment in their program.

David Arslanian and Eagle Ranch Academy has created a false and defamatory campaign against HEAL claiming HEAL (and Eagle Ranch Academy's own victims (families and individuals who have reported fraud and abuse to HEAL after having contracted with or been enrolled in its program)) is being sued in a Class Action Lawsuit by families who failed to enroll their children at Eagle Ranch Academy due to our warnings.  This statement is absolutely false and there is no such lawsuit.  In addition, Eagle Ranch Academy and David Arslanian specifically claim that by sharing the truth on our (HEAL's) websites, we have indirectly caused the following: child abuse, spousal abuse, bankruptcy, kidnapping, suicide, and a variety of other ridiculous and outlandish claims.  HEAL opposes child abuse and domestic violence and many HEAL volunteers are victims of both child abuse and domestic violence.  Any program that blames HEAL for going bankrupt is failing to take personal and professional responsibility for their own failures and fraudulent activities resulting in the decrease in interest in their bogus services.  HEAL opposes kidnapping and works to prevent children from being kidnapped and spirited away to fraudulent and abusive programs like Eagle Ranch Academy.  And, HEAL has never caused, directly nor indirectly, the suicide or any other death of any individual.  All such statements by David Arslanian, Eagle Ranch Academy, and/or any of their industry associates and partners is 100% false and goes to show simply that Eagle Ranch Academy is deceptive and uses unethical business practices.

[Please continue reading the information below.  Listen to the background recording that was made within Eagle Ranch Academy's own walls by family members distressed by the circumstances of dealing in any way with Eagle Ranch Academy.  And, make the right choice, don't enroll your child or bring them home now!]

Eagle Ranch Academy repeatedly states it is not a medical facility.  However it advertises itself as such online.  This is additional evidence of deceptive marketing practices.

Eagle Ranch Academy is NOT ACCREDITED by the state of Utah, the City of St. George's Chamber of Commerce, NATSAP. nor the Joint Commission

Eagle Ranch Academy uses Wilostar3D "virtual homeschooling" as their "education provider".  However, Janet Baxter Hale, the president of Wilostar3D Academy resides in and works from Pennsylvania.  This is the owner of the "service".  And, the service is operated and "accredited" by SACS CASI for operating in Florida.  How does someone operate a school in Florida from Pennsylvania with accreditation from those who cannot accredit schools in Pennsylvania?  This seems fishy to us at HEAL.

Eagle Ranch Academy is registered with the United States Government Census as a "daycare provider" under code 624110.  They SHOULD BE under title 623229   = A residential mental health & substance abuse facility.  The census code information was provided by Manta.  According to the government definition of 624110, that code applies only to non-residential services.  Eagle Ranch Academy is presumably filing false information with the Census Bureau.  This is further evidence of fraud and false advertising.

Check out the staff and background information for Eagle Ranch Academy, click here.

Eagle Ranch Academy claims they do not take adjudicated youth or youth in foster care ( WASHINGTON COUNTY COMMISSION MEETING MINUTES June 7, 2005--Scroll down on linked page for title).  This is a lie.  According to an article on alternatives for adjudicated youth written in October of 2008, Eagle Ranch Academy does take adjudicated youth.  Please see our page at for the "conflict of interest" that arises when the State Corrections or Welfare Agencies contract with programs like Eagle Ranch Academy.  In such an event, Child Protective Services cannot investigate abuse allegations in the state of Utah. 

Below, we have posted excerpts from the Admissions Packet given to parents upon their child being accepted for enrollment at Eagle Ranch Academy (ERA).  Like other contracts, this one has many illegal and/or unconscionable terms.  We will point these out as they come up in the paperwork:


Admissions / Enrollment Information



(Title/Cover Information for Enrollment Packet Sent to Parents)

"We need your help to maximize the effects of our Staff. As we make our assessment of your Child during our Admissions/Intake Process, we will provide you with some very specific steps for you to take to help your Child progress in our Program." -Eagle Ranch Academy Admissions/Enrollment Information (page 2)

This is the first hint in the paperwork that the ERA requires complete and blind support of their process and methods from parents.  It requires that control be given completely to ERA over family relationships.  This is unhealthy and does not promote family unity.

"Our Program is unique among Youth Development Centers as your Child will be monitored and supervised by qualified therapists and professionals on a 24 hour 7 day a week basis." -Eagle Ranch Academy Admissions/Enrollment Information (page 2)

This statement is misleading.  A Child will be monitored by "qualified therapists" and/or "professionals" (defined as someone paid for their work).  They state on page 11 under enumerated line 27, "staffing", that "Sponsor [parent/guardian] understands that ERA's staff are hired not necessarily on the basis of their credentials but to provide supervision and carry out the structured environment [cult practices/brainwashing] designed to benefit students at ERA.  Under heading 25 of the same page, "Disclaimer of Warranties", ERA states "that ERA makes no warranties, express or implied, that its services will ultimately benefit the student or sponsor.  They contradict their assurance of qualified staff in describing or disclaiming the statement later in the text of the contract.  This makes the statement in the letter an illusory promise and suggests deceptive marketing practices.
"Eagle Ranch Academy is not a medical facility..."  -Eagle Ranch Academy Admissions/Enrollment Information (page 2)
This statement is accurate in the sense that ERA is not licensed as a medical facility and is not subject to the regulation and oversight of a medical facility.  However, this is a devised omission to admit or file for actual licensing for the type of services they actually provide and therefore is suggestive of fraud and deceptive marketing.  ERA claims to have a physician and psychiatrists on staff on page 4 of the packet.  And, they require permission to prescribe and administer psychoactive drugs (page 20).  But, because they claim to regulators that it is not primarily a medical facility, it is not subject to regulation.  And, since they are also not primarily a school, they do not receive oversight from the Department of Education.  ERA is a behavior modification facility.  It is simple language manipulation to confuse authorities and parents alike and as both "medical and/or educational" facilities, it ought to be regulated as such and a little language manipulation should be examined, not allowed to befuddle courts, regulators, and legislators.

