Please locate and contact your State legislators and tell them to co-sponsor and pass HB 548!  A sample letter is provided below that you can copy, paste, and edit.

FIND AND CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS: (Directions: Enter your zip code in box below and click "GO".  If you live in a split district, enter your full 9 digit zip code or address in the fields provided on new action page that opens in a new window.  If you do not live in a split district, simply click on "State" under "Write Your Elected Officials" where it says "Write to your "Federal" or "State" elected officials".  For "subject" enter "Please Co-Sponsor and Vote Yes on HB 548".  For "Issue Area" drop down menu, select "Children and Families".  Copy/paste/edit the sample letter below into the "Editable Text" field.  Complete your contact information and click "send message".)


Copy, paste, and edit this sample letter to write your legislators to demand action on this issue:

"Dear [Legislator/Official's Name Here--(i.e. Sen. Joyce)],

I am writing you today to ask that you co-sponsor and vote yes on HB 548 introduced by Representative Patricia Todd to require licensing and regulation of church and faith-based child care providers that are currently exempt from any third-party oversight.  I also ask that you amend this legislation to include protections for children, the elderly, and the disabled in all group homes, boarding schools, and other out-of-home care facilities and settings that are currently exempt from any oversight resulting in horrific abuses to vulnerable children, youth, disabled, and elderly citizens.


[Your Name Here]

[Your Address and/or City, State, and Zip]"