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HEAL has been working for REAL change for over 10 years!  We plan to continue growing and succeeding in our efforts for many years to come.  We thank everyone who has worked with us and supported us over the years!  Below are only a few highlights regarding our efforts and accomplishments from 2002 to 2012.  We hope you will be informed and inspired by our actions.  We are still very active and our site, newsletter, and social media accounts provide updates on current and recent successes and efforts.  This page was made in 2013 to highlight the accomplishments to that point.  We hope that makes sense to you.

For those who have been with us from the beginning, you may remember our first "unofficial theme song".  If so, please enjoy the following:





Highlights Include:

*HEAL officially began as a University of Washington (UW) Registered Student Org.!

*HEAL volunteers hosted information tables on campus almost daily, year round!

*HEAL started our free inmate penpal service "Adopt an Inmate"

*HEAL found and contacted Alexia Parks through www.teenliberty.org

*HEAL held weekly meetings at the UW that were open to the public

*HEAL created and published (online) the Activist Handbook

*HEAL participated and was UW rep for Primate Freedom Project

Our original plan: "We will start a truly egalitarian network of activists self-empowered to create change, plan events, and make the world a better place.  We will focus not just on one issue, but on all issues.  We will create a website and a network in which all people are able to be productive and take action.  We will work interconnectedly with other liberation groups and, hopefully, become the much needed adhesive to bring everyone together."



Highlights Include:

*HEAL launched our "Alternatives to Dissection" Campaign and Petition

*HEAL was introduced to the International Survivors Action Committee

*HEAL was introduced to Ryan Fraidenburgh and learned more about WWASPS

*HEAL began tentative planning for a "Teen Crisis Symposium"

*HEAL launched our 1st "Close Provo Canyon School" petition @ petitiononline.com

*HEAL held weekly meetings and tabled regularly at the UW

*HEAL founder Angela Smith wrote article exposing institutionalized abuse for UW's student paper, Ruckus

Special Note: November 3rd, 2003--Rep. George Miller (D-CA) writes first letter to Attorney General John Ashcroft demanding an investigation into widespread abuse and fraud by residential treatment programs and wilderness camps operating in the US and abroad.  The focus was specifically on WWASPS.



Highlights Include:

*HEAL launched our 2nd "Close Provo Canyon School" petition @ ipetitions.com

*HEAL founder Angela Smith volunteered with Teen Feed helping homeless youth

*HEAL launched our own self-hosted "Close Provo Canyon School" petition

*HEAL founder Angela Smith wrote open letter on institutionalized abuse

*HEAL's campaign to close Provo Canyon School was mentioned by musician and spoken word artist Jello Biafra on his label's website at www.alternativetentacles.com.  (We recommend the album "No More Cocoons") 

*HEAL held weekly meetings and tabled regularly at the UW

*HEAL met other teen advocates working at www.safetyintl.org

*HEAL met Barbe Stamps and began promoting Teen Advocates USA.

*HEAL started official www.heal-online.org website and began moving off-campus

Special Note: The UW Student Activities Office attempted to suppress HEAL's right to free speech causing quite an uprising that for a couple of weeks united many progressive and conservative student organizations supporting HEAL.  The student newspapers were threatened with defunding for covering the story.  But, HEAL kept our registered student organization status and all benefits including our UW webspace.  We had our UW-hosted site auto-forward to our new official site.  And, our real journey began!

Our Mission in 2004: "We are all in this together.  It is up to each of us to decide what we are willing, wanting, and able to do to improve the world for ourselves and others.   HEAL is founded on the principles of freedom, respect, compassion, thinking, and action.  We support all organizations who share these principles and act in cooperation with such organizations on and off campus."



Highlights Include:

*HEAL opened our online store for activist gear and fundraising!

*HEAL launched campaign to stop "Dr. Phil" from enrolling kids in abusive programs

*HEAL contacted National Enquirer and they published the "Dr. Phil Scandal"

*HEAL started building watch-list of suspect and abusive teen programs

*HEAL founder Angela Smith offered to and did host fellow survivor's website after the free host was intimidated by empty threats from the program

*Richard Meehan joined us as our Indiana Coordinator and later our New York Coordinator.

*HEAL created the News page at www.heal-online.org/news.htm

*HEAL discussed possible march on Wash, DC to support HR 1738

*Angela Smith, HEAL Founder, gave a guest lecture at the UW regarding institutionalized child abuse

*HEAL held weekly meetings and tabled regularly at the UW

Special Note: Rep. George Miller introduced the first legislation to stop institutionalized abuse called the "End Institutionalized Abuse of Children Act" (HR 1738) in April, 2005.  HEAL wishes the current (2011/2012) legislation had the same language and strength as the initial legislation in 2005.