"Additionally, it is understood if the applicant/resident is recalcitrant, refusing treatment, and unwilling to participate in the Program at anytime during residency, Eagle Ranch Academy reserves the right to immediately discharge, and although ERA will assist you with the following, it cannot assume responsibility for transportation, monitoring, or making arrangements for transfer to another facility. Eagle Ranch Academy is a voluntary program that challenges young adults to participate in the recovery process."  -Eagle Ranch Academy Admissions/Enrollment Information (page 2)

This statement is also misleading and suggestive of deceptive marketing.  They state that ERA is a "voluntary program".  Voluntary means to participate on the basis of one's own will and consent.  The first "phase" of programs like ERA is to "break the will" of the child.  So, to advance in this program, a child would end up being there arguably "voluntarily", but, this is a perversion of the meaning of voluntary.  The contract also states, "Sponsor covenants and agrees to cause Student to conform to all obligations on the part of the Student as contained in the Agreement..." (page 7)  The parental authority is transferred from the parent to the program through the power of attorney (which may be illegal in itself, we will review later) "agreement" in which the parent is to sign over the power of attorney rights for their child to the program.  However, parents do not have the legal authority to sign away a child's right to representation. (Scott v. Pacific West Mountain Resort)  So, the contract may put the contracting parties (both program and parents) in a bind if they are charged with conspiracy.  Conspiracy is when two or more people agree to commit an illegal act or to reach a legal end by illegal means.  Since it is illegal to sign away the rights of a child, even if you are the parent, this suggests that parents may be prosecuted for conspiracy.

"...It is important to sign the Release of Protected Health Information form (HIPAA) so we can discuss your Child's case with your Child's Clinician.  2. Provide ERA with copies of all Mental & Emotional Treatment Records including – Discharge Summaries, Treatment Termination Summaries, Results of Psychological & Psychiatric Testing, Hospital Discharge Summaries, and Educational Testing Summaries." -Eagle Ranch Academy Admissions/Enrollment Information (page 3)

Since ERA is not a medical facility and not licensed as such, why do they require such extensive medical and mental health records?  They do not abide by HIPAA, yet, they require information that is protected under privacy laws.  Utah has no Patient's Rights laws and no Utah physician is required to comply with HIPAA requests.  It is strange that a non-medical facility requires such extensive information and suggests that it is only a "non-medical" facility when it comes to regulation.
"ERA provides assistance in billing your Insurance Company." -Eagle Ranch Academy Admissions/Enrollment Information (page 3)
ERA accepts health insurance for payment.  However, it is a wonder if the health insurance companies that cover ERA understand that it is not a medical facility and not regulated as such.  It is highly recommended by HEAL that all health insurance providers remove any unregulated facilities from those they cover.

"ERA is not a medical facility, but if we can provide the appropriate level of care that your Child needs, we will do so at a much more cost efficient level than a medical facility is able to do."-Eagle Ranch Academy Admissions/Enrollment Information (page 4)

So, they provide medical care to save money and avoid being reported by outside care providers on charges of suspected child abuse.  But, this, according to them, does not make ERA a medical facility.  Since they are not regulated and are a "limited liability company", they think they can avoid regulation and responsibility.  Are these the people you want in charge of your child?  They are very good at manipulation and deception.  These are not responsible or ethical skills or practices.
They also use Solutions Financial as a resource for financing the program for parents.  Solutions Financial is an off-shore "brokerage firm" in New Zealand.  It is all very suspect and suggests illegal and unethical business dealings. 
"ERA is licensed by the Utah State Department of Human Services to operate and does operate a facility in St. George, Utah for the purpose of providing rehabilitation and educational services for students with special needs."-Eagle Ranch Academy Admissions/Enrollment Information (page 6)
The Utah State Department of Human Services allows programs like ERA to be self-regulated.  There is a blatant conflict of interest in allowing, for instance, Jeff Smith, (co-owner of Logan River Academy in Utah) to sit on the licensing board to determine the fate of programs, like his own.  It is not a banner of legitimacy to be licensed in the state of Utah.  Logan River Academy was co-founded by Robert Crist (founder of notoriously abusive Provo Canyon School).  And, many former staff from Cinnamon Hills Youth Crisis Center (owner--Jack L. Williams, co-founder of Provo Canyon School) and Provo Canyon School itself are currently employed at Eagle Ranch Academy.  Other high-ranking officers of ERA formerly worked for Aspen Education Group.  Aspen Education Group recently had two programs closed in Oregon due to wrongful death and abuse (including forcing teen girls to give lap dances as therapy at Mount Bachelor Academy).  And, being licensed in Utah or associated with these other nefarious programs is certainly not suggestive of anything except corruption.
"Contract Period.  This Agreement is for a minimum of 6 months.  The pre-assessment provided by ERA will indicate an expected program length, with a minimum of 6 months.  Early termination by Sponsor shall be in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.  Notwithstanding the minimum contract period, ERA has the right to dismiss the Student at any time, as set forth in this Agreement."-Eagle Ranch Academy Admissions/Enrollment Information (page 7)
This is an unconscionable clause.  The Sponsor [Parent/Guardian] is given horribly unequal rights in regards to terminating the arrangement.  The parent must agree to six months and the program can terminate the contract at any time.  This is a prime example of an unconscionable term.  Many courts find that when one party to a contract is bound to a set term and the other can cancel anytime, that the contract is void. 
"The Sponsor [Parent/Guardian] understands these risks and agrees to hold harmless and release ERA and its staff from all liability associated with medical care." -Eagle Ranch Academy Admissions/Enrollment Information (page 8)
Since ERA claims that they often provide in-house medical care when possible, excusing them from liability for their own "miscalculations", negligence, and/or willfully wrongful conduct in regards to providing appropriate medical care when needed is an unconscionable term. 
"Sponsor hereby gives consent and authorization to ERA staff to physically intervene, control, and detain the Student for and including, but not limited to, the following purposes: To prevent the Student from jeopardizing the safety of self or others, to prevent the flight of the Student into a dangerous or unsupervised situation, to prevent the destruction of property.  The Sponsor authorizes ERA to use Positive Control Systems intervention techniques."  -Eagle Ranch Academy Admissions/Enrollment Information (page 8)
The problem with the first part is that the use of physical force and restraint are not limited to the prevention of harm to self or others.  That is the legally allowed reason, and only reason, anyone should ever be manhandled.  This is likely an unconscionable or illegal term.  The second issue is in regards to Positive Control Systems intervention techniques.  What is this?  Description below:

Well, we don't really find a description online of what a Positive Control System is...  But, we did find a number of programs that claim to use this system.  Many of these programs are confirmedly abusive (some hyperlinked for examples and convenience):

Basic PCS Program

Our Programs

The Basic PCS Program and Basic PCS Instructor programs of Positive Control Systems® have served as the Crisis Intervention program of choice to our clients for the past 15 years.

We are now adding an Advanced PCS Programs that will act as continuing education for our Veteran Basic Positive Control Systems® Instructors.

