Please locate and contact your Washington State and ask they revise Washington State law to make sure that orphaned and/or abandoned minors in Washington State be given a fast track option for emancipation!

FIND AND CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS: (Directions: First, left click and highlight the sample letter below, after the entire text is highlighted, right click and select "copy" from the menu.  This will save the text so you can simply right click and paste it into your message to legislators.  Enter your zip code in box below and click "GO".  If you live in a split district, enter your full 9 digit zip code or address in the fields provided on new action page that opens in a new window.  If you do not live in a split district, simply click on the name(s) of your state senator(s) and state representative(s) under Governor and State Legislators on the right side.  Then, click on "contact" and then select "e-mail, contact, or use form".  Fill out the form, enter the Capwiz, then send your letter to your legislator(s).  For this state action, your subject should read "Please Revise WA Emancipation of Minors Law".  (You can use the same process to left  click highlight the subject, then right click "copy", and finally right click "paste" into the subject of your message.)


Copy, paste, and edit this sample letter to write your legislators to demand action on this issue:

"Dear [Legislator/Official's Name Here--(i.e. Sen. Lara)],

I am writing you today to ask that you introduce legislation to amend RCW 13.64 to provide for a fast track for emancipation for abandoned and/or orphaned minors (whether or not currently wards of the state) that otherwise would continue to live in segregated congregate care such as group homes, residential treatment centers, and boarding schools.  This change is supported by the Mature Minor Rule of King County.  Please see: https://www.kingcounty.gov/depts/health/locations/family-planning/health-care-providers/mature-minor-rule.aspx.  In addition, studies have found that emancipated and even homeless youth fare better and are more on track for high school graduation and independent living than their institutionalized counterparts.  Please see: https://www.denverpost.com/2014/09/13/colorado-foster-care-youth-less-likely-to-graduate-than-homeless-kids/.   Provisions should be included to provide independent living supports for at least the first year (or until the youth reaches the age of majority) including housing assistance, job placement, and flexible academic schedule.


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