Highlights Include:

*HEAL added a California and North Carolina chapter (briefly)

*Richard Meehan began organizing his chapter in New York

*John Giesler joined HEAL as our Mississippi Coordinator

*HEAL participated in article in Dissident Voice by Joshua Chiappelli exposing institutionalized abuse

*HEAL HQ met regularly and tabled at the UW



Highlights Include:

*HEAL added a New Jersey Chapter (briefly)

*Patrick Liberg joined HEAL as our Illinois Coordinator

*Tony Connelly joined HEAL as our Kentucky Coordinator (Tim Brown is the current coordinator)

*HEAL KY organized multiple protests against Kids Helping Kids/Pathway Family Center

*HEAL HQ held monthly meetings at the Cascade People's Center in Seattle

*HEAL was contacted by House Education and Labor Committee to discuss upcoming hearings on abusive teen programs



Highlights Include:

*HEAL collaborated with Teen Advocates USA, ISAC, and the Michelle Sutton Memorial Fund to create a position statement regarding HR 6358 (2008's version of 2005's HR 1738)

*HEAL KY continued protests and pressure on all four Pathway Family Center programs

*HEAL KY participated in and supported the Hephzibah House survivor protests in Indiana

*Sonny B. joined us as our S. Washington coordinator (briefly)

*HEAL HQ introduced initiative (I-999) in Washington to improve laws for children's rights and welfare

*Emily Adams joined us as our Colorado Coordinator

*Esperanza Lydia Orozco joined us as our Wisconsin Coordinator

*HEAL created our Parent Support Network

*HEAL HQ tabled at HempFest and the Cascade People's Center's Block Party

*HEAL HQ held monthly meetings at the Cascade People's Center in Seattle



Highlights Include:

*HEAL KY announced successful campaign in closing all four Pathway Family Center programs

*HEAL wrote new position statement for HR 911 (2009's version of 2005's HR 1738) and sent our statement to the Senate HELP Committee and House Education and Labor Committee

*Angela Smith (HEAL HQ) traveled to mid-west to meet with Patrick Liberg (HEAL IL), Esperanza Lydia Orozco (HEAL WI), Tony Connelly (HEAL KY) and Tim Brown (HEAL KY)

*HEAL began the program staff list project to review qualifications and track changes in staff.  (The information is made available as soon as it is ready.)

*John Giesler expanded his HEAL territory to include Iowa

*Patrick Liberg (HEAL IL) helped create the page exposing Turning Winds

*HEAL published our free e-book exposing behavior modification in the US



Highlights Include:

*HEAL created a "troubled program" checklist at www.heal-online.org/troubledprogram.htm

*HEAL created the Dead Program Files at www.beyondbusiness.net/youarenext.htm

*HEAL started doing extensive contract reviews to show unconscionable and/or illegal terms suggesting fraud or abuse within the program contracts themselves

*HEAL created our History and Inspiration page

*HEAL added the Teen Rights page



Highlights Include:

*One of HEAL's "innocence project" endeavors for prisoner's rights was successful! Jason Dean, an innocent man on death row, is getting a new trial.  This is huge!  Ohio is one of the worst northern states in regards to human rights.  So, this is a big win!  To see the HEAL hosted petition and learn more about this issue, visit http://www.petitiononline.com/lifedean/petition.html.

*Simone Jones joined us as our Kansas Coordinator

*HEAL created a Requests page to deal with suggestions for our site content

*HEAL created a Frequently Asked Questions page

*HEAL researched and reported on the AACRC (CAFETY's Partners)

*Tony Connelly (HEAL KY) and Simone Jones (HEAL KS) participated in the Mark Levine Radio Shows

*HEAL launched an Opinion/Editorial page to which any member can contribute

*HEAL created our "Being Different is NOT a Disease!" page

*Simone Jones (HEAL KS) participated in writing a book exposing New Bethany

*HEAL began producing youtube episodes for our "Masters of Deception" series

*HEAL prepared and sent our position statement on HR 3126 and S. 1667 to the House Education and Labor Committee and Senate HELP Committee (HR 3126 and S. 1667 is 2011's version of 2005's HR 1738)

*Angela Smith, HEAL Founder, spoke with Michael Gamel-McCormick of Senator Tom Harkin's (D-IA) office regarding the problems with S. 1667

*HEAL officially launched our "State Action Plan" and hopes you will get involved!



2012 is just beginning.  So far, we have launched our first action alert for the State Action Plan and it is available at www.heal-online.org/actionone.htm.  And, we are happy to announce two new chapter coordinators.  Dwayne Walker is our new California Coordinator and Teresa Frye is our new HEAL North Carolina Coordinator.

Dwayne Walker (HEAL CA), Teresa Frye (HEAL NC), and Simone Jones (HEAL KS) all participated in the first Survivors of Institutional Abuse convention.  Click here for more information.

Beyond that, the above only scratches the surface of all of HEAL's efforts and accomplishments in the last 10 years.  We hope you will continue to support us and work with us for a better world with more joy and less pain.  Search our site (see below) to learn more and get involved!

You may find our page at http://www.heal-online.org/getsmart.htm useful as well.  It includes legislative action highlights and successes.

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