This is a partial list of the agencies working with juveniles who are currently using Positive Control Systems® Crisis Intervention programs:

Alaska Crossings, Wrangell, Alaska

Anasazi Foundation, Mesa, Arizona

Open Sky Wilderness Therapy, Durango, Colorado
Royal Gorge Academy, Canon, Colorado

Second Nature Blue Ridge, Clayton, Georgia

Hope House, Marsing, Idaho
Project PATCH, Garden Valley, Idaho

Change Academy at the Lake ofthe Ozarks, Linn Creek, Missouri

Hope Ranch, Whitefish, Montana

New York
Adirondack Leadership Expeditions and Wilderness Program, Saranac, New York

Catherine Freer Wilderness Therapy Expeditions, Albany, Oregon
Second Nature Cascades, Bend, Oregon

Adolescent Escort Services, Washington, Utah
Ascent, Inc., Springville, Utah
Aspen Achievement Academy, Loa, Utah (Aspen Education Group)
Aspen Ranch School, Loa Utah
Aspiro, Inc., Salt Lake City & Hanna, Utah
Avalon Hills, Petersboro, Utah
Catalyst Therapy RTC, LaSal, Utah
Cayenne Recovery Ranch, S.L.C., Utah
Cedar Breaks Academy, Parowan, Utah
Cedar Ridge Residential Treatment Center, Roosevelt, Utah
Choice Supported Employment, North Ogden, Utah
Cross Creek Programs, LaVerkin, Utah (WWASPS)
Crossroads Academy, Ogden, Utah
Diamond Ranch Academy, Hurricane, Utah
Discovery Ranch, Mapleton, Utah
Eagle Ranch Academy, St. George, Utah
Elements Wilderness Therapy, S.L.C., Utah
Extended Family, Spanish Fork, Utah
Farmington Bay Youth Center, Farmington, Utah
Gateway Academy, S.L.C., Utah
Heritage Youth Services, Spanish Fork, Utah
High Top Ranch, Koosharem, Utah
Integrity House, Cedar City, Utah
Kolob Canyon RTC, New Harmony, Utah
La Europa Academy, Salt Lake City, Utah
Lost and Found Youth Academy, St. George, Utah
Lumana'i, RTC, Springville, Utah
Moon Ridge Academy, Cedar City, Utah
Mountain Home Youth Ranch, Vernal, Utah
Mountain Valley Youth Services, Manti, Utah
Outback Therapeutic Expeditions, Lehi, Utah
Passages to Recovery (Adult Programs), Loa, Utah
Palmetto Transports, Washington, Utah
Piute Youth Lodge, Koosharem, Utah
Progressive Youth, Ogden, Utah
Redcliff Ascent, Enterprise, Utah
Richfield Residential Hall, Richfield, Utah
Salt Lake Valley Detention Center, S.L.C., Utah
Second Nature, Duchesne, Utah
Second Nature Entrada, Santa Clara, Utah
Sorenson's Ranch School, Koosharem, Utah
Storm Ridge Ranch, Monroe, Utah
Sundance Canyon Academy, Harriman, Utah
Sunhawk Academy, St. George, Utah
The Journey: Blazing New Trails, Provo, Utah
Top Flight Academy, Mt. Pleasant, Utah
Triumph Youth Services, LaVerkin, Utah
Turnabout Ranch, Escalante, Utah
Turning Point Family Care, Cedar City, Utah
USA Guides, St. George, Utah
Utah Preparatory Academy, Manti, Utah
Utah Youth Village, S.L.C., Utah
West Ridge Academy, West Jordan, Utah
Wilderness Quest, Monticello, Utah
Wingate Therapy, Kanab, Utah
Young Women's Empowerment Center, Ephraim, Utah

(Source: )

Click Here to Search HEAL for Information on the Programs Listed in the Left Column

Many of the programs listed to the left are confirmedly abusive.  Two Aspen Education Group programs were recently closed in Oregon due to wrongful death and abuse.  At Mount Bachelor Academy, an Aspen program, girls were forced to give lap dances as "therapy".  Cross Creek Programs are part of the WWASPS system and notoriously abusive.  Please understand that PCS claims this is a partial list of programs in that system and it is our belief that most, if not all, behavior modification programs in the United States are using similar methods to defraud families and abuse children.  In December, 2009 a "nurse" at Cedar Ridge Residential Treatment Center was arrested and is being charged with raping children at the facility.  Cedar Ridge did not take disciplinary action until charges had actually been filed.  The word of the victims and evidence of abuse was not enough for that facility, it wouldn't remove a reported threat to children without criminal charges having been filed.  This is a very abuse-friendly standard. 

For information on the types of fraud, abuse, criminal and civil wrongs committed by programs, visit

Based on the given information and the fact that HEAL is currently working to help rescue a child from this facility, we believe that Eagle Ranch Academy is abusive and that it and the other facilities listed to the left should be avoided by families who wish to put an end to a crisis, not exacerbate their family's problems.

