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Vivisection is bad science, period.


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Besides being inhumane and unethical, vivisection is bad science.  Most, if not all, of the discoveries that have been made regarding the improvement of human life and health have been without vivisection or in spite of it.  Vivisection may be the greatest self-imposed stumbling block in the history of scientific research and discovery. 


If we were to believe in vivisection as a valid and valuable method for learning about human physiochemistry, health, and healing, we wouldn’t have healing and/or medicinal drugs available to us such as penicillin, digitalis, and morphine.  We would also have been spared the horrors of tuberkulin.


At the time penicillin was created guinea pigs were widely used as test subjects.  Since penicillin kills guinea pigs, mice were used instead.  “But the same guinea pigs can harmlessly and painlessly eat strychnine, one of the deadliest and most toxic poisons for humans-but not for monkeys...  The use of digitalis-the chief “cure” for cardiac patients and the deliverer of countless human lives all over the world-was set back far too long a time since it was first tested on dogs in who it treacherously builds blood pressure.  And chloroform is so toxic or poisonous to dogs that for too many wasted years this precious anesthetic was never used on patients.  Morphine, which tranquilizes and anesthetizes humans, provokes a crazed exhiliration in cats and mice, but dogs can tolerate doses up to 20 times higher than humans.  Robert Koch’s tuberkulin, once extolled as a vaccine against tuberculosis since it “cured TB” in guinea pigs, was found out after to cause “TB” in humans...  And while the countless vivisections on live animals had gained nothing but to collect a body of sterile data and misinformation, of worthless facts and figures, healing art and surgical technique had taken huge strides using or abusing NO animals –by means of the pure exercise of human intelligence and observation.  Aspirin, belladonna, chloroform, digitalis, ether, iodine, laughing gas, quinine, and strophantin had all been hit on without falling back on animals.  Auscultation, fever thermometer, percussion, pulse count, and stethoscope had been contrived without animal tests.  Pasteur had proclaimed the so-called “germ theory” founded on several studies on the fermentation of beer and wine.  There had been the finding of X-rays by Roentgen, which-like that of radium a few years later-was no more due to animal vivisection than the relearning of the importance of asepsis (freedom from disease-causing germs) in general surgery.  If we took all these discoveries (side note from webmaster: meaning the discoveries made without using and abusing animals, without vivisection) away, modern-day medicine would have almost nothing left.  And, they uplifted surgery out of the medieval tedium, thanks to the truly great British inventors who all had categorically proclaimed that vivisection could just lead medical art amiss.” (excerpts from “Lab  Animal Abuse:  Vivisection Exposed! By Joseph Covino Jr.) 


Since animal bodies respond so differently to the varieties of drugs and foods from one another it is seemingly obvious that using one species to validate cures or effects of treatments to discover how said cures or effects of treatments will effect another species is ludicrous.  Dogs can’t tolerate digitalis or chocolate.  But, the human heart needs both in many cases.  Cats and mice can’t tolerate morphine.  But, it aids us in pain relief and anesthetization.  Monkeys and guinea pigs can safely eat strychnine, but, strychnine is death for humans.  Tuberkulin cured tuberculosis in guinea pigs and caused it in humans.  The only reason this madness continues is because of pride and greed.  The vivisectors do not want to admit to their wasted time, money, effort, and the wasted lives of billions of nonhuman animals.  Their egos will not allow them to admit to their own foolishness, wastefulness, and stupidity.  And, more so, their million-dollar homes looking out on acres of land or oceanic waters, their millionaire status, and pseudoscientific power only gives them reason to carry on in this insanity.  It is up to the true scientists who revere philosophy and logic, and to the public majority, to shut down these barbaric vivisectors once and for all.





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