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History & Inspiration HEAL believes in working from the bottom up and from the inside out.  We begin by focusing on ourselves as individuals.  What are feasible changes we can make in how we treat ourselves, our bodies, our families, our communities, our countries, and our world?  Can we show ourselves love, compassion, and care through proper nourishment of body, mind, and soul?  How?  By giving our bodies clean air, clean water, and nutrient-rich foods.  And, by enriching our minds and souls with value-rich entertainment (this includes a good movie and a good laugh), reading real news, being informed and involved.  We can then begin, with patience, love, and compassion, and without judgment or misanthropy, to share our knowledge and values with others and encourage our families and communities to fight for our collective health by working and fighting for clean air, clean water, and nutrient-rich foods.  Then, collectively, we vote for strict regulations to clean our air, clean our water, and to insure nutrient-rich foods are available and affordable to all.  We must regulate polluters to insure they aren't allowed to dump our toxins on other countries.  This is not the answer.  We must work for global social and economic justice for all!  We must work for a clean and healthy environment for all!  And, we cannot hypocritically allow other human beings to suffer so we can keep the illusion of being environmentally-conscious.  Being less wasteful and reducing ALL consumption is a great place to start.  You need not give up your favorite joys in life, just, be less wasteful and share love and time instead of buying shit for co-workers during holidays that they re-gift or throw away.  Maybe just give cards to people you don't know that well.  Start there.








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Special Note:  HEAL is posting most new environmental action alerts we support on our twitter feed.   To best keep updated on environmental action alerts, follow us on Twitter.


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Action Alerts are in order of Priority with Newest/Priority Alerts First!


Take Action for Clean Air!--Congress is voting on the big energy bill next week. But the latest version of the energy bill would repeal a key part of the Clean Air Act1—arguably the most important environmental law in American history.  Big coal companies want to revoke President Obama's authority to crack down on global warming pollution from their dirty power plants—and they're on the verge of winning.  If they succeed, the oldest and dirtiest coal plants could keep destroying the climate for years to come. And this change could pave the way for 100 new coal plants, which would pollute our communities with smog, soot, mercury, and global warming pollution.2The big vote is next week. Can you tell Congress not to repeal this Clean Air Act provision? Clicking here will add your name: http://pol.moveon.org/cleanairact/o.pl?id=16386-5425778-Gy_FcEx&t=3


Tell Congress to Strengthen Clean Energy/Green Jobs Bill!--If you haven't been paying attention to the fight in Congress over President Obama's clean energy jobs plan, now's the time to tune in. This is the most important opportunity in generations to jumpstart our economy and fight the climate crisis.  Unfortunately, powerful oil and coal interests have had a stranglehold on our energy policy, demanding loopholes, bailouts, and giveaways from taxpayers. They've won concessions that weaken the bill's ability to deliver on the full promise of clean energy jobs.  But now, progressives are coming together to push back. MoveOn has joined with groups across the progressive movement, from the Sierra Club to ACORN to Oxfam to Rock the Vote, to tell Congress to stand strong against the special interests that seek to weaken the clean energy bill at every turn.  We can strengthen and improve this bill, if clean energy leaders in Congress will join our fight. Can you sign MoveOn's petition to Congress? Clicking here will sign your name:  http://pol.moveon.org/cleanenergy/o.pl?id=16302-5425778-eFhgpqx&t=4


Take A Stand Against Climate Change!--Earlier this week, I wrote to tell you about climate change’s devastating effect on the 1.4 billion people who subsist on just over a dollar a day. For people living in extreme poverty — 60 percent of whom are women — climate change is a daily threat to their survival. The world’s poorest people are the least responsible for causing climate change, yet they are suffering the most from its effects. What’s more, they have the fewest resources to adapt to the new conditions. You and I cannot let this stand.   I urge you to call on U.S. leaders to take immediate action.