"12. Authorization of Search and Seizure.  Sponsor [Parent/Guardian] hereby authorizes ERA personnel to search the person and personal effects of Student at any time.  ERA is further authorized to confiscate any and all items deemed by ERA to be contraband or counterproductive to the Student's successful completion of the Program.  The disposition of all items confiscated by ERA shall be left to the sole discretion of ERA.  Sponsor understands and agrees that ERA expressly disclaims any and all responsibility for the care or return of confiscated items." -Eagle Ranch Academy Admissions/Enrollment Information (page 9)
Again, parents cannot sign away the legal/constitutional rights of their minor children.  This is an illegal clause.  Also, it is highly unethical to refuse responsibility for any items confiscated that are the property of the minor or his/her family.  Even prisons do an inventory checklist of what a prisoner enters the prison with and must return those items upon release of the prisoner.  The standards of private prisons like Eagle Ranch Academy should live up to the standards of prisons if they are going to operate as lockdown facilities with complete control of their inmates and their property.
"14. Visitation.  Upon completion of the admission/intake assessment process, ERA will establish a visitation schedule for the Sponsor and possibly the family to visit Student on campus and/or in the surrounding area.  Near the end of the program, ERA suggests a home visit for no longer than seven days.  Student must be on appropriate level for all visits, as determined by ERA.  Visits may be canceled at any time by ERA, with or without notice, when Student's level drops or loses privileges from not working appropriately on behavioral, therapeutic, or educational goals."-Eagle Ranch Academy Admissions/Enrollment Information (page 9)
It is not appropriate for a program to deny parents access to their children at any point during the child's enrollment.  This is a sign of an abusive program.  For more warning signs and questions to ask, visit
"17. Runaway Expenses... In the event of any complaint, demands, claims, or legal actions alleging injury, death, or any other type of damage as a result of the runaway of a Student, Sponsor shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless ERA and its officers, directors, employees, and agents from any and all damages, loss, or expense, including court costs and reasonable attorney's fees."-Eagle Ranch Academy Admissions/Enrollment Information (page 10)
It is unreasonable for someone acting in the "parent's position" per the power of attorney agreement  mentioned below to require indemnity for their own wrongful acts.  This is an unconscionable term.  To require a family to defend a program that may have directly caused the injury or death of a child is unconscionable.
"21. Release; Discharge; Indemnification.  Sponsor [Parent/Guardian] agrees to indemnify and otherwise does forever release, discharge, and hold harmless ERA and each of its present and former officers, directors, partners, shareholders, agents, independent contractors, employees, predecessors, successors, assigns, parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, insurers, and attorneys, and the agents and employees of any of them, from and against any all actions, causes of action, obligations, costs, fees, sanctions, damages, losses, claims, liabilities, and demands (hereafter collectively referred to as "Claims") in any way based upon or arising from or related to (a) any damages to person or property, including bodily injury or death, caused by the Sponsor's Student if he/she runs away from ERA's facilities or premises, and (c) any willful or negligent act committed by Student while enrolled at ERA.  This release, discharge, and indemnification shall survive the termination of the Agreement.  If either party receives notice of a pending or threatened claim arising from or related to this Agreement, the party shall promptly give written notice thereof to the other party." -Eagle Ranch Academy Admissions/Enrollment Information (page 10)
So, basically what we have here is a requirement that parents/guardians force and guarantee their child's cooperation in the program.  And, as stated above, the parent is to be held liable for the child's success or failure in the program.  ERA gives no guarantee or warranty that the program gives any benefit to the child.  And, in the event of injury or death (which will be arguably attributed to any child that is not cooperating with staff or "working the program") the parents will not hold ERA responsible for its own negligence or willful wrong-doing if the Student was in any way arguably "at fault" for the situation resulting in injury or death.  This is unconscionable. (see: -Eagle Ranch Academy Admissions/Enrollment Information (page 11)
"25. Disclaimer of Warranties.  Sponsor hereby acknowledges that ERA makes no representation, covenant, promise, or commitment to Sponsor or to Student that the educational and rehabilitation service to be furnished by ERA to Sponsor will cause Student to progress, develop, improve, or otherwise advance in terms of social, ethical, moral, or educational respect.  Sponsor further acknowledges that each student is different and his/her Student may not respond to the services that will be provided by ERA as set forth herein.  Sponsor further acknowledges that ERA makes no warranties, express or implied, that its services will ultimately benefit the Student or Sponsor." -Eagle Ranch Academy Admissions/Enrollment Information (page 11)
Eagle Ranch Academy disclaims that their program works, will work for your child, or that you or your child will see any benefit at all from having been subjected to ERA's fraud and abuse (a.k.a. behavior modification program).
"24. Mail and Phone Calls.  Sponsor hereby acknowledges that because of the risk of potentially negative influences from outside on the Student's development and progress, including the potential for the mailing of drugs or other substances to students enrolled at ERA, ERA reserves the right to open and screen all of Student's incoming mail and to monitor all of Student's outgoing phone calls." -Eagle Ranch Academy Admissions/Enrollment Information (page 11)
It was decided in the case of Milonas v. Provo Canyon School that it is illegal to monitor, open, censor, the mail of children placed in behavior modification facilities.  This is an illegal clause.
"26.  Unauthorized Actions of Employees.  The Sponsor understands and agrees that ERA can only be responsible and/or liable for their employees to the degree that the employees operate within the scope of their employment and outlined job responsibilities.  This does not relinquish the staff member from their individual liability for damages and/or prosecution for their actions outside of their constituted job duties or realm of employment.  The Sponsor therefore agrees to hold harmless and release ERA from all liability or damages for any actions of ERA staff that act outside the training they have received or the scope of their constituted responsibilities or realm of their employment...

27.  Staffing.  Sponsor understands that ERA's staff are hired not necessarily on the basis of their credentials, but to provide supervision and carry out the structured environment designed to benefit students at ERA." -Eagle Ranch Academy Admissions/Enrollment Information (page 11)

