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HEAL is an egalitarian network of activists self-empowered to plan events, create change, and make the world a better place for all life.  Our goals include the liberation of humans, nonhuman animals, and the earth!  We work in cooperation with like-minded organizations that put compassion in action!

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Surprised?  Well, if you are, you probably don't know much about HEAL.  We oppose the war in Iraq, but, we support our troops.  We oppose when police abuse their power, but, we support law enforcement.  We oppose the current criminal justice system, but, we support prison guards in their fight for workers' rights.  And, we vehemently oppose the teen program industry, but, WE SUPPORT YOUR WORKERS' RIGHTS!


It disgusts us that wealthy power-brokers that are building their empires by defrauding families, hurting/killing children, and exposing you (their employees) to a variety of dangers including lawsuits and prison sentences are getting away with illegal acts, training and ordering you to do illegal acts (without your knowledge or consent), and likely intimidating you into keeping quiet under threat of repercussions they have little to no authority to impose on you.


This is why we've created this webpage.  We want you to know your rights, recognize your responsibilities, and we wish to empower you to protect yourselves and the children with whom you work from illegal and harmful behavior by your "superiors".


be a whistleblower! 

You have the right to report your employer's illegal activities to authorities without fear of retaliation (includes: dismissal, harassment, and more) from your employer.  If you report illegal activities to authorities you are protected and if your employer retaliates, you have the right to sue and recover damages.  Click here for more information on your whistleblower rights!


Common Illegal Practices of the Teen Program Industry:


     * Physical Abuse (includes: unwarranted "take-downs" or "restraint" as well as beatings,

       malnutrition/starvation, & more)

     * Psychological Abuse (includes: prolonged isolation (more than 1 minute per year for age of child),

       humiliation, forced  

       false confessions, telling a child that a parent wants them abused and knows about it, and more)

     * Civil Rights Abuses (includes: violating due process and holding a child in 24/7 lockdown without

       benefit of law (a.k.a.  false imprisonment), monitoring/censoring phone calls and mail (programs such

       as Provo Canyon School have federal injunctions against this practice as it is illegal), and more)

     *  Fraud and Deceptive Marketing Practices (includes: telling parents false information about their

        child's care, reporting unperformed services to insurance companies for compensation (felony), and

        stating knowingly false information regarding effectiveness of the program)

     *  Unconscionable and/or Illegal Contracts (includes: waivers that remove responsibility for intentional

        harm caused to a child in the program, confidentiality agreements that threaten severe punishment

        (i.e. $50,000 penalty for breach), and using extortion or blackmail as a form of enforcement)


For more information on what constitutes abuse, please see the following: and for more complete child abuse laws in your state, visit:


worried about a confidentiality clause in your employment contract?

If your employer is engaging in illegal activity and has asked you to cover up that illegal activity under threat of your violating a confidentiality clause in your employment contract, don't worry, it is void as a matter of public policy.  Your employer cannot legally enforce a contract that was made with the intent to commit and cover-up an illegal act.  Your employer has no legal right and any confidentiality clause is not legally applicable in regards to covering up criminal and illegal activities (i.e. fraud, abuse, etc.).  Do not be intimidated by men in nice suits.  They expect it to work and it is your fear alone that allows them to get away with criminal activity and often in the end put you in their place when it comes time for prosecution.  We have many news reports about lower level employees, such as yourself, being prosecuted and convicted for the crimes of their employer.  Please don't let this happen to you.


what's your legal responsibility?

You are legally required to report child abuse to the authorities.  All states require professionals and employees put in charge of the care of children in daycare or residential facilities to report abuses to authorities.  You can watch a video on reporting requirements:  While the reporting requirements and video are provided as Washington State law only, similar laws and requirements exist in every state.  Visit here for a list of reporting authorities, agencies, and requirements throughout the US.

REPORT FRAUD, ABUSE, AND LABOR VIOLATIONS:  Click Here for Agency Directory and Filing Information

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