Help Save the Polar Seas!--The wildlife of America's Arctic -- including polar bears, whales, and millions of migratory birds -- is under threat once again from oil and gas drilling.  Right now, the Minerals Management Service is considering the approval of oil and gas leases in over 73 million acres in Alaska's Beaufort and Chukchi -- also known as the Polar Bear Seas.  Please go to http://www.savebiogems.org/arctic/takeaction right away and tell the Obama administration you don't support the giveaway of Arctic wilderness to oil and gas giants.


Stand Up Against Big Oil!--Think oil companies should pay their fair share of taxes? So does President Obama.  In his budget, the President has proposed cutting billions of dollars in unfair subsidies and tax loopholes for oil and gas companies, to help pay for critical priorities like clean energy and green jobs.1 After all, they don't exactly need the help: ExxonMobil made a record profit of $45.2 billion last year.But Big Oil is already fighting back. Like other corporate special interests, they're lobbying heavily to gut Obama's budget. The American Petroleum Institute has announced plans to fly top executives into Washington to help save their tax breaks.3And they've got a lot of friends on Capitol Hill, thanks to millions in campaign contributions over the years. So we've got to be louder than Big Oil, and remind our elected representatives that they work for us, not ExxonMobil. Click here to sign our petition:  http://pol.moveon.org/stopbigoil/?id=15729-5425778-Uu6uHRx&t=3


Call to End Agrofuel Incentives!--"We all blew it, including me as president... It is crazy for us to think we can develop countries around the world without increasing their ability to feed themselves."  Bill Clinton speaking to the United Nations last week about the global food crisis. Clinton acknowledged that subsidies for chemical-intensive crops such as corn, and the biofuels boondoogle (converting food crops into fuel crops) are a disaster, leading to spiraling grain and food prices and mass hunger.  Learn more and sign OCA's petition calling for a moratorium on agrofuels incentives


EPA Head Stephen Johnson Must Go!--EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson has denied initiatives aimed at reducing global emissions for too long.  When important, practical opportunities arise to curb our carbon output Johnson bends to the will of the Bush Administration.  He recently denied California's request to set stricter regulations on greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles that would benefit the environment.  Even though the EPA's staff supported the request, Johnson - after meeting with the White House - denied the request.  Recently released EPA internal memos and testimony of former EPA employees show that Johnson put politics before environmental protection.  In fact, Johnson himself was in support of a full or partial grant of California's request; that is, until the White House reminded him of Bush's policy preferences.  This doesn't just affect California, but all states that want to fight global warming and use California's standard.  Today members of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee are calling for his resignation.  Join them in their call for a responsible EPA head!


JUST SAY NO TO CREATING HUMAN-ANIMAL HYBRIDS:  New guidelines set by the National Academies of Sciences would permit the development of human-animal hybrids. The creation of these new species would be allowed for the sake of research. According to the standards, this would be permitted "under circumstances where no other experiment can provide the information needed." The standards also recommend "strong scientific justification" for experiments where human cells are used to develop major aspects of the brain of the new animal. In addition, newly developed human-animal species are not allowed to breed with each other. These standards are voluntary, and human-animal hybrids are already under production. Learn more and speak your mind: http://www.organicconsumers.org/chimera.htm





SOYLENT GREEN A REALITY?  HUMAN GENES ARE WHAT'S FOR DINNER:  Japanese scientists are splicing human genes into rice that will ultimately be grown for human consumption. While some opponents say the concept borders on cannibalism, genetic engineers claim the new rice has environmental benefits. Researchers spliced a gene from a human liver into rice to help the plant "digest" pesticides, thereby allowing the crop to be sprayed with up to 13 different pesticides without damaging the rice. The developers of the new human rice admit that if this gene were to escape into the wild, a new generation of "superweeds" could be inadvertently created. No testing of the product's impact on human health has yet been conducted. http://www.organicconsumers.org/ge/humangene042505.cfm

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