There are a couple of problems here.  ERA admittedly does not make hiring quality and professional training a requirement to supervise children in its program.  And, since ERA is not making quality staff a priority and states that they provide listed duties and very limited training to staff, it leaves a likelihood for "human and judgment error" that can result in serious injury, abuse (including rape and sodomy), and death.  Yes, the staff can and should be held individually responsible for the harms they cause.  However, under the legal doctrine of Respondeat Superior, ERA is responsible for the actions of its employees and the requirement for something being within the "scope of employment" has included what an employee does on site while on a scheduled break even if it is against the stated policies of the employer if the court finds that the act of the employee was not so far outside the scope of employment (i.e. lunch break, away from office, not work-related) that it would be ridiculous to hold the employer liable.  But, in the case of a human error by staff during a "routine" physical intervention that results in severe injury or death, ERA would and should be liable for the acts of its employees.  This is why #26 is unconscionable.
"30.  Protection of Community Image.  The Sponsor understands that upon leaving ERA, their child will not go to school or live within 100 miles of ERA, unless (1) permission is given in writing by ERA, (2) their child is 18 years of age, or (3) the Student is living with the parents.  Sponsor agrees that failure to comply with this provision would result in the Sponsor being responsible for paying ERA the normal monthly fee for the period of time involved." -Eagle Ranch Academy Admissions/Enrollment Information (page 12)
This is just a weird provision.  Why would it hurt ERA's image if a graduate decided to live near the facility after graduating?  If it is a wonderful place and community and a child is healed from whatever issues they came with, wouldn't they be an asset to the community?  Wouldn't it benefit ERA to have successful graduates live in the neighboring areas and let people know what a "great program" it is?  Why the secrecy?  What is the purpose of this provision?
"31. Conflict of Interest.  The Sponsor [Parent/Guardian] understands and agrees under strict penalties of damages that they will not contract with any ERA employees or former employees for any related or even non-related services while the Student is enrolled in ERA or upon discharge or for a period of one year after the Student is discharged from ERA, without specific and written permission from the Director.  The Sponsor also agrees under the same penalties that they will not allow their child to live with or reside in the home of an employee or former employee, upon discharge, or for a period of one year after the Student is discharged from ERA, without specific and written permission from the Director." -Eagle Ranch Academy Admissions/Enrollment Information (page 12)
What is the purpose of this requirement?  Many contracts requiring non-competition agreements are dismissed are voided because it is an unfair restraint on trade and commerce.  The fact that the agreement includes "non-related services" would likely be construed as an unfair restraint on trade by a court of law.
"32. Sponsor Cooperation.  Sponsor agrees to give ERA and ERA personnel full cooperation throughout the program in order to maximize the benefits of the program for the Student and Sponsor." -Eagle Ranch Academy Admissions/Enrollment Information (page 12)
This passage is a concern because it requires parents to blindly adhere to ERA policies, procedures, and recommendations.  Any treatment plan that does not leave room for questioning it, is cult-like and ought to be avoided.
"Without limiting or qualifying the general Power of Attorney granted and delegated by Sponsor to ERA, Sponsor specifically grants to ERA the following powers:
  1. To provide or obtain all medical records, dental, psychiatric treatment, and hospital care, and to authorize a physician to perform any and all procedures that may appear to be medically necessary for the well being of the Student.
  2. To guide and discipline the Student as deemed necessary and reasonable by ERA (but not physical punishment)
  3. To physically restrain the Student as deemed necessary should he/she become a danger to him/herself or to anyone else, as deemed necessary by ERA.
  4. To allow the Student to participate in all activities.
  5. To search the person and personal effects of the Student at any time, including, but, not limited to, all mail sent to or by Student, and seize and confiscates any items deemed by ERA to be contraband or counterproductive to the Student's successful completion of the ERA Program.  The search of the Student's person ay require Student to remove all of his or her clothing and may include a strip search of all or any portions of Student's body, including cavities in which contraband could be hidden.
  6. To restrict the Student's access to telephone calls, and visitors, and to otherwise monitor the Student's participation in telephone calls and visits when the same are allowed." -Eagle Ranch Academy Admissions/Enrollment Information (page 15)
The power of attorney form required by ERA is likely illegal.  From what we can gather, a power of attorney to transfer parental authority for care purposes is limited to six months.  After six months, the power of attorney is expired (according to sources we've reviewed).  As mentioned above, a parent cannot sign away the rights of a minor child.  A parent can only sign away his/her own rights.  As stated before, the monitoring and censoring of incoming and outgoing mail is illegal.  And, this agreement appears to be void or voidable for illegality and/or unconscionability.  A parent cannot agree to allow a child to be abused.
On page 18 of the Admissions Packet is the HIPAA release form so ERA can gather all the medical records on your child.  Since ERA is not a medical facility, there need for that information is highly questionable.

"I understand that authorizing the disclosure of my Protected Health Insurance is voluntary and that I need not sign this authorization in order to receive services." -Eagle Ranch Academy Admissions/Enrollment Information (page 19)

Why is Eagle Ranch Academy being paid by Health Insurance when it is not a recognized medical facility?  What insurance carriers are being scammed here?  On the same page, ERA refers to the Student's discharge.  The use of the word "discharge" as opposed to "graduation" or "dismissal", suggests that it is a medical facility.  However, they clearly state throughout the contract that they are not a medical facility.  Since they are not a medical facility, they are not subject to the same rules and regulations as other facilities.  This is a concern.
"PERMISSION FOR PROGRAM ITEMS...My student has permission to attend any church of his/her choice...Eagle Ranch Academy has my permission to use name, photos, and audio-recordings of my Student in brochures or publicity...Eagle Ranch Academy has my permission to use my name for referrals to prospective Parents...I agree that my Student may be tested at any time that drugs or alcohol are suspected...I grant permission to staff at Eagle Ranch Academy to transport my Student to and from activities...I grant permission for a staff to dispense medications to my Student as prescribed by a Physician..."-Eagle Ranch Academy Admissions/Enrollment Information (page 20)
There are so many problems and conflicts of interest with the above permission statements.  It is highly inappropriate to pressure distressed families into allowing confidential information about treatment for their children to be used for publicity and advertising of the program.  It is also disturbing that ERA has an "in-house" physician and psychiatrist that can and do prescribe psychoactive drugs and that by permitting the dispensing of prescribed medications after granting parental authority through the power of attorney is a very dangerous combination.  Parents should require that all medications be approved by them before being administered.  Most programs do not allow for a pre-notification of administering dangerous psychiatric drugs including nerve-damaging anti-psychotics.  This is a serious problem.  The agreement or permission to violate the privacy rights of a minor child while in a compromised position is exploitative and likely unconscionable and/or illegal.
"CONSENT TO RECEIVE PSYCHOACTIVE MEDICATIONS"-Eagle Ranch Academy Admissions/Enrollment Information (page 21)
This is a requirement of the state of Utah.  However, the permission granted is for unspecified dosages or medications.  This is a serious concern.  Another concern is that coupled with the permission requested above, this leaves a lot up to ERA.  And, it is HEAL's experience that programs abuse the use of drugs as punishment of the children in their care.  Since it is not regulated as a medical facility, reviewing the drugging and care of children at this facility is not happening.  This is a serious concern, especially since Utah allows patient/student records to be held by the program and do not have any laws requiring that medical records in Utah be shared with any other physician or caregiver.  This is a serious concern.  

Also, when gaining the "consent" of the minor child for the medication, is coercion used?  ERA is a coercive behavior modification program.  And, gaining consent by abusing a fiduciary responsibility or through deliberate coercive tactics/techniques is unconscionable and would be arguably ineffective in a court of law.

ERA uses Omnicare as an emergency medical care provider. (Eagle Ranch Academy Admissions/Enrollment Information (page 27))  Omnicare lost a lawsuit filed by the United States of America for fraud and violating the false claims act.  Omnicare also received illegal kickbacks.  (see: US District Court, District of Massachusetts, Civil Action # 06-10149-RGS, United States of America v. Omnicare, Inc.  Omnicare is in trouble again (January 15th, 2010) for accepting kickbacks for experimenting on troubled teens.
The contract is filled with arguably illegal and unconscionable terms.  In fact, some of the agreements are prima facie illegal and unconscionable.  The above is the opinion of a student of the law.  Please consult an attorney.
Confrontational approaches to therapy have been repeatedly denounced as ineffective and harmful.  See  Another concern is that in the letter below, ERA allows for "input" from parents and prior physicians, but, does not state that such input will include final decision authority regarding the medicating of a youth in the program.  With the above contract provisions allowing the child to be given any prescribed medications and the letter below changing the physician from the child's family doctor to on-site psychiatrist at ERA is a concern.  Here is that letter:
Below is a series of quotes from a "Q & A" with the Executive Director of Eagle Ranch Academy.  To see the entire Q & A packet, click here.

"Q. What happened the first few hours after my child arrived at Eagle Ranch Academy?

A. Upon arrival, your child was immediately transferred from their escort to the Program or Assistant Program Director who took your child to our family room and spent a few minutes talking to them. Two staff members escorted your child to a private room and spent time getting to know your child and outlined our program. During this process the two staff members that were with your child were of the same gender as your child. All personal clothing, etc., are stored and given to you during your first campus visit. Your child was then issued formal Eagle Ranch Academy uniforms and all other personal items needed during their stay at ERA. A current student was then assigned as a mentor or “buddy” that will be with your child for the next few days." (Page 1)

First, if this is a "voluntary only" program, why do children need to be transported by "escorts" (paid kidnappers who arrive in the middle of the night/very early morning to shock, restrain, and spirit away a child to an arguably illegal lockdown facility)?  In the introduction letter of the enrollment packet above, ERA states it is a voluntary program and that children in the program must be there voluntarily.  This is obviously a deceptive statement as coercion is used to get the child to "volunteer" to remain in the program.  If you deprive a person of any hope of going home and promise nothing but torture and pain for non-compliance, you can probably get them to "volunteer" for anything.  This is not the true volunteerism that comes from the will or desire of the individual volunteering, but, coerced conformity.  The manipulation of language in this sense is dubious and suggests that ERA is an abusive program.

It is very nice to say that the two staff "spent time getting to know your child", but, the reality is they performed a strip search including possibly restraining your child to the ground, ripping off their clothes, and having untrained and unqualified staff perform a full body cavity search on your child.  If your child has any history of being physically or sexually abused, this will re-traumatize them and no extra care will be used to safeguard a sexual assault victim from a violent takedown and strip search if the staff "deem it necessary" (and they will/do).  The fact that it was a strip search is reinforced by the fact that the director finds it necessary to state that the two staff members are the same gender as the child being searched.  The Q & A claims that all personal items will be returned, but, the contract above states that ERA keeps no inventory and accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen items.  So, their promotional materials (i.e. Q & A form) contradict the contract and point to deceptive marketing practices.

The assignment of a "buddy" is typically the assignment of an "upper level" student who will be given control over your child and will use manipulation, lies, abuse, and sabotage to "help" your child be broken so he/she too can become a slave to the program and begin the process of "earning" the right to be treated like a human being.  The fact that the "buddy" is assigned for a few days is also misleading.  The "buddy" will remain until your child shows signs of submitting to the program.

"Q. What are the living conditions like?

A. Your child was assigned to a family unit. This family consists of 12-16 students. Each family has at least three staff members with them at all times. They were assigned to a cottage in which they live. Each cottage has its own living room, bathroom, and two bedrooms. Your child has two other roommates."  (Page 1)

If the "family unit" and/or cottage consists of 12-16 students and their are only two bedrooms per cottage, how is it possible for only three children to share one room.  Either the rooms are packed with additional children or the housing conditions are being described in a dishonest or misleading way by ERA.

"Q. What correspondence can I have with my child?

A. Parents are allowed to send postcards immediately. Postcards from your child to you will be allowed as soon as your child completes the Self Discovery packet, this usually takes 3-5 weeks. For monitoring purposes, please do not send letters in sealed envelopes. Once your child earns the privilege, weekly social phone calls will be scheduled. You can expect to receive the first phone call from your child once they have competed their Self Discovery packet. This is usually within 4-6 weeks of their enrollment at ERA. After that, you will have a weekly scheduled phone call. This call is monitored by our therapist or by a staff member and will be up to 10 minutes in length.

Our mailing address:

Your Child’s Name

c/o Eagle Ranch Academy

115 West 1470 South

St. George, UT 84770"  (Page 1)

Here we see the way ERA tries to circumvent your child's privacy rights by requiring all mail be in the form of a postcard.  This allows for no private communication between parent and child and allows for ERA to monitor all communications.  This is a sign of an abusive facility.  For more warning signs, visit  The fact that it will be likely months before your child "earns the privilege" of speaking with you by phone is another huge red flag and points to an abusive behavior modification program.  Behaviorists have advised behavior modification professionals to describe their practices in terms of "education and development", but, the truth is, they are using coercive and psychologically damaging torturous practices to change your child's personality and behavior. 

"Q. What sort of assignments are they required to complete their first few weeks?

A. The first assignment we had your child do is to complete the Self Discovery packet, which includes writing an “Amnesty” paper. This is the first thing they are required to do. It is a “coming clean” paper. They explain to themselves everything they have done up to this point in their life to get them to where they are now. Once the amnesty paper is completed, it is a starting over point for your child. Our staff is very specific and particular with this paper and it usually takes several drafts to get it to the point where it can be signed off by every staff member. This paper will be read during the first face-to-face visit you have with your child. This is a very emotional time for both you and your child. A staff member will be with you and your child throughout your first campus visit.  They also are required to write several essays, Who Am I, which looks at how they define themselves; Why Am I Here, their feelings on why they ended up at Eagle Ranch Academy; and “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens,” in which they have several worksheets to complete on each habit. We will begin working on their class schedule as soon as we get all the necessary paperwork and have it evaluated." (Page 2)

The "Amnesty Paper" is also known in the industry as a "moral inventory" letter and often a child is forced to exaggerate and/or manufacture wrong-doing and bad behaviors in order to reinforce your position in thinking you made a good decision (you didn't, if your child is at ERA).  It is not a "coming clean" paper at all.  It is a way to break a child by making him/her his/her own worst enemy.  It is the first step in creating a dissociative disorder in your child.  And, it is used to humiliate, extort, and abuse your child.  For more information on these types of letters, please see the Turning Winds journals at  Since the staff members are poorly qualified as insinuated by the contract for ERA, it is difficult to understand why they are given authority to determine the validity of a child's efforts.  How is progress evaluated?  Who does the evaluating?  And, what purpose does it serve to force a child to spend over a month detailing "real" and imagined wrongs they've committed.  And, if your child is a victim of abuse, do you understand the damage that blaming themselves for that abuse can do to them psychologically?  It can create a life-long acceptance of being treated as sub-human.  This is not therapeutic and ERA is just another scam, in our opinion.

"Q. What is the program my child is expected to complete?

A. Our program is a Value Based Program. This program consists of eight values, Accountability, Honesty, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Integrity, Respect, Trust, and Service.  Your child is given a packet on each value and is expected to do a series of worksheets, assignments, book reports (both oral and written), and service projects for each value. Each staff must read, evaluate, and sign off before your child can graduate from that core value.  To prevent one staff member from“holding out” and not sign the value sheet, all members of our Treatment Team, (Program and Assistant Program Directors, Clinical Director, Educational Coordinator, After Care Specialist, and all Therapists), will review and make a joint decision if the student is ready to move on to the next value. We also offer our Emotional Growth Seminars, Level One, Level Two, and Level Three Teen Seminars. This is an intense three day seminar each student will be required to participate in. These are the same seminars we encourage you to attend." (Page 2)

Doesn't that sound nice?  It is a "Value Based Program".  Basically, it is an 8 level behavior modification program.  It is very important to ask what ERA means by Accountability, Honesty, and the other levels/values.  It is quite common that words we understand and use on the outside or re-defined and misused within the program.  Asking what is meant by each Value and what is expected would be a good start.  But, HEAL would recommend just saying "no" to ERA.  Also, like WWASPS (reminder, it uses the same "Positive Control Systems" model as WWASPS programs) it requires intensive brainwashing seminars as part of its system.  This is a big red flag for an abusive and fraudulent program.  We reiterate our suggestion that no child be placed in ERA or any similar program.

"Q. As a Parent what is my involvement?

A. You are encouraged to be actively involved throughout the entire process while your child is away from you. You have an individualized Parent Page where you can see pictures of your child and read weekly progress reports. The password and user name will be sent to you the first weekend your child is here.  We offer adult seminars at least every other month and encourage you to take advantage of these life altering experiences. Your child will also go through these seminars as part of their process while they are here. The seminars are free to two family members, usually parents and/or guardians. There is a small fee of $50.00 per person if you have additional family members that would like to attend. We encourage you to have as many family members as possible to attend these seminars." (Page 3)

It is not encouraging if you are not allowed contact with your child for weeks and/or months and only supervised contact for even longer.  This cult wants as many members of your family as you can get to buy into it so it can keep raking in the money.  Don't buy it.

"What academic programs will my child be involved in while at Eagle Ranch Academy?

A. We offer an interactive internet based academic program through 3DLearn, which is a fully accredited program. Depending on the level, your child will earn 4-6 credits per semester with each semester lasting about 4 months. It is a self-paced program and they can accelerate at their own speed." (Page 3)

3DLearn is a "service" of WiloStar3D.  The distance learning program is headquartered in Bonita Springs, Florida.  It is "accredited" by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.  It is only accredits educational programs in eleven states, Utah is not one of them.  This educational program is not accredited by any other recognized accreditation agency.  According to SACS, "Self-regulation through accreditation embodies a traditional U.S. philosophy that a free people can and ought to govern themselves through a representative, flexible, and responsive system. Accordingly, accreditation is best accomplished through a voluntary association of educational institutions...The product of accreditation is a public statement of an institution’s continuing capacity to provide effective programs and services based on agreed upon requirements. The statement of an institution’s accreditation status with the Commission on Colleges is also an affirmation of an institution’s continuing commitment to the Commission’s principles and philosophy of accreditation...The Commission on Colleges expects institutions to dedicate themselves to enhancing the quality of their programs and services within the context of their resources and capacities and to create an environment in which teaching, public service, research, and learning occur, as appropriate to the mission...At the heart of the Commission’s philosophy of accreditation, the concept of quality enhancement presumes each member institution to be engaged in an ongoing program of improvement.."

This is not appropriate accreditation.  There is no safeguard or assurance that the educational services provided will result in a valid diploma or degree.  And, self-regulation is often, if not always, a recipe for fraud, abuse, corruption, and disaster.  SACS is therefore not a "legitimate" accrediting agency in our opinion and therefore, 3DLearn is very questionable.  This is a correspondence course run out of Florida.  It is not a school in Utah.  So, what' is ERA?  Not a school and not a hospital or medical facility.  Based on their methods, we would suggest it is a cult and advise you not fall victim to their money-making scheme. How do you get accredited by SACS?

"The process for initial and continued accreditation involves a collective analysis and judgment by the institution’s internal constituencies, an informed review by peers external to the institution, and a reasoned decision by the elected members of the Commission on Colleges. Accredited institutions periodically conduct internal reviews involving their administrative officers, staffs, faculties, students, trustees, and others appropriate to the process."

Again, self-regulation and review is not oversight or enforcement of consumer protection laws.  It is a trade association similar to NATSAP.  See for additional information and problems with "accrediting" agencies for this industry.

"Q. How do you handle my child if they refuse to comply with the program?

A. We believe in using natural and logical consequences. We do not believe in time out rooms or isolation rooms. We believe in isolating your child within a group, meaning they may be allowed to attend an activity but will not participate." (Page 3)

Well, it doesn't really matter what ERA claims to "believe", it matters what they actually do.  Does ERA ever use isolation or timeout rooms or observation rooms?  Yes, in fact in the contract (page 8, section 11, "Discipline of Student")  ERA admits to using isolation and claims that the "multipurpose room" is used for these purposes.  Naming a room "multi-purpose" instead of "observation", "time out", or "isolation" when it is used for isolation is deceptive.  In addition, ERA states they believe in active shunning of a child who isn't complying.  Again, if it is a "voluntary only" program, why is a child punished if they don't comply?  This is a coercive tactic and not in line with previously stated positions of ERA.  These contradictions further support the concern that ERA uses deceptive marketing and language manipulation to confuse families and hide their actual activities.
Below, we will be reviewing the "Program Summary" provided to parents by Eagle Ranch Academy.  We will be quoting excerpts and providing an analysis for those excerpts as we have above.  For the complete text of the Summary, click here.
"The program is made up of several areas of growth. There is group living, school, individual therapy, group therapy, and learning to be part of a community.  These areas of growth are held together through our value system. We incorporate 8 core values.  The students will gain an understanding about how these values relate to themselves as individuals.  They learn these values through packet work, group processing, and living the values here at ERA.  There growth is determined by their willingness to engage in this process.  Certain privileges are connected to completing and living the value they are working on. The process to complete a packet is finishing the work in the packet and presenting it to their family pod. They will need to have their peers and family staff sign off on their packet saying they are striving to live this value. Once their staff and peers have signed the packet they will receive their next packet." (Page 1)
This should be read as to highlight the 8 level system that they claim are values.  It is important that the child's "willingness to engage in this process" (submit to brainwashing and character destruction) be understood to insinuate that privileges, including speaking with parents, will be delayed as long as the child resists the behavior modification/coercive thought reform.  Also, having so many people (including peers) be in charge of when a child "progresses" is not in line with a professional or therapeutic atmosphere that respects the integrity of the individual. 

Self Discovery

• Amnesty Paper

• Who Am I

• 7 Habits Worksheets

• Collage

[no privileges] (Page 2)

During the first 5 weeks (or so) your child will have no privileges.  Self-Discovery is "phase one", but, only part of phase one.  It is important to look at the privileges they later earn and for everyone to understand that some of these are basic needs and that denial of these is done for the purpose of humiliation, isolation, and control.  For further humiliation, the child is forced to write a long letter and is encouraged to manufacture wrong-doing to make the letter as shocking as possible to reinforce a parent's bad decision in choosing ERA. 


• Accountability paper

• Book Report “The Giving Tree”

• Creative Statement

• Personal Project

• Consistency with Growth Sheets

• Feedback Sheets

• Goal Sheets

* Shoes

*Social Calls

*Level 1 Seminar (Page 2)

"Accountability" is a continuation of phase one (or the forced betrayal of self phase).  One problem with these lists is they don't specify what each item is or what is required for each assignment.  In addition, the first brainwashing seminar is required at the end of this level and is considered a "earned privilege".  This privilege is coupled with the right to wear shoes and to have a very brief and moderated/monitored call with parents.  These are not privileges and generally would motivate no person free from oppression and coercion to adhere to the program.


• Honesty Paper

• Book Report “The 12th Angel”

• Creative Statement

• Personal Project

• Consistency with Growth Sheets

• Feedback Sheets

• Self-Government Sheets

• Goal Sheets

* Off-Campus Activities

* Off-Campus Visit with Parents 4-6 Hrs

* Staff Level 1 Seminar  (Page 2)

Again, what are these assignments and what is the environment in which they must be completed?  Also, what off-campus activities?  Some programs farm children out to work at local farms or hotels.  What are these activities?  What proof is there that your child is participating in the off-campus activity suggested to you by the program?  Also, being farmed out as free/slave labor; having a supervised/moderated visit with parents; and attending a "staff training" seminar for the move from Level 1/Phase 1 to Level 2/Phase 2 (the betrayal of peers phase) in which children are put in charge of other children in the program as lower level "staff".  This is indicative of an abusive and cult-like program.  Again, these are not privileges that would motivate a normal/healthy individual as they serve the program more than the individual.


• Forgiveness Paper

• Book Report “Tuesday’s with Morrie”

• Creative Statement

• Personal Project

• Timeline

• Step 1

• Consistency with Growth Sheets

• Feedback Sheets

• Self-Government Sheets

• Goal Sheets

* Hotel Visit

* Level 2 Seminar (Page 2)

What is the hotel visit?  Is it similar to the strange travels of program directors/staff with children to local hotels for overnights outside the program?  And, what happens at this hotel?  Some programs in Utah have reportedly participated in sex-trafficking of minors under their control at hotels they also own in Utah.  Without additional information, we do not know that this would be considered a "privilege" to a healthy individual or someone on the road to health.  A seminar is also not a privilege to anyone that is outside of the cult network that is WWASPS/Aspen Education Group/ERA/etc...  If anything, it is a painful assignment that will likely result in permanent psychological harm.  This is no privilege.


• Acceptance Paper

• Book Report “Who Moved My Cheese”

• Creative Statement

• Personal Project

• Collage

• Step 2

• Step 3

• Consistency with Growth Sheets

• Feedback Sheets

• Self-Government Sheets

• Goal Sheets

* 1 Home Visit

* Staff Level 2 Seminar (Page 2)

A home visit is a "privilege", but, also very painful and frightening for children who've been tortured for months and are afraid of doing anything that might extend their stay at ERA or knock them down to a lower level with more abuse and no contact with the outside world.  This is a mixed blessing at best.  And, again, a seminar is not a privilege by reasonable standards.  Acceptance is the result of Phase 2 and is likely the beginning of the shift to Phase 3 (the child is experiencing a complete mental breakdown and dissociative disorder is created by trauma/shock "therapy").  The child is likely moved up from being a "buddy" staff to being a "leader" or "junior staff" over more children.  This is inappropriate and lends itself to abuse.


• Integrity Paper

• Book Report “The 4 Agreements”

• Creative Statement

• Personal Project ERA Amnesty

• Step 4

• Step 5

• Consistency with Growth Sheets

• Feedback Sheets

• Self-Government Sheets

• Goal Sheets

* Start Working with After Care

* On Committee (Page 2)

Integrity is the beginning of Phase 4 (child is now adherent and salesperson for the program/cult and aids in the control and abuse of others) and is being prepared for release or short-term employment selling the program without compensation.  Preparing to go home for good is an "earned privilege" and what exactly is "on committee"?  Neither sound like the type of reward children or young adults should be conditioned to accept for hard work and progress.  This is a disturbing practice. 


• Respect Paper

• Trust Paper

• Book Report “Into the Wild”

• Creative Statement

• Personal Project

• Step 6

• Step 7

• Consistency with Growth Sheets

• Feedback Sheets

• Self-Government Sheets

• Goal Sheets

* 2nd Home Visit (Page 2)

The 2nd Home Visit is often used by programs to bait parents into sending a sibling or someone else to the program or prepare to do so upon the upcoming "graduation" of the currently enrolled child.  By this time, the enrolled child should have already begun naming names and exposing siblings to institutionalization as part of their new "faith" in the program alone for their achievements and success.  This is psychologically harmful and does not help a child's self-respect or self-esteem.


• Service Paper

• Book Report “5 People You Meet in Heaven” or “Man’s Search for Meaning”

• Creative Statement

• Personal Project

• Step 8

• Consistency with Growth Sheets

• Feedback Sheets

• Self-Government Sheets

• Goal Sheets

* GRADUATION from ERA * (Page 3)

As you can see above, there is mention of "Step 8".  This is because the values are actually euphemisms for the different phases/levels within the ERA program.  Graduation of any educational program should be an honor, not a privilege. A privilege is granted by authority, not earned through hard work.  The use of the term "privilege" to describe something a child has earned through hard work is insulting to the individual and continues to reinforce the program's "success" over the child's "progress".  This shows the sociopathic and narcissistic nature of those within the program industry that always give themselves complete credit and zero liability.  This is an unreasonable and unconscionable position for both individuals and programs.
HEAL encourages Paul Arslanian and Eagle Ranch Academy to immediately discharge all children in the facility and refund all monies due to insurance companies and families likely defrauded by ERA, including the child referenced in these recent communications.

Here are the statement(s) regarding abuse:


If you would like to submit your statement of abuse/violations at Eagle Ranch Academy, please contact us for information.

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